This story deals with themes of reluctance and coercion against a background of female dominance. If you think you might be offended please try a different story.

Chapter One

Just half an hour earlier I had been sitting in the cabinet room briefing the Prime Minister and later that same day I was going to give a televised press conference trailing the most significant changes to the country's defence spending in modern times.

I was very much the man of the moment but here I was in the spartan outer office of a psychosexual counsellor feeling more like a man in a dirty mac. It was less than two weeks ago that my life started to unravel and my heart sank when I recalled the fateful day.

Roland had been a lifelong friend of mine and so when he phoned and asked if I could arrange a summer internship for his daughter I did not think twice. Chloe lived in America with her mother where she attended an Ivy League college and I had not seen her for some years following the acrimonious divorce.

When she breezed into the office that first day she immediately stood out from the other young women. With her long blonde hair, natural tan, and beach perfect body it was as if she had brought the Californian sunshine in with her.

She was just nineteen but she exuded self-confidence and for the first day or two it was a struggle to stop casual male visitors turning up on the flimsiest of pretexts. I had to resort to having my office manger ask her to dress just a little more soberly as the sun dresses that she favoured were driving up temperatures all round.

Beauty was not her only asset. She was incredibly bright and soon moved on from routine office tasks to some fairly demanding research work.

One evening I was thinking about an early night when I noticed, unusually, that I was not the last to leave. Sitting at her seconded desk Chloe was busy perusing her screen which was displaying a document with the familiar blue MOD masthead.

I smiled at her keenness but when I looked up again a moment or two later it was to see something altogether different. I was a fair way off, and a glass partition divided us, but it was obvious that she was now watching something pornographic.

I was shocked on two counts. First, that she was interested in such things and second that she had somehow circumvented the strict computer filters. For a moment I remained frozen, unsure what to do, but then I convinced myself that I had misinterpreted what I had seen. This impression was reinforced when Chloe closed down her screen and cheerily turned to wave goodbye before leaving the office.

The next day I was due to leave at five to attend a constituency meeting but found myself staying on at the office. One by one my staff began to leave until, once again, only Chloe remained. She seemed immersed in an elaborate spreadsheet but then a flickering in the corner of my eye confirmed that she was watching something more animated.

Her back was to me and so as quietly as I could I approached the open door to my office. Standing in the doorway I was left in no doubt. On her screen some impossibly endowed Adonis was servicing a pneumatic blonde with the vigour of an Olympic athlete. There was no sound emanating from her computer but then I realized that she was using an earpiece.

I returned to my desk completely at a loss as to how to handle the situation and was only brought back to reality when Chloe got up to leave.

I knew that, at the very least, I should have taken her to task and should certainly have reported the breach of computer protocols but, for reasons I could not explain to myself, I did nothing.

Fortunately, I was called upon to attend meetings for the whole of the following day but when the last of them finished I returned to the office when it would have been far easier just to have my driver take me straight home.

I normally take the lift but, on this occasion, I walked up the three flights of stairs and I am not sure if I was relieved or disappointed when I found the office in darkness. I decided that, having made the journey, I would take a look at my e-mails but then I saw a light in my own room.

Without thinking I slowed my pace and stole up to the partition. My computer was on displaying two naked women locked in a passionate embrace.

My immediate instinct was to walk back the way I had come and to enter more conventionally allowing Chloe a chance to cover her tracks, as I was certain who was responsible, but, instead, I edged forward silently.

When I saw her my heart skipped. She was again wearing an earpiece but she was slumped in my commodious office chair with one hand lost in the folds of the blouse and the other beneath the waistband of her skirt.

Her face was flushed and she was breathing heavily. The rhythmic movement of her arm dispelled any last doubts about what she was doing and within seconds I was fiercely erect.

After two years of marriage I still enjoyed a very healthy love life and I had had no need to resort to my own devices but the image of this young girl pleasuring herself with such carefree abandon was irresistible.

Burying any vestiges of guilt I slowly unzipped my trousers and took out my handkerchief as I stood there like a thief in the night.

It took a few moments before she reached an almost subdued climax but by that stage I was already cleaning myself as best I could. I began to creep away and I was almost at the door when I stumbled over a carelessly placed waste paper bin.

I cursed but, thinking fast, I got to my feet and made it appear that I had just arrived. I walked boldly back towards my room as Chloe appeared in the doorway. To her credit she looked composed but she could not have closed down the computer that quickly.

She smiled as I expressed surprise that she was still working and she did nothing to bar my entrance. To my surprise the computer was off but only later did I notice that she had had the presence of mind simply to pull out the power cord.

Looking at her I should have been angry but all I felt was a nagging sense of shame which developed into total embarrassment as she began to laugh.

"Oh shit, you were watching!"

As she said it her eyes were fixed on the crotch of my trousers where it was plain that I had dismally failed in my attempt to clean myself up in the dark.

I desperately tried to dissemble.

"I had an accident...with a cup of coffee..."

"A creamy one by the look of it. Look, you don't have to lie, I guess I should be flattered.

I suppose I felt annoyed at getting caught out and I adopted a different tack.

"Chloe, there are serious penalties in this office for anyone caught using the internet to access inappropriate material."

She just laughed contemptuously.

"For a government office the security stinks. All the USB ports on these PC's are supposed to be disabled but its child's play to reactivate them. I don't use the internet. I carry my stash with me."

She showed me the flash drive that she had secreted in the palm of her hand and I could not believe that she was being so brazen. I was also very concerned that she had exposed a very fundamental flaw in our systems. Even as I was digesting this she spoke again.

"Look, I apologise, I know what I did was wrong. The fact is that I am staying in London with a couple of girl friends and I'm having to share a bedroom. I don't get much privacy if you get my drift."

I decided to cut things short and save any dignity that was left to me.

"Chloe, get along home. We don't need to say any more about this."

That evening I had to make an excuse when my wife suggested an early night but then, perversely, I awoke in the early hours with a painfully stiff erection having had a dream in which Chloe featured prominently.

The next day at the office was even worse. Sitting in my own chair knowing what had taken place there only hours before left me in an almost constant state of arousal. Clearly my chair was more comfortable than hers and it also helped that I had the privilege of a much larger screen.

As the day came to a close I kept looking up in the hope that Chloe had left but, as the others drifted away one by one, she seemed glued to her desk. It did not help that she had slipped back into bad habits. She was wearing a daring, low cut, sun dress which showed off her tanned legs to devastating effect.

When it was just the two of us left I decided that the sensible thing to do was to simply tell her to call it a day and to get herself home. Having reached this decision I wandered out to her desk but, as I approached, she turned towards me in her chair.

I tried to hold her eye but I could not help but take in the natural beauty of her teenaged body. She smiled in understanding and, almost casually, lifted the hem of her dress just a little.

"I was thinking about you last night. I hoped that you'd be back for another show."

The words caught in my throat as I tried to tell her that it was the last thing on my mind as deep inside my sub-conscious was revealing the truth.

She lifted her dress even higher and I was stunned to see that she was not wearing panties. I wondered, distantly, if she had spent the day like that but, for now, my eyes were riveted on her sex.

She was perfectly depilated revealing a tight clamshell that was in stark contrast to what I was used to. Contrary to what the tabloids liked to infer I had been faithful in each of my three relationships and I only truly discovered the joys of sex when I finally fell in love with Katherine.

The thought of my wife made me flush with guilt but Chloe was already teasing her sex with a single finger.

"Take it out and show me..."

Her eyes flitted to my trousers which were tented by a greedy erection and I was like an automaton as I unzipped and let it spring free.

"Don't touch it....just watch."

The situation was surreal enough already but as I stood there with my hands by my sides it verged on the bizarre.

For a few moments she did nothing more than languidly trace out the centre line of her sex with her fingertip but then, with a loud sigh, she began a deeper incursion.

"God, you don't know how hot it makes me having you watch."

Her sex opened beneath her touch and the moist pink interior formed a thrilling contrast with her honeyed tan. The urge to take myself in hand was almost overwhelming but I was wary of her admonition and I did not want to break the spell.

I groaned as her finger penetrated further with an audible suck of moisture which seemed to amuse her greatly. She withdrew it and held her hand in front of her so that it glistened beneath the lights.

"Look what you've done to me."

She reapplied herself rubbing a little less gently and my nostrils twitched as the scent of her arousal reached me.

"Is that nice...?"

In my mind I was already debating where to have her. On the desk? On the floor? I could not hold back for much longer. She used two fingers to part her labia whilst a third sought out the discrete bud of her clitoris but, at the same time her free hand was flitting over her keyboard. She cast a quick look at the monitor and then turned it towards me.

On screen a young girl, very similar to Chloe in looks, was perched naked on a desk whilst a man, still fully dressed, licked dutifully between her legs.

As I looked back at Chloe she was already rising from her seat and reaching for the fastenings of her dress. She stood and allowed it to slip from her body permitting me a first glimpse of her beautifully unfettered breasts.

She was modestly endowed but her nipples were neat pink roundels which stood proudly engorged. As I continued to stare she pinched them gently and I felt my tongue move in my mouth.

She indulged me for a moment but then she boosted herself onto the desk and sat with her legs wantonly parted.

"I want you to eat me..."

Under normal circumstances it was not an activity that I could claim to enjoy. I performed from time to time because it was otherwise selfish to expect my wife to go down on me but the present situation had me inflamed.

As I knelt before her I reasoned that she could return the favour and, in so doing, I would only be unfaithful in the Clinton sense.

Close to, I could feel the heat of her thighs and her heady scent increased my madness. I sealed my mouth to her sex and licked broadly taking in that first intimate taste.

She giggled at my clumsiness but then put her hand on the top of my head.

"Slow down...make it nice."

It took an effort to control myself but I did as she asked. I eased back and began to lick along the fringes of her now exposed labia whilst my erection continued to throb unabated.

Over the next few minutes she said very little, some occasional guidance and the odd word of praise when I did something she liked. The problem was that my tongue was tiring and she showed no obvious signs of an approaching climax.

I shifted on my knees to try and make myself a little more comfortable and to ease the strain on my neck and it was then that I noticed that she had fixed her attention on the computer screen.

I immediately felt aggrieved, being treated as little more than a masturbatory adjunct, but, perversely, my reaction was to try even harder. I pressed my tongue deep inside her and was surprised at just how wet she had become. I had to swallow frequently to keep my mouth clear as I thrust against the squeeze of her tight muscles.

"You are eager!"

I began to suspect that she had planned this moment and had probably been aroused for most of the day in anticipation. Her scent was stronger now as she finally guided me to her clitoris.

I was anxious for it to end not only for the sake of my own relief but for the opportunity to change my clothes. I was still in my suit and my shirt, probably beyond redemption, was plastered to my skin

"Hold yourself..."

I acted without thought; as my tongue lashed at her swollen bud I took myself in hand. I heard her last words before she enclosed me with her thighs twining her ankles to keep me pressed close.

"Come with me,,,"

I could feel her beginning to tense and the pressure of her legs against the side of my head was almost painful but I licked valiantly whilst my hand began to move ever faster. Somewhere, a long way off, she began to cry out and the wetness of her sex threatened to choke me but I was beyond the point of no return. With a breathless gasp I felt myself starting to come, a body wrenching orgasm that seemed to have no end.

When she finally released me it took me a while to fully regain my senses by which time she had got herself dressed. She kissed her fingertips and touched them to my lips.

"See you in the morning."

Chapter Two

As it happened I was due in Brussels the next day. I was booked in for a three day conference and, whilst it was an event I would have gladly avoided if possible, I now saw it as an opportunity to set myself straight.

Whilst there I seriously contemplated asking Chloe to leave but I had no idea how I would explain it to her father. Fortunately, when I returned, she acted the consummate professional as if nothing had happened between us.

The problem was that I found myself constantly taking surreptitious glances in her direction and, in so doing, I found myself in a semi-permanent state of arousal. Things became so bad that I had to go to the toilet to gain some relief and to keep a grip on my sanity.

She no longer stayed late and I could not shake a strange feeling that I had been used in some way. The whole affair was putting a strain on things at home too. Katherine noted that I was not as responsive to her needs as usual and I told her that I was stressed at work which was not too far from the truth.

Some days later I had a meeting scheduled with Chloe to discuss progress on the report that she was working on. I thought about booking a conference room but it would have seemed odd to the others and so it went ahead in my room in the normal way.

She was wearing a simple two piece business suit but I had to mentally shake my head clear as I called to mind the youthful perfection that lay beneath. Fortunately, her report exceeded my expectations and raised some very interesting points that I had not immediately considered. For a short while I was able to able to relate to her as the academic that she was.

By the time we had finished it had gotten late and I only then noticed that we were the last two left in the office. Chloe saw me taking this in and smiled at me.

"I kind of assumed that you were stringing things out..."

I immediately became flustered.

"Chloe, that was never my intention."

She laughed.

"You mean you don't want to fuck me?"

"No!...Well, yes, of course I do. No man in his right mind would turn you down."

She reached out and touched the tip of my noise.

"You are so sweet..."

The klaxon in my head was telling me to stand up and put her straight but she was first to her feet.

"Wait a moment."

She walked into the outer office and retrieved her handbag from beneath her desk. She found what she was looking for and returned. Without asking my permission her fingers flashed across my keyboard and when the terminal beebed she showed me the flash drive in her hand.

She winked as she slotted it home and the screen quickly filled with pornographic picture icons.

"Now which one should we have..?"

She deliberated for a second or two and then clicked the mouse.

The scene showed a naked man incongruously secured in a pillory in the middle of a very expensive looking loft apartment. With a clack of heels a blonde, dressed head to foot in form fitting leather, moved into view.

My first thought was that she was the same girl that I had watched being serviced on the desk but then my eyes fell to the menacing looking whip in her hand.


The whispered expletive passed my lips before I could stop myself and Chloe laughed.

"Not your thing? I bet it is...."

I feared that I was losing control of the situation but there was a sense of danger about her that thrilled me to the core. I stood there mutely as she pulled me to my feet and slowly proceeded to undress me. I finished up standing in the middle of my own office, completely naked, sporting a prize winning erection.

As I watched Chloe raised her skirt beneath which she was wearing black panties and stay-up stockings. She slid the panties down her legs and stepped out of them.

"You're married, and I have a regular boyfriend back at home, but there's nothing to stop us doing the other thing."

With that, she settled into my seat and opened her legs leaving me in no doubt as to what "the other thing" was. Some part of me wanted to assert itself, to pull her from the chair and take her place before making her sit astride me but I was not that man.

Instead, I went meekly to my knees and applied myself to her sopping sex. This time she issued no instructions. She assumed, correctly, that I would do the things she liked and she simply pulled her skirt down over my head to lock me in and keep me focused on that one single task.

It took some time before she came to the boil. At some point she increased the volume on my terminal and I could hear the regular crack of the whip punctuated by howls of anguish and the sounds of cruel laughter.

The imagery served to stir Chloe as her sex began to melt. In the closed darkness I worked towards her clitoris and, without being told, I began to rub myself. I understood, somehow, that she was not going to reciprocate, and there was some hurt in this, but I was beyond rational thought.

I held back until we came together, her loudly exalting and me groaning deep into her sex as I drained myself totally. When it was over she was as perfunctory as before. She recovered her underwear, said goodbye, and left me to clean up any embarrassing evidence from the furniture and carpet.

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