tagCelebrities & Fan FictionRedwood Nine: Season 02 Ch. 05

Redwood Nine: Season 02 Ch. 05


Ch. 05 Portends

Marlene sat on the couch in her former residence of the motel, looking around at the walls and the floor. Even with the stains gone, she could still see where the old man had lain dead. With a heavy sigh, she turned and looked at the bedroom, the bed now gone, along with anything associated with the event.

The event. It had been demoted to being called the event by the police and the news reporters, everyone calling it that. It was more than just an event to her, far more. It was a pivotal moment for her, one that was life altering in every way. The girls finished packing all her clothes and belongings into suitcases and dragged them out to her. Suzy and Azure sat on either side of her and held her hands.

"That's everything in there packed up, is there anything else you want to take?"

"No, the less from here, the better."

"Yeah, maybe you're right. I guess we should get going then."

"Yes, Suzy, it's time to get going. I don't want to spend another second in here. Give me a hand girls and let's get this show on the road."

Suzy and Azure helped Marlene up from the couch and then took a suitcase each and followed her outside, Wayne Unser was assigned to be with her at all times and opened the trunk of his cruiser, when they came out. The girls put the cases in, while Wayne helped Marlene into the back seat. The girls got in the back with her and Wayne headed off into Charming, to the Holiday Inn. Marlene stared at the office as they backed out, a thousand memories of Jake and her, flooding her mind. So much love between them, so much shared right there in that room. It was hard not to shed tears, knowing one good thing in her life was over and never to be felt again. She realized how love, was far more important than the money she had desired for happiness. She had all the money she had ever wanted and more and not one dollar of it made her feel as good, as the feeling of loving Jake.

The girls helped Marlene get settled in the room, while Unser went about securing the hallway and the stairways. A comfortable chair was brought out for him and he started taking his watch shift outside the room. Not a thing would enter or leave, without him knowing about it and what it was. Until there was a break and they had an idea of who it could be, Marlene was in danger from anyone and he was charged with keeping her safe, until she could identify the shooter and bring him to trial.

Suzy and Azure helped Marlene get undressed, to get changed into lounging clothes that were more comfortable for her to rest in. They gave her a quick sponge bath to freshen her body and made sure she was still beautiful to them, kissing her all over, as they dressed her. Marlene was appreciative of everything they did, kissing them both lovingly, a hint of lust added to show she was still of a mind to want to be with them, at a later time.

"So what should we talk about, or would you like to do something instead, Marlene."

"I'm not much for talking right now, Suzy. I don't have a clue what to talk about anyway."

"Want to talk about free love some more?"

Marlene perked up at the mention of it and looked at them both, a smile growing on her lips.

"Yeah, tell me more about free love and what you are doing, it sounds interesting."

"Okay. I think I told you that every girl has been with every guy, right? Well, we've been with every girl, too. All the things you taught us, we've done those things and tons more."

Marlene sat back and put her feet up, holding the girl's hands, as they excitedly told her everything they had done with all the guys and girls so far. Being Marlene, she was in her element, as she heard what they had done sexually.

JT and the guys were down in Palm Springs, looking every bit as normal as they could. Their cuts were left back at the clubhouse, along with their bikes. They drove around the back roads that gave a view of Brock's place. Using Marlene's Riviera was taking a risk of being spotted, but seeing numerous similar models being driven through the neighbourhood, Marlene's shouldn't bring too much notice to it.

They brought out the binoculars and focused on the back of the property, the higher ground affording them a clear view of everything, but the front. Clive was entertaining some friends on the patio and they didn't seem to be there for a social visit. Without the aid of sound, they could only guess at what they were saying. The look on one man as he spoke to Clive, definitely said he wasn't happy with him for some reason. Clive was trying to apologize, or pleading with him. The man wasn't accepting whatever Clive was saying and stormed away, out of the yard.

They saw a car pulling away and it was a black Cadillac Coupe de Ville. That made them begin to wonder if Clive was the shooter, then Lenny seemed to be putting it together in a different focus.

"No, no, I don't think that guy shot Marlene. JT said she was positive it was Clive that did it, so I'm guessing buddy in the Caddy, is pissed at Brock, because the fucker used his car and now it's wanted in connection to the shootings."

"Shit Lenny, I bet you're right, brother. Makes sense to me. Brock didn't want to use a car that Marlene, or even Jake recognized. He took that guy's car and did it and probably didn't tell him. I bet those guys are mob guys down there and our friend Clive is in shit with them. I wonder."

JT went back to looking at the patio and their subject of interest. Clive was definitely trying to calm down the other two men that stayed and they weren't buying whatever Clive was trying to sell them. Clive looked like he was close to begging them to accept it and then they relented and gave in to him. Clive was extremely thankful for whatever they gave him and even through the lenses, he was sweating bullets enough, to stain his shirt with it.

"What are you wondering about, JT?"

"Just something that I was thinking about, considering what I see and what that guy was pissed about. Here's my take on all of this. Let me know if I'm way off on this, but I think we might be looking for a meeting."

"With who, JT?"

"Those mob guys down there."

"Are you fucking nuts, or what? Why the hell would we want to talk to those guys for?"

"Just listen, Piney and you'll see where I'm going with this."

JT explained his thoughts on the mob guys not being happy with Clive and how it might be to their benefit, to let them know they want Clive dead and if they'd be open to the idea of them killing him. There was objection to it and acceptance of it. One side argued their point and the other argued theirs, both feeling they were right in their thinking. JT let it go on for a while, in part to see if they could work it out themselves, but mostly to see where everyone stood.

"Guys, guys, hold up. Stop already!"

The argumentative debates ended abruptly and they looked at JT.

"Both of you are right in what you're saying, but what makes me lean towards having the meeting, is what you're missing the point of. Clive fucked up right? He obviously used that guy's car without telling him, or he wouldn't have left so pissed off. The other guys were grilling our friend hard enough afterwards, that he was sweating like a pig and that I saw. Now, why do I think it's a good idea? Here's why. Marlene is still alive and she's under protective custody. If she turns evidence about Clive doing it, it's going to lead back to those guys eventually and that's why he's shitting himself right now."

Things started making more sense to those opposing, understanding now, that the mob was faced with the situation they were in, but from a different perspective. Getting rid of Clive, solved a great many problems for both sides. Knowing Marlene had information that was damaging to them, put her at risk, but knowing Clive was out of the picture completely, might keep their relationship one of mutual assurances.

The six hour drive back to Charming, had heads getting into the idea of talking to the mob and another drive east to the city of sin. JT wanted to see Marlene and talk to her about everything, so he was going to get dropped off at the Holiday Inn and see what she thought of the idea. As good as they thought it was, unless Marlene was of the same mind, it was just useless thinking. JT knew in his heart, he had a way with her and she would accept it, once he had a chance to explain it all. He kept telling himself that, every step he took, until he was ready to knock on the door. He took a deep breath after being cleared by Wayne and knocked. Suzy opened the door and was ecstatic with happiness at seeing him.

He came in and Suzy closed the door, hugging him tightly and kissing him passionately. JT was happy to feel that love for him, grounding him with someone and something. They walked into the suite, to see Azure completely naked, sitting beside Marlene, who was quite enjoying having her beside her in that condition.

"Hi JT, we were explaining free love to Marlene."

"Oh, I'm sure she's very interested in knowing all about it."

"Stop JT. Let me have a little fun, will you?"

"Sure, Go right ahead, Marlene, enjoy yourself."

Marlene gave JT a sly look, after his response.

"If I was back to my old self, I'd like to enjoy you for an hour or two."

JT went red, despite all he had been through with the others, but there was something about Marlene that always put him off balance.

"Yeah, I'm sure you would. Let's just get you better first and see what you're able to do."

Marlene cooed softly to him, hearing him say that.

"Now that's the answer I was looking for."

"What? What answer?"

"You didn't say no, you said let's see what I'm able to do first. Ooooh, sweet boy, I can do so much right now to you."

JT blushed again and Suzy laughed, hugging him tightly.

"I'd love to see what you can do to him, too, Mar."

"You would?"

"Sure. Why not? Knowing what she knows, I'd love to see what she knows how to do to you. She just made Azure cum, not more than ten minutes before you walked in the door. Never even raised her heart rate, she knew what to do, didn't she, Azure?"

"Oh yeah. God, I love the way she touches me inside. I really want Golden to meet Mar and see them together. Shit, I'd like to have both of them doing me together."

"Oh, Azure, I'd love to do that."

"Is that all you girls do all day? Sit around talking about sex and stuff?"

The girls looked at JT and couldn't help but laugh.

"Want us talking about clothes and make up instead? Cooking, that's a good subject, any of those a better thing we should be talking about?"

JT couldn't argue with Marlene, that the sex talk wasn't interesting to hear, but he was way out of his element to feel comfortable.

"No, sex is fine."

"I make you nervous, don't I, JT?"

He stood there in front of three women, one of them naked, one with her hand in his back pocket cupping his ass and the other convalescing, yet coming on to him and wanting to have sex with him.

"Yeah, you do, all of you do. I mean, yeah, free love is cool, but, c'mon, I feel like a piece of meat standing here."

"Baby, that's wonderful, you get it now."

That threw JT for a loop and had no idea what she was talking about.

"Get what?"

"You know how a woman feels now. You guys always look at us like that, like we're a slab of meat."

"Really? I do not."

"Really? Yes you do. Before you say anything else, answer me this. If you guys don't think of us like that, how come there's strip clubs for you guys to just come in and drink beer and look at naked women? We don't have any clubs like that to go to. We don't get to look at guys dancing around on a stage naked, throw a couple dollar bills at him to wiggle his stuff for me."

JT had no place to start a rebuttal and stayed quiet, knowing he couldn't argue with her statement.

"Okay, you have a point there, but you don't think I treat you like that, do you?"

"No Baby, I don't. I think you're a wonderful man and have a very loving heart. You care about me and I know it. I don't ask for much and anything I do, you've never given me a hard time about it and I'm really happy you don't. After last night, I know you love women, but you really care about making them happy. Every girl said so."

"Every girl said what about me?"

"That you're a really good lover. Spirit loves the way you kiss and Golden said she loved the way you fucked her. Azure, what did you like about doing it with JT?"

"Me, I loved how you licked and sucked my clit. Fuck JT, I think I came four times with you. I like the way you kiss too, it turned me on more, when we were fucking and I came harder."

JT blushed a deep red, hearing about his sexual prowess being talked about so openly. The girls enjoyed playing on it, but JT found nothing enjoyable about it. It was the weirdest feeling for him, to be a guy and hear women talking like guys. Equality was hard to accept sometimes, it was so foreign to the normal way of thinking.

"JT, you can't say no to me, you just can't and you know it. Look at these legs and tell me you wouldn't want to be between them and feel them wrapped around you?"

Marlene parted her robe and let it fall open enough to see her legs displayed to her upper thighs. He looked at them and knew in his heart, he'd lusted for them in his mind. Openness was the order of the day, it seemed, so divulging his desires didn't seem out of place, after such an offer.

"Yeah, I would. I always thought you were hot, since I first saw you. Since that day in the motel room, when the four of us were there, I got so horny that day. I admitted it then, I really liked watching you and Suzy kiss and wished it was me."

"Really? Liked it that much did you? You should have said something then, I'd have been more than happy to satisfy that desire. Come, sit beside me and let me show you now. Come."

JT was hesitant, but Suzy pulled him over and had him sit beside her. Marlene wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned into him. JT looked at the green-eyed lust for him and gave in. He closed his eyes and leaned into her. He felt her lips press against his and then her mouth instigated the emotion from them. He shut out the thought of Suzy and Azure looking on and concentrated on what was happening. Kissing her was something he had fantasized about, even while being with Suzy. She was that one older woman who had planted a fantasy in him, like so many younger men had happen.

For being in a weakened condition, it was hard for JT to imagine where Marlene found the strength in her passion, but it was wonderful to experience. Her tongue twined with his and stroked it softly. He couldn't help his arousal, as she started sucking on the stiff length of his tongue. Her hand sliding up his thigh, had him thinking she knew what would happen, from what she did to him. When it cupped his burgeoning growth, he was ready to let her do anything to him.

While she evoked more arousal from his mouth, he felt a pair of hands unzipping his pants and freeing his erection. He felt Marlene's hand take hold of him and what she knew about it, she began showing him. Hands tugged at his jeans and he let whoever it was, pull them down his legs and take them off. He was going to be experiencing something extremely pleasurable and he wasn't going to put up any argument, or resistance to it. When a wet tongue joined in to play along, he was sure this was a momentous occasion to remember.

Lenny was leading the guys through possibilities of what a meeting might go like. If there was going to be a meet, it had to be on neutral ground, someplace safe enough to avoid an ambush. If the mob guys carried, so did they, but they wanted all guns kept out of it, to avoid any chance of things going completely wrong. Piney was adamant about making sure they had their backs covered at all times. They had nine guys and no one was going to be left in a compromised position.

There was just as much talk, that the mob guys might be completely friendly and acceptable to it all and none of their worries were founded. No matter how much they debated and played out scenarios, they needed JT there and whatever he had learned from Marlene. If she could provide them with a way to get in contact with them, it would make it easier to set things up. Cold calling on the mob, was something everyone knew was frowned upon, an untimely death, the usual result of doing anything like that.

JT laid back on the couch, his head lolled back weakly and panting heavily. Marlene was kissing his cheek, while Suzy and Azure were wiping their mouths.

"Holy fuck! I think I came, like a gallon of cum. Wow."

"So how was it? Having an older lady do you?"

"Honestly, I can understand why Jake didn't want to give you up. Wow, you're incredible."

"Why thank you, JT, I'm glad you liked it."

"I'm not even going to ask how you know all that stuff. It was just, incredible. Then you two joining in, holy shit, that was almost too much."

"So let me ask you that question again and see if you have a different answer."

"What question is that?"

"Anything wrong with us sitting around talking about sex all day?"

JT shrugged and looked at them, not finding a single reason or excuse that he did earlier.

"Nope, I can't find a thing wrong with it. Maybe talk from morning till night and know everything there is to know about sex."

"You know Baby, that's a really cool idea. We should sit around for a whole day and talk about it. We could have a love in, out in the field and everyone gets to say what their fantasy is to try and have it happen. Everyone should have their fantasies come true."

"Oh, Suzy, I am so jealous. I would love to do that. This is as close as I'll ever get, to anything like that. Not until all this is over."


"What, JT?"

"I came here to talk to you about something and I'm supposed to be with the guys talking to them right now about it. Girls, please, can you do me a huge favour and find something to do in the hotel for an hour. I have to talk to Marlene about some private stuff, about Jake, you know, so could you do that for me?"

"Sure Baby, we can do that. Come on, Azure, let's go down and see what's happening outside. I'll roll a joint for us, while you're getting dressed."

"I'll be dressed, before you even have the paper out."

Azure picked up her strewn clothes and put them on, while Suzy had the pot out and a paper in her fingers. Azure pulled her top over her head and adjusted her large breasts into place, as Suzy licked the glued end. With a final twist and set of the glue, she slipped it in her cigarette pack and got up. They kissed Marlene warmly and then JT the same way, as they held hands and left the room. They said hello to Wayne and told him they'd be back soon and went down the elevator.

"So JT, what did you need to talk to me about, that was so important, it interrupted me making love to you."


That brought the focus between them from sex and back to a mutual passion they shared.

"What about him?"

"We were there watching the place, from the road above yours. There were three guys sitting out back on the patio and they didn't seem very happy with Clive. One guy he talked to, got up and looked really pissed off at something and took off. We saw him leave and it looked just like the car that was spotted at the motel, by the girls. At first we thought it was him that shot you, but you know it was Clive, right?"

"Oh yeah, no mistaking who shot me, JT. It was my asshole husband."

"So, any idea who drives a newer Caddy Coupe de Ville, a black one?"

"Yes. Jimmy Cacuzza. Gianni Cacuzza's son. Gianni runs things out in Vegas and Jimmy runs things on the west coast. So the asshole used Jimmy's car, instead of his own and now it's the wanted car. His ass is in the fire now."

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