tagExhibitionist & VoyeurRenaissance Festival Cums Alive

Renaissance Festival Cums Alive


Thanks to my girlfriend and Wildehafer for help with editing.

This is my first submission, comments encouraged.


Gene looked out the driver's side-view mirror as he backed the car out of the driveway. The gravel made crunching sounds as he peered into the blue exhaust vapors clouding his vision in the cool morning air.

Liz looked at her watch, "It's 7:30 honey, we're right on schedule. We should get to the festival around 10:30."

"Great", responded Gene, "that should give us plenty of time to buy costumes and we'll have the rest of the day to tantalize each other with them."

Gene and Liz were going to a Halloween party the next weekend and decided to buy their costumes at the Renaissance Festival. She a saucy wench and he a libatious pirate. As they zoomed down the interstate Gene's mind wandered to visions of Liz on the arm of a pirate with her breasts pushed up and out for all to see. He would be wearing tights with his costume. He purposely wore no underwear today, looking forward to his package on display; the sight of Liz in her sexy, saucy wench outfit would keep him aroused all day.

Little did he know that Liz too was daydreaming. She was thinking about how far she would be willing to go with the sexy, saucy wench theme. The more she thought about it, the more she began to like the idea of prancing around provocatively dressed; ogled by the crowd but more importantly stimulating Gene. Visions of his big cock straining against the tights made her pussy begin to feel warm.

She moved her hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy through her jeans. The warm cum inside caused her thoughts to drift back to earlier this morning when she lay on her side with her head on Gene's shoulder and his arm around her. They had just woken up.

Gene was tracing circles on her back and shoulder, letting his finger tips just barely touch her skin. She loved when he did that and felt the beginning of sexual arousal as her skin tingled. Liz slid her hand to Gene's chest and began to slide her fingers through his chest hair and over his nipple; feeling it harden from her touch.

"If you keep that up we may never get to the festival." Gene whispered in her ear.

"I'm just giving you some rubbies like you're giving me." She replied, "We can enjoy a few minutes of cuddling can't we?"

Neither said anything for a few minutes; becoming aroused from each others caresses. Soon Gene reached his other hand across his chest and began to circle Liz's nipple with his fingers. As her nipple began to grow he ran his fingers up its length and ever so slightly pulled it up. Liz's pussy started to tingle; she could feel herself getting wet. She slid her hand down his stomach to gently comb his pubic hair with her fingers. Gene moaned in response. She slid her hand further to encircle his hardening member. She loved feeling him grow in her hand and slowly stroked him to full hardness.

Gene continued to tantalize her nipple with one hand and her back with the other while Liz slid her hand down and cupped his balls. She loved the feel of how big they were and imagined all the cum inside. Gene moaned again in satisfaction and she returned her attention to his cock this time milking it from the bottom to the tip. She was rewarded with a few drops of pre-cum and brought her glistening finger to her lips. They both lapped it up hungrily.

Gene pulled his arm out from under her and announced he had to go to the bathroom. Liz knew that at 55 the old saying of 'when you gotta go, you gotta go' applied to Gene in the morning. As he left the bed she got up to use the other bathroom; returning to lie on her back on top of the sheets. Gene returned, with his half-hardened cock swinging to and fro, moved to the end of the bed and put his hands on his hips. In anticipation of getting a pirate's costume at the festival later this morning, he waggled his hips so his cock continued to swing and said "Arghh! Is that pirate treasure I see hidden by the beautiful forest between your legs?"

Liz slid her hand down to her pussy, spread her legs and combed her long, dark, curly, pussy hair with her fingers. She watched Gene's cock grow in response. She continued to comb her fingers through her luxurious bush, her fingers sliding down until one was in her pussy and slowly, seductively, rubbed her clit with her now slippery finger.

Gene, again in a pirate voice said, "I sees a pearl there and I wants it!" All the while he unabashedly stroked his long, thick cock to full hardness.

"Come taste and see if this oyster is to your liking." Liz said as her other hand caressed a nipple.

Gene moved on to the bed; kissing, licking, nibbling his way up her thighs. His fully hard cock dripping pre-cum on her leg as he tasted Liz's delicious pussy. He loved eating her. She always tasted so good. The smell of her sex stimulated him as her abundant pubic hair tickled his nose putting his senses into overdrive.

He licked up between her pussy lips, stopping at the top to flick his tongue over her clit. She pulled his head into her, pushed her hips up and moaned. Gene continued to lick up the valley and with each stroke applied pressure with a broad, flat tongue to her now engorged clit.

"Oh honey, that feels so good. Mmmmm." moaned Liz pulling his head deeper into her pussy. He stuck his tongue out its full length and slid it into her as if it were a cock. "I want to feel you in me. Fuck me with your big cock. I want to feel you sliding in and stretching in my pussy."

Gene ignored the request and continued licking. He knew that a few more minutes of clit licking would send her over the edge. He changed his technique slightly, abandoning the valley, circling her clit with the tip of his tongue.

"Ohhhh! Slide it in me baby, please fill me with your long, stiff cock. Ohhhh yessss." Moaned Liz while pushing her tits together and pulling her nipples. "I want to feel that thick cock of yours sliding in and out of my wet pussy."

Gene slid his tongue up over her clit one last time and licked his way up her stomach to her erect nipples. Liz cupped one breast and pointed it towards his extended tongue. As he traced circles around her areole, and the stiff nipple, she put her other hand between her legs and rubbed her swollen clit saying in a deep voice: "Ohhhh yessss! Please fuck me baby. Slide it in. Fill me with your big, stiff cock."

On his knees Gene rubbed the pre-cum on the tip of his cock over her womanhood. She moaned as her fingers and his hardness worked her clit from all directions. Gene loved dirty talk during sex and asked in a pirate voice, "Tell Cap'n Jack what you wants wench."

"Fuck me Cap'n Jack." responded Liz, "Put that yummy, fat, cock in my wet, hairy, pussy."

"Like this?" Gene, aka Cap'n Jack, asked as he slid in with one thrust. "Is this what you wants?"

"Oh yesssss, that's it! I love feeling your thickness inside me, opening me up, spreading my hairy pussy."

Gene increased his tempo, pushing hard and fast. Still in his pirate's voice, "Ya luvs me big, thick cock don't ya wench? Ya luv this hard pole slidin' in an out of yer wet hole. Ya luvs it when yer hairy cunt is full of me man-meat don't ya?"

"Yesssss! Yessss! Stuff my furry pussy! Fill me with your big meaty pole."

Gene watched his cock come out shiny and her pink lips extend as he pistoned in and out of her beautiful, furry, pussy. He wet a thumb and massaged her clit in time with his movements.

"Oh God, I'm cumming. Yesssss, arghhhh! Harder! Fuck me harder with that big beef stick." Liz was bucking now; moving her pelvis up to meet his thrusts so her clit banged against his pubic bone.

"Here it comes baby" Gene moaned, "I'm cumming."

Liz felt his cock thicken and the warmth of his sperm shooting in her pussy. She pushed her sensitive, engorged clit against his hardness and moaned loudly; her orgasm swept from her nether regions throughout her body. Gene continued to thrust as his hot cum spurted several more times. He sustained the movement even after he was done to provide maximum pleasure as her orgasm continued to roll in waves.

They lay panting, spent but still coupled. Cum leaked from Liz's pussy as Gene's cock subsided and exited with an audible 'plop'. After a short time basking in the afterglow of their powerful orgasms they got in the shower.


The car rocked as it went over a pothole jolting Liz back to the present. She and Gene spent most of their time together nude. She knew he was an exhibitionist at heart. Always positioning himself to display his wares to her. She wondered how this would play out when they put their costumes on. Her assets would be on display for the entire world to see. Would he mind that anyone who looked closely would be able to see the outline of his cock, especially the ridge of his cock-head, under the tights? She hoped not. She loved his cock the same way he loved her pussy. One advantage of spending time naked was easy access to each other. She enjoyed stroking and caressing his manhood to erection, then licking the pre-cum, and sharing it with him through a kiss. He loved to tickle, stroke and "comb" her abundant, luxurious pussy hair. Every once in while inserting a finger into her warm, wetness and both of them licking the fragrant, tasty coating.

As they walked down the main thoroughfare of the Festival village their visual, auditory and olfactory senses were treated with many enticements. The smell of cinnamon and roasting nuts, children running and laughing, women with period costumes, proudly (almost wantonly) showing off their busts, men in tights their packages clearly displayed. It was very provocative, very lusty, very sexy and set the mood in each of their minds of how much they would enjoy this day.

"Eyes right" Liz commanded, pointing out a voluptuous woman wearing a peasant blouse over her enormous, clearly braless boobs, pushed up by a bustier. Whether the woman was excited from her exhibitionism or the cool morning air was hard to tell, but her nipples clearly stuck out.

"Yes, thank you." Gene managed as he took in the flesh on display. "You may want to look at the blue tights just to the right and behind us."

Still holding Gene's hand, Liz turned slowly to their right and saw a man wearing a Musketeer's hat, complete with feather, a waistcoat and a rather large bulge in his blue tights. "If that's real I'd like to see it. I think he has a sock in there. How will you feel when your endowment is out there for all to see like his?"

"All the ladies will look at me, sigh and be jealous that I am with you.", replied Gene. "Not just because of what they see of me but just as much, if not more so, of the beauty they see in you"

"You are so chivalrous! Keep that up and you may just get the keys to the kingdom later." Liz said smiling.

They headed to the beer stand to loosen up a bit prior to buying their costumes. They downed the first couple quickly and got refills. Walking into the dress shop they were a little giddy, the beer had lowered their inhibitions. Liz began to look for the perfect outfit. Gene helped to the extent he could by finding things he thought would look good. Soon the manager, a woman dressed with her assets clearly on display, came over to help them out.

"Honey, with your figure you would look great in one of these." She said as she handed Liz an outfit. "You shouldn't wear a bra or panties with this. Don't worry about how much skin you show. This dress is designed to help you flaunt what you've got. You have the perfect hourglass figure and should give the world a little pleasure by showing it off."

Liz took the dress into the dressing room, stripped and put it on. She looked down and was both delighted and somewhat hesitant of what she saw. Her boobs were pushed up and spilling out of the dress. She twisted to see how the side and back looked noticing for the first time the dress was slit on both sides all the way to the waist with three ties to keep things under control. With no mirrors in the dressing room she took a deep breath and confidently walked out into the store.

Gene and the manager were waiting by a mirror. Gene was clearly taken by the vision Liz presented. Liz was glad to see a huge smile and the growing bulge in his tight jeans. The manager turned Liz so she was facing the mirror and began to make some minor adjustments, commenting as she did so. "We need to pull the bodice down a little and your boobs up. I'll snug the bodice down while you cross your arms and pull each breast up from the outside." Liz followed her instructions and while she didn't think it possible, her gorgeous breasts were now even more on display. They were mounded up on top of the bodice. "Now here's one other thing I recommend for you", said the manager, "pull down on the bodice a little at a time until just the top of your areoles just show. That is the perfect look for you. Sexy, saucy but not showing everything you have."

Liz once again did as she was told. Gene's bulge grew larger as the brown of her areoles barely peeked into view; the costume hiding any nipplage. "Wow!" he said.

"One more thing" the manager said as she moved over and down to Liz's left side. "You can adjust these ties to show more or less leg. The slit runs all the way to the waist, which is why I don't think you should wear panties. You can tie the ties tight, loose, or not at all depending on what effect you want and how tempting or teasing you want to be. With all the ties untied, the weight of the dress will keep things in place but you can move in certain ways to show more or less leg. If you want, you can position your hips and bend over in a way that will allow just a peak of heaven."

"Hey, that's a really convenient thing!" said Liz giggling. "Did the dresses in medieval times do that?"

"Good question," answered the manager. "I asked the salesperson the same thing and she said the dress is historically accurate so women back then must have done more than just waltz at balls!"

"I need to try this out." Liz said as she bent over undoing all the ties on one side. She pointed her knee outward and the dress on that side fell inward revealing a soft, sumptuous thigh. She canted her hip in the same direction and the dress revealed more coming to rest so that a few dark curly hairs could be seen if you looked in the right place. "Wow, this is cool! A transformer dress!" They all laughed with Liz as she continued to experiment and flashed a little more in Gene's direction. Needless to say his erection was very apparent to both Liz and the manager. "I'll take it" said Liz "and I'll wear it the rest of the day but I guess I should adjust the ties before I leave the shop."

"What about you sir? What can we get for you?" the manager asked Gene.

"We were thinking pirate" said Gene, "maybe tights and one of those blousy sleeve shirt things."

"Got both, step right over here."

Gene followed the manager while Liz put her regular clothes in a bag and paid for her ensemble. The manager looked him up and down to gauge his size and brought several tights and shirts from the back. Gene came out of the dressing room looking like he just stepped off a tall ship. The tights were just that and left little to the imagination in front or back.

Liz returned from the register, feeling very sexy, her hips sashaying as her dress revealed and hid her creamy thing. Standing next to the manager and looking at Gene Liz exclaimed, "Damn, that's hot!"

"I'll say!" the manager exclaimed. "I sell quite a few of these. He fills them out as well as any I've seen! I wish I had one like that in bed with me every night."

"Thanks miladies." Gene remarked getting into character and bowing deeply. "Do I have them on right?"

"They look great." Came the reply from both the women. "How do they feel and what do you think?", said the manager.

"Well they are tight! I tied the shirt tails at my waist not to imitate Daisy Duke but Jack Sparrow", said Gene as he pulled up the bottom of the shirt and looked at the outline of his semi-hard cock. "I do have one question though, if I didn't tie the shirt tails up and wanted the same flexibility as Liz has with her dress I could wear crotchless tights couldn't I? Do you have any like that?"

Liz smirked. The manager leaned over to her and whispered, "Is he serious?"

"Yes, I think he is." replied Liz, "He's a bit of an exhibitionist and I never get tired of looking at it or touching it. Crotchless would give me easier access!"

"Well, we don't sell many of those but I do have one pair in his size so let me get them."

A few minutes later Gene returned with this shirt tails hanging down. Liz turned him so he was facing the wall, out of anyone's sight and pulled up the bottom of his shirt. "That's even hotter!" she remarked. "But something doesn't look right. Can you check this out?" she asked the manager.

The manager stood in front of Gene with Liz still holding his shirt up. "I see what you mean." the manager said. "One of the boys is stuck inside. If it's okay with you, I'll just make an adjustment and fix that." Liz nodded and the manager slowly reached down under Gene's balls to push the fabric down and gently pull the lost boy out. When she was done, she took the liberty of slowly caressing Gene's balls and cock as Liz couldn't see what was happening from her angle. She stood back so Liz could see and said, "There, that fixes it." Then leaning close to Liz and whispering in her ear, "I'll tell you one thing honey, if you don't take advantage of what he's got between his legs later tonight I'll be happy to."

Liz dropped the shirt down and noticed Gene had turned three shades of red and his cock was making a nice tent of the shirt tail. He put the first pair of tights back on, to wear the rest of the day, fixed his shirt tails as he had them before, like Captain Jack Sparrow. Glancing at a mirror he was satisfied with the result. Looking at his crotch you could clearly see the outline of the head of his cock and thickness of his shaft. He gathered up his things and moved to the cash register.

While they walked out the manager said to Liz, "Remember what I said!"


With their regular clothing stashed in the car Gene and Liz strolled around the grounds. They were both a little too careful so as to not experience a costume malfunction. They headed back to the beer stand for some more liquid courage. By this time, 11:15 AM, the line was quite long. They took their place at the back of the line as two women and a man qued up behind them. The man was in a king outfit and both women were dressed like faeries. One in a woodsy, earth tone outfit; the other in sky blue.

The woman in the earthy outfit turned towards them while the sky blue faerie talked to the man who was obviously her husband. The woodsy faerie looked Gene and Liz up and down, smiled and began to initiate a conversation saying, "I really like your outfits. Your breasts are gorgeous, so inviting with your light, brown areole peeking out. I see he is well-hung. His cock looks scrumptious. You are both so sexy! That's what I like most about coming to the Renaissance Festival, all the people in sexy outfits. I guess in medieval times they just let it all hang out. Even though my almost see-through outfit shows quite a bit, given the choice, I'd rather look. I guess at heart I am a voyeur."

"Many thanks for the compliment miss wood faerie." replied Gene with a hand on his hip, pelvis pushed forward. The wood nymph looked at the outline under his tights, huge and thick, prominently displayed for her and licked her lips.

"What doth thy call thyself?" asked Liz while loosening all three ties on one side and shifting her weight to one hip. The dress fell away revealing her well-toned thigh all the way up to her waist. Like Gene she pushed her hips forward a bit and the dress slid a little bit more to expose her luxurious, curly, hairy triangle.

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