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Reluctant Mistress


I need to be bound and tormented. My wife doesn't need to be dominant at all. She's tried over the years to make me happy, but she just doesn't like to dominate me. I've tried to suppress my needs, but I found myself depressed. We finally came up with a way for me to be bound and tormented, while making it as easy for her to dominate me as I could.

My wife works as the night manager of the local Blockbuster, from five p.m. to midnight. When she decides she doesn't mind dominating me, she hangs a small mirror on the outside of the bedroom door before she goes to work. I'm usually surprised and excited when I see the mirror. She rarely hangs it up, maybe once every four to six weeks on a Friday night.

When I'm ready to bind myself to the bed I can choose between a ball gag, a pair of clothespins tied together with a string, and a cock sheath, depending on what I want my wife to do. When I'm wearing the ball gag, she gets a cat-o-nine tails whip from the closet, and whips me for ten to fifteen minutes. She whips my stomach, legs, and cock. Mostly my cock. When I'm wearing the clothespins on my nipples, she lays down on my chest. Her bra presses the clothespins into my chest while she kisses me for ten to fifteen minutes. When I'm wearing the cock sheath, she takes off her clothes, lights a cigarette, and rubs her naked body against mine while she blows smoke in my face. The nakedness and the smoke arouse me more than anything else she could do. When she's finished with me, she takes a shower, and sleeps in the guest bedroom. She doesn't release me until she wakes up the next morning, usually around noon.

Tonight, I see the mirror hanging on the bedroom door. I get aroused, knowing that my wife will dominate me after she gets home from work. I hang a link from a chain on the same hook. This is my signal to let her know I saw the mirror, and I'm bound and ready for her. I take off all my clothing, and get the belt from my pants. I sit down on the side of the bed, and open the nightstand drawer. I decide on the cock sheath. I get a glass of ice water, and submerge my cock. The cold water stings for a bit, then shrinks my cock small enough to fit into the sheath. I hurry and lock the cock sheath on before I can get too excited.

I feel my cock fill the sheath as I wrap the belt around my ankles and buckle it. I pull the handcuffs up from behind the headboard. They're locked to a short length of chain; the other end locked to an eye I'd screwed into the back of the headboard. The keys to the handcuffs and cock sheath are on top the nightstand. Once I lock the handcuffs on, the keys could be anywhere. If I'm careful to lock the handcuffs on with the locks facing away from my hands I could hold the key in my hand and not be able to release myself. I lay down on the bed and lock the handcuffs to my wrists. The overhead light is off, but the lamp on the nightstand is on. The first time I'd tried this I'd left the overhead light on. By the time my wife got home my eyes stung more than the whip.

The waiting is part of the torment. I can't see a clock from the bed, and besides, I have no idea what time my wife will be home from work. Usually she's home by 12:30, but if there's a problem at work or there's a lot of tapes to run, she might not get home until after three. I try not to think about what's going to happen, but I can't help myself. The pressure of the sheath on my cock keeps me awake for a while, but I try to get some sleep.

I'm startled awake by the sound of the front door opening and closing. The bedroom has chilled a bit, and I shiver, lying on top the covers, as I hear my wife moving around downstairs for a while. I'm anxious for her to come upstairs, so it seems to me like she's taking her time. Finally I hear her footsteps on the stairs, and the bedroom door opening She stands by the side of the bed for a while, looking at me. She looks a little rumpled. I hope that she hadn't had too hard a night. I'd like to say something comforting, but I choose not to break the mood. She looks at the cock sheath, sighs, and peels off her work clothes and underwear.

She sits on the side of the bed, and pulls a pack of Virginia Slims and a lighter out of the nightstand drawer. I watch as she lights the cigarette, takes a puff, and rolls over by my side. She rubs her breasts and thighs against my chest and legs, blowing cigarette smoke in my face. My cock wants to expand, but the sheath cruelly and painfully restrains it. Much too soon my wife gets up from the bed and leaves, pulling the bedroom door shut behind her. I hear the water running in the shower, then nothing. I fall asleep thinking about how her body felt against mine, and smell the cigarette smoke in the air. When I wake up, the sun coming around the blinds brightens the room. The warmth makes me feel a little better. I know I still have a while before she unlocks me. I pass the time by thinking about the feel of my wife's soft body against mine and the smell of the smoke.

My wife comes into the bedroom. She's smiling and still naked. She sits by the side of the bed, and unlocks the cock sheath. My cock springs to life. She picks up the handcuff key, and instead of unlocking them she ties the key onto a loop of string, like a pendant. She puts the string over her neck, and kisses me. She mounts my stiff cock and rides like a wild woman. All I can do is watch the handcuff key and her breasts swing over my face as she gives herself four orgasms. She collapses on my chest, and I watch her rest. I'm glad I don't have clothespins on my nipples. She rolls over and cuddles against me for awhile. Bound, I have no choice but to lie there and be cuddled for as long as she wants. She kisses me and grins when she gets up and leaves. I'm alone for a while, until she returns. She rides my cock to another couple of orgasms, cuddles, and leaves. Later, she comes into the bedroom again; still wearing nothing but the handcuff key, and rides me for another couple of orgasms. She cuddles for a while, and leaves.

Night falls before she comes into the bedroom again. She's carrying a hand towel and a bottle of baby oil. She straddles my thighs and pours some oil into the palm of her hand. She strokes my cock, lightly at first, then a little harder. I'm already aroused, so she doesn't have to stroke long before I'm close to an orgasm. She teases me a couple of times by stopping just before I orgasm, waiting until my cock softens before stroking again. When she lets me orgasm the come shoots up a couple of feet in the air. She cleans up with the hand towel, and unlocks the handcuffs. My arms are stiff and sore, but it's worth it to see the smile on my wife's face as I kiss her and give her a huge hug. We get up and take a shower together. I'm happy she surprised me with extra torments. I can hardly wait until the next time.

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