tagNonHumanReese Ch. 01

Reese Ch. 01


Note: Hello all! I just wanted to say thanks to all of my beta readers-you all know who you are- for your time and effort. To those of you who are following my other stories, they are still being written and the next chapter will be out soon. Thank you all for reading!!


Reese looked out of the window at the lightening sky. There was a part of him that wanted to go outside and feel the warmth of the sunlight on his face. But he couldn't. Not if he wanted to live. That was a question that he asked himself every morning before he laid down to rest. Did he want to live? Every day the answer was the same: yes. He hadn't finished what he set out to do.

He had no real friends nor did he want any. He considered them a nuisance and a hindrance to what he wanted and needed to do. He had lost so many people in his life that he never wanted to feel that kind of pain again.

He sighed, closed the heavy drapes and lay on the queen-sized bed that was much too short for his six feet five inch frame. He looked up at the dingy ceiling willing his mind to calm. It was pointless. Every time he closed his eyes, he saw the seemingly endless number of bloated bodies lying on the street. He could even smell the decaying flesh as it waited to be collected to be tossed into the flames that never went out.

The cemeteries had been filled to capacity a long time ago. There had been no other option but to burn the bodies. He bit back an involuntary gag as the memory of burning human flesh hit him. He sat up in bed, stood up and looked at the draped window. He felt his loneliness more acutely after the memories. This was also the time when the urge to give up was also the strongest.

He closed his eyes and thought of them- the ones that he missed and the ones that couldn't save and felt his resolve strengthen. He would die he decided, but not before he took several people died first. Three of the ten were already gone. One of them he had found early in his quest. The other two had been found by sheer luck. But as time passed and technology improved; it was becoming more difficult as well as easier to locate the others. His only consolation was that he had time and faith. No matter how much technology improved, he knew that he would eventually find all of them.

He walked to the small dresser and began to pack up his things to kill time. The plan was to leave as soon as it was dusk. He didn't have much to pack, but the activity helped to clear his mind. After the small black leather satchel was packed, Reese pulled his hair back and tied it back with a pink hair comb. That it was considered a woman's color didn't concern him. It was the only thing that he had left of her. The chain around his neck was the other thing that he considered priceless. Attached to it were three items. One was a wooden carving given to him by his oldest son Mateo, one was a small pouch containing a locket of dark hair that had belonged to his middle child Timoteo and finally along with the hair in the pouch was a little bracelet made of pieces of cloth that had been a part of a nightgown that his baby daughter Anna had worn.

"Stop it Reese" he muttered. "You're not helping yourself."

But in a way, he was. It was the memory of them and others that kept him going. The sun had now fully risen and the question of whether he would go out in it had been resolved for another day. He sighed heavily and wondered how he could make the time pass more quickly. He thought about turning on the television, but decided against it. He hated the incessant chatter and what he called the irritating laughter of the hosts and audience. The news was just as bad, he didn't want to hear about the cruelty of man to man; he had witnessed it. He felt the same way about the radio. It was all just useless chatter and noise that grated on his nerves.

The only two pieces of electronic equipment that he owned was a cell phone and a laptop. He only had those because he deemed them a necessity. There was only one person who had access personal access to him through those mediums and he meant to keep it that way. This person was the only person that he trusted as much as he trusted anyone and knew what his mission was. That was also why it was taking him so long to find the other seven. The person- Dante had tried on several occasions to get him to enlist the help of at least one other person.

"You don't even have to meet them," Dante said. "It could help speed things up."

"No" Reese told him. "I don't want anyone else in on this. If something happens, I'll know that it was you. If I bring someone else into this that will complicate things and I would have to kill both of you if there is a betrayal."

Reluctantly, Dante agreed not to bring in additional help. In a way, his feelings were hurt that Reese didn't trust him completely. On the other hand, he understood that while he considered Reese a friend, the feeling wasn't mutual. He had no idea of what Reese called their relationship and in the long run, it didn't matter.


Reese and Dante had only met once and Dante had been human at the time. Reese had found him half-dead in an ally in San Francisco in a time when it was taboo to be a lover of the same sex. He had wanted to leave the young man where he was, but he couldn't bring himself to leave him there. It was due to an act of kindness that he himself was still among the living-if what he had become could be considered living.

He hefted the severely injured man on his shoulders and carried him to his hotel room. The result was that Reese ended up staying in San Francisco much longer than he had planned to. By saving the young man, he had made him his responsibility.

By the time Dante had fully recovered, he had become the closest thing to a friend that Reese had. But there had been something else. Dante had known what he was.

"Your secret is safe with me" Dante assured him.

"How did you know?" Reese asked.

"I just did," Dante replied with a shrug of his broad shoulders. "I can always tell."

"How?" Reese asked.

"I don't know-you just look different. It's a subtle difference, but I can see it and sense it."

"Are there many of my kind here?"

"No, not many; but the ones that I know of aren't good."

"Do you know their names?" Reese asked suddenly interested.

"I know one of them" Dante replied. "He's a mean sadistic bastard who likes the boys if you understand my what I mean."

"What is his name?" Reese asked his voice intense.

"Alberto, but I don't think that's his real name." Dante replied curious about Reese's sudden interest.

"What does he look like?" Reese asked his heart racing.

"Short, fat and he deems himself attractive," Dante replied. "Maybe this is none of my business, but he's dangerous. I don't know what you want with him, but I would suggest that you leave him alone."

"You are right, this isn't any of your concern," Reese said. "Where can I find him?"

"You won't get near him," Dante replied. "I on the other hand, am one of his favorites. All I would have to do is offer him a private show."

"Why would you do this?" Reese asked.

"I owe you... unless you would like to be paid in another way?" Dante asked hopefully as his eyes drifted down Reese's body.

It took Reese a moment to understand what Dante was offering. He politely declined his face a dark red.

"Well then, I guess it's giving Alberto a free show. May I ask what you have against him?"


"Alright then, I know that I owe you; but I want something from you and I'm not talking about your cock this time." Dante said.

Reese looked at the handsome, well-built young man. Never would he have guessed that the man preferred other men. Had he preferred women, he would have had strong, handsome sons.

"I know what you're thinking" Dante said. "It's why Alberto likes me. He likes strong manly looking types because it helps to keep his secret. But back to my request; I want you to turn me."

"Absolutely not" Reese replied. "You have no idea of what you're asking. This is a difficult and dangerous life and I don't want the responsibility of teaching you."

"I'm already living a difficult and dangerous life," Dante pointed out. "I would have died had you not found me. I'm a quick study and once I know what I need to know, I'll be fine. I'm not going to blackmail you into turning me, that isn't my way. As I said, your secret is safe with me. All I ask is that you think about it."

"Do you have family?" Reese asked.

"None to speak of," Dante replied. "I have a few in Italy somewhere. Look, I know that if I do this that I'll have to stay away from family and friends. As I said, that isn't an issue. If I were to disappear from the face of the earth, no one with the exception of Alberto would miss me and that wouldn't be for long. Here's another thing, Alberto has already mentioned turning me. I would rather die than spend an eternity with that slovenly bastard. I may want to turn, but not that badly."

"Why do you want this?" Reese asked.

"I love life," Dante replied. "I want to see history as it's made. There are so many things that I want to do and a human life isn't nearly long enough to do all of them. I don't know if this will help you to decide or not, but remember; I'm familiar with your kind so I'm not exactly a novice. I would only need to be taught how to feed without killing anyone."

There was a long silence before Reese answered.

"If I do this, will you swear fealty to me and no one else?" Reese asked not believing that he was actually considering it. Maybe it was the fact that Dante wasn't willing to just have anyone turn him and that he had some basic knowledge that made the difference.

"I swear that I will be loyal to you and will help you in any way that I can-if you'll let me. I already see a way in which I can help you... You're from Italy aren't you? I can hear it and the name Giovanni is as Italian as they come. If you're looking for anyone else, your name is going to put up a red flag. You need to change your name and try to fit in a little better."

That night 'Giovanni' became 'Reese'


Reese smiled at the memory. Not only had he crossed one name off of his list, he now had a partner. That night had taken place in 1862- and it was now 2013. Over the years, Dante had proven to be invaluable. His love of anything technological had been an asset. It was him that brought Reese kicking and screaming into the twenty-first century and Reese was now glad that he did. It allowed him to play his favorite board game- chess. If He were in a place where there was no internet service, Reese could contact Dante telepathically. At this point, it was a one way communication and only became two- way if Reese allowed it. Initially, before the advent of cell phones and computers; the communication had been two-way out of necessity. Now it was rare.

Reese opened the state of the art laptop, turned it on and heated a bag of blood while he waited for it to boot up. When he was turned, he had lost the ability to eat food, something that he regretted. For the most part, he fed from humans; but on occasion he would get blood from one of the blood banks for vampires that were set up across the country.

It wasn't that he couldn't afford to buy blood whenever he needed it – he could but he preferred to feel the soft warm skin of a human against him as he fed. Somehow, it was a reminder to him that he was once human. At least once a week the human would be a female. He had a lusty sexual appetite when he was human and that hadn't diminished when he was turned. By his calculations, the next time he fed it would need to be from a female.

He poured the blood into a large tumbler, sat down at the laptop and checked his email first to see if there was something from Dante. If there was nothing, he would get on his big Harley and go wherever the wind blew. If there was something about where one of the remaining seven were; he headed in that direction.

"Nothing," he muttered as he sipped at the blood.

The next place he went was to an online chess site. For a long time he played against the computer. It wasn't long before he was bored with it. Finally, after careful research, he found an online site. He didn't join immediately, but played as a guest. After doing this for a month, he set up a separate email account and joined under a fictitious name. Before playing his first game, he went to the settings area and made sure that none of his information showed- not that it really mattered, it was all fictitious. He also disabled the chat option. He only wanted to play- not to talk.

There were only four people that he played on a regular basis. He had no idea of whether they were male or female, but of the four; only one was his equal. He smiled when he saw that his opponent had played sometime during the night.

"Thank you," he murmured as he examined the chessboard. Like him, the other player took his time. Sometimes a week would pass before either of them made a move. This particular game had been going on for about a month.

Reese fingered the small wood carving and pouch that hung from the chain around his neck as he pondered what his opponent was thinking. He slowly began to relax as he became immersed in the game. With any luck, one of the other three players would make a move thus prolonging his enjoyment.

"What are you planning?" he asked the laptop.


Donatello lounged back against the headboard of his bed his eyes closed in ecstasy as the dark skinned woman between his legs sucked his cock.

"Yes darling, that's it" he said in Italian. "A little harder now and you shall get your reward."

The woman sucked harder running her tongue over and around the large bulbous head. She wanted to reach between her legs and touch herself, but she didn't dare. If she did, he would leave her unsatisfied. She moaned around his cock when she felt it swell in her wet mouth.

"Oh.... Yessssss!" Donatello bellowed. "Yank on my balls!!! Now before I come!"

The woman moaned in frustration. Yanking on his balls would stop his pending orgasm and she would have to wait for her release. Not to do as he said would have the same effect as touching herself, he would leave her to suffer with her tingling nipples and throbbing clit. She took hold of his balls and yanked until the throbbing in Donatello's cock slowed.

"Good girl" he sighed. "Remove your mouth."

Vangie almost screamed in frustration. She knew what this meant. It meant that he would wait until he was back in full control and make her start over again. He would do this as many as five times before he would give her what he called her reward. By the time that happened, she would be so ready to explode that all would take was a touch of his tongue against a nipple and a flick of a fingertip against her clit and it was over. Afterwards he would pet her on the head, lie on his back and close his eyes leaving her wanting more.

On a good morning, he would fall asleep with his arms around her, a hand on each breast and his erect cock nestled between her legs. She would wait until she couldn't feel his chest rise and fall against her back and would begin to slide back and forth on his cock until she came as many times as she could. Every so often, she felt his fingers rolling her nipples in his rest making her orgasms even more intense. She never questioned the timing but attributed it to reflex. She had learned long ago that once he was in that deep state of rest, he couldn't be woken unless he sensed danger so she could moan as loudly as she wanted.

This morning was one of those good mornings. After the fifth time of starting over, Donatello grabbed the back of her head and rammed his swollen member into her throat. He stopped when her nose was in his hairless pubis. She moaned when she felt his hands run through her shoulder length hair and gently pull it.

"Swallow my love" he crooned in a strained voice. "Work those throat muscles.... Yessssss!! Use that tongue... here it comes! My gift to you! Do not waste it!"

Seconds later, Vangie was rewarded with Donatello's sweet, slightly salty come coating her tongue and throat. The sounds of his moans filled her ears making her clit ached to be touched. She tried to 'will' herself into orgasm, but it just wouldn't happen, she tottered just on the edge of release. When Donatello was finished, he slowly pulled his still erect cock out of her mouth.

"I do believe that I could come again."

Donatello watched the expression on Vangie's face and inwardly laughed. The truth was that he could do it again and again and again, but she had done well. He knew that she thought that he wasn't aware that she rode his cock when she thought he was resting, but that was part of her reward and besides, he enjoyed hearing her moans when he rolled her nipples as she came. In the evening when they woke, he never made a comment about the amount of dried semen between her legs. He took it as a compliment that he could do that to her. He always entered her upon rising not caring about the dried come. By the time they were finished, her nipples would be swollen and sore, her thighs would be a sticky mess and his cock would be still hard.

"Come my love, rest in my arms. I'm too tired for more."

He hid his grin when he saw the light in her brown eyes and decided to make her wait a little longer than usual. When she hesitated, he knew what she was waiting for. He decided to give her an extra treat. Instead of just touching her nipple with his tongue, he took the entire dark, turgid tip into his mouth and suckled it while inserting three long fingers into her pussy. He worked his thumb across her clit. His cock hardened even more when he heard her scream his name.

He hesitated for just a second. In all of their time together she had never done that. In fact, she rarely addressed him by name although he had given her permission to do so. He nipped her nipple drawing blood as he massaged her clit until she came a second time. He wanted to hear her scream his name again. When it didn't happen, he hid his disappointment.

He took her into his arms and snuggled her close-her back to his chest and inhaled the smell of the floral scented shampoo that she used. He took care to place his cock where she would obtain the maximum enjoyment from rubbing her clit back and forth along the length of it.

As he waited for what he considered to be the appropriate amount of time, Donatello Salvatore realized something. He loved the woman that he held in his arms. He believed that to some degree that she loved him too, but didn't think that it was something that she would ever admit to. Not only that, there was something that held him back from acknowledging what he felt for her. He slowed his breathing until it was nonexistent and closed his eyes in pleasure when he felt her begin to move on his cock.


After Vangie was sated, she lay awake tired; but not sleepy. She snuggled back into Donatello's arms and tried to sleep. She didn't entirely understand their relationship as it was. When he found her, she had been a runaway slave. He could have turned her over to her owner, but he didn't. Instead he hid her and took her away to Canada and then to France where she could live as a free woman. At that time she didn't know what he was except that he was her savior. To his credit, he hadn't asked for payment of any kind. Sharing his bed had been her idea. As far as she was concerned she was repaying him in the only way that she could.

"You don't have to do this" he told her. "I rescued you because I find the institution of slavery morally and religiously wrong unless both parties agree. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think that you agreed to be enslaved."

But she had insisted. The truth was that she had felt drawn to him in a way that she hadn't felt drawn to anyone else and that included Titus, the slave that she was going to marry. Even though she insisted, Donatello hadn't given in easily. He had particular appetites and given what Vangie had been rescued from, he didn't think that it was a good idea to expose her to them. He didn't deny that he was drawn to her; but still...

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