Cindy cursed her luck. It wasn't surprising that Jake happened to be at the truck stop again that night; a lot of truckers had regular routes. But while livery services had territories it was truly the cruelest of coincidences to encounter the loathsome limo driver as well.

The limo driver looked Cindy up and down like a slab of beef. "Not bad. Nice tits. You're younger than most of them. You got jizz all over you and you stink like an old rubber but for what I'm paying I can't be too picky. Get in back," he said, opening the rear door of the limo.

"No," Cindy said. "Not you. I'm not doing it with you."

"What, you think you're too good for me, lot lizard? I paid for your skanky ass, now spread 'em!"

The driver tried to shove her into the limo but Cindy, horrified at the thought of the pimply pig fucking her, resisted. Her resistance ended when a spotlight hit her and the frowning Deputy Duffy let his cruiser drift to a stop.

Anxious to escape being fucked for 90 days on the prison farm Cindy got in back. She knew the limo well, and remembering where the stain had been from the hooker who the driver had fucked a few days ago she quickly climbed into position.

He didn't wait for her to get comfortable before he fell on top of her. "You think you're too good for me, bitch?" he said grabbing her by her frizzy hair. Cindy felt grateful for the jizz and lubrication leaking out of her twat as he roughly entered her. "You're just like those lawyer bitches I have to drive around, with their noses in the air, thinking their shit don't stink. I wish I was fucking one of them right now. I'd bet they'd squirm real good when I was giving them their poke, just like your doing now. Yeah, that's it, wiggle your ass, whore. Yeah, I'd like to fuck a pretty lady lawyer, instead of having a lady lawyer and a lady judge fuck me, like they did in my divorce, but I'm going to fuck you instead."

The old men took time. The limo driver gave it to her hard and fast and Cindy's ass slid around on the leather seat as he pounded her. "Wrap your legs around me tight, you dirty ho. I give those lawyer bitches a ride, now it's your turn to give me a ride. That's right, you wrap your legs around me real tight, and tell me that you love me."

Cindy, glaring up at him, remained silent.

"SAY IT!" the limo driver demanded. Cindy couldn't believe that even now her pussy was getting hotter, second by degrading second.

"I love you!" she said, turning her face from him to hide her tears. "I love you so much. I'm so lucky to have you inside me, darling. Yes, fuck me good. I love you! You're so good to me. Fuck me hard!"

Cindy turned back to face him. It was his smile...his victorious, shit-eating grin, that got to her, pushing her over the edge into a mind numbing orgasm. "That's it!" he shouted. "Make that pussy twitch. Squeeze my cock, whore. Milk me! Make me cum!"

Cindy squeezed harder, wiggling her ass as she screamed that she loved him. She had no choice. She was his whore, he was the customer and he was in charge. For the first time in a long time the piggy limo driver found someone lower and more powerless than he was and he took full advantage of the moment.

Cindy got out of the limo, not even noticing the gigantic wet spot and splashes of jizz from her pussy and ass she left splattered on the black leather seat.

The limo driver did not give her a tip. Ever conscious of Billy Ray's belt and the threat of Deputy Duffy, Cindy returned quickly to the lineup, shaking her boobs and ass as she strutted past the parked trucks, trolling for customers.

She turned as she sensed someone watching her from the diner. Cindy saw a well-dressed young woman in a Gucci suit standing by the diner door, peering at her through the darkness. Cindy was overcome with a strange sense of déjà vu as the elegant young woman stared at her, until at last the realization came.

The moment was electric...

Cindy was staring at herself. Cynthia, the corporate attorney, was looking at Cindy, the truck stop whore.

Cindy's mind swirled as she suddenly realized why she had been so fascinated with the prostitute in the pink tube top she had seen that first night in the diner. All this time she had been looking at herself.

Cindy was the hooker who Jake had bragged about fucking while Cynthia sipped her coffee in the diner.

Cindy was the disgusting pig slut who had left the enormous stain on Michelle's dress.

Cindy and Cynthia stared at each other, each looking at their own reflection in each other's eyes.

Cindy's the truck stop whore's view of Cynthia the corporate tax attorney was blocked as Deputy Duffy's police prowler slowly rolled between them and stopped. Cindy watched as inside the car Deputy Duffy tipped his hat and politely asked Cynthia if the lot lizard was bothering her.

Suddenly Cindy was no longer in the parking lot.

Looking very smart and business like, Cynthia checked her carefully coiffed hair in the reflection of the mirror of the costume changing room. No longer stinking of cum, Cynthia was clean and immaculate. Cynthia checked her phone for messages and discovered she had only been in the changing room for a few moments.

Cynthia took the nun's costume to the register where the old crone of a storekeeper was putting away her broom and giving a saucer of milk to her black cat.

"Did you enjoy the costume dear?" the old woman said, a knowing twinkle in her eye.

"Oh, yes, it was a perfect fit," Cynthia replied.

Cynthia turned back to face the long line of sexy female costumes lining the back wall. "One question: do you have a Princess Leia Slave Girl outfit?"



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Haha I like this so much! And it's a fantasy at the end, which makes it that much more fun. I love how she's crawling beneath trucks for coins, and all the other degradation. Great stuff!

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