tagCelebrities & Fan FictionRedwood Nine Ch. 05

Redwood Nine Ch. 05


Chapter 5

Predator and Prey

Keith was busy fixing the cabinet doors in one of the unit's bathrooms, going through his order sheet of jobs to do, that Marlene had started him on. He was swinging it open and closed, checking how well it worked, when the door to the unit opened. He leaned back and poked his head out of the door to see who it was. In his heart, he was hoping Mary had changed her mind and came back, but he saw the tight, black, Capri pants and knew it wasn't her. He glanced out farther and saw the rest of Marlene. The light material of the white, vee neck sweater was stretched over the curves of Marlene's breasts and Keith took further notice of them. Marlene was bent over, to put a drink on the table and Keith could see her mounds were moving naturally underneath her top, letting him know she was bra-less. Even from twelve feet away, the outline of her nipples were visible and Keith's mouth went dry, as he imagined them. Marlene walked over to Keith, the sway in her hips accentuated, making his eyes remain focused on everything from the neck down and the knees up. Marlene let the corners of her mouth turn up, knowing her prey was caught in the trap.

"I brought you a cold drink, I thought you might be thirsty. How's the job coming?"

Keith was still transfixed on the lush curves of Marlene's hips and ass, as she rotated them back and forth for him, pretending she was looking around in the room. She reached down and gently touched his hair with a soft stroke and Keith snapped out of it and looked up at her. She was well aware of where his interest was held and smoothed her hands down her hips, as a result. Keith swallowed, trying to get some spit happening.

"Job is going well, Mrs. Brock. Just have to change a light bulb by the bed and this unit is ready."

"Please, call me, Marlene. Mrs. Brock makes me sound so...old. You don't think I'm old, do you, Keith?"

Keith stammered a bit and firmly said no, shaking his head vigorously to quantify it.

"Good, I hate the thought of getting old. Now, back to work. I would like it very much, if you could do the work on the next unit and then come and see me in my place. There's a few things that need attending to right away. Just knock and come on back, I'll be in the living quarters, tending to a few things myself, so don't wait for me to answer, okay?"

Keith saw the smile and smiled back, saying he would get right to it. That made Marlene happy and she bent down to give Keith a kiss on the cheek, her vee neck draping open to expose more of the curves, then softly wiped the lipstick away. Keith could smell her perfume and the scent was intoxicating to him. The innocence of the closeness aside, Keith was as aroused, as if she had just stroked his cock. He watched her, as she walked back out, a little twitch of her ass cheeks at the end of every step, sending little flashes of her sexuality at him. Keith stared long after the door closed, imagining Marlene naked, as she did everything she had just done.

Marlene walked down to unit ten, where Ann-Marie and Suzy were going over the procedures for guests. They had washed out their underwear and had them hanging over the shower rod, sitting on the beds with only towels around them. Marlene knocked at the door, but didn't wait for an answer and walked in. The girls were surprised at first, until they saw it was Marlene, but still felt the need to be guarded of themselves.

"Oh, didn't know we were doing this naked. How nice. I like the look."

Suzy and Ann-Marie were taken off guard by Marlene's forwardness, as she looked them over with interest. Suzy felt the need to explain themselves.

"Sorry, we thought we could rinse our things out. We haven't been home in a few days to get clean clothes. We're hoping the guys will take us back tonight, so we can have a change of clothing here."

Marlene smiled at them, then walked to the bathroom. She looked at the bras and panties hung up and looked them over, before she looked in the mirror and preened her hair. She came to the doorway and looked at the two girls, sitting and looking at her, then looked them over again.

"I need you girls to go into Lodi and do some laundry. I need you to take all the dirty sheets and towels in and then fold them and put them in the closet where I showed you. You can use my car, but be careful not to scratch it, or wreck it, I get very upset at that happening, I love my car."

Marlene's look told them she was capable of making things very unpleasant, should they do any damage. They sat there looking at her, waiting for her to say something else, or leave, so they could get dressed. When she just stood there, they weren't sure what to do. Marlene could see they were unsure and clapped her hands at them.

"That's it, girls, let's get a move on. Chop, chop."

Marlene's insistence to act immediately, had them nervous, knowing it meant being naked in front of her. Ann-Marie looked at Suzy, who looked at her and then walked over to her underwear hanging up and felt how damp they were. She turned to Marlene and shrugged her shoulders.

"They're still damp. Maybe in another hour, they'll be dry."

Marlene looked her up and down and then at Suzy.

"You need underwear to do laundry? I didn't know they were necessary for that?"

The girls understood that Marlene wanted them gone now, so Suzy got off the bed, turning her back and unwrapped her towel, baring her ass to Marlene. Ann-Marie looked at her and Suzy just shrugged her shoulders, as she began putting her jeans on. Ann-Marie stood and tuned her back to Marlene as well and dropped her towel on the bed, then began putting her pants on. Marlene stood and watched them both, looking at each, with a sense of power and control.

Suzy pulled her T shirt over herself and slid it over her breasts, tucking the bottom into her jeans. Ann-Marie was wrestling to get her larger breasts covered with her vest, as fast as she could. When they were ready, Marlene looked them over, judging their appearance. In a bold move, she stood in front of Ann-Marie and began quickly undoing the buttons to her vest. Ann-Marie gasped at her intrusion, hesitating to stop her, her breasts almost bared, but Marlene didn't pay any mind, as she undid them all and started at the bottom again. Slowly, she did them up and left the top one undone, leaving a good view of cleavage, then patted both mounds underneath the denim, as though she was smoothing out the material.

"There, that's better, not so lop-sided looking now, because the buttons were out of order."

Ann-Marie turned every shade of red, as she looked at Suzy and then back to Marlene. Marlene saw the look and put a look of innocence on her face.

"Hey, you want to go out with the buttons all wrong, go ahead. I thought I was just helping you out."

Ann-Marie wasn't completely satisfied with her answer, leaving her with a great sense of uneasiness, as she went to cup her own breasts in protection. She looked at Marlene, her face showing confusion about how to respond and Marlene picked up on it. She smiled and gently cupped Ann-Marie's cheek.

"Sweetie, I like cock, so don't get all bent out of shape over it. If I get a yearning to swing that way, I'll look you up. To be honest though, those felt nice and from what I can see, they liked it too."

Ann-Marie and Suzy both looked at Ann-Marie's breasts, when Marlene pointed to them. There, as bold and proud as they could be, were Ann-Marie's nipples poking through the thin denim. The flush darkened between her breasts and her face went beet red. She stood there looking guilty about them, balling her hands into fists and becoming unnerved. Marlene was happy with the response and chuckled a bit, before she made her way to the door.

"The keys to my car will be on the counter, along with the bags of laundry. Do a good job, girls. See you when you get back."

Marlene left and walked back to the office. The girls looked out the window and watched her, noticing the sexuality in her walk and how she carried herself. They closed the curtains and looked at each other, missing Marlene cupping her breasts, as she passed the unit Keith was working in. They got their bags and Ann-Marie stopped, still unnerved about what had just transpired. She pulled the front of her vest open and looked at her nipples, a look of disappointment coming to her face.

"Got to you, did she?"

Ann-Marie looked at Suzy, her face showing the truth, despite what she said against it.

"Hey, don't sweat it. I think you got great tits too, doesn't mean I want to make out with you, or anything."

Assurances aside, Suzy could tell Marlene had made a deeper impression in Ann-Marie than she was willing to admit. They went up to the office and found the keys where Marlene had said they'd be, along with five dollars and two bags of laundry sat waiting on the floor. They took them to the trunk and put them in, then got in the '64 Buick Riviera and started it up. Suzy put it in reverse and backed out, then pulled out of the lot and off towards Lodi.

Marlene was watching them through a slit in the curtains, making sure they were gone, then began undressing, as she walked back into her room. She looked in the mirror and made sure she looked her stunning best, then pulled the sheets down on the bed and lay on it, in wait. Her hopes that her timing was as planned, came about, as she heard Keith's footsteps on the landing and then the door opened up.

"Back here, Keith."

Keith followed the voice and looked into the room. He didn't see Marlene there, so he ventured in further and looked about, then saw the feet on the bed. He moved slightly forward, taking in more and more of what he saw. Bare feet, turned into bare legs and the more Keith looked, the more he realized that Marlene was stark naked on the bed. He hesitated, wondering what to do about it, when Marlene called out to him again.

"Don't be shy. Come on in, I won't bite."

Keith summoned up his courage and walked to the doorway, then looked at Marlene sprawled on the bed. She was naked and motioning with her finger to come to her, then patted the bed beside her. Keith looked at her, his libido peaking and governing his thoughts, as the rich scent of her womanhood wafted to him. He stared at her breasts, capped in light pink, the soft curve of her belly, leading to the dark, red triangle of hair between her legs. He fought with his conscience, deciding what to do, when Marlene parted her legs slightly and ran her hand over the thick mat of hair, then up over her breast, flicking the nipple as it passed. Keith swallowed hard and took one step forward, closing the door behind him.

Suzy and Ann-Marie were enjoying the luxury of the Buick, but Suzy could tell that Ann-Marie was still focused on something else. It wasn't hard to imagine what had her attention, but she wondered what had her so riled up, she couldn't let it go.

"You're not still thinking about that woman touching your boobs, are you?"

That brought Ann-Marie out of her thoughts and back to the present.

"I am and it's freaking me out."

Suzy could see that it was and wanted to know why. Ann-Marie stared out the window, but she wasn't looking at anything.

"I don't know, that's just it. It's not the first time another woman has touched my boobs, Christ, we were all doing it to each other all weekend, almost. It's something about her that has me all fucked up and I don't know what."

Suzy could see her frustration in trying to make sense out of it and decided on asking questions and seeing what helped.

"Okay, do you think she's attractive?"

"Well, yeah, she's gorgeous."

"No, not if your think she's pretty, if you think she's attractive?"

Ann-Marie seemed puzzled and Suzy explained.

"I mean, you know she's pretty, but does she look attractive to you? Are you attracted to her?"

Ann-Marie digested Suzy's words and realized what she meant, then turned in shock to her.

"Are you asking me if I find her like, sexy? If I have the hots for her, or something?"

"Well, yeah. Do you? Hey, it's okay with me, if you do, it's cool, you know."

Ann-Marie thought about it more, trying to decide if she really did find Marlene sexually attractive, or if it was just how she touched her.

"I...I'm not sure. I don't know what I think, right now. I mean like, yeah, she's really, good looking, but I don't think I find her like, sexy to me, or anything. It's how she touched me that got me all fucked up. It wasn't play touching like we did, it was more than that. Maybe the way she looked at me, I don't know. All I know is my nipples were hard as rocks after she did it and...and."

Ann-Marie left off without finishing her thought, but Suzy felt it needed to be and asked.

"And what? What else did she do, or make happen?"

Ann-Marie looked nervous as she looked at Suzy, unsure if she should tell her. Suzy motioned to do it and held her hand. It might have been the connection made physically that helped, but Ann-Marie sighed and looked beaten, as she told Suzy what else happened.

"I..I got wet between my legs. I mean, I can feel it right now, how wet I am."

Suzy held Ann-Marie's hand a little tighter, letting her know she wasn't letting what she said, affect their friendship.

"Got to you that much, did she?"

"That's just it. Was it her, or can any woman make me feel like that?"

Suzy looked at her sitting there, staring out the window with an uncertain look in her eyes.

"Do you want another woman to touch you? Maybe you should ask yourself that question."

Ann-Marie looked at Suzy and squeezed her hand, the fear of the unknown about herself, coming through in her expressions. She stared back out the window, staring far off into the ether, looking for her answer, then turned back to Suzy.

"Touch me. I want you to touch me, like she did."

Suzy was so taken aback, she had to watch her driving, it stunned her so much to hear it.

"You want me to what?"

"Touch me, like Marlene did. If you make me feel that way, then any woman can. If not, then it has to be her. Does that sound way too weird, or what?"

Suzy could see the desperation in her eyes, the truth being the only thing that would bring an end to her turmoil. She pulled over to the side of the road and put the car in park and turned it off, then sat looking at her feet on the pedals. She turned her head to Ann-Marie and could see she was completely beside herself with confusion. She thought to herself on what was asked and realized it wasn't much different than playing under the blanket with the guys. She took a deep breath and turned in her seat. Ann-Marie turned to her and looked at her, the blue in her eyes awash with emotion, just roiling below the surface.

"Okay, but you have to swear you'll never tell anyone we did this, alright?"

Ann-Marie could see that Suzy was willing to forgo her own boundaries, in order to help her figure out her own. She turned as much as she could and faced Suzy, her hands in her lap and her eyes fixed on Suzy's dark brown ones, now filling with an uncertainty of their own. Suzy looked up and down the road, checking for cars and then moved towards Ann-Marie. Slowly she brought her hands to Ann-Marie's vest and held onto the top button. She looked into her eyes, as she undid it, waiting for her response. A slight intake of breath and a flutter in her eyes, was all she was giving away, as Suzy went to the next one. The quivering skin on her breasts, let Suzy know she was exciting her, but unsure if it was sexual in nature, or nervousness. The last two buttons were undone and the sides parted, as the weight of Ann-Marie's breasts pushed them open. Ann-Marie breathed in deeply at the release, further exposing herself.

Suzy stared at the partial exposure of them and then looked in her friend's eyes, seeing she was getting more restless and her breathing increasing. She went to do up the bottom button, then Ann-Marie held her hands, stopping her. Looking deeply into Suzy's eyes, she held onto them and brought them up to her breasts and gently held them to her. Suzy looked at her hands resting on her breasts, feeling the heat emanating from them. She looked in Ann-Marie's eyes and saw an aching need in them. What possessed her to do what she did, was something that would take many hours of thought to know why later, but she leaned forward and kissed Ann-Marie on the lips softly. Her hands slipped under the vest and began massaging the mounds, as their mouths sought greater interaction. In moments, what was supposed to be a friend helping a friend, turned wildly sexual, their hands becoming eager for more. Suzy fumbled for the lever to make the seat go back and pushed it. They fell back, Suzy landing on top of Ann-Marie, the vest laying open and her breasts bared, her nipples ripe and succulent. They looked at each other, lust-starved and wanton, then Suzy's mouth found the pink flesh and suckled.

JT and Piney went back to the shop after lunch and helped Jake finish up with the day's work. Three more cars came in for work and two more were scheduled for service in the morning. Jake was putting the wires on the distributor cap and snapping the boots on the plugs, just about finished with it.

"Thanks for letting us work on the building, Jake. The guys are marking off the floor right now, where we decided on things. Once we get some wood and stuff, we'll get to putting up walls and dividing it up properly. We figured we can get four rooms along the far side and a shitter at the end for everyone to use. How hard is it to put in a line for toilets and stuff? We were thinking of a bathroom for each room, or is that too much?"

"Five bathrooms? I'll say. You can get maybe three, tops, or else the line won't be able to handle it all. It wasn't designed for residential purposes, so keep that in mind. At best, I'd say a full bathroom in the president's quarters and a communal one for everyone else to shower in. Have a sink and toilet at one end for everyone to use, because then you have to think of the kitchen and bar and the drains for them."

"Wait, we can have a bar?"

"Of course. It's a legal residence, as required by law to have a kitchen, bath and bedroom, so it's legal to drink in it."

JT stood and thought about that addition to things and told Jake he'd be right back, some remodelling of the floor was going to be needed. Jake laughed, as JT and Piney headed back to the building to discuss a bar and whatever else that went with it, while he reached in and started the Dart, hearing it run smoothly and smiled to himself.

Ann-Marie pulled her jeans up from her ankles, doing up the zipper and making sure her pubic hair didn't get caught in it. She started doing up the buttons on her vest and looked over at Suzy, her pants still undone, as she pulled her T shirt over her head and unrolled it down her body. Her nipples were still hard and erect from her own mouth and hands stimulating them, then smiled to herself, something inside her, making her happy she did that to her. Suzy looked over at Ann-Marie, their eyes meeting and sharing the moment. There was a quiet understanding, that what had just happened between them, was something that would stay between them only. There was also a mutual hint in their eyes, of not wanting it to be the only time.

The guys got together and listened to JT talk about a bar, coming up with ideas on what should go with it. Tables and chairs were thought out and how much room was needed, then how big the bar should be. They looked around and figured it should be as close to the front door as possible. They marked off a thick line to show where the bar area should go and everything seemed to flow from that point. By the end of the day, the entire clubhouse was laid out on the floor in marker, each area noted for its use. Chico had to take off and head back to Oakland and see his contact there. Wally, JT and Piney washed up in the shop and got out of their overalls. Jake told them he'd see them at eight, or maybe sooner, giving them a wink, that he may end up at the motel again.

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