tagInterracial LoveReluctant Cuckold Ch. 02

Reluctant Cuckold Ch. 02


Tony opened his eyes and starred straight up at the bedroom ceiling. He could hear the sound of the shower water running in the bathroom. He looked over and saw the empty bed next to him thinking about last night.

Cindy was hot last night. It felt so good to be able to make love to her again. He quickly got out of bed almost jumping with joy. He had to pee but noticed the dress was gone and so was the thong Cindy tossed on the floor last night. He checked out the hamper which they kept in the closet. There was a stack of clothes in there but no dress or thong. He dug through the clothes and finally found them hidden below some other garments. He picked up the thong putting it to his nose like he had done last night. He could still smell that masculine smell on them.

Picking up the dress he took a quick sniff of it as well. He took in the aroma smelling the male cologne mixed with Cindy's perfume. This guy must have been all over her last night. He tucked them back where Cindy had hidden them and walked toward the bathroom.

He poked his head inside the bathroom first before entering and saw Cindy wrapped in a towel near the tub. He opened the door and walked inside.

"Good morning."

Cindy turned around smiling as he stood in front of the toilet relieving himself. Tony finished than washed his hands. Cindy was still padding herself with a second towel. Tony realized Cindy was trying to hide the hickey's from him.

"Did you have a nice time last night?" Tony asked.

Cindy smiled. "Yes. How about you?"

"Had a couple drinks down at the bar and came home. Nothing to really talk about."

Cindy had somehow wrapped that second towel around her neck as she stood in front of the mirror combing her long blonde hair out.

"So, where did you and Dan go last night?"

Cindy stopped combing her hair and looked rather stunned at Tony. "How did you know his name?"

Tony gulped. She must not remember telling him his name last night. Than he started wondering if she remembered anything about what they did last night since she was hiding those hickey's on her neck.

Tony replied. "Oh...Uh...You sort of mentioned his name when you came home last night."

Cindy didn't say anything else about Dan or last night for that matter. Cindy offered to make Tony breakfast so he quickly jumped into the shower than got dressed. The smell of pancakes started to fill the house.

Tony was just finishing getting dressed when he spotted Cindy's cell phone sitting on the dresser next to her purse. He thought he'd nose around a little and picked it up and pushed the saved pictures. First picture was of Cindy in the red dress she wore last night. The next shot of her posing naked on a bed with a big smile on her face. Tony figured this Dan guy must have talked her into that one.

The next shot was another shot of Cindy laying on her belly. Her nice little round ass clearly the center of the photographers focus. The next photo was yet another naked picture of Cindy holding a wine glass in her hand while sitting on a bed.

The next shot stunned Tony as he couldn't believe what he saw. It was a picture of Cindy sucking on a thick black cock. Her fingers wrapped around it's thick base with just the head inside her mouth. Tony couldn't believe this! Dan was a black man! He studied the photo looking toward the bedroom door hoping not to get caught by Cindy.

He pressed the picture button again and there was another shot of Cindy sucking that huge black cock. It looked like this Dan guy was laying on the bed taking photos of Cindy sucking his cock. Tony's heart was pounding from the excitement as he pushed the button again.

It was Cindy holding her legs up and spread. A thick white gob of cum was leaking out of her pussy. This guy got Cindy to pose for him after they fucked! The next shot was a closer look at the thick white cum that was just deposited in Cindy's pussy.

Tony was so excited his hands were shaking. He thought about that white fertile cum that had been pumped deep inside his wife's womb.

Tony pressed the button again and this picture was totally different. It appeared to be them standing in front of a restaurant. Cindy was wearing the red dress so it must have been taken last night. Dan dwarfed Cindy in height . She was only 5'1" so Dan looked big! Tony clicked the button again and it was a picture of Dan himself standing next to his white car.

Tony pressed the picture button again and got another surprise. It was Dan posing naked in a sort of weight lifters pose flexing his muscles. His huge cock and ball sack was clearly visible and boy where they ever!

Tony clicked the button again only to find the next picture was of a new dress Cindy had bought a couple weeks ago. Cindy called out a second or two later.

"Breakfast is ready."

Tony put the phone back where he found it and made his way out to the kitchen. Cindy was wearing a turtle neck sweater. She was covering up the hickeys' Tony wanted to say something like he'd already seen them but figured he'd better not and sat down to breakfast with Cindy.

Tony found out he'd be spending the day with Cindy when he learned that Dan had to fly out of town on business that morning. Tony did his best to make the day a good day. He tried to avoid what went on the night before until after he took Cindy out to dinner and bought her a couple drinks afterward.

As always, Cindy started to loosen up after she started to sip on her forth martini. Tony finally brought up the subject of last night.

"I had a really good time last night when you came to bed last night baby."

Cindy smiled and replied. "I can't hardily remember anything from last night. You telling me we had sex or something. "She laughed

Tony shook his head up and down as he took a swallow of his martini. "Yeah. Actually we did. We had sex on the bathroom counter last night than I made you cum twice when you came to bed."

Cindy laughed. "I kind of remember us talking but it's a complete blank to me whatever we did."

It wasn't until Tony ordered another round did he think about going further in their conversation about her boyfriend Dan.

"Do you remember telling me about Dan?"

Cindy shook her head back and forth as she sipped on her fifth drink of the evening. Dan got up and sat down on the sofa next to his wife. He put her martini glass down on the coffee table and took her hand as he leaned in for a kiss. Cindy responded back but cut Tony short when he tried to cup one of her breasts.

"Honey. I don't want to get you all worked up for nothing. "Cindy told him.

Words were exchanged back and forth for the next twenty minutes until Tony finally wanted to know where he stood in their relationship.

Cindy said. "If I recall, you were the one that wanted us to have an open relationship. Now your jealous because I'm seeing someone?"

Tony had enough beating around the bush. "You mean fucking someone don't you?"

"Tony! That's enough."

Tony let everything go next telling her about the hickey's on her neck she was hiding plus the bit marks on her nipples. He even got so made to tell her how loose and sloppy her pussy felt last night to him. That's when she slapped him in the face and started to cry.

"Cindy. I'm sorry. I didn't mean it." Tony tried to say but it was too late for that as she stormed off to their bedroom and locked the door. It wasn't until midnight when Cindy finally came out of the bedroom.

Tony was asleep on the sofa and she woke him up by slapping him on the ass. He turned over and straightened up. Cindy was wearing her pajama's and sat on the chair with her arms folded starring at him.

Tony looked at her and said. "What now?'

(I hope you've enjoyed the story so far. It's complete. 16 chapters long)

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