tagTransgender & CrossdressersReleasing Stephanie 1992

Releasing Stephanie 1992


It was late, the concert had been over for a couple of hours, the equipment sorted and stashed, and I was headed home. He came up to me and asked, since we both lived south of town, could I give him a ride home. Sure I could. We were friends of sorts already, and it was only a wee bit out of the way.

The ride down was uneventful. We talked about this-n-that, and eventually the conversation turned into a discussion of the Biblical view on same sex relationships. As we neared his home, we were not ready to stop the discussion, so I pulled off the road and parked on an overlook of the river. It seemed we both had similar feelings about the subject, and then it happened.

I felt his hand on my knee. My heart rate increased to about 140 BPM. What now? I thought, then I moved my hand to his knee. The door was open, and we stepped right in. A few minutes feeling crotches -just to see how serious we were about this, and then I kissed him. And kissed him again, and some more. And unsnapped his jeans and began digging until I found his treasure.

My mouth watering, I went where I had not gone for over 20 years. And I was lost. Feeling him in my mouth, his manhood against my lips, his nectar leaking onto my tongue, I was from that moment changed. I wanted him, now, tomorrow, and forever. We wanted more. He opened my trousers and reciprocated, bringing me to a 'solid state', hotter than I had ever been before. And then his mouth found me, and I was lost. After several minutes of his ministrations, I had to have more.

I twisted around to face him (quite the feat, this being in a very small car!) and pulled his jeans down below his knees, dropping mine on the floor. He was puzzled until I straddled his lap, grasped his rock-hard woodie, and eased myself down onto him. AAaaahhh!!! It had been over 20 years since last I had been penetrated, roughly and hurriedly, during a semi-drunken escapade, one during which I experienced discovery, but no joy.

But this, this, I wanted. I needed. And he was surprised but willing. Slowly I sank, easing his manhood into my body, carefully, savoring every little feeling, each captured inch. It didn't hurt, but I wanted to feel every inch of his hardness, every beat of his heart as it pumped more blood into his pillar. His heat was burning the memory of him into my very soul. I remember every inch of him, even to this very day. I began moving on him, up, down, in small circles, repeat, just rest and feel him, his hardness, his heat inside me, where it belongs.

He had never done this before, this was a new thing for him, and I meant to make it a forever memory for him. I needed him to never forget that I was his. As my passion became contagious, he began pumping into me, driving himself as deep as he could go. Striving to bury his cock in this new experience, as if he might forget, if he quit too soon. He was fucking me and I was fucking back. O! the wonder of it all. I am meant for this. I have always known it, but the mores' of the days of my youth prohibited it, and I was afraid.

No longer. I loved his strength, his heat, his rhythm in me, and I rode him. Up, down, the rhythm singing to me, the flesh filling me, my desire growing, spreading, burning within me. I wanted him. I loved the feel of him within me, creating a new creature within me, the creature that had been crying for release since I first knew that I was different, those many years ago. Even as a child, I knew I was different, I was not what I appeared to be.

And so on it went, this dance of love, of discovery. I was so happy. I wanted him all, a constant. I loved his girth as it opened me up, sliding in, out, and again. He was fucking me! He filled me, stretching me, making me wet for him. I pushed down, twisting my ass around, swirling his member like a swizzle stick in my martini. He was what I had always wanted, he was my fulfilment, my destiny. I would be his cum-bucket forever, if he would let me.

All too soon, I felt his penis begin that swell. He began grunting, like an animal in heat, and then he burst within me, filling me, driving deep within, to implant his seed where it could never possibly grow.

His hot ejaculate, his semen, filling me, warming my canal and filling my bowel. I welcomed it, wanting it all and more. I sat still, not wanting to disengage, but feeling him wilt inside me. Try as I could, I couldn't prevent his eventual withdrawal. I clenched tight, not wanting to lose a single drop of his essence. I remained on his lap as we caught our breath and wondered what just happened. He had never done such. I think he had never done much of anything, tonight was a walk into the unknown, or at best the only vaguely familiar, to him.

We rested, me fondling his member, willing it to rise again. We exited the car for a breath of fresh air, for the night-time breeze to cool our bodies. We were de-pants'ed, as we were parked in an isolated spot, hidden by the trees, well off the beaten path. I held him close to me, nibbling on his body parts as we stood star-gazing and feeling each other up.

Soon our passion revived, and I bent over the hood, inviting him back inside me. He was timid, perhaps wary of our surroundings, so I pulled him near and dropped to my knees as I inhaled his cock, wrapped my lips around it and caressed it with my mouth. He was easy to convince, and when I stood up again, he slid easily inside of me. O! The joy.

He moved slowly, I returned the favor. I knew again, was re-affirmed again, that this was my place in the world. I would forever be searching for that one, the one with whom I would mate until I was history. He took his time, slowly sawing in-out-in-out, relishing my heat, my tightness as he worked his magic on me, inside me. And then he was there again. Filling me full, giving me his essence. Altho overjoyed to receive him, I did not spill, myself. I clenched, saving his seed inside me again. We adjourned to the car, continuing our conversation, wondering where this was heading.

I was still like a kid in a candy store. I could not keep my hands off him. I would caress his legs, pinch his nipples, cup his manhood, as we talked. eventually I could constrain myself no longer. Bending over into his lap, I took him once again into my mouth. I had decided somewhere along the line that I liked doing this, and would do it, every chance I could. And he offered no argument. Soon, he was hard, and I was ready again.

Resuming my earlier position, I grabbed him, facing him this time, and eased my body down until I felt him at the portal. With a little help and manipulation, I sank down onto his stiffness and felt him opening me up once again. Down, down, and then he was all in and I was delirious. I just sat there clenching my inner muscles and driving him mad. I was quickly learning the dance of love, and was enjoying it to the hilt. Literally to the hilt.

I began to rise and fall. Baby steps at first, almost imperceptible yet fresh, wonderful feelings as I compressed and released against his hard shaft. My movements increased in tension and distance as I rose higher and squoze tighter, literally milking him like a dairy cow. I wanted, I needed to feel ALL of him, to pull his essence from him, and into my core. To make us truly one. On and on I danced this waltz, picking up the pace until we were gently bouncing in synchronicity, tuning our bodies to one resonance, one goal.

This time, I was intent on making the dance last, however. I began to slow down a bit, until his breathing slackened slightly. "Not yet, not yet" my mind was telling me: "Take your time. Revel in the luxury of what is happening." So I constrained myself, and thus, him also. Oh how absolutely groundbreaking this was. How utterly transforming for me, as I began to understand my femininity, my true identity.

I could... indeed, I was controlling the pace of my own orgasm and his as well. He would not cum until I wanted it. I would not cum until I was ready for it, before my whole body was ready for it. And so it went, on and on for perhaps 10, 15 minutes. A new record for me! And then almost suddenly, it started.

I had to, HAD TO finish this thing. I sat down hard on him; I wiggled, I circled down onto his lap, impaling myself on him then rising high, almost but not quite losing him, then DOWN! Hard! Then again, my head flying back, my body now bouncing like a super-ball, up high then down as far as I could go, grabbing, grasping, squeezing as tight as I could. If possible, I would suck his very life out of him. Then the whole heavens opened up and I screamed! AAARGGHHH!! OH MY GOD!! MORE!! I was imploding! My insides were cramping, my canal was choking his cock. He couldn't have shot his wad even if he was ready. I had left planet Earth and was lost in the cosmos.

And then it was over. I gradually let go, and that was his signal, as he began pumping, pumping... what seemed like gallons of his seed into me. Planting a new 'ME' inside my body. We were truly One for that instant. He filled me over and over, until it ran out of my newly christened PUSSY –for now it was indeed such. We collapsed. Well, as much as two people could collapse in that tiny Korean roller skate! But we had reached for the stars, and had attained the same. And I have never been the same since that night, the night of my rebirth.

We met regularly at his house during the day, His wife worked, and we took full advantage of that. We would also go to my "storage unit" a second floor apartment downtown, where I stored my antiques and curios while awaiting resale. There was a kitchenette and a bedroom that I left available, and we utilized that bed to the max. We experimented how best he could use my body, and how best I could suck, fuck and immerse my self in him. I was falling in love, I guess, and took every opportunity to explore these new feelings.

I loved sucking him, pulling his limp monster out of it's cave and mouthing the helmet until the rest of it responded. I loved the feeling of sliding my mouth up and down that long fat shaft, feeling it grow and harden inside my mouth. I tried to deep-throat him, but it was nigh onto impossible; he was too big and my throat was in rebellion. But I would always try. I loved the taste of his cum as he flooded my mouth. I would never, NEVER let a drop go wasted.

He owned an antique store, and sometimes I would take him to the back room and blow him until I got my mouthful, all the time he watching for customers to come in the front door. I think that scared him.

Sometimes we would go for rides in the countryside. I would drive to a nice secluded spot and park. (At that time, "trespass" was not quite the dirty word it is today, and folk were not so concerned if a vehicle was spotted in a grove of trees.) Anyway, I would find a quiet corner and then proceed to suck and fuck his brains –or at least, all his cum- out of his body. He was always fearful of getting caught, and I was the daring one, always pushing his limits.

I think perhaps that little quirk of mine was one of the reasons that lead to our breakup. That, and his wife finding out. DAMNATION!! Our summer of Discovery soon morphed into his moving to Texas to save his marriage and family, and a long period of mourning for me.

BUT! I recently discovered he is back in that little town of our adventure. I am afraid to call him. I don't think I could stand rejection.

True story.

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