tagGay MaleRekindling the Fire

Rekindling the Fire


Carl Davis sat at his desk, staring at his computer monitor. His mind wandered from his work to his fantasies. He spun around in his chair, and surveyed the downtown skyline. He had been working in this same office for over ten years now. The grind seemed the same every day; come to work, do the work, and leave work. Carl was restless. He needed something exhilarating to happen in his life, something to break up the monotony. He clicked on that special file on his pc, and began to glide through the hundreds of photos of nude men he had collected.

Carl shifted in his desk chair as he felt his penis begin to harden. He always wore boxers, and his erection began to show through his slacks. Carl's left hand drifted to his cock, and he pinched the head lightly. A flutter of pleasure eased through his body, and Carl fought to keep his wits about him. He knew his office was not the place to be masturbating, particularly with a group of his subordinates working in the next room. But Carl had become much more daring in the past months, always looking for that extra thrill. Massaging his erection when he knew there were close to thirty men and women in the next room was a tremendous thrill. He just couldn't prevent help himself.

Carl was 42, a nice looking African American, and he was gay, having come out of the closet nearly fifteen years ago. He had experienced several relationships with other men, but none had seemed to evolve into the intense sexual relationship he desired. Carl possessed an incredibly high sexual drive, and none of the men he had been with had been able to sustain his intensity level. He masturbated constantly, and spent hours at home viewing tapes from his vast collection of homosexual videos. Lately though, he had become slightly bored with even this. He knew that it was taking priority over any kind of real sexual relationship, and Carl had been rational enough to see a counselor about this subject.

He found that he enjoyed having someone to talk to about his desires, without any judgments. This had helped him, and he had become somewhat more stable in his sexual thinking, although lately he found it more difficult to control. Carl accredited this to the unusually hot summer, as he was seeing more and more of the bodies of men he encountered. But he did seem to stay in control of his feelings. He had stopped going to the gym for a while, in the hopes that this would clear his mind. But recently he had been so tempted to just take out his cock at work, and jack-off right at his desk. But his rise to the position of regional manager of a nationwide insurance company was a prize he did not want to lose. But still, he could not resist thinking of men.

Carl leaned back in his chair, and took a long drink from the glass of tea sitting on his desk. His erection pulsed under his boxers and pants. Carl pondered the question of whether or not to finally go back to the gym. It had been a month since his last visit, and there were a lot of cute gay men who went on Friday. It didn't take long to come to a decision: he would go, and have fun.

Leaving the office around noon, he drove to his condominium, packed a gym bag with everything necessary for an afternoon at Walker's. Carl was so thrilled that he had made the decision to be a gym-rat for the afternoon, and he thought of all the men he would see: men in workout wear, in underwear, and in jockstraps, his ultimate favorite. His erection pushed against his pants as he pulled into the parking lot. Carl showed his gym identification at the front desk, and hurried to the locker room. Men were everywhere now, and Carl did his best to show off his hard cock. Friday was the wildest day at the gym.

There were so many gay men, and each seemed to be exhibiting what they had to offer. He saw a lot of guys he knew, trying to ignore the questions about why he had been such a stranger. Carl sensed that the sexual air of the gym seemed to be more intense than ever before. He moved to his locker, which was at the front end of the first row, exposing him to the looks of anyone whom walked by. Carl's hands shook as he nervously stripped. He paused when he got to the point of wearing just his white boxers: his cock made a tent in the fabric. Just being in this locker room was overloading his sexual nervous system. Ten feet away a young man, looking to be in his early twenties, was shaving nude in at the sink, and Carl could see that he was looking at him via the mirror. The young man's round ass, white in comparison with his tanned body, created a shudder in Carl that ripped through his body.

He quickly removed his boxers, and his cock stood out straight from his body. The crown of his cock glistened, and Carl could not take his eyes off the man at the sink. He managed to snap out of his dreamlike state, and he reached into his bag, taking out a jock strap. He did his best to stuff all of his eight inches into the pouch, and he donned a pair of tight lycra work-out shorts, and a tank top, finally finishing by putting on his socks and work-out shoes. When he looked up again, the young man had vanished. Carl took a deep breath, and made his way to the main gym area, his cock still semi-hard. He talked with several men he knew before running through a one-hour workout. Carl brutalized nearly every machine, and his body glistened with sweat.

Guys were stopping their own routines to watch him pump his toned body. When he finished, he quickly retired back to the locker room, where it seemed to be full of men, who had finished the daily aerobics class, which had ended only five minutes before. Nude and semi-nude men were everywhere in the spacious locker area. Carl took a deep breath, amazed at the sight of all of the cocks he was able to see. He hurriedly stripped out of his socks, shoes, and shorts, leaving on his jock for now. He walked to the water cooler, passing row after row of lockers packed with men stripping off their clothes. Carl's jock did little to hide his erection, and he loved it.

A guy he knew, Bill, greeted him nude at the cooler, his cock stretching out from his body in a lazy semi-erection. They chatted for a few minutes, and then Bill stunned Carl by telling him that the owner of the gym, Alex, had recently come out to his family, and that there would be a gym party that night to celebrate. Bill explained that there would be around thirty guys there, and every man was required to wear a only a jock. He told Carl how much everyone wanted to see him there, and reached out to rub his fingers along the pouch of Carl's jock.

Carl stared at Bill's lovely cock, and he nodded to him. Bill squeezed the pouch, and told Carl he would be looking forward to seeing him that evening. Bill's cock now protruded high into the air, up and out from his body. Carl reached down and slid his jock down his legs, and the cool air on his erection sent tingles up and down his spine. Bill took his cock in both hands, and kissed his cheek. He explained to Carl how badly he needed him, but he wanted to save it for later. They moved to the group shower, and reveled in the sight of so many naked men. Every guy seemed to have an erection. Carl wanted them all, but he resisted the thoughts, and looked forward to the evening. Having finished the shower, he quickly dressed and said goodbye to Bill. He fantasized about the evening to come as he drove home. It was only three pm, and he had six long hours to kill before heading back to the gym.

Carl dared not take off his clothes. He decided to read the paper, and then settled down on the couch with his favorite book. He read it for a couple of hours, and it did take his mind off of men. Around six, he cooked himself a nice dinner. Carl was a good cook. Single gay men had to know how to prepare meals, and he had years of experience. After dinner, he relaxed on the couch, and began to think of men again. Men, men, men. At times it overwhelmed him, and he could not help that. Once more his penis became hard, and he simply closed his eyes, leaning his head back, and touching himself. Almost in a daze, he stripped nude again.

He reached to his collection of gay tapes, randomly picked one, and placed it in the VCR. The entire video contained clips of men performing oral sex on each other. Carl loved it. He relaxed and stroked his big cock while watching the movie, keeping him on the edge of an orgasm, but never letting himself go over the edge. He stared at his thick dark cock as he stroked it, and he reached the brink of an orgasm again. He let go of his erection at the perfect time, and his cock flopped back to his stomach, his testicles still full of cum. Carl took a deep breath, stood up, and headed for the shower. The hot water felt so good on his body, and he finally relaxed somewhat. Once out of the shower, he glanced at the small clock on his sink: it was eight thirty, and he could dress and head off to the gym.

Carl decided to take a cab, and he paid the driver and walked through the parking lot to the front door. There were already several cars parked in the lot, and he was greeted at the front desk by the same guy he had seen shaving in the locker room. He wore only a red jockstrap. Carl showed his identification, and the young man looked closely at it before handing it back to him. He reminded Carl it was a "jocks or nothing" party, and he should remove his clothing here. Carl's cock was already hard as he removed his wispy shorts, tank top, socks, and shoes. The attendant explained that his clothing and personal items would be locked up safely, and not to worry about them. He wished Carl a good time, and suggested he go ahead to the locker room area.

Carl moved down the hallway, wearing only a white jock, feeling the cool air on his ass as he walked. He grabbed his pouch in anticipation of what was to happen. It felt like his erection was going to rip though the fabric. As he approached the locker room, he could hear the sounds of sex already filling his ears. Carl swung the door open, and moved around the corner, his eyes viewing the wonderful sight of a man bent over the sink, receiving a forceful fucking from a hairy Italian man. They didn't even notice him as they kept up their sexual encounter.

There was a full wet bar set up in the locker room, and Carl made his way to it, passing through several men who greeted them as he walked by. Some he knew; some he did not. Most of the men still wore their jockstraps, and were partying like they were at some local bar. Only this party was meant for sex between men, and Carl loved it. At the wet bar he was greeted by Bill and Alex. Bill was nude and wearing a cock ring. His rod was very rigid, and it looked to Carl as if it would never get soft, no matter what he did. Alex still wore his jockstrap, although his cock was clearly defined through the fabric. After some small talk, Bill dropped to his knees and removed Carl's jock with his teeth, making him swoon with delight.

This was what Carl had been waiting for. It had been far too long since he had been with a man, much less several men. Months before Bill had given him a blowjob after they had met at a local gay bar, and he knew Bill had a talented mouth. Bill licked his way up Carl's legs, and Alex stood behind him, rubbing his pouch along the crack of Carl's ass, and lightly pinching his nipples. Carl looked down, only to see the crew cut which graced the top of Bill's head, and Bill was now licking the shaft of his erect cock. Carl watched with delight as several of the other men stripped out of their jocks, and began pairing off into twos and threes. He could see the two men at the sink, still fucking away.

The feeling of Bill's lips and tongue caressing his shaft was incredible, and he reached back to grab Alex's ass, pulling him closer. Bill rubbed Carl's cock all over his shaved face. Finally, he took Carl's cock in both hands, opened his mouth wide, and just laid that dark cock on his tongue, swirling it in circles around the crown of his beautiful hard-on. Carl heard the door to the locker room open and close, and he watched as four more well-built men walked in, dressed only in their jocks. At this point he could feel Bill's soft lips surround his plump cock, and begin a slow sucking motion.

Alex was whispering in his ear how great it looked, how bad he wanted to suck that thick cock himself. Hard men with hard cocks were everywhere now. It was quickly becoming a full-blown orgy. The sound of the showers turning on rang loudly in Carl's ears, but he was focusing now on Bill, who was taking in as much of Carl's immense cock as he could into his mouth, moving up and down on the shaft. Carl figured there were probably twenty-five men or so in the locker room now.

Some began to file into the shower room, while others stayed behind in the main locker area. Alex left Carl and Bill alone for a moment; he returned with a folding chair for Carl to sit in. As he eased himself into his chair, he watched as Alex finally pulled off his jockstrap, his rather short but thick cock sprang out into the open. Alex was stocky, with a crew cut himself, and Carl wanted him, along with every other man at the party. Carl pulled him closer, and took Alex's hard cock in his mouth, not bothering to lick the shaft or balls. Carl just knew he wanted that erection in his mouth.

While Bill kept up the pace on his cock, he sucked Alex's with a passion, easily taking him all the way into his mouth. The room was filled with loud groans as the man leaning over the sink took the Italian's full orgasm deep into his ass. The gorgeous man kept pumping his hips violently, holding his lover by both cheeks of his butt. Carl could see this out of the corner of his eye, but kept up his steady sucking of Alex. Carl took Alex by the hips, and encouraged him to fuck his mouth. Bill just kept on sucking Carl, never missing a stroke. Bill simply loved giving head.

Alex screamed as the full weight of his orgasm came to bear. The first two shots Carl took in his mouth, and then he took Alex's cock in both hands and pumped him, the remainder of his cum flying onto his chest and stomach. Carl drank that potion with a fervor, and he knew there would be much more to follow. Alex kneeled down to join Bill in sucking Carl. Both men swirled their tongues around the crown of Carl's cock in an erotic French kiss. Carl spread his legs wide, making enough room for both Bill and Alex.

Thirty minutes had passed since Bill had started to go down on Carl, and Carl was getting close to an orgasm. The addition of Alex became far too much for Carl to handle. Bill was pumping Carl's erection with both hands, directing his cock deep into Alex's mouth. Alex's eyes were wide and his mouth soaking with saliva. Several other men gathered around, all of them stroking their cocks; they watched, wanting to see Carl explode.

And did he ever erupt. Carl stretched his legs out, flexing them. He grabbed the back of the folding chair with both hands, and threw his head back, eyes and mouth wide open. A low groan escaped from his mouth, and then it grew louder, turning into a violent scream. Carl's balls drew back deep into his body, and Alex ripped the stiff cock out of his mouth. Bill moaned as he kept on stroking Carl's stiff muscle. The other men had moved very close now, wanting to see this gorgeous man orgasm.

Bill did a quick double-pump with his hands, and it sent Carl over the edge. His stomach rippled, and he blasted the first shot of cum high straight up in the air, and it splattered back down all over his chest. Bill stroked again, and pointed Carl's spasming cock directly into his open mouth. Carl's head thrashed back and forth as the second shot flew onto Bill's waiting lips and tongue. Carl was still screaming as Bill jacked again, this time squeezing his hands tighter and tighter. Alex felt the liquid from the next stream splash all over his face and he lapped it up greedily.

Carl was totally out of control now, and another black man moved beside him, furiously punishing Carl's face with his raised cock. Carl tried valiantly to take that cock in his mouth, but the man refused, teasing him relentlessly. Bill cupped Carl's balls and stroked his long cock again; his aim was true as the cum landed on the strangers cock as he slapped Carl's face. This sent him over the edge. He shoved his erection into Carl's mouth, and pumped several loads of cum down his throat. Carl was now completely at their mercy. The taste of the stranger's load, combined with Alex's, moved him to a new state of mind.

Alex was now leaning over, sucking Bill with a passion. Bill kept on pumping the fluid out of Carl, and the last three bursts, although not as strong as the previous ones, landed on Carl's chest. Carl sat still for a moment as Bill removed his hands from his cock. Alex pushed Bill to a sitting position on the floor, and continued his expert cocksucking. The stranger who came in Carl's mouth introduced himself as Patrick as he helped Carl to his feet. He handed Carl a towel to clean up some of the wetness from his body. Then they kissed a passionate kiss, and Carl heard another man cum in the background.

His cock felt very heavy. He and Patrick talked for a few minutes and watched the young man who checked them at the door get fucked by a hairy, older man. They watched in loving amazement as beads of sweat formed on both of the men's bodies. The older man took a riding crop out of his locker and began to strike the younger man on his ass, and this simply made the fuckee yell for more. Both Carl and Patrick were hard again, and watched in awe as the older man reached around and jacked the younger man to an orgasm. He then erupted in his ass. Carl and Patrick just looked at each other and smiled.

An hour had passed since Carl arrived. He estimated that over thirty men were in the locker room and shower area now. He felt like an alcoholic having his first drink in a year. They walked hand in hand to the shower room, where several men were having sex in various ways. Brady, who Carl knew, was under a shower, getting his cock sucked by one younger guy and his ass eaten by another.

He was gripping the showerhead, and was obviously enjoying himself as he taunted the two guys. On the opposite side yet another younger man was leaning against a wall as the same Italian stud Carl had seen earlier was drilling his erection into the young guys ass. Under another shower two men were simply hugging, rubbing their erections against each other in a humping motion. Patrick moved under a shower, and Carl followed, leaning back against his long dick. Carl felt the desire to be fucked growing inside him. This is what he really loved. He had fucked many guys, but nothing could replace the joy of having another man's cock deep inside him. Patrick had reached his hands around him and stroked his cock with both hands as the water flowed over them. They stayed in this position for quite a long time, watching the other men in the shower room have sex.

Carl lost track of time, but he didn't really care. The entire party seemed to be moving into the shower area, and every man he saw was hard. This was his idea of a party, and Carl loved group sex. He just wanted to be in the middle of as many nude men as possible. Several rubber mats were provided to lie on, and they were a hot item.

Patrick's erection was splitting the cheeks of his ass, and Carl could not resist moving in time with him. Patrick still held on to his cock with both hands, using it as a handle for his body. Carl was putty in his hands, and Patrick could sense it. He backed off a little from Carl's round ass, and started massaging it with his right hand, while still stroking his cock with his left. He took a bottle of liquid soap from the dish behind them, and dribbled it all over Carl's body. He rubbed his body all over, forming a nice layer of foam all over him.

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