tagRomanceRekindling Old Flames

Rekindling Old Flames


All characters engaged in any sexual activities are over the age of eighteen.


Allie looked across the table at her husband as he ate his pork chops. She smiled at the thought of twenty years she had been looking across tables at him. More, if she counted the dating period.

Brett stopped in mid bite conscious of the stare of his wife. He looked down at his clean shirt. The chops were fairly dry, just the way he liked them, so he doubted he had any grease on his chin.


Allie just shook her head and smiled, "I'm sorry honey, I didn't mean to stare."

Brett wasn't convinced, "For not meaning to stare, you were certainly doing a lot of staring."

Allie chuckled, "I realized that for pretty much without exception, your face has been what I've been staring at across dinner tables for twenty years now."

Brett processed the thought, "And that's a bad thing?"

Allie smiled a broad smile, "Oh, believe me, it's a very, very good thing."

Brett smiled, "Well, I don't know about you but I'm looking forward to at least another twenty more."

Allie laughed, "Oh, me too."

Brett smiled as he sliced another piece of the pork chop, spearing it and putting it into his mouth.

Allie continued to gaze fondly at her husband as she reminisced about the past.

Brett stopped eating again, "Are you sure there is nothing on my face?"

Allie grinned, "You do realize our son has flown the coop."

Brett looked at his wife again, "Yeah, I've noticed the empty chair here at the table and how the house is a lot quieter now that you mention it."

Allie continued to grin. Briefly, Brett lost sight of the grin as Allie pulled her blouse up and over her head. She tossed it in the chair next to her and reached around her back to unhook her bra, which also was tossed in the chair.

"There, just like dinner time before we had Seth. It's summer time loving baby just like the good old days. Remember how we would stay naked in the house all the time?"

Brett gazed fondly at his wife's bare breasts. They definitely weren't the same breasts from before their son was born, but they were still attention grabbers as the stirring in his crotch attested.

"I think it is high time we jump started our sex life," Allie told her husband. "We used to go at it like bunnies all the time."

Brett laughed, "I'm not sure how long or far this old bunny can hop, but who am I to deny the wishes of a topless woman."

Both were fully aware that they ate dinner a little quicker than normal.

Brett surprised Allie by offering to help with the dishes, especially if she was to remain topless.

Once the dishes were all dried and put away the couple looked around the kitchen to make sure all was complete. Brett snapped the towel swatting his wife's denim encased bottom. Allie giggled and took off for the bedroom at a sprint.

Brett hung the towel and sauntered off after his wife feeling very much like Pepe LePew from the old Looney Tunes cartoons.


Brett entered his home to a surprising silence. Usually his wife had music or the television on but not now. He turned and looked again at her car in the driveway next to his. He walked through the living room, then the kitchen. Nothing. It was a gorgeous summer day, maybe she went for a walk.

He walked down the short hallway to find their bedroom door closed.

He opened the door and his jaw dropped.

Allie was nude, kneeling in the center of the bed. Both dressers had numerous lit candles adding a pleasant smoky atmosphere to the room. As Brett walked in pulling his tie off, Allie shifted a little forward in the bed.

Brett smiled, "Well, this is a very pleasant surprise."

Allie smiled back at her husband, "I have an even better surprise, sweetheart."

Brett looked at her with a cocked eyebrow as he pulled his shirt off which was quickly followed by his slacks and underwear.

Nude, he walked toward the bed.

Allie reached behind her and turned presenting a small black bag which she handed to her grinning husband.

If he couldn't guess the source, the large pink script declaring "Dreamlands" was scrawled across the front.

"Somebody paid a visit to the local adult store I see."

Allie just grinned in response.

Brett pulled out the blister card encasing a pair of steel handcuffs and a set of keys.

He could feel as Allie saw the response in his groin at the sight of the cuffs.

"Oh, somebody likes the idea of restraining his wife I see."

Allie quickly scooted around so her back was facing her husband. She clasped her hands together at the base of her spine.

Brett grabbed the top of the plastic and yanked.

He tugged again. He contemplated using his teeth.

Allie turned her head, "I thought you might need some help."

She nodded toward her dresser, "The scissors are right there."

Brett quickly dashed over and hacked the offending plastic apart.

He placed the keys on the dresser and walked back over to Allie with the cuffs.

He grabbed her wrist and snapped the cuff shut around it. He held the other wrist and cuffed that shut as well.

He watched as Allie shook her hands, raised her arms a bit and spread her elbows. The cuffs stayed secure.

She twisted back toward her husband with a gleam in her eye, "Well, Sir. I seem to be completely helpless and at your mercy."

Brett responded with a growl.

He had never felt such a heaviness in his groin. He swore all the blood in his body had all rushed into his cock.

As it waggled in the air between them Brett reached out to grab his wife. He needed her mouth on him now.

Allie stared at her husband's thick cock between his legs. She had never seen him so big. She pushed forward as Brett grabbed her shoulders. Between her move forward and his push downward Allie lost her balance.

She pinwheeled her shoulders but her arms were secured behind her giving her no support at all. She crashed towards Brett as he leaned forward. The top of Allie's head cracked into Brett's face surprising him and throwing him back.

Allie toppled to the floor at Brett's feet. She was able to shift so her shoulder took the impact into the plush carpet. She had never been so grateful for the thick carpet as she was at that moment.

"Allie, are you okay?"

"I'm fine"

The two burst out into laughter.

Allie wiggled over onto her side and turned to face her husband.

And gasped.

"Brett! Your poor face!"

Brett brought his hand up to touch his nose only to jerk away at the sharp pain. He stared at the blood in his palm.

He looked back at his shocked wife.

"I think I broke my nose," he exclaimed.

After he retrieved the keys and unlocked the handcuffs so Allie could drive him to the hospital, he found out that he had indeed broken his nose, leaving him with a swollen, puffy face and two black eyes.

As they were driving home, Allie kept telling him how sorry she was.

Brett chuckled, "Sweetheart, it's okay. But I do need your help. Thank God you have a clever brain."

Allie looked at her husband with his face covered in bandages with two deep purple spots on either side where his eyes were.

"You have to come up with some explanation how I did this to appease all my co-workers."

"I don't suppose the truth would be the best policy?"

"Oh, hell no. I'll never live it down."


Allie couldn't help but take extra special care of her husband as his face recovered. She spoiled him rotten.

She was impressed with the good spirit he had about it and how playful he was.

Soon enough the bandages were off and things were back to normal.

"Alllllllllie," came Brett's voice from the bedroom.

Allie put her tablet down and wandered down the hall to their bedroom. She found her husband, nude on the bed, a pair of handcuffs twirling from one of his fingers.

"Ooohh, not ready to give up on restraining me, huh?"

Brett smirked and pulled out a second set of cuffs.

Allie looked at him and waited.

"I figured if I cuffed your ankles and wrists and laid you on the bed flat you wouldn't be able to clock me one."

Allie giggled, "Well, I guess you really, really want me all helpless so you can have your dastardly way with me."

Allie quickly threw all her clothes off and hopped on the bed.

"Give me your hands out front. That way you'll have better balance."

Allie smiled, "Good idea."

She held her clasped hands out in front of her and watched as her husband locked the cuffs around her wrists. She laid back and stuck her feet up.

Brett locked the other set of cuffs around her ankles.

Allie rolled around the bed ending up with her head near the edge of the bed and her husband.

Brett groaned and fed Allie his stiff cock.

Allie moaned and sunk her mouth as far down his flesh as she could manage, her mobility was still limited, but it excited her no end. She lost herself to the moment.

Brett pulled out then reached over and rolled Allie over.

She shimmied her body so her back was flat on the bed, her head hung down off the edge.

Brett again sank himself in her mouth. In this position, he was able to go much deeper than ever before causing him to stiffen even more, filling her mouth.

This felt amazing.

Brett looked down at his wife's gorgeous breasts in front of him.

As Allie continued to suck him, he reached under the pillows and pulled out a pair of nipple clamps. Allie wasn't the only one who shopped at Dreamlands.

He grabbed her nipple and pinched it hard, eliciting a moan from her filled mouth.

He brought the clamp down and shut the alligator clamp on her hard nipple.

Allie screamed in pain and bit down hard in reflex.

It was Brett's turn to scream as he pulled back scraping his flesh on her teeth as he pulled out.

Allie stared down at the nipple clamp on her nipple then at Brett hunched over clutching his aching cock.

Brett was sure he had tooth marks if not blood ringing his cock, but was too afraid to look.

Allie gasped, "Brett! I'm so, so sorry."

She swung around but was too close to the edge of the bed and lost her balance plummeting off the bed to the floor.

She landed on her shoulder as her cuffed feet swung out and both feet slammed into Brett's groin scoring a bull's eye.

The force of the blow threw Brett forward and into the lamp on the end table, crashing both of them to the floor beside the table.

"Brett! Brett!"

Allie squirmed around like a fish hooked by one end of a clamp on her nipple as the other end swung free swatting her as she tried to get to her knees.

Brett moaned, "Can you get the keys from the table. I think my head and cock are bleeding."

It was another long night at the emergency room, and an even longer time to come up with a plausible excuse.


Weeks later, Allie was relaxing on her couch with the latest Kristin Painter romance when Brett came up to her swinging a handcuff around his finger again.

Allie gasped, "You really do like living dangerously, don't you? What? You like the racoon look so much you want to chance getting it back?"

Brett grinned, "Oh no. The plan is to restrain you in such a way that you can't hit me."

Allie raised her eyebrow, "Ooooo, I like the sound of that."

Allie put her tablet on the end table and followed her husband into the bedroom.

She took in the sight of all the candles on the dressers and side tables giving a soft glow to the room and a smoky aromatic atmosphere. On the side table were containers of strawberries and melted chocolate, a bucket of ice as well as several bottles of oils.

"Strip and get on that bed," Brett growled.

Allie quickly complied and watched as her husband took her left hand and locked a cuff around it. She leaned her head back to watch as he pulled her arm toward the grill of the headboard. She smiled as she saw him thread the other cuff around a post of the board before locking it around her other wrist.

She gave a test yank and found she was not going anywhere.

She smiled at Brett.

Her smile grew wider as he brought a blindfold up to her head.

In the darkness, she relaxed and waited for what Brett would do next with hungry anticipation, remembering all that was on the table within his easy reach.

She cooed at the feel of warm oil poured out on her legs. She luxuriated at the feel of Brett rubbing the oil deeply into her calves and thighs.

She wanted his hands between her legs so badly. She ached with the need.

It felt like such a loss when his hands went away from her legs without having gone higher where she needed him. She hoped her aching core between her legs would be the next part to get treatment.

It didn't take long, but it still came as quite a shock.

Something dropped on her right nipple searing her in hot pain.

Hot candle wax Allie realized as her body jerked from the surprise pain. Her arms yanked forward hard.

There was a sudden loud crack.

Allie's arms suddenly felt weightless as they flung forward.

She had the sense of hitting something hard.

"Shit," Brett yelled.

Allie felt Brett's weight leave the bed as it shook, and she heard him hit the floor followed by more crashing.

Allie reached her hands up towards her face to remove the blindfold. It was difficult as she was still handcuffed and something was dragging on her hands.

She got the blindfold off to see her handcuffed hands with a piece of broken railing caught between them. She swiveled to see the gap in the railing, the two sharp stubs jutting out in the gap.

Allie turned her head and leaned over to see her husband sprawled face down crumpled on the floor with a leg draped over the fallen end table that he had kicked over, spilling everything from the top all around him.

Allie used her hands to get the railing out from the link to the cuffs as she slid off the bed to kneel next to Brett.

She gave a sigh of relief as she heard him moan and turn toward her.

She gasped at the sight of the bright red gash across his forehead and nose. His right eye was swollen shut.

"Oh, you poor baby," Allie cried as she reached for him.

A slight smile broke across Brett's damaged face, "So much for that idea. Help me find the keys to the handcuffs. I left them on this table. From the look on your face, I take it we'll be heading back to the emergency room again."

Among the spilled bottles, strawberries, ice, and smoldering candles all smothered in chocolate and oil, they found the keys.

After she was uncuffed, Allie quickly got dressed and drove her husband to the emergency room.


Several stitches and pain killers later, the couple were back on the road nearing their home when they saw a multitude of flashing red and blue lights ahead of them.

Allie gasped, "I think they are at our house!"

As Allie drove closer she was stopped by a policeman in a yellow slicker waving a lit light baton.

Allie rolled her window down, "Officer, that is my house."

The policeman confirmed their address and spoke into his walkie talkie then signaled Allie to pull over and park.

Policemen met them as they got out of their car and led them to the blackened wreck of their house still smoldering like the candles in their bedroom before they had left.

Brett smacked himself in the forehead then yelped in pain.

Allie looked at him questioning.

"I'm so sorry, Allie. The dresser I kicked over, the candles, the oils. Baby, essential oils are highly flammable. I might as well have poured gasoline all over the place."

The detective looked at Brett with alarm, "You mean you set this fire on purpose?"

Brett jerked back, "What? No! I said that I might as well have, not that I did."

"You better explain this to me now," responded the stern officer as he pulled out a notepad.

Allie shook her head and with a very red face explained the whole thing to the detective who really had thought he had heard it all until this.

The policeman asked them several more questions to assuage his suspicions and then had a car drive them to the local motel that fire victims could stay in until back on their feet.


Brett came out of the hotel bathroom to find Allie sitting on the edge of the bed sobbing.

"Sweetheart," Brett cried as he rushed over to her. He was shocked when she flinched away from him. She had never done that before in all the years of their marriage.

"I'm a disaster, Brett," Allie wailed. "I keep ruining everything. I've hurt you badly three times, and now I've managed to burn our house down. What's next, me crippling you?"

Brett collapsed on the bed next to her and burst into laughter.

Allie stopped crying to stare at him in amazement.

"I don't see anything amusing about any of this."

"Oh, come on, Allie. You have to admit, this is like something out of a bizarre Chevy Chase movie."

Allie gave her husband a soft smile, "I think you're cuter; I'd rather you star in the movie with me."

"Even with all the bandages covering half my face?"

Allie nodded, "It lends you an air of mystery."

Brett laughed, "Yeah, the mystery of 'what the hell happened to you.'"

Brett wrapped his arm around his wife and pulled her in close to his side.

"Honey, how many years have we meant to fix things in that old fire trap and never got around to it? Our son is out of the house. It's just the two of us. That place was way too big for us and we would never make any money unless we spent a ton to fix it up. We have enough saved and the house was fully insured. We can go anywhere and do anything. We're free, Allie, my love."

"I want to go somewhere that doesn't have all white tiles and smells of disinfectant and the sounds of monitors beeping."

"Thatta girl. Besides, I really think I'm much more to blame for setting the house on fire. I'm the one who mixed flammable oils with candles."

"Yeah, but if I hadn't clocked you in the head with that hunk of wood, you wouldn't have fallen off the bed."

"Well, if I hadn't poured hot wax on you, you wouldn't've jerked so hard."

"That's right! That fucking hurt a lot!" Allie turned and punched Brett in the arm hard.

Brett rubbed his shoulder and chuckled, "Yeah, note to self, xnay on the axway."

"Axway? Are you for real, you big dope?"

Brett just smirked.

Allie shook her head, "Well, this is certainly a summer I'll never forget."

Brett chuckled.

Allie stared at him smiling, "Now what?"

Brett grinned a huge grin, "Well, we were trying to have memorable sex. I think we accomplished that easily enough."

Allie laughed and hugged her husband tight, "You are a big dope. But you are my big dope. I'd be happy to just have regular sex with my big dope after all this."

Allie squealed as her husband suddenly pushed her back down on the bed and climbed on top of her.

"Are you crazy? You just got out of the hospital. Our house just burned down. You are doped up on all sorts of meds."

"Yeah, and I'm in a hotel room with a gorgeous woman. What else am I supposed to be doing?"

Allie howled in laughter, "Come here, you big dope."

She smothered him in kisses.

The two worked quickly to pull each other's clothes off without ever breaking their kiss except to discard the shirts.

Brett pushed his wife down and swung his legs over her waist.

He felt her hands reach out for him as he shifted. The two again locked lips as she helped him sink his flesh into her depths.

Allie looked into Brett's eyes as she wrapped her arms around him, "Ooooo, now this I like a lot."

Brett sawed his pelvis into Allie and the two matched rhythm from years of practice. Both knew just what spots and motions to use to bring the other to bliss.

It wasn't long at all before Allie screamed her release as Brett groaned and emptied himself into his thrashing wife.

Brett fell over next to his wife.

"Now that is perfect sex with my wonderful husband."

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