tagSci-Fi & FantasyRendezvous Ch. 02

Rendezvous Ch. 02


It has been a little over a week since our last visit. You cannot help but think back with longing to that lake, and the wonderful sensations of the gel vibrating every part of you as I sucked you for hours.

Your pussy leaks a lingering wetness into your panties and soaking the white material so that it is practically transparent. You can wait no longer. You strip off your clothes and lie down on your bed anxious to ease the undeniable tension mounting in your body. Your fingers roam from your sides to caress your breasts and tweak your now rock-hard nipples, before sliding slowly down your body to caress your cunt.

You rub your tasty peach gently and then slide a finger deeply into yourself, gasping aloud at the sensations. Your other hand goes to stroke your clit as you enter another finger into yourself. Just as you are approaching the point of no return, your gasps and moans increasing in volume.

“Ach ach hem!” I cough.

You stop suddenly, startled and suddenly no longer interested, though still extremely aroused. You look up, and see me standing at the foot of your bed.

“Damn it all couldn’t you have let me finish?” You ask me somewhat perturbed.

“But what fun would that have been? I have been doing some research and have an idea that I think you will really enjoy.”

“Oh? And what might that be?”

“You’ll see but first I have to warn you that this may become rather intense and I want you to feel safe. At any time tonight you just have to say the word choir, and I will stop whatever I am doing and let you go.”

“That seems odd… But okay… I’m game.”

“Excellent, shall we begin?” I mumble under my breath weaving my hands in a distinct pattern. Silken ropes emerge from the corners of the headboard and wrap themselves around your wrists, binding but not uncomfortable.

“And now for the final piece.” I say as I pull out a small silk blindfold and cover your eyes. For several minutes you lie there gently pulling on the bindings with your arms, not able to move. You can feel every waft of air across your body as you lie there. Your nipples tighten and harden to the point that you never thought they could. A warm gust of air caresses your again moist cunt. You can tell that I am blowing gently across you.

“MMMMMMM” You moan, as I pull out another scrap of brushed silk and gently caress your skin with it. The soft smooth fabric drags across your body sensuously. You shiver in delight.

It isn’t long before you are begging me to touch you more firmly, to caress your body and make you scream in ecstasy. But I am not yet ready to do that yet instead I reach into the satchel at my feet and pull another piece of fabric, this one a small piece of mink fur.

Your nipples stand erect and your pussy pulsates madly. And yet once again, you think you have reached the point of no return and thought that there was no way you could become more aroused and yet, as I lower the fabric and rub your now soaking cunt with the soft fur.

“Good Goddess!” You yell out. Thinking that you once again are about to come to a shattering orgasm. Yet again I back off, not allowing you the release you so crave.

“Please please please please ….” You beg me again and again.

“Not yet m’dear, I want this to be an experience that you will never forget in your entire life time.”

“I’m already at that point hon.” You cry out…

“Oh no. There is so much more for you to experience.”

I kiss your mouth gently backing off as you reach for me with your lips. “Uh uh uh, not just yet dearest, I have to get rid of these clothes…” I tell you as you hear the unbuckling and unzipping followed by the sound of cloth hitting the floor.

“If you can guess what I still have on, I will allow you the release you so crave, otherwise I am going to tease you for another good long time and then make you explode in ecstasy like you have never imagined.”

“Your pants?” You mutter knowing it to be the wrong answer. You are looking forward now to seeing what I will do next.

“Nope sorry, the correct answer was nothing.” I say as I approach you again, this time allowing my now raging hard cock to rub against your leg and then stomach.

“ARRRGGGGGHHHH!!! Let me cum!!!”

“Not yet.” You can hear my breathing increase in speed.

My tongue snakes out of my mouth and licks the valley between your breasts, carefully avoiding your nipples. My tongue continues its sweeping paths along your body, always avoiding your sensitive areas. My fingers roam across your body gently running just my fingertips against your skin.

I again kiss your lips, this time pressing in to kiss you deeply, allowing my tongue to run across your lips. You open your mouth and caress my tongue with your own. We kiss deeply for several minutes; all the time allowing my fingertips to drag across your luscious body. My kisses again roam down your body, this time sucking and nipping at your nipples for several minutes each.

Your hips buck up off the bed as I continue to lavish my tongue over your body. I make a trail with my tongue, dipping into your navel, before progressing lower to lick at your inner thighs. Your hips swivel trying desperately to get my tongue to where you so desperately need it.

I comply with your unspoken demands, and my tongue probes your sweet pussy. My tongue curls around your clit as I suck gently, then insert two fingers into your sopping cunt. You feel the most intense orgasm of your life at that moment, and as I continue to lap at you and run my fingers into and around you, you realize that the climaxes aren’t stopping. Your whole body shudders with delight as you cum endlessly into my mouth.

When you wake up I am lying in your bed next to you, all the bindings undone and your blindfold released. My arms are wrapped around you. “I thought you might enjoy that m’dear”

“Indeed I did. Can we do it again?”

“Maybe another time later.”

We fall asleep in each others arms, awakening to see the light of the dawn piercing in through the window. We stand at the window holding each other and watching the sunrise together. I press in close to you, engulfing your small body in my arms. Enjoying the precious few moments we have.

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