tagIllustratedRemembering Claudia

Remembering Claudia


Winter is upon us. As the cold wind strips the last leaves from the trees, and the Christmas lights go up in my neighborhood, memories creep back unbidden from my younger days. I begin to recall the girls I once loved, their names and their smiles, and what each planned to do with their futures. I was never a ladies' man nor a player. I can count my relationships on one hand. Okay, two if you count coffee dates. Like so many others, I experienced long term relationships that soured over time. I had opportunities at love that I passed up because our careers paths led us apart.

There is one memory in particular that haunts me: Claudia. I spend the holidays comfortably in my pleasant colonial home in Virginia, amidst my shelves of law books and various other tomes, in front of a roaring fireplace. As I look into the flames, I sometimes see her face. Even as I bask in the warmth of my hearth, regret and guilt threaten to chill my good spirits and a woeful cry of remorse peals forth from my soul.

It all began several years ago. I at the time I was in the process of breaking up with Claudia's older sister, Natasha. We had been dating for several years when she finally announced over the phone that she had been offered a job in San Francisco.

I was heartbroken. All through college she had been my only love. Sure, she was a few years older, but only a few. Moreover, she had a habit of dating other guys on the side, which I accepted begrudgingly. Since I myself had such trouble with the ladies, I was grateful just to get some action from Natasha on most weekends. Come Thanksgiving, or New Year's, or July 4th, I was the one she demanded come sit at the dinner table with her parents. It made me feel like I was the most special one of her lovers.

Perhaps it was the fact that she had other lovers that made Natasha so cold and unemotional. She gave me the news and honestly expected me to be jubilant. The way she had treated me up to now made it clear she had no illusions that I would follow her to the west coast.

"So this is it, the end?" I asked.

"Not exactly," she said. "I'm still hoping you will come to my parents house for New Years."

"Why?" I managed. I was too choked up to risk telling her what a stuck up bitch she was if she thought she could step on my heart and then hope to have me acting all genteel and amiable in front of her parents. Would I go gently into that night, after pouring my meager earnings into dinners, jewelry, and flowers for her?

Not a chance in hell. Jason S. Waterford is nobody's fool. In a few months I would be a practicing attorney at law. I was articulate enough to slap her silly over the phone, but it would have to wait until another day. I couldn't believe the bitch was giving up on me after all these years.

"Please? Just come, will you please?" I had never heard her plead this way with me. "I promise you'll have a good time. My parents want to see you, you know how highly they think of you. They're hoping you don't disown them just because of me," she continued.

That made me feel better. I had come to think of Natasha's parents as family, come to think of it. Mr. and Mrs. Radzoff were some of my favorite old folks, they never gave me a hard time even though they knew I was sleeping with their daughter. They did one better. Back when our dates took place right under their roof, they would have delicious fresh bread, cold cuts, cheese, eggs, butter, and coffee on the table in the morning for us to eat.

Yep, those two were about the most awesome parents a guy's girlfriend could have. They respected our relationship; I naturally reciprocated. I didn't want to turn down the invitation if it was from them.

"It's a small gathering, I take it?" I asked.

"Yup," said Natasha. "Just me, Mom, Dad, and Claudia."

I swallowed. Claudia had turned 18 that June. Shortly after she left for school at Georgetown.

"Jason, if you come," Natasha said, her voice even as she explained the simple proposition, "I'm going to set you up with Claudia."

"Oh yeah?" I asked. "How? She sleeps right next to your parents upstairs."

"No she doesn't. Now that she's 18 papa let her move into my old room."

In the basement.

My urge to cry was already gone. Now I was trying not to spike the phone with exultation.

"I'll be there," I said. Fuck yeah I would.


New Years at the Radzoff's was always a splendid event. Even though they lived in a somewhat cramped apartment, we all dressed to impress. I wore black slacks, a silver tie, and a black vest with a silver stripe on the front to mark the faux pocket. My white silk shirt was adorned with my best silver plated cufflinks.

Mr. and Mrs. Radzoff were a bit pudgy and over the hill but they dressed like aristocrats to celebrate the New Year. I would have figured Mr. Radzoff for a simple sweater and slacks but he wore his tuxedo with a silver cummerbund. Mrs Radzoff had a more conservative black sequined dress that went down elegantly all the way to the floor.

As it turned out, they had invited another couple over. I could not remember their names but the man wore a funky leather vest and carried a fur hat. What really stood out about his appearance was his bushy, Tom Selleck mustache. His wife was a blonde in her mid thirties, rather average. She wore a classy black dress with a white fold over the top and long dangly gold earrings.

Natasha wore a bias cut white silk dress that went all the way down to her ankles. Over it she wore a see through black lace dress. It hugged her figure quite well. Her long blonde hair cascaded behind her all the way down to her ass. She looked like a marble statue carved by Michelangelo that had come to life. At 5'4", she was the perfect height.

Over the years I had watched young Claudia blossom. College and the time away had done wonders for her as well. Her brown hair had been dyed a fiery dark cherry. She was wearing a strapless bustier with an almost corset-like apparatus that laced up in the front. Her dress was white with a satiny finish and lacy white trim. Her ample, smooth breasts were neatly pushed up in front like a pair of soft, ripe fruit. She exhibited her beautiful face and slender neck by tying her red hair back and allowing it to cascade gracefully behind her neck and shoulders.

The bulk of the conversation was carried out in Russian, and I could not understand a word. Normally I would sit and listen and patiently wait for Natasha to fill me in. This time she sat across from me, however, and Claudia was by my side instead.

Since Claudia only spoke halting Russian, we spent the evening trading small exchanges and pleasantries and ignoring the tales "Tom Selleck" was regaling upon the others.

"If you hit it off with my sister, I'm going to take off alone after midnight," Natasha had explained a few days before. "I'll crash at Phil's house." Phil was a middle aged guy that Natasha liked to fuck because he was hung and otherwise didn't get out much. Size mattered to Natasha quite a bit, which is part of why I had been a fixture in her life for so long.

As the evening progressed I caught Claudia checking me out several times. Checking out my package, I should say. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the attention, but I wanted to ask Natasha if she had told Claudia anything about me. However there was no way for us to speak in private.

When the clock struck midnight, I raised my champagne along with everyone else, drinking to a round of Russian toasts with good cheer. I didn't plant a kiss on Claudia's cheek, but I looked at her and hoped she would reciprocate. Instead she was too busy toasting with the others in her family.

If things had been prearranged, I was still waiting for that signal from Claudia that we were going to hit it off. I was not sure what other opportunities the evening would afford for Claudia to peg me with an innocent kiss.

Normally I am a positive, glass half-full kind of guy. Had I not been in a breakup with Natasha, I might have been happy simply to enjoy the great food and company of the Radzoff's. I might have been happy just to sit next to Claudia and exchange a few whispers with her, and say it was worth it. I might have taken account of the times I had ogled her curves busting out all over tight dress and counted myself lucky.

Instead I was starting to wonder if the glass was in fact half-empty. The sight of Natasha was heartbreaking, and I had endured it patiently the whole evening. I made eye contact with her but she ignored me. I patiently waited, and ate some more pecan pie.

Natasha took out her cellphone and started texting.

"Mama, papa, I love you," she said. "I'm going out now." She didn't even address me.

"Going? Natasha, now, why leave so late?" Mrs. Radzoff asked, speaking English for my sake.

Mr. Radzoff said something more in Russian. Natasha threw on her fur coat, the one I had bought her.

"He's not just my guest, he's yours too," Natasha replied.

Mr. Radzoff went off, saying a number of things to her in Russian. I could sense some impatience and criticism in his voice.

"It's tradition," Mrs. Radzoff added.

"Papa," Claudia said. "Jason can be my guest."

Minutes later Natasha was gone, and I was sitting on the couch watching an old Russian movie. This movie was the "tradition" that we watched every year. It lampooned the communist system in Russia while telling the compelling tale of love between two people who met by chance long ago, and how their relationship morphed over time, marked by passion at times, and distance at others.

Claudia was sitting next to me. Her parents were sitting at the dinner table, talking amongst themselves.

After about an hour, Claudia and I were surreptitiously holding hands.

I had always thought Claudia was one hot chick, but she had always been off limits. Even after she turned 18, my morals dictated that I leave her alone. It wasn't that I had chosen to abandon my morals out of a sense of self pity. No, my moral compass was determined by consideration for others. If that other said go ahead, then where was the conflict?

"What about your parents?" I had asked Natasha several days before. "They're going to let me hook up with Claudia right in their own home?"

"How long have you known my parents?" was Natasha's rhetorical response. "Claudia is eighteen, end of story! If they intervened, that would be favoritism. Not to mention pointless, because they know that I'm leaving."

As I sat there, caressing the back of Claudia's soft hand with my thumb, I silently thanked those crazy Russian parents. I was going to get mine tonight.

As we held hands, our eyes began to leave the screen and wander the room, over one another, and then back to the screen. We were basking not only in the afterglow of a fine feast and champagne, but in the sense of newness of each other, the anticipation of how we would finally release that pent up desire we had felt for one another. It occurred to me that I did not know if Claudia had wanted me before and just kept it a secret.

After about ten minutes of holding hands, my cock was hard and I wanted to fuck. "Clara," I whispered, using the kid name only her family used, "Are you sleepy?" The hidden message was, "Do you want to go downstairs?"

She looked into my eyes, shook her head and smiled while biting her lower lip. Fucking hell, Claudia wasn't merely beautiful -- she was smoking hot.

She asked me to wait until "Tom Selleck" leaves. "Well, that makes sense," I thought.

She let go of my hand and started caressing my hip, her hand well out of line of sight of the other guests. I ran my hand along her lower back where my movement could not be noticed. We continued to watch the movie.

Two fucking hours later, the movie was almost over and both me and Claudia were practically falling asleep. My hard-on was draining all the blood from my brain and I was fighting to stay awake. I woke right up though when I saw the older folks rise from the table and begin to say their farewells.

I looked into Claudia's eyes and she smiled at me with a look that said "Finally, I'm going to get me some of this boy." I stood up and stretched, and moseyed over to the door half-heartedly to grab my coat. "Well, it's late," I began to say.

"Where are you going?" Mrs. Radzoff asked tersely. "No no no you've had too much to drink--"

"No I haven't--" I quietly said.

"--and you are like family. You live too far. No." she said, shaking her finger at me. "You stay tonight. Clara!" She barked commandingly at her daughter. Claudia sprang forth, grabbing me by the elbow with both hands and standing close to my side.

"Bring him towel, see that he gets hot shower. It very cold tonight," she said.

"Right this way," Claudia said, dragging me by my elbow to the old familiar door down to the basement.

"Good night, Mr. and Mrs. Radzoff!" I finished, remembering my manners. I would have to thank them later, I thought.

The basement itself had changed. I noticed that all of Natasha's junk had been removed, and new carpet and sheets were in.

We went straight to the shower. Clara turned on the faucet, allowing the shower to get hot while we stripped out of our fine clothing as fast as we could.

As soon as we were both naked we jumped under the hot jets of the shower. Claudia and I began laughing with ecstatic glee. We embraced and kissed. My chest pressed against the globes of her firm breasts. Her hands encircled my hard cock. She pulled back to take a better look at it.

"It's the biggest I've ever seen," Claudia gasped. She began jerking me up and down, and I grunted.

"Easy! Easy," I said. Fuck, she was so goddamn sexy. I grabbed some soap and started soaping her whole body down. Afterward she soaped me down, focusing on my cock last. It was rock hard at that point. She was on her knees jerking my soapy 9" cock with both hands. It was heaven.

I had no intention of nutting in her hands. She had so much more that I wanted to touch and explore. However, I underestimated her sexual prowess. Even though my dick was still covered with suds, she slurped it into her mouth and started sucking the top half of my shaft while squeezing my root with one hand. Without wasting a second, she was bobbing up and down, moving her hand in time. Before I knew it I was already on the brink. I tried to pull away but she pulled my hips close with her free hand. I started cumming, shooting my load into her mouth. She let the soapy water, spit and jizz spill out of her lips, pour down her chin and onto her cleavage and so on.

I wasn't about to stop there though. I soaped my dick off one more time while she rinsed off. Then I rinsed off and we toweled our bodies completely dry. We ran through the cold basement to her bed. She lit a few candles and the mood was set.

I got on top of her, kissing her all over. I made my way down to her legs and began kissing all over her stomach, hips, and thighs. She was quivering with delight.

"Natasha told me about you," she gasped. "How good you are in bed, with that tongue of yours," she said.

"I hope she left something of a mystery," I replied. "Anyway, what you like is still a mystery to me."

"Just lick my clit, you big dork," she giggled.

I wanted to start doing just that, so I could move on to sinking my cock into that young pussy. However, my instincts told me to keep teasing her before I put my tongue to her sensitive pink nub.

I ran my hands over her soft warm skin, cupping her breasts in my hands and fondling them adoringly. They were so pert and firm, their upward pointing nipples so pink and hard. I had to take a few minutes to lick and suck on them. Soon she was writhing on her back and whimpering "Jason!"

I traced the line down her smooth abdomen to her bellybutton and then slowly began kissing my way down to her pubic mound. Her pussy lips were shaved bare but she had a tuft of dark hair above it shaped like a diamond.

She spread her legs for me and I placed my hands under her knees and spread them wider.

I licked her pussy up and down and then sucked her clit into my lips, tonguing it slowly. She writhed but I held on to her thighs with both arms. My lips were locked on her sweet slit and I had her clit right where I wanted it. She reached down to caress my head and run her fingers through my short, wavy brown hair.

I reached my arms under her thighs and grabbed her wrists, pulling her arms down toward me. I kept licking her muff and she bucked and writhed under me.

I let go of one her her hands, then the other, and started to work one finger into her pussy, then another. Once I could get three inside, I pushed just my index and middle finger in all the way to the knuckle. I felt around for her G-spot and found it without much trouble.

I began licking her clit and pushing on her g-spot. Claudia let out a high pitched whimper and moan before holding her breath. After convulsing for several seconds, she shuddered and relaxed. I knew I had just brought her off.

She held my head in her fingertips and drew my face up to hers. "What did you just do? No one has ever made me cum like that," she moaned. "Thank you."

I grinned and she grinned back at me, licking her perfect lips.

"Now it's your turn," she said. She slid off her bed and onto her knees.

She was eager to show me her gratitude, and that was fine by me. I was just grateful to be getting my dick sucked in the warm mouth of this beautiful creature. She opened her pretty lips wide and started sucking on my dick again.

She sucked on my crown, slowly swirling her tongue around the tip at first. Then she rhythmically sucked at my cock. One of her hands went down to rub her clit while she sucked on me. It felt so good I wanted to push my cock deeper into her mouth. When I moved to caress her hair she waved my hand away.

She started sucking me deeper, and I could feel my cock bump up against the back of her mouth. She nearly gagged and I pulled her mouth off. She was good, but she was no porn star.

I laid her down on her back and she spread her legs for me eagerly. I mounted her and drove myself in to the hilt. Her pussy was wet, warm and very tight. She looked into my eyes, her lips parted with enjoyment, and I felt her pussy walls contract around my manhood.

I grunted and heaved my body into her, and she cried out in pleasure. I held her close in my arms, enjoying the feel of her soft breasts against my chest. After grinding my hips into her for a few moments, my hips began bucking and I lost control. I thrust and pounded her clenching pussy with abandon, and she gasped and cried and moaned.

She grabbed me, pulling my body close and raking her fingernails across my skin, urging me on. I pounded her faster and harder. "Right there, oh god!" she cried. I kept fucking her as she began cumming. "Don't stop!" she cried.

I felt her pussy walls contracting around me and it felt so good I knew I was going to cum soon. I had to keep going because she kept cumming and begging for more. My balls were churning and bubbling over.

"I'm gonna cum!" I warned.

"Don't cum inside me!" she gasped. It was already too late, I was spurting precum, but I pulled out and she slid down to the floor. My balls were aching for release. "Give me all your cum!" she begged, opening her mouth wide.

I took her head in one hand and guided my cock into her mouth with the other. She sucked on my glans again and I fucked her face gently. In moments I was cumming again. I pulled out and she stroked my cock as I shot ropes of cum over her slender shoulders and pale, full breasts. She looked up at me as I showered her with my cum and smiled.

She opened her mouth and sucked on my flagging erection, licking my shaft until it was clean.

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