tagExhibitionist & VoyeurRenée’s Revenge Ch. 02

Renée’s Revenge Ch. 02


Trying the door she was amazed to observe it push open. Renée quickly stepped in and said, “Ms. Johnson?”

She realized Betty was not there presently. Apparently the older woman hadn’t shut her office door properly. This was the first thing that had gone Renée’s way in the last hour and a half. She decided to see if she could keep her winning streak going and quickly searched the office for any of her clothes, but discovered nothing to wear at all. Renée realized with a sinking heart that after she left, Betty must have come back to the office and taken all of her clothes with her.

Renée helplessly began to go through all of Betty’s huge drawers in her desk searching for anything to wear. She opened the bottom right drawer and spotted her own personnel file immediately. Renée set her file on the woman’s desk and then sat down on her chair to look through her file on a more leisurely basis. The cold emanating from the chair brutally reminded the poor young woman that she was still stark naked as she looked through the file.

‘Maybe I can use some of this paper to cover something,’ she thought sardonically.

Several minutes later after looking through the entire file, Renée realized at last that the whole thing had been a complete hoax. There was absolutely no mention of a decision being reached by Doctor Carson, Betty or anyone else concerning her breaking protocol. Two hours too late, Renée finally realized Betty had chosen this day because of the absence of Doctor Carson.

‘I’d bet my enrollment fee for the next year that she never would have let me leave the university. My uniform is probably down in my room with a note saying it was all a mistake or something. Why that rotten bitch!’

Renée closed her file and placed it under the desk where it would not be readily seen by Betty. She proceeded to go through the rest of the contents of the drawer. Pulling out a number of older forms no longer used, she saw a stack of large glossies.

‘What are these?’ she wondered while pulling them up together and setting the pile on the desk.

Renée felt the blood rushing to her face in embarrassment when she took a closer look and saw they were hard core pictures of people having sex.

‘Sweet Jesus! Betty has porno!’ she thought thoroughly scandalized. ‘This is disgusting. People allowing themselves to be photographed while participating in the most private of activities in all of life – sharing your love in a physical way!’

Despite her mental protestations, tingling in her most private of areas was pulling her to take a closer look and when she did, Renée exclaimed aloud, “Oh my God! It’s President Cramer!” President Cramer was the President of the university.

‘And who’s that with him? Aha! Got you, you bitch!’

Renée set the pile on the corner of the desk nearer to her and then sat back in Betty’s chair waiting for her to return. Finally the door opened and the older woman entered her office. She gasped in surprise at observing Renée sitting at her desk like she owned the place and she angrily asked, “Renée, what the hell are you doing in here? Go down to your room and get ready to leave.”

Renée slowly stood up no longer caring to hide any more of her total nudity and responded in a steely voice, “No, I don’t think so, Betty.”

“What did you say?”

“I said, no I -.” Renée began

“I heard what you said,” Betty interrupted. “I want to know what the fuck you think you’re doing?” she snapped angrily.

“I’m doing these,” said Renée smugly and then picked up the pile of glossies and waved them at her supervisor.

When Betty realized what Renée was holding in her hand it was her turn to blush furiously. She had seduced President Cramer one time and set up an hidden camera to provide the pictures for posterity. She had threatened him with them to secure a most profitable raise and a very secure job position. She had never planned for anyone else to ever see them, and now Renée had – that little tramp had seen a closeup of her having grossout sex with a fat middleaged man.

“Give me those!” Betty demanded making a sudden move toward her. Renée danced away to the far corner.

“No way, no how,” she laughed. “And I imagine Emma would enjoy seeing these.”

Betty blanched at the threat. “Oh God, don’t kid around like that. She might kill us.” Emma was the President’s wife of long standing.

“Who’s kidding?”

“Okay,” Betty replied attempting to keep her currently runaway emotions under control. “What do you want?”


“I’ll go get some from your room and then we’ll be square,” offered the older woman.

“No,” Renée explained in a sudden determined voice. “I want your clothes.”

“No way!” Betty howled.

Renée slightly waved the pile of pictures at her and then picked up the telephone on the desk. “What’s Emma’s number?” she asked.

Ms. Johnson suddenly realized she had no choice. Somehow the tables had been turned on her. She attempted a compromise by removing her blouse and handing it to Renée. “This is enough isn’t it to get someone through to their room?”

“I want you stripped just like you stripped me,” Renée demanded.

“No Renée, more the fool you for stripping in front of me just because I told you to. Any moron would understand that I’m not allowed to give an order which would cause them to break a law and obviously nudity in public is against the law. So I’m not gonna do it. Do whatever you will,” Betty airily answered. She just didn’t think . Renée had the grit to follow through on her threat.

Renée smiled at her, picked up the telephone and hit the speed dial which caused the older woman considerable anxiety because she rightfully assumed Renée had had time to study her speed dial and had actually called someone.

“Hello Mrs. Cramer? How are you?” Renée asked.

“Hmmm? No, that’s not really true. Betty was just having me run a test, you know, a test to see how people would react, etc. Oh, sure, she’s right here and wants to talk to you anyway. Something she’s done or something – I’m not quite sure.”

Renée thrust the phone at the surprised Betty. The older woman held it up to her ear and listened intently but she didn’t hear anything. She smiled evilly at Renée as if to say – ‘You ass, I knew no one was here’ when suddenly she heard Emma’s voice explode; “Betty? Are you there? I don’t have all day for this nonsense. Tell me why I have heard reports of Renée ‘streaking’ through the nursing building.”

As Ms. Johnson attempted to stammer out a surprised answer, it was Renée’s turn to smile evilly in return. Finally Betty was able to conclude the conversation and said good bye, but only after re-emphasizing to the university President’s wife that Renée had been running a series of psychological tests on the inhabitants of the nursing building with her odd behavior.

“Well?” Renée asked.

“Well, what?” Betty asked in an attempt to ignore the inevitable.

“Well, I could have told her right then, but I didn’t. Instead, I chose to save both our butts for the time being, now STRIP!” Renée shouted at the stunned woman.

With her mind whirling of the possibilities and different outcomes of machinations she might attempt, Betty bowed to the unavoidable and pulled off her skirt, having previously removed her blouse. She decided within herself she would attempt to handle this much better than Renée had. When Betty held the uniform skirt out to the younger woman, Renée ordered her to lay it on the desk on top of the blouse.

“Now take off the rest of it too,” Renée ordered brusquely.

“Aww why Rinoa? You’ve got something to wear,” Betty whined immediately forgetting her resolution to handle the situation better.

“You made me take everything off, now I’m making you or shall I call Emma Cramer and tell her I have some pictures she might enjoy glancing through?” Renée again waggled the glossies at the female nursing supervisor.

Betty sighed and a half minute later she stood before the young woman self consciously completely nude except for her shoes. She was well aware that her body didn’t look as good as Renée’s and she was attempting to suck in her gut in an effort to enhance her naked appearance just a tad.

“Shoes too,” Renée sneered at the newly naked woman.

A second later Betty had placed her shoes on the ever increasing pile of clothing on top of her desk. Renée fell onto the clothes like a pack of starving wild animals would fall on a prey and a minute later she was appareled in public for the first time in over two hours.

Despite her best intentions, Betty discovered herself blushing with great embarrassment over being reduced to standing stark naked in her own office by a far younger subordinate and she just wished Renée would now return to her the pictures and leave so Betty could call someone and have them bring her something to wear. God! The rumors that was gonna start out of this!

Renée set the pictures down on the corner of the desk on the side furthest from Betty. She then sashayed around the desk until she was standing directly in front of the nude woman. The superiority that the clothed teenage girl was now feeling over the naked woman was coming off her in emotional waves that was felt by Betty, who suddenly felt even more vulnerable to be standing there wearing nothing.

“Now you made me strip off everything I was wearing,” Renée began, “but you haven’t done the same, have you?”

Betty grew frightened and wasn’t sure why. She ‘had’ already taken off everything unless Renée now wanted some skin! “I - I don’t know what you mean,” she stammered.

“Oh, I think you do, or you wouldn’t be acting so frightened,” Renée countered. “What’s this for instance?” the teenager asked while pointing at what appeared to be a thread hanging down from Betty’s vagina.

‘Oh no! She wouldn’t do that, would she?’ Betty thought completely struck with horror.

Renée suddenly reached down and yanked at the thread and pulled the tampon from Betty’s vaginal opening. It was quickly followed by a veritable flood of her menstrual effluence.

“Ooh eee,” Renée complained holding her nose. “You better see a doctor about that. You’re gonna smell up your entire office.”

Betty stood in complete abasement and degradation. She had never felt such shame in her entire life to be standing there before Renée stark naked against her own wishes with her female lifeblood flowing down her leg onto the floor of her office.

“Can I have the pictures back now?” she asked in a tremulous voice.

“Not yet, I need you to do something else,” Renée responded harshly. “Take the phone and make an announcement over the intercom concerning the test that was being run to discover how they would react when I ran through the building without any clothes on and that they failed. Also tell them that I bravely volunteered for the test and that the more they speak of it at this time, the worse grade they will receive.”

“Then I can have the pictures?” Betty whined.

“We’ll see,” Renée smirked at her.

While the nursing supervisor made the announcement just as she was instructed by Renée, Renée stood and looked Betty over closely. She spitefully noticed Betty’s breasts had already begun to sag and her waist had thickened some, even in the short time Renée had known her. Renée giggled to herself realizing that this fact was causing Betty even more embarrassment at totally baring her body.

When Betty finished she hung up her connection with the intercom and attempted to hand the telephone back to Renée, who explained, “Now I want you to call Fred from class and ask him to deliver a can of shaving cream and a safety razor to your office.”

Betty looked at Rinoa completely perplexed as to what new punishment might be awaiting her at the hands of the sadistic young woman standing before her, but she did as directed.

Now taking the phone from the woman’s hands, Renée ordered her to sit up on her desk.

“You told me I could get the pictures back now.” Betty was almost crying now in her desperation to stop this hideous nightmare that just seemed to go on and on and on.

‘Got you, you old cow!’ Renée thought as she smiled at the older woman. ‘You’re the one who started all of this! Now I’m gonna finish it.’

“Sit up on the damn desk!” Renée snarled.

Betty become frightened that Renée might begin taking advantage of her clothes-less condition and thrash her, so she immediately sat up on the desk as ordered.

“Spread your legs as wide as they can go,” Renée ordered.

Blushing furiously and feeling completely debased as a human being, the older woman did as directed. She understood fully well by this time that she had brought this on herself. She had only meant to teach Renée a little lesson, but the entire interview with the nursing student had quickly grown out of hand because of the pathetic way that Renée had been handling it angered Betty. Now look at what it had led to!

“Now look at all this you have stuck down there on your hair, you naughty girl,” Renée said briskly. “We must do something about this immediately.”

Betty squirmed slightly in her total shame at fully exposing her sexual organs to the ministrations of her subordinate.

“Now you quit moving,” Renée complained while lightly slapping her on her opened vaginal area.

“Ow!” Betty screeched.

“Oh come on, miss, I barely touched you,” Renée declared prissily. “Maybe you’re so sensitive down there because you haven’t had anything in there except for President Cramer’s penis – haha! Tell me – how big is that anyway, Betty? About three inches? Probably big enough to satisfy you though, huh?”

Betty blushed completely to hear her sex life which she discussed with no one, not even her close friend, Kristen, talked about in such a manner. Even Betty, after all that happened on that day, couldn’t believe what she observed next. Renée pulled out a pair of scissors from her pocket and began to clip away at Betty’s overgrown black pubic patch.

“Renée!” she complained.

“Shush, you don’t want to startle me when I have scissors down here, do you?” As if to prove her point, Renée lightly stuck the other woman with the pointed end of the scissors inside the folds of her labia.

Betty shuddered, but gritted her teeth and didn’t complain. She suddenly realized what a dangerous situation she was in. Renée appeared quite accomplished in this area and by the time a knock came upon the door indicating that Fred had arrived, Renée had cut away a great deal of the pubic hair.

Renée called out instructing whoever was outside the door to enter. Betty sat in total mortification and shame knowing at this point it was useless to complain about anything that was happening. Renée was now in complete charge.

‘How did this happen to me and so quickly?’ the poor woman wondered.

Fred opened the door and entered the office completely perplexed as to why Ms. Johnson had instructed him of all people to bring her a can of shaving cream and a razor. She hardly even acted as though she knew he existed, even with all that time she spent with him in her office. Fred, besides being a nursing student, also filled in as Betty’s clerk. Hour upon hour would pass in Betty’s office without her saying a word to him.

Closing the door behind him, Fred stood and gaped at the nude figure of Betty sitting on her desk with her sexual organs wide open before him. He immediately felt his penis stiffening within his pants until it was sticking straight out. This was better than anything he had ever seen, certainly better than the porno magazines he was constantly perusing. He suddenly noticed Renée when she called out to him to come up to the desk. He saw she appeared to be wearing Betty’s nursing supervisor uniform and wondered what was going on now. Of course even in class he had heard all the rumors of Renée running nakedly amuck through the building and then Betty’s explanation of it, but he still felt as though he was missing something important.

‘Oh well,’ he thought, ‘Mine is not to reason why.’

Fred stepped up to the desk and listened totally incredulous as Renée explained to him that she wanted him to shave Betty’s pubic area and that for every time he cut her he would have to remove a piece of clothing.

“You’d better stay stock still,” Renée warned the quivering older woman, “if you don’t want to end up with your vagina in ribbons.”

Renée had even amazed herself at how quickly she had grown into a complete sadist. She realized it must have been lurking quite near the surface of her personality. A few minutes later, Betty’s vaginal area was completely shaven although she had a half dozen tiny nicks leaking blood and Fred was standing totally naked, a huge erection standing out before him. Even Renée was blushing by this time. After all she wasn’t used to standing in daytime offices and staring at erections of young men she hardly knew, but she did discover herself to be strangely fascinated by it and drawn to it.

In fact Fred’s erection had caused the last part of the shaving to be difficult because he kept poking Betty with it in different areas as he struggled to get close enough to finish the shaving. Renée ran her hand over the newly shaved area making the older woman wince but she steeled herself to remain completely still.

“Nice job, Fred,” praised Renée, attempting to keep her gaze on his face as she spoke but not being completely successful as she found herself taking quick peeks at his continuing erection.

“As your reward,” Renée continued, “would you like to have sex with Ms. Johnson?”

“Sure!” he exclaimed happily.

“No!” Betty screamed. “I can’t, Renée. I’m having my period.”

“”Let me ask Fred how he feels,” the younger woman announced. “How about it, do you mind having sex with Betty even though she is presently having a period?”

Fred happily answered he didn’t mind in the least. Betty kept answering in the negative until Renée reminded her she could call Mrs. Cramer anytime she wanted and then go show her the pictures. Betty finally realized she had turned over her complete life to the hands of Renée for the time being and she had nothing more to say about it.

When Fred first pushed the head of his large penis into the completely open vagina of Betty who still sat on the edge of her desk, Renée looked on interested as she had never watched anyone else have sex in her life except for those pictures of President Cramer and Betty. But as soon as he began thrusting into her over and over, Renée had never felt so disgusted for watching something as private as two people experiencing sex.

She turned her head away and hoped that this was over quickly. Renée had some other items on her afternoon agenda she was in a hurry to get to. Betty began moaning loudly alarming Renée no end and just as she was going to inquire if she were okay, Betty began saying over and over, “Oh fuck, fuck me, oh fuck me, harder, harder, Fred, oh Fred, God!”

Renée again felt her face heat up with the flush of her embarrassment just from being in the same room as they and listening to that as well as experiencing extreme tingling in her nether regions again. In fact, she felt faint and she had to reach out and catch her balance on the corner of the desk. Renée realized it wouldn’t do to pass out now after all this because it would leave Betty back in control.

When Renée reached for the desk she inadvertently turned her head and was looking directly at the sexually cavorting couple as they both experienced their orgasms. Fred had arched his back in a way that reminded Renée of a death spasm and his face appeared paralyzed in some hideous fashion as he thrusted into her again and again as a wild animal might. She stood completely spellbound and was unable to look away.

When they had finished climaxing, Fred pulled his massive cock out of Betty’s dripping labia and turned and faced Renée, cum was still leaking from the large hole in the head of his penis and also flowing down Betty’s inner thigh. Both he and Betty were covered from just below their breasts to their sexual organs with her menstrual effluence.

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