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Redneck Teen Gets Black Cream


Summer break always drove me crazy. I lived in a trailer 15 miles out of town with my dad and older brother in a trailer in middle of nowhere Alabama. I didn't have a car. I didn't have a phone. All I had was a TV and more time to kill than I knew what to do with. Not only was I bored, I was lonely as hell. My dad and brother, both dumb rednecks, worked building cell phone towers all day and were on the road sometimes for days. I knew my dad could afford a telephone at the house; Him and my brother both had walkie-talkie cell phones that they used all the time. Cutting me off from my friends was his way of controlling me when he wasn't around. It isolated me completely. He wouldn't let me get a job. If I wasn't home they got back he would flip shit. He was worried about his precious little teenage daughter. Let me tell you why.

My name is Victoria and I was 18 years old when this happened. I had been cute as a child, though not especially beautiful in the face or smart. When I hit puberty though, by body really started growing. It didn't make me long to get into a D cup, and once that happened, everyone started noticing me. I didn't really know how to handle it, since I had been largely ignored most of life for the prettier, richer girls. But guys don't give a crap if you live in a shitty trailer or not if you've got some big tits and don't mind showing them off. I quickly became a notorious flirt and had a reputation for being easy. Once my dad caught wind of it, he shut it down quick.

"God-fucking-damn it Victoria!" He yelled "You ain't gonna be some fucking slut like your momma was!"

My older brother had spotted me getting felt up in the driveway by some boy who had given me a ride home. I lay on my bed in tears. He came through the door and grabbed my arm, jerking me up and then slapped me in the face.

"You ain't leavin this fuckin house until you learn to keep them tits in your fuckin shirt, you god damn little skank." He growled, clutching my wrist.

That was 4 months ago and once school was out, my prison term began. I spent the mornings sunbathing in the yard in a bikini. This was the time of day that I enjoyed most, because cars occasionally came down our winding dirt road and people would glimpse out at me. Sometimes an old redneck would honk when he saw by blonde hair and large breasts, but no one ever stopped. Once it got to hot to stay outside I would go in and eat lunch, and spend most of the afternoon watching MTV in the air-conditioned living room of our tiny doublewide.

Masturbation became one of my few pleasures; rap videos in particular would awake my lust and sexuality. The big breasted, sex women grinding against each other and the sexy rappers flaunting their strength and provocative lifestyles was the most powerful sexual stimulant I had access too. I would finger myself softly while I cupped a breast in my hand. When I came for a moment I forgot how miserable I was, but it made me remember how lonesome and horny I was. I would dress in my panties and bra and stand in front of the mirror in my tiny room and admire the body God had given me. I knew I was sexy. I had started dying my hair a bleach blonde years ago. I had a pretty face but I thought my nose was a little funny though. My boobs were big and firm, round and perfect in a gravity defying way. I knew every man who saw me wanted to fuck me. That's why dad was locking me up. What he didn't realize was how that would ultimately push me into his worst nightmare.

It was a Tuesday at the end of July, the dead hottest part of summer, when it happened. I was out in my beach chair, catching some sun before the heat swelled above 100 and forced me back inside the cramped trailer. In the distance, I heard a car making its way down the dirt road. It sounded like it was going fast. I sat up on my elbows and peered down at the curve that winds by our property. An old brown Cadillac with the distinct rumble of large bass speakers came around the bend. I couldn't see the driver through the dark tinted windshield, but I noticed the car slowing as it rounded the curve. They must have seen me.

I felt suddenly quite naked as the large car creeped to a stop in front of my driveway, a good 100 feet from where I was. The window rolled down, revealing a young shirtless black guy. A feeling of anxiousness immediately swelled up in my stomach.

"Yo Vicky...You lookin fine as hell today." The driver said, leaning out the window and smiling.

"Well who the hell are you?" I squinted my eyes, trying to get a better look at him. I may look like a sweet little girl, but you don't grow up in a trailer without learning how to talk shit with the best redneck.

"It's ya boy, Antoine." He said, leaning out the window, spreading his arms dramatically.

I recognized him then from school. He was older than me and had dropped when I was a freshman but I remember him being a pretty big thug.

"Oh hey." I said casually, leaning back in my beach chair. "What are you doing on my road?"

"My boy Eddie moved down the road bout a mile. We gonna smoke some blunts." He replied. "You oughta come chill."

I knew my dad would flip out if he caught me talking to a nigger but I was hungry for some company. He was cute but I wasn't about to risk getting the reputation of a girl who would have sex with a black guy.

"I can't leave; my dad will beat my butt." I said, shrugging.

He nodded. "Aight. How bout I just smoke you out den?" He said.

It was risky but I not only wanted some company but it would be nice to get stoned. I hadn't gotten high in weeks. Maybe he could sell me some too, I thought, so I won't be so bored all the time.

"Okay. You gotta park behind the house though. If anyone sees your car I'll be in deep shit."

He nodded and popped his car in reverse and pulled into the driveway. I stood up and watched him as he drove across the dirt yard and parked behind the trailer. It wasn't invisible but it was better than leaving it sitting in the yard for anyone to see. The heat was beating down; it was going to be a hot day for sure.

He got out of his car and I couldn't help but stare at him. He was wearing shirt, a bright white wife beater that showed off his big thick arms, covered in dark black tattoos. What the fuck was I doing? I felt naked standing there in my bathing suit. I walked up the steps and opened the door to the trailer. I could feel his eyes on my back, and I knew he was probably checking out my ass. What the fuck was I doing? This nigger probably was going to try to rape me. I felt my heart beating faster and faster. I knew I was doing the wrong thing but I couldn't stop myself. I hadn't hung out with anyone my own age in weeks. I knew my dad would kill me if he found out, but I figured hanging out and getting stoned was innocent enough. I wouldn't let things get out of hand.

I walked into the refreshingly cool living room. It was so tiny the small wall unit kept it pretty cold even on the hottest days, which was good. I held the door open for him as he stepped in.

"Let me go put some clothes on real quick. Sit down if you want." I said, a little nervously. I didn't want to sound lame or anything. I really didn't know how to talk to black people and Antoine was very intimidating. I went into my room and looked into my closet. I took off my bikini and put own a pair of tight black panties and a matching bra that made my tits look huge. I pulled on a T-Shirt that was also pretty tight and a pair of cutoff shorts. My heart was racing

"I just want to show off a bit," I said to myself, looking into the mirror. "It's nice to be admired. I don't have to do anything with this guy...."

I walked back into the living room and Antoine was leaned back on the couch, his feet propped up on the coffee table. He had turned on the TV and was watching BET. A music video was playing, the kind, had I been alone, might have gotten me rubbing my horny little crotch through my panties. I sat down in the easy chair next to the couch, watching the video with him.

"So you wanna smoke?" He asked, offering a blunt filled with what looked like dank pot.

My eyes lit up. I reached out and took it from him. His eyes stayed on the TV while I lit up the tightly rolled cigar. I couldn't take my eyes off of him though. The music video was a particularly dirty one...I had seen it many times before and it was one of my favorites. I had fingered myself to it many times before. I realized that it was the time of day when I usually would finger myself to. I lit the blunt and took a big hit, trying to put it out of my mind. I leaned over and passed him the burning cigar.

He took the blunt and pressed it to his lips and took a gigantic pull on it. I watched him with great interest as he looked up at the ceiling and exhaled. His skin was so dark and his body was so strong looking. He looked over at me and nodded to the thump of the music as he passed me the blunt.

The hypnotic drone of the deep bass and the dark, seductive words filled my head. What it is ho? What's up....can a playa get in them guts? Cut you up like you ain't been cut....

Antoine wasn't saying anything...I got the feeling he wanted me to listen to the music. The lyrics were seductive and dirty...they suggested hot sex and dark desires. The images of big breasted women grinding against the muscular rappers had me feeling things that I had never thought I would feel before. Antoine's gravity in the room was undeniable. I could feel myself being helplessly drawn to him. I couldn't deny what my body was feeling.

As I took another hit of the weed I felt my desire swelling inside me like a volcano. What the fuck was I doing?I leaned over again and handed the blunt back to him. He leaned forward, looking straight into my eyes. I found that I couldn't look away from him as my eyes met his. He bit down on his lower lip and put a hand around the back of my head, pulling me forward. He pressed his lips against mine and his big tongue filled my mouth in the hottest kiss I had ever felt. I gave in to the feeling immediately and wrapped my tongue back around his , our lips grinding lustily against each other's as he kissed me harder than I had ever imagined possible. His big strong hands wrapped around my shoulders and pulled me into his lap, never breaking contact with the rough, passionate tonguing and sucking of our lips. .

The blunt fell from my hands and onto the carpet but I didn't care. I spread my legs over his and pressed my crotch into his lap. Through his soft velvet shorts I could feel a massive hard on growing. His hands moved down and wrapped around my ass, squeezing it with a raw lust that drove my wild. I grabbed his neck and pushed my lips into his even harder, savoring the sweet forbidden fruit of kissing his big black lips. I loved feeling him paw my ass, feeling his cock trying to push throw his shorts to touch my horny young pussy.

Our lust for each other was overwhelming and I forgot all about being a poor white girl living in a trailer on a dirt road. Right now I was an irresistibly sexy white princess and I had the biggest, baddest nigger about to fuck my brains out. I broke away from kissing him and pressed my boobs against his face. He responded with a horny grunt and moved his grip off my ass for a moment to pull my tight t-shirt off over my head, tossing it onto the floor. When he saw my big boobs squeezed inside my tight black bra, he went wild. I grinded down on him while he took my tits between his hands and pressed his face down in between them, licking and squeezing them together. Seeing his big black hands on them made me feel hornier that I had ever felt before. I felt like I could cum right there grinding against his erection between my legs. I hadn't had sex in months, since one of my brother's drunk friends had came in my room one night and fucked me in the middle of the night while my father was asleep in his room and my brother was passed out on the couch. That had felt good but this was going to be even better.

I reached around my back and unsnapped my tight black bra. I let the straps fall down my shoulder and he quickly pulled it off of me and threw it to the floor. He nodded in approval at my big firm D cup. His hands squeezed them and he pushed his face in between them, rubbing his nose between them and running his tongue up my cleavage. It felt amazing, feeling his big tongue run up between my tits as his hands kneaded and massaged my big tits. I was too horny for words. I needed a dick in me and quick. I just hoped the rumors about black guys were true.

I pulled away and stood up in front of him, still sitting in the couch. He pulled his t shirt off, revealing his dark ebony chest, muscled and hairless, and covered in intricate jet black tattoos. I could see the bulge in his pants and it looked fucking huge.

I bent down and wrapped my hands around the top of his shorts and yanked them down. He wasn't wearing boxers and as his shorts fell down his knees his massive cock sprung up, free from the restraint that was holding it back. It stood nearly straight up and it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen: Big, thick, and as tempting as any fat piece of chocolate. I shook my head in disbelief and looked down at him, smiling proudly.

"Dat's what you wanted, ain't it gul" He said confidently.

"That's a big fucking dick Antoine." I said. At least 10 inches, it was inestimably bigger than any cock that had ever been inside me.

He wrapped one of his big hands around his balls and his other hand around the head of his cock and began stroking it. It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen.

"Come get yo white ass on top of it den." He growled in a low voice. I knew he wasn't leaving here without stuffing that cock inside me. I wasn't going to let him.

I pulled my panties down and dropped them to the floor. I looked down on him, still stroking his massive cock and licked my fingers, running them down my stomach to my trim little pussy. It was soaking wet, dripping sweet juices for that big black dick that it wanted so bad. I rubbed my pussy lips; they were puffy and spread open like a rose blossom. I was ready to get that monster inside me.

I put a knee on the sofa and swung my other leg over his waist. He slid down the couch, positioning himself underneath me, angling his thick black cock up at me. It was so big and long it instantly found it's way to my sopping cunt and I felt it pressing against it, hard and thick. I pressed my ass down against his rock hard black rod and I felt it pushing its way inside me. The head plowed its way up quickly into the shallow areas of my dripping hole; the feeling of his cock sliding inside me sent shivers down my spine. I arched my back and grabbed onto his strong black shoulders, letting out a soft moan of delight that a girl only feels when she feels a hard dick sliding inside her. This is exactly what I needed.

I kept pushing down against him. The ease of the initial penetration was short-lived. Soon his cock was pushing up deeper inside me than anything had ever gone before. My fingers dug into him as his cock probed deeper and deeper. I had taken dick pretty deep before, but this was like nothing I had ever imagined. The further he went the more intense the feelings became. His hot black cock was discovering nerves that had never touched before. I could feel the walls of my pussy scream as the stretched around his massive dick. I screamed out too, bucking my hips, overwhelmed by the feeling. I didn't know if I could stand it. It overwhelmed my senses. His big hands grabbed my ass cheeks and he began pulling me the rest of the way down. He was going to get all that hot black cock inside me, whether I could take it or not. What would my daddy think? His pretty little daughter fucking a big nigger dick right in the middle of his living room? The thought of angering my father intensified my desire to fuck this black dick for all it was worth. I had been locked up long enough. It was time for me to start getting what I wanted.

Finally I felt my butt touch his legs. I could feel this huge head of his cock inside me, god knows how deep inside me. It pulsed in what felt like a cavern of nerves unfathomably deep inside me that sent shockwaves through my entire body. He pulled down on my hips and bucked his hard cock upwards, shocking my insides and pushing me over the edge. I had my first orgasm right there; only a minute after his cock had touched my wet pussy lips.

"God....Fucking....Damn It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed out as the orgasm overtook my body, leaving me spasming on top his big hard dick. His hands moved up and squeezed my tits as my pussy came harder than it had ever come before. My hands dug into his shoulder blades as my pussy contracted around his dick like a sleeve. His dark cock was splitting me in two and it was the most amazing thing I had ever felt.

As the orgasm washed over me I looked down at him. His eyes were closed and his hands were squeezing my boobs, his cock still buried completely inside me. He bit down on his bottom lip as he began thrusting up, slowly and rhythmically at first.

"Holy shit...." I whispered as his cock moved back and forth inside me. His slow thrusts felt so good after cumming so hard. His big hands cupped my tits and I felt his lips wrapping around one of my rock hard nipples, his tongue flicking across it and then sucking into his wet mouth. The feeling of getting split into was quickly becoming one of hypnotizing lust. Each thrust restored my horniness and desire for his big cock. Each time his cock hit my pussy deeper than I had ever imagined I wanted more. I began flicking my ass down on him, meeting each thrust with a satisfying grinding against his dick, pushing it even deeper inside me.

"Oh yeah baby....you fuck me so good...." I whispered in his ear as I grinded my pussy down on his cock with each thrust.

He pulled me down harder as I spoke to him, slamming my painfully tight white pussy faster and faster.

"You like dat black dick?" he growled in my ear, his hands digging roughly into my ass, pressing my pussy down on his pistoning cock.

"Yeah baby...Yeah baby...." I moaned as I felt my legs began to tremble and my ass shake. His thrusts came harder and faster as he felt me approaching another orgasm, pulling me down on top of his cock and hitting deeper and deeper inside with each mind-blowing thrust.

"Hell yeah, cum on dat dick bitch!." He shouted, holding me tightly as I thrashed and bucked as the second orgasm crashed over me. Never once stopping his relentless, thrusting dick, the orgasm seemed to stretch out infinitely. My eyes rolled back in my head and all my breath left my lungs. I screamed out, jerking and shaking as his big black cock shredded my little white pussy apart. This was the kind of fucking I had secretly dreamed about getting my whole life and I had never admitted. Cumming on the big black cock made me feel like such a little slut but the truth is it was the best thing I had ever felt in my life. I didn't care if I was a slut- I liked the way a huge black dick felt stuffed up inside me. My daddy would be so proud, his little princess turned into the nastiest kind of whore: a full-blown black cock hungry slut. Antoine cramming that monster cock inside me was a life-changing experience.

I opened my eyes and looked down on Antoine squeezing my tits roughly, his massive black dick still jammed inside me deeper than anything I had ever imagined. I swirled my ass around on his dick, savoring the feeling of his fat cock head rubbing the walls of my tight cunt. He hadn't cum yet.

"How do you want to fuck me?" I asked in a low voice. His hands pawed at my tits, pressing them together and pushing them up as his cock gyrated slowly deep inside me.

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