tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRedemption Ch. 01

Redemption Ch. 01


She and I have been fighting all week. Everything from who fed the dog to who let the seat up on the shitter. Friday afternoon the shit really hits the fan.

"I am going to run up to the cabin this weekend my hockey team. I will be gone until Monday morning and I don't want to hear a single word from you the entire time I am gone" I inform her.

She's sitting out by our pool filing her "fuck me hard" nails and ignoring me as usual. I head out through the house, grab my bag and slam the door.

"Fucking bitch!" I think to myself as I peel down the street in my truck. "She thinks she's such hot shit. Someone needs to show her just how much her shit does stink!"

"Fucking jack-ass!" she yells. "I'm sick of always being left behind. He needs to be taken down a peg or two. Not to mention I need to share some information with him."

Dee is used to talking to herself. Not bothering to change or even cover up, she grabs her keys and slams out the door.

"Let his friends drool while I chew his ass" she thinks to herself.

Two hours later, heer BMW slides into the circle drive that overlooks the valley below. Marching to the door, she leans her ass against the door bell letting it constantly ring until someone answers.

"You can just fuck off if you think I am ok with you leaving me alone while you come up here with your immature little buddies" she screetches as I open the door.

Before the word "buddies" even finishes coming out of her mouth, I grab her by the neck and drag her self-centered ass in the house and down the hall to where all the guys have gathered in the game room around the pool table.

I slap her head down on the pool table, and bend her over the edge and announce to all my buddies,

"This is my cunt girlfriend that I was telling you guys about." She looks at me in shock as I say This is the cunt that doesn't think her shit stinks and we will show her that it does."

She can't believe what she's hearing come out of my mouth. While keeping one hand on the back of her neck, I reach down and slip her little bikini bottom to the side and stick my finger in her ass dry. She screams a little and I pull it out and stick in front of her nose.

"See, your shit does smell and you better get used to it cause for the next three days you will be smelling and tasting your ass on every guys cock in here!" I say.

I reach back down and insert my finger back in her ass and finger fuck her. She starts screaming again so I tell my buddy Allen to come over and pull his cock out. He does and start slapping it against her fucking nasty ass.

As soon as he gets hard he shoves it in as far as he can, showing no mercy no matter how loud she fucking screams. As he does this I reach under while lifting up on her head and I grab her top and yank it off.

"Look boys, these are the fucking tits I paid for so all of you gather around and grab them as they belong to me."

By now all of the guys have peeled off their shorts and are working their monster cocks with their hands just waiting to have their turn with her. I have one of my buddies grab her hair and hold it tight as I step out of the way to watch the madness that comes next.

There is now a line 6 guys deep behind her just smacking their cocks around waiting for Allen to get done dumping his cum in her ass. Up front there are another 3 guys pinching, slapping her tits around.....And 2 more guys are taking turns shoving their cock in her mouth. Count it, that's twelve guys there not counting me. That's right, a total of 13 guys there. 12 of them are going to pound all three holes for the entire weekend. See, they are going to take turns and fuck her in shifts, as six guys sleep, the others will be awake and doing whatever they want to her. I reach into the drawer in the kitchen and pull out a dog collar and a 10 foot leash. I strap the collar around her neck and tie the other end to the stairway banister. Now her fucking nasty cunt can't get away.

"Why is he doing this to me" Dee wonders. "The man of my dreams slowly turned into a monster to me. Things started so perfect. He saved me at one time. Well at least I thought he had saved me. I ran away from a violent marriage and found myself on the streets. I had no place to sleep, no money to buy food. After a somehow surviving almost a month by eating at soup kitchens a couple times a week and sleeping on park benches I decided turning into a prostitute would at least give me enough money for a bed and real food. He was the first guy I tried to 'pick up'. He was so gorgeous. I should have known not to trust him" Dee remiences.

Pain explodes all over her body as another cock enters her ass and someone else shoves a cock in her mouth. Choking on the cock and her tears she fights to endure the pain.

So there she is tied to the banister and having now been ass fucked, pussy fucked, throat fuck She is covered in all kinds of dried cum . Her hair is all tangled up. Its been 12 hours and I get up from sleeping all night. I come out of the bedroom and walk down the hall and untie her from the banister. She is having difficulty standing so I roughly carry her down the hall and plop her butt down in the tub and turn on the cold water. She sputters as I tell her to clean herself up as the next shift is getting ready to wake up and she better be as fresh as a daisy. She begs me to stop this torture. She even offers to suck my cock.

As her huge emerald green eyes look up at me filled with tears, I feel myself start to weaken. I remember the beautiful innocent girl I met so long ago. As she reaches toward me, I remember the fighting and slap her hand away. I tell her she can cry all she wants. She'll never touch my cock again. I tell her she has ten minutes to get herself cleaned up. It takes all I have to turn and walk out of the bathroom.

"Why did I come up here?" Dee says. "I knew it was off limits."

The cold water refreshes her body. "Maybe now he'll let me go home." she thinks to herself. "Perhaps there is still a little kindness left inside him. Oh how kind he was to me in the beginning. He gave me everything, well almost everything. I obviously never truly had his heart. It took me quite a while to figure that out. When I did, something happened and I closed myself off. He wanted a showpiece not a partner. So I began acting the part. I asked if I could get my boobs done and he happily agreed to pay for it. He bought me all the spike heels, sexy clothes, manicures, pedicures....anything that made me look hot (and cheap)." she remembers.

His rough hands and voice break her reverie. "You have 10 minutes to get yourself cleaned up." Jay demands.

"Please Jay, don't do this. I will do anything you ask, just please don't make me go down there." Dee begs. She cowers as she watches his chocolate eyes turn dead black.

"Some hooker left this here last weekend, put it on and meet me back in the game room." I tell her.

Dee pulls the outfit off the hanger and sees that its not much; just a purple lace bra with a purple garter belt and skimpy little panties. As she sits on the edge of the bed putting on the outfit, she wonders what's in store for her for the rest of the weekend. Things had gotten bad but she had no idea how much I despise her. Perhaps it is partly my fault. I did introduce her to so many different things...but no, she decided on her own to become self-absorbed.

"Oh God, he is using prostitutes?" The fragile hold on Dee's mind breaks. "He never really loved me. He never promised me forever. I just never imagined it would end like this." she thinks as she gets dressed.

She comes down the hall and into the game room and sees everyone from the "second shift" is there and staring at her. I walk over and grab her arm and haul her over to the bar introducing her to the hired bartender.

"This is Chuck and he's making the drinks today for my pool party and you are going to be the waitress, but first I need you to service Chuck" I instruct her.

Chuck is hung at about 14inches limp and with a cock that size, he doesn't really get hard, and he cums a ton.

I force her to get down behind the bar and kneel down. Chuck slides it into her mouth and instructs her to relax and breathe through her nose. As he feeds this monster into her mouth she reach up to grab it and chuck slaps her hand away and says don't touch it cunt. He continues to feed his cock in and she tries to grab it again and he pulls it out and begins to slap it against her face and calls me over to tell me the bitch won't listen.

I whisper menacingly in her ear "You better do as you are told!"

She looks up and tells me that she will try harder and to give her another chance.

I motion to Chuck to try it again and so he comes over and holds it in front of her mouth. She open her mouth and he slides it in again. This time it's a bit faster and she chokes a little as he push's it a little deeper. He tells her to breathe through her nose and she won't choke. Finally he gets it in all the way and she can feel his monster cock all the way down her throat and she think it's going all the way into her lungs. Chuck now tells her to work her throat muscles and not to move any other part of her body. She does as she's told and Chuck begins to moan as she feels his cock grow a little fatter in her throat. She starts to feel Chucks shaved balls begin to swell and a very warm gush of cum down her throat. It takes what seems like minutes for him to cum and she swears she's going to drown in his cum, but she make sure not a drop comes out of her mouth.

After Chuck pulls his monster cock from her face, he rubs the wet end all over the cleavage of her tits, every once and awhile slapping his meat against the bra where her nipples are. Tears of shame stream down her face and again I almost break, but not quite. Why isn't she breaking down? Why isn't she fighting this? I wonder to myself. I convince myself she is secretly enjoying every single degrading action.

She stands up and grabs her drink tray and starts to walk the room. Guys start ordering drinks and her order book quickly fills up. When she gets to me, I decide to shame her a little more. I lean over and whisper in her ear. She continues on and taking everyone's orders and returns to the bar. Chuck starts to make the drinks but only puts one order on the tray. She grabs it and walks away.

"Where are you going bitch, I have 5 more to make!" Chuck shouts, but she keeps walking over and return to the first guy.

As she hands him his drink she tell him "my boss has demanded that I service every guy that orders a drink from me today, what would you like sir?"

He leans over and whispers in her ear and I see her nod her head and set the tray down on the table. She kneels down and unzips his shorts and they quickly drop to the floor. There in front of her face is a nice shaved, cut, twelve inch cock that's hanging limp. She grabs it with one hand and places it in her mouth and starts to suck it. She deep throats it and gags a little as she pulls it in and out of her mouth. He's now getting hard and its harder for her to take it all in. She gags a little more.

I stand up and walk over and whisper in her ear "There are five others guys built just like this so you better get used to it bitch."

She looks up at me and says, "yes master, I will try harder."

He is now totally hard and she working his meat like its that last cock she will ever get. He grabs her head and pulls it away from his cock and he erupts cum all over her face. She works to suck every last drop out of his cock before she stands up, grabs her tray and walks back to the bar.

Chuck places another drink on her tray and she heads over to the next guest.

"Sir, what would you like for me to do?"

"Turn around and bend over and touch your toes," he demands.

She notices that he has already dropped his shorts and has worked his cock fully hard. She turns around and bends over as instructed. She feels the guys fingers reach under her little thong and with one fast motion him pull up hard on them and rip it in half as he yanks it off. she almost loses her balance. He slides his hard cock into her wet pussy. He drives it all the way in on the first pump and he continues to pump for what seems likes hours.

The other guys have now gathered around to watch this masterful stud work her pussy. Every tenth or eleventh stroke, he pulls it out and makes her clean it off with her mouth and then returns to pounding her bald wet pussy. After about ten or fifteen minutes of him pumping her he pulls it out and lays on the floor under her. He reaches up and grabs and yanks her to the floor and makes her sit on his cock while she face away from him looking at his feet. He smacks her on the ass and tells her to lay down flat and wait for what comes next.

He motions to one of the other guys that has already worked their cock hard to come over. The horror on her face shows she's pretty sure what's coming next. The second guy kneels down and spreads her ass cheeks and pushes his hard mushroom head against her ass hole. By now there is so much pussy juice in her crack that his head seems to slide in with ease. He holds her shoulders and pulls back on her as he slides it in the rest of the way. The guy on the floor is holding still while this is going on. Once both of them are in her, they begin to work in harmony , one pushes in as the other one pulls back, back and forth they pump her.

She turns her head forward after watching the double penetration only to find there are two cocks in front of her face. The two guys are standing so close that their cocks are side by side.

"That's right bitch, take them both into your mouth," one of the guys demands.

She reaches up and grabs both cocks in her hands and slides her mouth over both of them.

"Think of the spring last year when Jay took you to Disney World and you got to be a kid again. Think of how good it felt to be carefree. Anything to get through this torture. You can do it," she thinks to herself.

Four cocks pounding every hole. One by one each guy shoots his load either in or on her. After she has cleaned up every guys cock she gingerly stands up. The guys are all filing out the back patio door and headed for the pool. I walk over to her and tell her to go get cleaned up and put on a swimsuit and meet us by the pool.

Walking out to the pool, Dee can't imagine what he has planned. She knows I want to break her. She just doesn't understand why. I could throw her out with nothing. She stumbles a little and grabs her head. I realize she hasn't eaten in a good 24 hours.

"Take a rest and soak up some sun," I say natural as can be.

She sits gingerly. Her guard is still up So I walk away to chat with the guys. A few minutes later I glance over and she has fallen completely asleep.

Fucking bitch! Everything I put her through she just forgets and can just relax with all these men around her...well we will see about that, I think to myself. I stomp into the bedroom and grab my handcuffs and ankle restraints. The bitch is going to be ass fucked by every guy in this house within the next few hours!

I head back out to the pool deck. The cunt hasn't moved a muscle. I grab a bottle of oil and paste a smile on my lips.

"Hey honey, why don't you flip over and I'll put some oil on your back."

"Shit, I fell asleep. Oh god now what is going to happen. I don't trust the sweet low voice he is using. Its how he used to talk to me when well when I thought he cared for me," Dee jolts awake in a panic.

As she flips over I cuff her wrists to the lounge. She cries out in surprise. My cock twitches with excitement. She tries to fight as I use the ankle restraints to immobilize her completely. I have her ass in the air and she cannot move an inch. I rip the flimsy swimsuit off. The guys have formed a circle around us.

"OK gentlemen. We are scheduled to go back home tomorrow morning. I figure this bitch deserves one last ass fuck. Who wants to be first? Don't worry about the pain, she loves it...don't you baby?" I sound like a carnival barker.

Her luscious ass in the air all she can do is stare wide-eyed at me. Bitch has it coming, I remind myself. One of the biggest men on my team grabs the oil from my hand pours it on her ass and in one swift move shoves his cock deep inside her ass. She cries once and then grits her teeth.

Dee fights for control of her body. Her mind wanders back to when she thought her "happily ever after" would come true. She remembers how she did everything he asked if it made him happy. He introduced her to threesomes, group sex and so many other sexual positions. He said it was all ok because they were together doing these things. He said he liked watching her with other girls and guys. He always asked her to watch him and she did even though it broke her heart. She was in love with him. She wanted him to love and cherish her. For a time she thought he might. Then she overheard him talking to his friends about how great of a trophy she would be. He didn't even say wife...just trophy. He was happy when she asked for a boob job. He made her go to DD when all she wanted was a nice C. Time to face the facts. She's been a prostitute for the past three years and didn't know it. She was his private whore....


"Oh God that hurts" her mind screams.

For 8 hours all the guys take turns fucking her ass. I sit back and enjoy the show. She's got to be in pain but the bitch just won't give in. I look in her eyes after every man and the defiance is still there.

The men and I go inside to play some pool and catch the Bruins game on television. Then I realize George never got his turn. He says he wanted to go last so he heads out to the pool. I follow. I can't wait to see her reaction to his 12" cock.

At first she looks up hopeful. As soon as she see's George, her head bows as she prepares for another session of abuse. He doesn't say a word to her. He just grabs her ass, and slams his hard cock into her ass. Her screams are deafening.

"Shut the fuck up and take it bitch!" I slap her. Her screams continue until I grab an oven mitt from the barbeque and shove it in her mouth. She looks up at me tears streaming dowsn her face. Then the moment I've been waiting for happens. Finally I see it, the moment her spirit breaks. The light and defiance blinks out of her eyes. Her eyes beg me to stop the torture. I turn my back on her and walk into the house.

Around midnight, I unhook her from the chair. She doesn't move. At first I think she might be dead, but then I see her chest rise and fall. Her face is a mess, I chuckle to myself. She won't be using her looks anytime soon to get what she wants. She seems to be completely out of it so I head back to my room. The cunt can sleep outside like a dog.

I no sooner get back to my room when I hear the car screetch down the driveway and jump out of bed. That bitch was faking. I fly down the stairs and grab my own keys. She doesn't know the shortcut so I should be able to beat her home and have enough time to set up the final, most degrading act of revenge.

Her car pulls into the drive. I meet her at the front door.

"I wasn't done with you yet, bitch!" I growl.

I see the fear flash in her eyes before her head drops. She mumbles an apology but I am pissed off and don't want to hear it. The satisfaction I thought I would feel seeing her broken has eluded me thus far. I figure I just need to take it out on her myself. Then I will feel satisfied. I grab her arm expecting resistance. Instead she meekly follows me to the playroom. Once we enter she tries to back away begging me to change my mind.

"Jay, no, please. Jay just let me go. I won't ever speak to anyone about this weekend. I'll never contact you, never ask for anything. Please don't do this." she starts begging as soon as she sees what I have waiting.

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