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Reluctant Wife Anne


Reluctant Anne - Part 1

For a long time I have always wanted to see my wife, Anne, fuck other men, or more to the point, be fucked by other men, used like a slut etc. It had to be whilst I watched or took part as I didn't get off on her doing it whilst I wasn't there.

Unfortunately she didn't want to do it. The main reason was that she didn't really buy into the idea of having more than one man at a time, but she wasn't comfortable with her body anyway. I believed she said she wasn't comfortable with the way she looked as a cover for not wanting to come across prudish, which she had been accused of by her female friends, as well as me. Having said that, we did have a healthy and regular sex life.

At this point I have to say that my wife Anne is 43, and has given birth to three children, and following an operation, she can't have anymore. She still has an attractive face but the body is no longer the size and shape as when she was 20 (and neither is mine). Whatever she says though, I still fancy her, as do some of my friends.

Deep down, whatever the reasons she had, I knew that she would never say yes to the idea. The more I thought about it, though, the more I wanted to see it happen.

Anyway, onto the story.....

Anne and a friend of ours, Helen, had just come back from a day out horse riding. Helen had come back to our house to collect something or other, any excuse to stop and chat.

Helen began to tell us how one of the horses at the stables had to be operated on. In order to carry it out they gave it a special drug so the horse would be knocked out completely and not remember anything when it woke up.

Anne interrupted "It sounds like a stronger version of the drug Kate,one of our children, was given at the hospital when she needed a tiny operation on her hand, do you remember darling?".

"Yes, little thing didn't remember anything" I replied.

Helen continued "Well, it's exactly the same drug, just a bigger dosage. It is totally safe for humans, just knocks you out a bit longer than it does a horse! To be honest, I have taken it on occasions when I am in pain with my back and cannot sleep a wink. This stuff knocks you out for 12 hours and when you wake up you can't remember what day of the week it is, never mind what you were doing before you dosed off."

"But can't that be dangerous?" enquired Anne, "you may damage your back even more, or can you still wake up if it hurts really badly?"

"You can't wake up at all, sweety, that's the beauty of it! You've got kids, tell me, do they wake you up in the night? Take some of this and you won't hear a thing. Steve could hit you over the head with a hammer and you wouldn't wake up. It knocks you out cold, it's not just a painkiller!" continued Helen.

"Sounds good to me" joked Anne, but not really wanting any of it.

"Honey, I can get you some, already split into nice sized doses for humans - a 12 hour dose that is! How many do you want? asked Helen.

"No, I'll give it a miss, but thanks" Anne replied.

"OK then, no problem. I better be off then" said Helen.

"Steve will drive you back to the stables" replied Anne, "he does have some uses."

As I drove Helen back I decided to enquire about some of the horse tranquilisers, as she called them.

"Helen" I asked "Anne may not think she wants them but she needs some decent nights sleep. If it isn't one of the kids waking her up in the night it's another one and she never sleeps right through. Can you let me have some and I will crush them up and let her have some without her knowing. That way she'll just think she slept well."

"Sure thing, Steve. I have it in liquid form. It's safe to mix with wine so you shouldn't have any problem in getting it into her system" she laughed, "I was going to suggest you take some of it anyway but not to let her know. She'll get drowsy after about 10 minutes, and be out cold after about 20-30 minutes, but it is perfectly safe."

Once at the stables Helen passed me a box. "Not sure how many are in there exactly, there should be at least 40, they come in boxes of 75 vials. Either way she should get some sleep! Thanks for the lift, bye!"

I got back in the car and drove back home. When I got back I sneaked them into the house, counting how many there were before hiding them. There were in fact more than 60 of them.

My mind was already working overtime. I had far more than Helen thought I had, so could use some up myself, or give some away without needing to ask for more too quickly.

I decided to test them before I did anything untoward with them and thought that tonight would be as good a time as any. Anne normally went to bed around 11pm on a Saturday so I decided to slip the contents of the vial into her wine about half an hour beforehand.

The contents were clear and it blended in with the wine straight away. It didn't smell of anything either. Just as Helen had said, Anne began to feel drowsy within 10 minutes and 5 minutes later decided she needed to go to bed. She was tired and she had drunk most of a bottle of wine.

I kissed her goodnight and checked on her 10 minutes later. She was asleep. I left it for another 20 minutes and she was still fast asleep. I tapped her gently on each side of her face - no reaction, she didn't stir. Normally she would wake up if I walked into the room never mind gently slap her face! I tried to roll her over as if I meant to wake her, and once again, no reaction, absolutely nothing.

The drug really worked as Helen said it would. Now for the acid test - I decided to fuck her to see whether she woke up.

I grabbed some lube and rubbed it into her pussy, she didn't blink. I slipped my cock into her and began to fuck her slowly. She didn't stir, (not my ideal woman, one that just lies there, but that wasn't the point of this exercise). I began to pound away at her, grabbing her breasts, stopping them from rocking back and forth with each thrust.

I thought it best not to cum inside her in case she remembered going to bed before me without having sex. Instead I chose to act out a little fantasy of mine she wouldn't have agreed to. She didn't mind a bit of light bondage, and was a bit submissive, but she did not like cum over her face or in her mouth. She didn't really like cum over her body either, as she felt that by doing it I was treating her purely as a sex object.

Anyhow, I got some rope and tied each of her wrists to the corners of the headboard. I then set up the video camera, started recording, returned to he bed and began to fuck her again. Her body was heavy and floppy enabling me to move her into different positions, allowing me to treat her like a cheap porn star.

As I was about to climax I pulled my cock out of her pussy and held it just above her face. The cum spurted over her soft skin, but worried I would get it in her hair I drew back and shot the rest of my load over her breasts. I rubbed my cock over her face, spreading the spunk over her tanned skin and stopping it from running into her hair.

I climbed off and took a few pictures of her. She looked fantastic, just lying there, cum covered and tied to a bed like some sort of sex slave. And that gave me an idea. Before I thought any more about it, I untied her and cleaned her up with some baby wipes.

The following day was a normal day. Anne had no recollection of waking up during the night, as she hadn't woken up! She couldn't remember going to bed at all and it seemed the last thing she remembered happened just a few minutes after the first mouthful of wine. She didn't remember any of the last 20 minutes before she passed out.

As I mentioned, I had always wanted to see her get fucked by other men and I knew a few men that fancied her (and who knew that she would never let it happen). I made plans to see a few of them, for a little chat.

Reluctant Anne - Part 2

Over the next fortnight I spoke to six friends who at some time or other had said they would fuck Anne given half a chance. Well now I was offering them "half a chance", and three of them went for the idea.

I explained that it would involve coming round to the house, playing some cards and getting drunk. I told them it would only work by getting her drunk too but they were ok with that. What I wasn't going to let any of them know about though, was the "horse tranquilisers." They would just think she got too drunk before passing out.

With the kids packed off to the in-laws I arranged for the guys to come around one Saturday evening after Anne had been horse riding. She was always too tired to go out after that, but was happy for a few of my friends to come round and play cards or watch football on the TV.

The day, a hot summer's one, had come and Anne came home from her ride. I decided to pamper her a little and ran her a bath that was ready for her when she got home. She seemed a bit stiff so I offered her a massage which she gladly accepted. Hopefully she would feel more comfortable with the lads if I had turned her on but didn't make her cum.

After her bath and massage Anne would normally have just stayed in her short length "summery" dressing gown for the rest of the evening, but, unfortunately decided to get dressed as the lads were coming round.

"I don't want my gown to accidentally open and anything to spill out" she said.

"Well, it would make their day if it did, I can tell you."

"I don't think your friends would be interested in me" she continued, putting herself down as usual.

"If you don't believe me then why don't you ask them? I replied.

"Ask them what, whether they fancy me, or whether they want to see a flash of my boobs?"

"Both" I continued, "Either way the answer would be yes. If you don't believe me we'll put it to the test. You can't wear the gown, they're bound to say they fancy you in that! Put something on that is neither short and tarty or frumpish - we need a balance here so we can tell it's YOU they fancy, not what you're wearing, ok?"

To my amazement Anne replied "OK then, I'll wear something simple and plain, like a strappy vest top and a summer skirt, show a bit of leg and shows a bit of flesh, without being tarty as you put it."

Anne came down 5 minutes later and looked pretty stunning for a simple look. The skirt stopped just above her knees and there was a tiny bit of cleavage on show due to the built-in bra the vest had. There was, however, just enough flesh on view to entice the lads.

Meantime, I texted the guys telling them to make sure they told Anne how sexy she looked and how much they fancied her, but not to make it too obvious that I had spoken to them beforehand.

I opened up some wine to get Anne on her way. An hour later all the guys had arrived, separately, but they all knew why they were really there, and it wasn't for the card school!

Anne had met them all before and knew them well enough. The three guys were....

Bill, a work colleague, who was the same age as me, 45, not married, below average looking and a bit of a belly on him - I doubted if Anne fancied him at all.

Nigel was younger, at 38 and was a neighbour. He was a big guy but often worked out and played squash. It would be fair to say she fancied Nigel, as he worked out and had a good physique. At some parties she has been seen to flirt with him (and she never flirts!).

The third guy was a Roger, a 40 year old black guy who used to play football with me when we were younger. Roger was a huge man, with a gold front tooth. He actually frightened Anne a little as he looked menacing to a woman who had been brought up in a middle class white, Christian neighbourhood where black men didn't exist and children were wrongly led to believe they were all muggers and rapists. He now worked as a prison guard but I was sure part of Anne thought he had a suspect background. I told him to say he had just come from work as Anne sometimes took a shine to a man in uniform. I also told him to bring his handcuffs!

I had asked Anne if she cared to serve out the drinks and snacks on the pretence that we could see each others cards if we stood up to get them. I told her that they also needed an opportunity to tell her whether they thought she was attractive or not.

She reluctantly agreed as I poured her another glass of wine.

Nearly two hours of card playing had passed and Anne went out to get more drinks. I could see she had finished her bottle of wine and was well on the way with her second so I thought it time for the guys to comment on her.

Anne had gone to the toilet so I darted over to put the tranquiliser into her drink before she came back down. Mission accomplished, Anne walked back into the room and asked why I was away from the table.

"We're getting low on drinks, darling" I replied. Anne picked up her glass, took a mouthful of wine and sarcastically replied "Sit back down; your slave will do it for you". A thought went through my head "If only you would be so willing.... "

Anne came back a few minutes later with the drinks.

As she handed them around I decided to put the lads on the spot "Guys, Anne doesn't think anyone fancies her, other than me. What do you think?"

Anne blushed, the redness of her skin made worse by her being a bit drunk. At this point I stood up and moved behind her.

"Don't embarrass me, darling" she said wobbling slightly, "Oh God, I think I've drunk too much."

"Here you go guys, take a good look, who's right? Anne or me?" I asked.

Wanting to make sure she finished all her drink I grabbed her glass from the table "Looks like you need some Dutch courage, darling. In case you think they're not going to fancy you, best you knock this down your throat!"

She gulped the remains down in one go "Thanks, I need it, I don't think I have ever been paraded and ogled like this before." She looked at Roger, she certainly felt more uneasy about his eyes undressing her.

Bill, who never held back his opinion, was the first to speak "Well, I'll start. You're a real sexy lady, no, make that a real sexy woman, a real woman, no damn stick insect. You've got the curves in the all the right places. A woman you can really get hold off."

"Here, here" said Nigel, "Your hubby is one lucky man waking up next to you each day"..

Roger rubbed his chin, he was a smooth laid back guy, but a bit cheesy at the same time. "Let me see", he said, "Anne, you have a very beautiful face that could launch a thousand ships, silky smooth skin I'd like to caress all day long. And I would like to run my fingers through your hair and down your whole body, feeling every curve on you."

I came up behind her and put my arms around her waist and said "Told you so", and kissed her on her neck.

"OK darling, I still think they're just saying that to be ....to be...polite...ooh I feel a bit woozy.....they're just being polite, look at me, curves? It's all f f f fat if you could see it" Anne replied.

"That's not all fat there lady" piped up Bill.

"Trust me.......trust me...it is, er, it is f f f f fat" slurred Anne, now feeling the effects of the whole vial.

"I don't think they believe you darling. There's only one way to prove it." I carried on.

"Pprove it? H h h ow.... How.....?" spluttered Anne.

"I think you'll have to take your top off and let them see the real you. You've got a bra on so it would only be like them seeing you wear a bikini on the beach" I said, deliberately disregarding the fact the bra was built into her top.

"No, no...it won't help your c.c.cause." she said, her eyes closing momentarily as she became a bit more unsteady on her feet.

"Only one way to prove it" I replied as I took hold of a strap in each hand and pulled them down over her shoulders and her arms.

"S.S...Steve...." Anne slurred, with a slight jolt, as her breasts popped out over her top, which I pulled down to her waist. She had no idea what had just happened to her.

I was now praying that Anne wouldn't remember any of this the next morning. She was barely awake, but I thought would carry on.

I cupped a breast in each hand, squeezing each nipple between thumb and forefinger. They were already hardening but now they stood out as firm as they had ever been.

"I'll stand by what I said earlier" piped up Bill.

"Erm, same here" responded a very apprehensive Nigel.

"Why don't you come and take a closer look?" I proposed.

As they started to get up I whispered into Anne's ear, but loudly enough for the guys to hear, "Is this turning you on?" She mumbled incoherently what sounded like "Hmmm", before falling against me as she became even less stable on her feet.

"Guys, I think you need to get your cocks out and show Anne just how much you are turned on by her. The three of them all did as I suggested and Anne could see that all of them had a big erection.

"Well darling, you can see I was right. And, lads, you heard her, she's turned on by this. I think we need to turn her on some more though, don't you think?"

Bill was the first to step up to Anne, it was as if he hadn't seen a naked woman in months. I backed off slightly so I could watch what they were going to do to her.

Nigel was still a bit unsure as Roger moved in on Anne from the other side. Bill reached out with his left hand and started to stroke Anne's breasts, before bending down and sucking at the nipples, flicking them with his tongue. Anne let out a quiet moan, much to my delight, although I was certain she had no idea what was going on, or that she would remember it.

Roger moved his hands down towards Anne skirt, pulling it down to the floor, revealing her lacy white knickers. He then moved one hand down between her legs, feeling her lips and clit underneath the lacy material, gently rubbing his fingers over her labia. More gentle moans emanated from Anne's mouth.

Anne's legs started to buckle and Nigel and I held her before she fell right down. "OK", I said as I grabbed her and lifted her body over my shoulder, "you know why you came here tonight, so follow me to the spare room for Part 2 of tonight's entertainment."

"Bring it on!" said Bill enthusiastically.

"We're right behind you" chipped in Roger.

"Erm, she's fallen asleep drunk though" said Nigel, "do you think she'd want us to do this?"

"Look Nigel, just a couple of things. Did you not here what she just said? She said she was turned on, standing naked in front of you three. She just moaned with pleasure. Furthermore, can't you see how she acts around you? You are the only person she flirts with. She has the hots for you, but thought I wouldn't like it if I knew, but she's wrong. Take it from me, she wants to fuck you and I wanna see you fuck her" I said reassuringly.

Bill helped out "She's just a bit drunk, once we start she'll perk up a bit."

They all followed me upstairs to the spare room where I laid her on the bed.

"Did you bring your cuffs, Rog?" I asked.

"Here you go Steve" he replied, handing over the two sets of cuffs. I cuffed her wrists together, arms over her head and then cuffed those to the headboard with the other set.

Anne still stirred slightly; it hadn't been much over 20 minutes since she took her fist bit of her drink.

By now Bill and Roger were undressed, Nigel wasn't as he was still unsure about it all. Bill went straight to the top of the bed, knelt down by Anne and steered his short but fat cock towards her mouth.

"Open up now, your friend Bill has a present for you" he said. Anne's mouth was already partly open and as Bill's cock touched her lips it opened up enough for him to push it right in.

"Good girl" said Bill as he began pushing his cock in and out of her mouth, his hands all over Anne's breasts. Anne's eyes opened momentarily.

Roger came round to the other side of Anne's head. "Hey Bill, would you mind turning the lady's head this way as I believe she is fond of dark chocolate."

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