tagInterracial LoveRenee's Dilemna

Renee's Dilemna


I had promised my nephew, that I would take some still life photographs, for his English literature class. So I had my camera with me, when an accident occurred right in front of my favorite coffee shop. It just seems to happen that way.

"I'm a retired cop," and an incorrigible dirty old man, as some would say. I'm always ready to take photos of beautiful women. So I have to have my camera handy. Plus I just started here at the University as a student this semester. "To enlighten ones self as they say."

I enrolled at the local University for self improvement, but the truth is, that a big part of it is the fact that even at 60, I love the ladies. I especially love to indulge in oral sex. Also to take their pictures when I can, nude if they'll let me.

If your looking for young pussy, you can't find a better place than a collage campus.

"I'm Fred," I stand about 5'11" and weigh in at 210 lbs. With full head of grey hair and hazel eyes, I still get a faire amount of attention from the ladies. I love to hang out and watch the women at the coffee shop close to the University.

Being a former police officer, I tend to pay close attention to what is going on around me. At the corner by my favorite coffee shop, is a news stand that gets very busy toward the end of the day, when people who work in the area are on their way home. I took particular notice of a beautiful black woman, who stopped at the news stand every day like clockwork. "Renee drove a BMW Z-4," and obviously made over six figures. I can tell class when I see it, this woman must be a big wig at whatever company she works at. She stood about 5'4" and looked to be close to 130 lbs. I had seen her several times when she would go into the coffee shop for something to snack on. She was a knockout, with raven hair, mocha skin and an ass that wouldn't quit. She looked to me to have measurements of about 38-24-40. Definitely built like the proverbial brick outhouse.

One day, not too long ago, this beautiful woman had stopped as usual at the news stand. As she was pulling away from the curb, this young guy on a bike, cut right in front of her. I could tell that she had seen him and was trying to stop, but the Beemer seemed to have a mind of its own. The car started to slide, the guy on the bike disappeared under the front of the car.

Earlier in the day, I had been taking pictures around the city for my "nephew's class project, without even thinking, I started snapping pictures of the accident scene after he fell under the car."

"This guy was one lucky punk," not only was it clear, "that the accident was his fault, but he didn't even seem to be that injured." That really didn't matter though. "I can smell a lawsuit coming from a mile away." When I heard the sirens approaching the scene, I decided to get out of the area. I knew that the cops would start canvassing the area for witnesses, I didn't want anyone to know that I had taken any photo's of the accident. I wasn't sure how or when, but I knew that those pictures would come in handy some day, I would see that hot woman again.

~ ~ ~

About two months later, "I was sitting in the coffee shop when in she walked." I've always had a knack for sniffing out an opportunity and I knew right away that this was my chance to get some of that beautiful black pussy. The only question, was how.

I decided that the first thing to do was to get her number. One of the advantages of being over 60 is that the older you are, the less suspicious people are of your motives. "I approached this hot piece of ass and introduced myself." "The first thing I wanted to do was ask her if she shaved her pussy," or if she had a "full bush of Brillo-like hair down there." But considering that I was likely to get nothing but a slap in the face if I did, "I chose not to."

I tapped her on the shoulder and said, Excuse me young lady, "My name is Fred," and I was here, outside of the coffee shop a couple of months ago. When that young man on the bike turned in front of you. "I just wanted to check and make sure that you were all right."

"BINGO," I could tell right away that I had hit the right note. The harmless dirty old man routine, "works every time." A sad smile came across her face as she introduced herself.

"I'm Renee," she said, then asked me to sit down.

"Renee," proceeded to tell me all about the law suit that was filed by the young man who had caused the accident.

"Renee stated," the guy that she hit was trying to sue her, because he thinks she has money, and that she was afraid that the law suits against her would be ruining her reputation. "My work is suffering," I may even lose my job over this and it is not my fault, Renee said.

"I gave her a sympathetic look and asked for her number in case I remembered anything about the accident that might help."

All I could think of, was that anyone that would treat a woman with an ass like hers that way, is either gay or has never had good sex. "She has an ass that would turn a gay man straight." "This is a woman's woman," the kind they sit in bars and cafes and talk about to each other. Those 38D tits are full and look so tasty, she has the smoothest tan colored skin you have ever seen. The brothers try their best to get next to this woman, but she won't have any bullshit from anybody. Girls do their thing and sing, especially when there are no men around. By the time I left the coffee shop, I had her number and I knew that I would have her too.

I decided to check into the accident and see if I could put my photos to good use. I knew the cop from AID (accident investigation division) who did the accident report and figured that if I played my cards right, I could get my hands on the official accident photos.

I spoke with my buddy in AID and asked if he thought there was anything suspicious about the accident scene. My friend would only say that he had no proof, he had to go by what was at the scene. He let me look at the photos and I grabbed a montage of them, and thanked him. I said I may have something for him later on.

"Renee, you lovely woman," I'm going to suck that lovely black pussy of yours. "Yes dear, I'll get to suck it."

I went home to check the photos from AID, against the ones that I had taken.

As I compared the photos using a magnifying glass, I noticed the difference in the scrapes and bruises on the arms of the bike rider. It showed he had moved the bandages himself to another position on his arms. This was different from where he was while under her vehicle. "BINGO." Now she has him, but she needed my photos. The photo's showed he was lying on his statement.

It also backs up the testimony of several other witnesses. "GOT CHAAAA MOTHER."

The only way Renee was going to get to those photo's, was for her to let me suck her pussy. "That would be my payment," take it or leave it, I am sure that she loves her life style to much to let this opportunity go by.

I contacted Renee, asked her to meet me at the coffee shop. Where we had met the other day.

"Renee asked me," what was up.

"I told her," that I had some information that she might be very interested in.

"Renee met me at the coffee shop," and I showed her the photos that I had taken.

"With a look in her eye," telling me that she understood that this information was for sale, she says "OK, how much".

I said to her "Baby," I don't want any money, "I just want to suck that beautiful black ass and pussy of yours."

"Renee looked at me," and said. "Are you kidding me old man? You want to do what?"

I said, "This is no joke sweetheart, your life style is in peril." I can prove that they are defrauding you and the insurance company. "All you have to do is give it up". I looked her straight in the eye and said, "Just give me some of that beautiful sweet pussy of yours," and let me suck it for a little bit, and who knows, "you might even want seconds."

But then again, "that is up to you Renee," so make up your mind and let me know.

After watching a stunned look come over Renee's face, I got up and walk away. "She'll either call or she won't," but I think she knows where her bread is buttered.

~ ~ ~

As I was leaving the coffee shop, I had made up my mind to give the photos to AID, "whether Renee came across or not." She is a lovely woman, I would hate to see her get screwed. I may not be above using these photo's to my advantage to get what I want, but I truly don't want to deliberately hurt her, "but I still hope she gives it up."

I had just about given up hope when, the phone rings and its Renee.

"Renee says Fred," will you keep your part of the bargain?

I said, "You can bet your life on it."

Renee doesn't seem convinced and she asks, "How do I know I can trust you?"

I said "The AID officer has to testify Wednesday in court about the accident and he will have those photographs to use." And if he doesn't, "you can have me locked up for black mail."

"Renee sighs and asks," when will this take place?

I say nine pm tonight. "Renee says I can't," not tonight I have other things to do. But I say to her, "nine pm and don't be late or no deal." I will pick you up at 5th and Franklyn, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. "Well there is a butt, and a very nice butt at that."

"As I pull up, Renee Is standing in a beige off the shoulder knee length dress that shows her ample bosoms to their best advantage." "Her ass is simply beautiful," there are no other words to describe it. Those cheeks are rounded and firm.

A crease runs perfectly down the middle and looks like it would swallow your cock or tongue whole. You can see the muscles flex in her ass as she walks.

You know, "she would squeeze your cock to death," if you ever ass fucked her. "She looks lovely," and you can't say enough about a woman with that much class. I stop my pickup and she looks at it and notes it is a new F-150 with nice trim and that I keep it clean. I'm glad you are on time I say as we pull away. I had made arrangements at the Court Yard Motel Suites for this evening and she has no idea of the cost to me.

We pull in by the side entrance and I say to her, You can avoid the security cameras by going in here, just go up to the second floor, room 205. That is where we will be for this evening. "Renee do you drink Scotch," Renee answers back Yes. I hand her the key to the room.

"Renee says to me," if you last that long she says with a snicker and starts up stairs.

I follow her up and can think of nothing but that beautiful ass.

Renee says, "Come on lover let's get started."

"I look at her," smile and say that's fine with me lover, as we enter the room. The first thing that you see when you walk in the room is a king size bed. I put a bottle of J & B on the night stand, there is ice in the refrigh. There is also a big shower and a whirlpool bath. "If I have my way, we‘ll use all of them tonight."

I sit on the edge of the bed and watch as, "Renee slowly takes off her dress." She drops the straps over her shoulders then down her arms, and the dress slides over her breasts. "I can see her dark areoles and nipples the size of your fingers." The dress drops to the floor. She is wearing a tan thong almost the same color as her skin, "It looks as if that tremendous ass is eating the thing alive." I also notice that she does indeed shave her pussy. Looking at this, "I need a lobster bib to keep the drool off myself."

I take my shirt off and then my pants. I grab Renee's hand and lead her to the bed, where I lay her down on her back and start to run my tongue in little circles over her breasts. I can tell that she is starting to feel the heat, build in her body. I start slowly sucking on each nipple. I can tell that Renee has been down this road before, it is OK but nothing special, but she is starting to get wet.

I keep massaging her breasts and squeeze the nipples, her juices are now starting to flow a little stronger.

I now run my tongue down along her stomach, then run my tongue beside Renee's pussy lips, "Renee raises her ass and she starts moaning." I move my tongue through the center of her moist lips, just enough to tease.

She tries to move her pussy to my mouth. "She pushes and moans and feels the orgasm at the same time." "This is Renee's first orgasm with the tongue," and I know it. "Renee is now is mine, lock, stock, and barrel." I know that nobody has sucked this pussy before and "she will never be the same woman again."

"Now I slide my tongue on either side of those pussy lips," I can feel how truly wet this woman is.

I am able to stick my tongue deep into her vagina and I probe with my middle finger to find that spot. I tune up her G-spot, that little dime sized area up inside her vagina, by rubbing it with my finger. "Her legs go stiff, her arms fly up above her head, her hands grab the sheets like she is in agony." "A moan and wail comes out of this woman like I've never heard before in my life." Her orgasms start, "Renee GOES ONE AFTER THE OTHER."

"Renee," now squirts her pussy juice all over my hand and face, "this is her first time." "At least four orgasms," and her moaning is getting louder.

Renee is now cumming for the fifth time and she yells "I can't believe that you're doing this to me without sticking a big cock in my pussy." Ever since my uncle popped my cherry at fourteen, I've only been able to cum with a big cock in me.

I can tell that, "I have changed things forever for Renee." Her body flies off the bed and "she screams at me to stop, oh please stop."

"Renee is sitting of the floor," panting with a dazed look in her eyes. I smile at her and say, lets get into the whirlpool, relax a little bit and I will show you a few more things.

An eager light comes into Renee's eyes, I can see that she is now eager to learn anything that I am willing to teach her. "Renee says I guess that my sister was right after all," she told me that it would be a new experience.

The worst that could happen was that I get to rub my pussy in some old white man's face. "Man I should have done this years ago."

"Latesha, my sweet sister, eat your heart out girl friend." Renee and I laugh and move to the whirlpool. This night is just getting started.

We relax a little, and are starting to enjoy each others company.

"Renee asks me," if I will give her the photos tonight.

I tell her, "that I've already turned them over to my friend in AID." Now is the time to let her in on what I was thinking when I left the coffee shop earlier. "I smile and say to her, I wasn't sure what you were going to do."

I could not stand by and watch you get a royal fucking, so to speak.

"Renee reached over and kissed me softly on the lips." Thank you very much, this more than makes up for the fact that you blackmailed me into sex.

Renee gave me a relieved smile and said "You're not so bad for a dirty old white pervert," and laughs.

I say to her "You are a very beautiful woman Renee," you have a great body and you should have a man to take good care of you. I wish I was that man but I know I'm not. But at least, "I'll show you what you should be getting baby." We leave the tub and head for the large bed.

I grab her and lay her back on the bed. "I crawl between her thighs, I start to run my tongue up and down her pussy lips again, paying special attention to her clitoris." Laying my tongue flat and then pushing deep into her pussy. I can now feel her muscles working on my tongue. I slide one finger into her and stroke her deeply like a small cock, then another finger to make her feel a little fuller. I start a sawing motion, moving my fingers in and out in as fucking motion. It is now time for the next part of her education. I begin to suck on her clitoris and hum on it at the same time. I can see the vibration is starting to drive her crazy. Damn she tastes good.

I grab Renee's thighs and maneuver her ass almost straight in the air so that I can get at that beautiful rosebud of an asshole. I run my tongue around it and she hollers "No Fred you can't do that", but she keeps squirming around. The more she squirmed, "the more I push with my tongue."

She finally lets me in with no resistance at all. I do the fucking motion with my fingers, then my thumb finds her "clitoris," and "with my tongue now in her ass that was all she wrote," "Renee is mine."

She started to fuck my face harder than most women know how to fuck period. Renee's clit was between my thumb and forefinger, and my tongue up her ass and was just too much for her. Two fingers in her pussy, thumb and fore finger on her clit and a hot tongue penetrating and licking her asshole. "Renee explodes," I know that never in her life has she ever had this many orgasms at one time, they are coming one after the other and they won't stop.

"Renee is delirious with pleasure, but the sensation is too much."

She was now crying, asking me to please stop. Renee says softly through her tears "Oh Fred, please stop I beg you."

I slowly pull away, "but I continue to place little butterfly kisses on her thighs and stomach." Renee," just jerks her body with little spasms of pleasure and smiles down at me. I look into her eyes, my face covered in her juices. Then I move up to her face and plant a soft kiss on her lips.

"Renee tastes her own juices for the first time," and I can tell that she likes it.

This was Renee's first time being eaten and "she had a master doing a job on her." Renee was lost in her orgasms but she was able to say "Fred, I have never been so hot and wet, I can‘t believe that this feels so good."

I lay back on the bed and Renee rolls over on top of me. With a mischievous look in her eye, Renee says "It's your turn, what would you like baby?"

I look up and smile and say "Surprise me." Renee pulls my legs open and starts pulling on my manhood, all seven inches of hard meat.

She begins to stroke it and lick the under side of my cock like a lollypop. She then kisses and sucks on the head of my cock. As she stroked my meat and she takes me deeper into her mouth each time. "Renee is trying to keep me from getting off too soon," but she is also trying to take my entire cock down her throat. I feel her sweet lips on my pubic hairs. The warmth of her mouth sliding back and forth on my shaft. I feel the pressure build and know that I am about ready to explode.

"I‘m going to cum baby," I moan to warn Renee of my pending orgasm.

Fred I've always wanted to have a man come for me this way but never had the nerve to do it. "Don't let me stop Fred, make me do it." Renee takes my cock back in her mouth and starts sucking on it like it was a lollypop, and sucks out every drop of pre cum.

"Renee just moans," and tries to take me even deeper down her throat. Her nose is buried in my pubic hairs and my balls slap against her chin. "I just let it rip," shot after shot, "Renee did not miss a drop." Renee sucked all of it down like a pro. I finally finished and Renee crawled up beside me.

Renee said, "I always wanted to do that but never had the nerve, you gave me my chance."

I looked in Renee's eyes and gave her a very passionate kiss. I could tell that she was turned on by the fact that I would kiss her right after she had swallowed my load.

Renee says, "I‘ve never had sex that was this satisfying at any other time. I don't want it to end tonight."

I say "Don't worry, I have the room until 11a.m. tomorrow." Renee laughs and says "You know that's not what I mean and she smacks me on my arm."

With a surprised look I said; "It‘s not" and she just looks at me and smiles the most beautiful smile. I return her smile and assure her that I don‘t want it to end tonight either. Renee cuddles up against me and again I kiss her with great passion. I place my hand on her ass and wiggle a finger into her asshole. My right hand now is staying busy with that beautiful ass of hers. My left hand is tweaking her nipples, "I want that hot Ass!"

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