tagLoving WivesReluctant Wife Trap Ch. 03

Reluctant Wife Trap Ch. 03


After the visit from Steve and Scott, Carol again went into a depression. I had taken another great step and got Carol fucked by two guys, but I could tell she was feeling remorse about the incident. I realized again that she would never admit to what happened, and keeping her guilt feelings inside was a big burden. I tried several times to ask her what was wrong, but she would never open up. I knew I couldn't tell her about the set-up as that could backfire and ruin our marriage.

After a few more months I found a time to suggest we go to a topless beach, and I joked that the other guys would go wild if they saw you topless or naked. I was hoping I could then ease into a suggestion about a fantasy of her with another guy, but once again I was coldly shut down.

I realized the error of my prior plans. While I had succeeded in getting Carol fucked into orgasmic bliss on two different occasions, I was no closer to having her open up our relationship and swinging. I thought about trying to set her up with another guy, thinking that maybe if she fucked a third guy maybe that would do the trick.

I even tried a few times with spur of the moment incidents to get Carol with other guys. One time was at an out of town former co-workers wedding. Carol was looked stunning, and one handsome single man was obviously taken with Carol. We had a few drinks together, and Carol even danced with him a few times. I tried to leave Carol with him saying I was not feeling good and I was going up to the hotel room. Unfortunately Carol wanted no part of staying at the party without me, so we went up to our room together.

I thought of other ways I could set up Carol with another guy, and then suddenly like a light bulb turning on I had a great idea. Why not set up Carol with Steve again, but this time I would find a way to walk in and catch them in the act? Steve would have the best chance of fucking her again, and if I were to catch them then it would certainly force her into open discussions. I could tell her it is perfectly OK, and we could easily talk about an open lifestyle.

I called Steve and we set it all up. We would go back to the same hotel where Steve first fucked Carol, and set up another massage. I would go out for wine, and come back early to catch Carol with Steve's cock buried in her pussy. It had to work!

Carol travels with me about 2-3 times per year on business trips, so there was nothing unusual about me taking her to Detroit again. We stayed at the same hotel where we met Steve, and once again I had avoided sex for almost 2 weeks to make sure Carol was desperately horny. Once again I booked two adjacent rooms so I could get video of the event. We checked in about 2 PM, and I had no business appointments so the afternoon was ours. I had brought a bottle of wine from home, but the night before I opened the bottle and had a glass and even poured some out so there would only be a few glasses left. We relaxed and poured the wine, killing the bottle. Carol wanted to go lay out in the sun, which gave me time to get my video equipment set up in the adjacent room.

About 4:30 I went down to the pool, and told Carol it was time to come up to the room. She looked at me with a playful smile, thinking I wanted to play. We got up to the room and Carol gave me a big kiss and starting to grab my crotch. I told her I had a surprise for her, that I arranged another massage for her. Carol was startled by that and said "Why did you do that? I don't need a massage."

"Remember the last time we were here, the masseuse left early. He left the $100 behind and never finished the massage." Carol's face went beet red, as she tried to remember her lie about Steve leaving early during the first massage. I continued and said "Since you never got the massage I thought we would try it again. The masseuse will be here any minute. I checked and it is the same masseuse they had last time, do you remember Steve?"

Carol stammered and turned away saying "you shouldn't have done that, and I don't need a massage."

I said "relax honey, it will be good and we can have great sex after he leaves."

Carol didn't have much time to protest or worry about being with me and Steve in the same room, as within minutes there was a knock at the door. Steve came in, this time without a massage table. He smiled and said he remembered us from our last visit, and he was glad to have us as repeat customers. I told Carol to go change out of her clothes and put on a robe, while Steve was laying towels on the bed.

Carol, obviously very nervous, came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. With her deep tan she looked stunning. To cover her bottom the towel was low enough so that it was wrapped across her tits just below her tan line, showing plenty of her milky white breasts. The towel barely covered her crotch and was like a micro mini skirt, leaving plenty of her long tanned legs in full view for Steve. Carol cautiously moved to the bed, and lying on her stomach. She positioned the towel to cover her thighs and ass. Steve started to massage Carol's shoulders, telling Carol how great she looked and how glad he was to see her again. On our pre-arranged cue, Steve excused himself to the bathroom, and I said I was going to pour a few glasses of wine. I came back showing Carol the empty wine bottle, and said I am going to run out and get a new bottle. I said "There is a wine store about 15 minutes from here. I'll be back in about a half hour."

As soon as I was out of the room I quickly slipped into the room next door. My video equipment was again working perfectly. Carol stood up and without any regard for keeping the towel on she knocked on the bathroom door. "Hurry up; we only have about 20 minutes before my husband is back." I was flushed with excitement. Any thoughts of Carol resisting Steve were long gone. She was going to fuck Steve again without any second thoughts! My cock immediately stiffened, and I couldn't wait to come back in about 5 minutes and catch them fucking!

Steve came out of the bathroom naked, and they immediately embraced and kissed. Carol said "This is the last time we are ever going to do this, so let's make it good." Suddenly something happened that was like a big gut punch. Carol slipped the safety chain on the door! She said, "Just in case my husband comes back early. Remind me to take the safety chain off in about 20 minutes."

All my planning was out the window. As I watched Carol and Steve embrace and move to the bed, my mind was racing. It would be great to watch them again, but I wanted to catch them so Carol would talk about it. With the safety chain on the door there was no way for me to quickly get in the room and catch them in the act. I resigned myself to only another video of Steve fucking Carol, as I watched the video screen. Steve was already fucking Carol. As instructed, Steve was kneeling in an upright position so the camera had the best view of his cock thrusting in and out of her pussy. Carol was getting into it and her moans were already starting, only a minute or two into the fuck. My emotions were racing, as I was again tremendously excited seeing Carol get fucked, but I was saddened by the realization that my plan was failing.

Suddenly I had another idea, and I grabbed my cell phone. I would call Carol and talk to her while she was getting fucked by Steve!

I called the room phone from my cell, and I watched Carol's reaction when the phone rang. "Shit, it might be my husband!" Carol reached over to the nightstand and answered the phone. Steve kept his cock inside her and slowly continued fucking her.

"Hi, how is the massage going?" I asked.

In a strained voice Carol gasped "uhm, OK"

"Is he massaging you now?" I asked, watched as Steve's cock slowly moved all the way in her pussy.

"Uhm, yes", Carol stammered. I could tell her breathing was short, and she was doing all she could to maintain her composure.

"Carol, I was thinking, Steve really looked like he liked you." No answer from Carol but I could hear a slight gasp and I knew she was doing her best to stifle moans of pleasure as Steve continued to move his hard cock in and out of her wet cunt.

I continued, "Don't get mad, but if you wanted to have some fun with Steve it would be all right with me." The phone went dead silent, but I could just barely hear the sound of the bed creaking from Steve continuing to fuck Carol. "Carol, did you hear me?" Carol answered in a gasp "yes", while she tried to contain her breath and the situation registered.

"Carol, I will always love you, and this will never come between us. If you want to enjoy Steve's company, let him touch you anywhere, even make love with him, it would be alright with me."

Carol could not contain herself any longer and let out a short moan, but she still did not answer.

Steve had pulled his cock out and was rubbing her clit with the head of his massive erection, while Carol was moving her hips and trying to get his cock back inside of her. I continued, "Carol, do you want to make love with Steve?"

Carol could only answer in a soft gasp "yes". In a firm voice I said "Hand the phone to Steve." When Steve took the phone I told him "Hold the phone tight against your ear so she can't hear you." Steve's cock was no longer in Carol, but she was fingering her clit with one hand and rubbing his cock with the other. I gave Steve instructions to repeat these words exactly, "Hell yes I want to make love to your wife, thank you". Steve was perfect, and we made it look like I just asked him if he wanted to screw Carol and I gave him permission. "Now give Carol the phone again, and make sure you give me a good camera angle."

Carol took the phone back and I said "It's all set, I thought he wanted you honey. I want to hear you making love with him." Carol started to protest with me and gasped as Steve plunged his cock back inside of her. "Is he starting to touch you yet? Is his cock hard honey?" I was shaking with excitement. I was asking my wife how she liked Steve's cock while I was secretly watching her get fucked on camera! "Is his cock inside you now? Come on Carol, I want you to tell me if you like it" I continued.

Finally Carol let loose as she could no longer hold back. She started with a deep long moan, followed with "oh yes, oh yes, oh thank you for this, oh yes, my god".

"Do you like his cock? Is it big and hard?" I asked.

"Oh yes, oh shit, it is so big" Carol stuttered between moans. "Oh I am going to come". Steve started pumping furiously, and Carol started to scream. She was pumping her hips and wailing, and she could no longer talk on the phone. I could no longer hold back, as I shot a huge burst of come on my keyboard of my video system.

As Carol began to come back to earth and recover from her orgasm, I told her "Carol that sounded great. I am almost back to the room. I want to watch you and Steve; I want to watch you suck his cock." I hung up the phone, and I watched as Carol jumped up and ran to the door, taking off the chain. I laughed as I knew she did not want me to know she would have fucked Steve without the phone call. I waited another minute and then came back into the room.

I smiled at them and said "You guys sounded great over the phone, I want to watch round two." Carol protested "No Jim, I can't do that with you here."

"Carol, I love you, and I just gave you permission to fuck Steve. I know you loved it. The least you can do is let me watch. Steve, has she sucked your cock yet?"

Carol did not know what to say, and Steve followed my lead and said "No, and I still didn't come yet." He moved up and put his cock to Carol's lips "I think she wants to suck it."

"Come on Carol, it's OK. Let yourself go. If you really want me to leave I will, but please let me stay. It is a big fantasy of mine to see you with another guy. I let you fuck Steve; the least you can do is let me watch a little. Please let me stay and watch." As I was talking Steve continued to rub his cock on Carol's lips and giving her encouragement "Baby please suck it. I am so hot from you. I want you to taste my come."

Carol was lying on the bed facing Steve, who was now standing next to the bed. She finally put all her inhibitions aside and opened her mouth. She was stroking Steve's cock with one hand and sucking the head tentatively at first, and then taking him in as far as she could. She got on her knees, leaving her gorgeous ass fully exposed from the other side of the bed.

I took off my clothes and positioned myself in back of Carol. She felt my erection, and moved her hips up so I could slide my cock in her pussy doggie style. Finally I had succeeded! Carol was not only openly fucking another man, but even sucking another cock while I fucked her dog style! I was so hot and excited I came in about 3 pumps, squirting a huge load deep into Carol.

Steve stayed with us for a couple of hours, and Carol got fucked by twice more by Steve, and once again by me. It was a glorious afternoon. That night we talked about it, and I kept reassuring Carol everything was OK. We made love slowly, and I told her I loved her over and over.

It took months of planning and persistence, but I finally got Carol to accept an open lifestyle. I still have not worked up the courage to tell Carol that Steve was always a set-up, and I still have not shown her the videos. Maybe some day I will have to do that.


Author's note: "Thanks for all the good reviews and words of encouragement. It is exciting to know that my stories are a turn on for others. I am not the most gifted writer, and it takes a lot of time to write these. Without your words of encouragement I never would have written chapters 2 and 3."

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