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Remote Control: Channel 01



"All right, all right. I'm coming!"

Ricky made his way through the living room and into the hall entry still wearing his pajama's. The banging on the front door woke him from a wonderful dream involving him and a sexy professor that he couldn't stop daydreaming about since the semester started. He looked over at the couch to see Byron, his roommate, sleeping on the couch.

"Don't worry Byron, I'll get it," he said out loud to himself.

He made his way to the front door and opened it, squinting his eyes at the bright afternoon sunlight. "It's been awhile since he's been awake this early on a Saturday," he thought. Standing there was a delivery man from UPS or FedEx or one of those delivery guys, he wasn't really sure, but he could tell by the matching uniform he was wearing that he was indeed a delivery guy.

"Morning sir. Delivery for a Mr. Ricky Long," the delivery guy said.

"Yeah, that's me." Ricky said.

"Just sign here and I'll get the package out of the truck," delivery guy said, handing Ricky a clipboard and pen.

Ricky took them and watched the guy head over to his truck. It wasn't unusual for him to be getting a package, his parents have been sending him stuff ever since he started school a year ago, but the last time he spoke to them they didn't say anything about a package coming. He just signed and watched the delivery guy pull the package out from the back of his truck. It was huge, simply marked TRV on the side of it. He didn't think it was from his parents and started getting curious immediately about it's contents. He knew Byron didn't order anything, Byron was as broke as he was. The delivery guy made his way to the front door and pushed the box off of his hand truck, taking the clipboard and pen from Ricky making sure it was signed.

"Thank you sir," the delivery guy said.

Ricky looked down at the box then back at the guy. He was sure that there had been a mistake of some sort. "Excuse me, but are you sure you've got the right package or the right house for that matter?" Ricky said.

"You are Ricky Long right?" he asked.


"Then I'm sure," he said, looking aggravated that he was being held up. He then ripped a copy of what Ricky just signed and handed it to him. "Have a good day."

"Yeah. Thanks," Ricky said, looking at the box, confused.

He watched the delivery truck pull away and then lifted the box and carried it into the living room, noticing the Byron was awake now, but stayed laying down on the couch. He watched Ricky struggle with the box, but didn't get up to help. He simply leaned over the back of the couch and watched him place the box down.

"What's that bro?" he asked.

"Beats me, did you order something?" Ricky asked.

"Nah. You?"


"Well open it," Byron said.

Ricky looked around the room and found a butter knife in the mess, stabbing it into the box to break the tape holding it together. He placed the knife on the ground and ripped it open the rest of the way by hand. There was a big pieces of styrofoam on the top which he pulled away. Underneath that was what looked like a television. He reached in with both hands and lifted it out of the box.

"Dude it's a TV," Byron said.

"Clear off the TV stand," Ricky said. His arms spread apart holding the set from the bottom.

Byron got up and pushed everything off the stand, dumping it on the ground with a crash. He lifted the old television set and added it to the mess. Ricky then placed the new set on top and stepped back. The new set hung off both sides of the stand, but held it good enough for now. He then went to work on plugging it in and hooking up the cable line to the back of the set.

"Dude, that thing is sweet," Byron said.

It was sweet. A sleek, silver trimmed 52" set that looked like it could go from zero to sixty in two seconds flat if it was a car. Neither of them knew a thing about electronics, but anyone could tell that this thing was top of the line shit they had in their possession. Even though the name of the company was new to them.

Ricky stood and walked back over to the box he just lifted the TV from and found the remote. He looked it over as he walked back to the set. It was like nothing he had ever seen before. The top half of the remote looked like any other, power button, channel control button, numbered keypad, volume control. The bottom half of the controller though looked completely alien to him. There were several buttons that had weird symbols on them, a small keyboard that looked very much like a computer keyboard and a large green button at the bottom of the remote. Ricky shook this off, electronics were never his thing, so he just thought that it must be the latest in remotes.

"So, let's test the puppy out," he said and hit the power button.

The set whirred to life making a very quiet humming sound, then the picture came to life. It was the clearest, crispest picture he had ever seen. He flipped through the channels, just admiring the quality of the picture, the pureness of the sound stopping on MTV. Britney Spears's latest video was on. Not Ricky's first choice in musical selections, but he just wanted to see how much the speakers could handle. He held his finger down on the volume control, watching the meter on the screen rise. The sound remained clear, not a single hint of distortion could be heard. He was impressed. And so was Byron.

"Dude this thing is fucking awesome!" he said. "Are we going to keep it?"

"I suppose so," Ricky said.

"Let me see," Byron said, reaching for the remote.

Ricky looked down at the remote before handing it over and noticed that the big, green button was flashing. He looked over at Byron, then back at the remote.

"I wonder why it's blinking?" Ricky said.

"Beats me dude. Push it."

Ricky rested his thumb on the button and pushed down, looking up at the screen to see if it did anything. He watched Britney dancing around and noticed that the screen started getting brighter and brighter. It wasn't long before he was surrounded by the brightness, it seemed to fill the room in fact. He looked around and all he could see was the light, lifting him from where he stood. Then he felt a sudden rush of air, like he was being forced forward. He wanted to scream, but the rush of air held it back. It was like being caught in a snow storm, but it didn't last long, soon it all went calm. The rush was gone, the bright light was gone, everything was gone. He was standing alone in darkness, well, not entirely alone. Standing in front of him was Britney Spears. She was wearing the same outfit that she was wearing in the video he was watching right before the bright light. A tight pair of black hip huggers that rested snugly around her waist. A skimpy, black top that pushed up her tits into a very ample cleavage. Her hair was wild and messy, tossed in front of her face. She looked up at Ricky, rested her hands on her hips and smiled.

"Hi, and welcome to TRV. Totally Real Virtuality. I'm Britney Spears and I'll be your host as we walk through some of the basic features of your TRV television," Britney spoke in her most professional sales pitch tone.

Ricky was speechless, even if he could speak, he had no idea where to start. He decided to just listen for now, hoping that Britney would have some sort of explanation for what happened to him.

She walked towards him and started her introduction.

"First, TRV would like to welcome you to to the latest in virtual reality technology and thank you for choosing TRV. If you just tell me your name, you'll automatically be registered as the user of your TRV set. Being the registered user of the set will allow you the option of locking out other users to use the set as well as other wonderful options," she finished and waited.

"Ah... Ricky Long," he said.

"Thank you Ricky. Now, as you've noticed, what TRV has done is given you the ability to actually enter a virtual environment with the stars that you watch on your TRV set. Not only that, it also gives you the ability to create an environment for you to interact with as well. All of this can be done with the use of the TRV remote. Just simply program in the environment and press the green button," She finished and waited.

Ricky waited to. He looked around and wondered what they were waiting for. Britney just stood there, silent, smiling back at him. He then looked down at the remote and noticed the green light flashing again. He pressed it and the room began to change. They were now standing in a large field of flowers. He could feel the warm spring air, smell the flowers around him.

"Excellent," she said. "Not only can you control the environment, but you can also control what the people in the environment are wearing."

She feel silent again and Ricky pressed the flashing green button. Britney was now wearing tight, red leather pants. A red leather vest that was buttoned all the way down to her navel.

"Excellent," she said. "Now, to leave the TRV environment, all you need to do is press the power button, until you press the power button you're free to interact with the environment that you create for as long as you would like. This is the end of the introductory tour. TRV would again like to thank you for your purchase. Are there any questions?"

"Um, yeah. If I'm here, where ever here is, where am I, I mean my real body?"

"Your body is safe in your home," she said simply.

"OK. So, are you just a hologram?"

"No, everything in the environment is real, including me. Let me show you," she finished and walked up to Ricky reaching up and touching his face. Her hand slid gently across his cheek then back to her side.

"So, can I just enter this environment or can I actually enter what's happening on what I'm watching or what?" he asked.

"How it works is when you decide to enter the TRV environment you enter it with whomever or whatever is on the screen at the moment you press the green enter button. From there you can then enter specific settings about the environment for, you and me for instance, to interact in. Or, environment settings, clothes settings, etcetera can all be preprogrammed before using your TRV remote. You can also enter the environment of what is on the screen as well. Let's say you were watching oh, Friends for instance, you could actual enter the world of that show. Understand?" she said all of this with that big, bright smile on her face.

"Yeah, I think I do. Do you mind if I give it try right now?" he asked.

"Not at all", she said.

Ricky looked down at the remote and began typing into the keypad, looking up at Britney every once in awhile. When he was done, he pressed enter and watched to field change into a small, dark room. A solitary chair in the middle of it. He worked again on the remote and pressed enter. Britney's clothes changed again. She was now wearing a short, black miniskirt with calf high, red boots. A small, white blouse that was tied into a knot in front just under her breasts. He worked again on the remote, hit enter and music started playing. It was one of Britney's songs. He wasn't sure which, just that it was her latest. He then walked past her and sat in the chair, putting the remote down on the floor next to him.

Britney had started to sing, her back to him, her voice filling the room. He was never a big fan, but she sounded sweet and sincere. He felt it running through him as he sat and watched her, her hips shifting up, holding out her ass, then gyrating forward with the music. Her head tossed back looking at him as she sang. Ricky watched her body move to the music as she turned and danced slowly for him, her eyes locked on his. He'd be lying if he told you that he didn't think she was hot, he did, even hotter now that she was really singing to him. Her eyes teasing him, running her fingers through her hair as she made her way over to where he was sitting. His eye watching every sultry move she made, eyes fixed on her ass as she moved it seductively in front of him. She was moving in small circles now, rocking her hips in an even smaller one, her eyes finding his every time she turned. She then stopped and lifted one leg, then the other so that she was straddling him, her hands in his hair as she belted out the last few lines of her song.

The music kept playing though as her fingers worked there way to the back of his head where she gripped and pulled back. She leaned down and kissed him hard on the lips. Her mouth sucking on his as she sat on his lap. She could feel that he was rock, fucking hard, so she ground down against him as they kissed. Their tongues tasting each others. Ricky's hands moved up and took hold of her tits, kneading them over her blouse, pushing them together, holding them tight. She finally broke the kiss, though her tongue lingered in his mouth for a moment longer, licking his teeth and lips.

She then leaned back and took his hands from her breasts, putting them down at his side, a smile forming on her face. A wicked smile, not the usual sweet, innocent smile that he's always seen her with. Her hands then went to work on her blouse untying the knot that held it together, slowly opening it for him, revealing two perfect breasts.

Ricky looked down at them, admiring how perfect they were. Two large nipples centering them out. He leaned forward and took one in his mouth, sucking in all he could. He devoured it, biting down and licking around her swelling nipple. His hands moved from his sides and held her by the waist as he moved from one breast to the other. Sucking each one into his mouth. "Yes," she moaned out, removing her blouse completely and throwing it on the other side of the room. Her hands then went to his head and pressed him onto her more.

As he sucked her tits, she worked her hips over his thigh and started to press her crotch against it, grinding down. Her moans were getting louder and louder mixing with the music. He had no doubts now about how real she was.

After a minute she pulled him off her breasts and stood. Ricky just watched as she worked her way out of her skirt, exposing her sweet, little pussy. It was neatly trimmed, leaving just a small, short cropped patch over her lips. Leaning forward, she ripped open his pajama top and kissed his chest. Her tongue snaking over it, working over each of his nipples, looking up at him with her big, bright eyes as she went from one to the other. A few seconds later she worked her way down until she was kneeling between his legs, her tongue making a trail to his navel where she darted it in and out. She then raised her head and placed her hands on the waistband of his pajama pants sliding her fingers into the sides, pulling them down and lifting them up and over his bulging prick. Ricky lifted his ass so she could easily slide them down his legs, pulling his top off the rest of the way and tossing it out of view. Britney had his pants down around his ankles now so he picked one foot up, then the other so she could remove them completely. She turned and tossed them with all of their other clothes then looked back at Ricky. His cock was at full attention. She looked at it, then up at him.

"My my my," she said with a smirk on her face, one eyebrow raised.

She then took his big, thick, nine inch cock in her hand and gently stroked it up and down. Her hand moved with gentleness, feeling every inch of him. She worked it up to the head where she held him carefully then leaned forward and licked from the base to the tip. One slow, long lick. She lowered herself and did this again, this time catching his balls before she worked her way up to the tip. On the last time she did this, she slipped the head of his cock inside her mouth and sucked on it, her hand moving down to hold him at the base.

"Oh yesssss," he let out, overcome by the feeling of her warm mouth taking him.

Her little fingers wrapped around him, holding tight as she slid her lips further onto his cock. She went down halfway onto his shaft and then pulled up slightly, sucking in as she did, then sank back down. He could feel her tongue pressing the underside of him as she pulled up then sunk back down over and over. He looked down at her, her head bobbing slowly up and down, twisting when she had gone down as far as she wanted. He wasn't sure if the real Britney Spears could suck cock, but this one was doing one hell of a job. She was handling his massive prick better then any real girl ever had.

She sucked for awhile longer then took her mouth off of him, stroking with her hand again. Her head lowered between his legs and he could feel her tongue licking each ball, then her mouth surrounding them. She moved from one to the other, all the while her hand held him and stroked expertly.

Ricky wanted to cum right then and there, with his balls in this sweet, young stars mouth, but he had to feel his cock inside her before he came. Leaning forward, he took her arms and raised her up. She followed, placing a leg on either side of him as she stood on her toes. Ricky took a hold of his cock with one hand, put the other on her waist and guided her down until he felt her pussy lips part around the head. He then moved it until he felt the head against the small opening of her pussy then pushed her down some more, feeling her stretch around him. She was tight, but wet. After the head was firmly inside her, he held her by the waist with both hands and pulled her down. Her pussy reluctantly gave way as she sank onto him, the walls squeezing him tight. She grunted and squirmed on top of him, never having so much inside her. She began the lift herself up, his cock not really giving way, then sank back down forcing more inside her. Grunting loudly in his ear as a fresh inch of cock entered her. She lifted quickly this time and sat back down with some force so that even more could slide inside.

"Oh god," she screamed out, over half of Ricky's cock snugly inside her young cunt.

She sat like that for a minute, giving her pussy a chance to get use to the beast inside her, but Ricky didn't want that. He placed a hand on both of her ass cheeks and lifted her up, then pulled her down. He was breathing heavy, concentrating on not cumming which was becoming increasingly difficult given that her pussy was squeezing him so tight. The feeling was a pleasant kind of torture. He gripped her ass tighter and continued the motion until she was moving on her own, picking up speed. Her hips rising and lowering onto him with increasing force, her toes grazing the ground.

"Ung. UNG! UNGGH! GOD!" she grunted out each time she pounded down on him. Her hands holding tightly on the back of the chair, her tits bouncing in front of him.

Her pussy must have started getting use to his cock now because he was sliding in and out of her with a bit more ease then before, which allowed her to create a smoother rhythm. She was now rocking forward each time she came down on him and her grunts gave way to moans. Ricky reached up and took hold of her tits, squeezing them, holding her down on him so she could just rock back and forth, allowing his cock to move around inside her. He looked up at her and watched her face twist into a clear sign of pleasure. Her mouth open in a silent moan, followed by small, gaspy breathes.

"Yeah baby. Come on," Ricky said, pushing and holding his hips up into her.

"Oh yesss. That's it," she finally said.

"Cum on that cock baby," Ricky urged her.

"F-F-FUUUUCCKKK!" she screamed out as she stopped rocking and uncontrollably bucked her hips.

Ricky could feel her pussy tighten and hold each time she bucked, coming hard on him. He just squeezed her tits harder and pushed more cock up into her.

"OOOooooooGOD!" a loud lasted moan drifted from her and faded into the room.

He then gently lowered his hips back onto the chair and let her catch her breath. His cock twitched inside her, wanting to cum. He gently pushed her off of him and got up from the chair. Britney knelt down on the seat and Ricky stepped behind her, his hands running over the firm, smooth cheeks of her ass. He left one hand on one cheek and took his cock in the other, stepping forward. He then bent slightly to place the head of his cock into her soaking cunt and grabbed her ass with both hands. She leaned against the back of the chair and turned to look back at him. Her hair matted in front of her face, a few strands sticking to her sweaty forehead. Ricky slammed forward filling her in one quick stroke.

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