Adrenalin rushed through her body as Laura lay there on her bed waiting for a response. This might finally be it. Part of her was worried, wondering if this was what she really wanted, but the rest of her knew that it was. Her whole body was tingling as she imagined what it would feel like. The waiting was hard. After a few minutes she couldn't help herself. She needed relief.

Carefully unbuttoning her jeans, she slipped her hand beneath the pink cotton of her panties and let out a quiet moan as her cold tips of her fingers made contact with her burning clit. Just as she began to feel the relief she had been craving, it was cut short by the sound of a message coming through on her phone.

"Yes!!! x"

A wave of delight flew through Laura. This had been almost a year in the making. It had started when Nadia had knocked on her door to introduce herself. That had been on the first day of freshers. As the door opened Laura remembered being momentarily lost for words, like something was caught in her throat. Nadia was stunning.

Her skin was a golden brown. Her hair fell in silky black sheets from her head, stopping at a point which, had she been naked, would have just covered her breasts in a way that drove Laura wild. She was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a stripped tube top, showing off her perfectly flat stomach. As Laura's eyes moved up this girl's body she became consciously aware that she was trying to work out if she was a C or a B cup and felt a smack of guilt as she realised how creepy this must look. Nadia, evidently, has not noticed. She has just smiled a wide smile and said "Hi. I'm Nadia. I'm in the room across the hall. I've just moved all my stuff in but there's nothing else to do. Wanna grab a drink?"

It had taken Laura embarrassingly long to realise what she had meant but the moment she did there was nothing for it but to say yes. Laura couldn't help being in awe of the natural confidence this girl exuded. She could never have simply made friends by asking someone she didn't know to go for a drink.

They has spent the rest of the day together, going for another few drinks, and got along surprisingly well. They were on the same course (criminal psychology), they liked the same food and most importantly (for Laura) they were both a little bit nerdy. She wasn't sure why but she had been thinking it best to hide her obsession with Game of Thrones and Star Trek but that had flown out of the window the moment Nadia, who clearly had none of those concerns, had begun to mention them.

When Laura had got into bed she hadn't known what to think. She had fantasies about girls before, everyone did once in a while, but she'd never felt like this about a girl. Now she thought about it she'd never felt like this about anyone. All those concerns were pushed out of her head when she began to imagine what Nadia would look like naked and what things they might do together. Before she knew it her hand was in her panties and she was wetter than she had ever been. That night was the first time she had tasted herself. She remembered thinking, if she really did like girls, then she ought to like the taste. She had taken her fingers out her pants (moaning a little at the loss of relief) and slowly touched the dripping tips to her lip.

It was amazing. The taste was salty but warm. She licked her hand dry and continued to masturbate. When her orgasm was done she lay there for a bit. She had had to change the bed sheets before going to sleep. They were soaked.

That year had been amazing. She spent almost every day with Nadia and every night, thinking about her. But after she came, she always had a sinking feeling. She knew she'd never have the confidence to say anything. Besides, Nadia was definitely straight.

Neither of them had gone home over the summer. From the moment Nadia had said she was staying so she could work and save up some money over the holiday, she had found some flimsy excuse to stay. She needed to be around her.

Then, just a week ago, they'd been having a drink when she worked up the courage to ask her friend, out of the blue, if she'd ever thought about girls.

"In what way?" Nadia had smiled.

"You know exactly what way" said Laura, not rising to her friend's teasing.

Laura had been ecstatic to hear what Nadia had told her next. Not only had she thought about it, Nadia gave detailed descriptions of the fantasies she had had.

"But I've never had the chance to try one out"

It had not come up again. Not until today. Not until, in a moment of courage, Laura had messaged her.

"Hey Nad. I know this is a bit odd, but I've been thinking... how much do you want to try out those fantasies of yours"

She had waited hours for a response.

"...a lot..."

Laura had nearly screamed.

"Do you want to come over now?"

Then the response that made it final.

"Yes!!! x"

Without waiting for a knock Laura went and opened the door.

There she was. She was wearing the same top as that first time. The same jeans. They stared at each other for a moment in awe. Laura wanted so bad suck on that golden brown skin.

Before they knew it, they were kissing. It was fast and wet and hot. Laura pulled her friend inside. Nadia ran her hands through Laura's long golden hair and pushed her down onto the bed. Her hands felt their way around Laura's heaving breasts and as she bit down on her friend's pale neck, it left a red mark. Laura moaned as the object of all her desires rocked up and down on top of her, moving slowly back and forth, continuing to kiss her, fast and wet and hot.

She flipped Nadia over and, continuing to kiss her, moved her hand down into the other girl's panties. Her fingers swirled in her friend's juices as she moaned aloud. Nadia almost whimpered when the fingers were withdrawn and, now dripping with someone else's cum, Laura once again licked her fingers dry.

"Fuck foreplay, I need to taste you" said Nadia and now it was Laura's turn to moan with desire. Her jeans were being pulled off. Her panties were gone in a flash. Before she knew it Nadia was smiling up at her from between her legs.

She almost screamed as the wetness of her friends tongue joined with the burning wetness between her legs. It was the fastest she had ever cum in her life and this time she actually did scream. It was like the relief of 19 years sexual tension.

Just as her legs stopped shaking, a tongue reappeared in her mouth. She could taste herself the other girl.

"Fuck these clothes" said Nadia and she pulled her top of. The rest of her clothes quickly follow and there she was. Standing naked before me she was perfection. Laura stood up and kissed her. She pushed her back onto my bed. She put her leg under Nadia's and began to move back and forth, gently at first, our clits just touching each other but then faster and before long we were both moaning long moans.

Then Laura shifted again. In a moment her tongue was inside her friend. She tasted so good.

They continued to fuck long after Nadia's cum had soaked Laura's face. They relieved each other again and again for hours, never wanting it to end, never tiring. It was fast and wet and hot.

Finally the two lay next to each other panting. "That was amazing" they both said at the same time, and laughed, and kissed. They lay beside each other and eventually fell asleep.

When Laura woke up the next morning she was wrapped around her new lover. She could still smell their sweat and cum from the night before. She knew that when Nadia woke up it would begin again. She didn't care if she was gay or not. All she knew was that she loved her and she loved fucking her and she wanted to keep fucking her for as long as she could. This was the start of her new life.

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by Anonymous

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by HiddenInTheOpen06/03/18

Short but very hot!

Wow! this was a very short, but very hot story, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing it with us!

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by Anonymous05/19/18

My ultimate fantasy

Well, my pants were unzipped, fingers stroaking my pussy about the halfway mark

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by Anonymous05/17/18


very sexy. great for reading to people on discord. I heard at least one person unzip their pants.

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by monz05/16/18


I want more!! 😉

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by rdayzz05/15/18


I've read them all. And enjoyed them. Even though I'm happy with my guy I think u are a good writer. And I enjoy your stories.

Dick Dee

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