It was draughty and cramped. It was damp smelling and the skirting boards were full of mice. To get to it you had to climb three flights of creaking stairs. But it was perfect.

It had a view of the park, or at least a view of the park's most ambitious treetops. It had hot water. Orange coloured hot water, but still. And, best of all, it was all mine.

I'd spent the first year at university living in a dorm. For nine months I'd suffered as, day by day, my three roomies cute little mannerisms had degenerated into infuriating habits. Now, in my second year, I 'vanted to be alone'.

I almost hadn't been able to afford it, my college girl dream. Luckily, though, the landlord was a guy, and the kind of guy who obviously didn't get out much.

He was short and podgy, his belly drooping low over his belt. He was also bald, although luckily only on the top. This meant that he could so easily fool the world by combing hair from the side of his head over his shining scalp. And that smell of stale sweat that clung to him, I guess he thought that just added to his character.

He spent the whole of the little walk around talking to my breasts.

Not that I minded. When realised how perfect this place was I was glad I wasn't wearing a bra, and by the time we got around to discussing the rent I'd already unhooked the top two buttons of my blouse.

'The last girl paid œ200 a month.' He'd told me, manfully trying to avert his gaze as I leaned forward on my chair. After a brief struggle he succeeded, and began to stare at my legs instead.

'Oh.' I said, my disappointment real 'I couldn't go more than œ160, really. Even if I starved.'

Slowly, making the most of a true Sharon Stone moment, I uncrossed my legs, twisted on my seat, and recrossed them. The hem of my skirt rode upwards as I did so, and I suppose I was glad I was wearing panties.

'œ160 would be fine.' He grunted like a man in pain. Then, sweating by now with the effort of maintaining his debonair poise, his eyes flicked briefly up to meet mine 'Plus bills.'

'Well, OK, then.' I said, recrossing my legs as I stood up 'Let's shake on it.'

I lent forward as I took his hand, my breasts swinging heavily forward as I did so. He swallowed heavily and gripped my hand with a sort of controlled desperation as he ogled them. I was a little surprised to feel my nipples stiffening, putting it down to the rasp of cotton against my sensitive skin. After all this little pot bellied man was hardly the type of guy that was supposed to be a turn on. Just the thought of him touching me . . .

Quickly, before my arousal became too obvious, I stood back up.

'Move in anytime.' He said, and the room was mine.


It was fantastic to finally have my own place. I scrubbed and cleaned for almost a whole day, the windows thrown wide open to the chilly autumn air. Then I carted my two suitcases and three boxes of stuff up those three flights of stairs, lit a joss stick to hide the last traces of moldy wood, and relaxed.

Home at last!

I saw the landlord again the next day. He was waiting in the cramped hall the foot of the stairs, wearing only a pair of black karate pants.

'Hi.' I said, waiting for him to stand back so that I could pass.

'Hi' He replied, hot eyes sliding from one breast to the other. I felt myself starting to blush beneath his scrutiny, and shifted uneasily from one foot to the other.

To break the tension I let my hand wander up, intending to cover my cleavage. Yet somehow, instead of covering my breasts, I found myself stroking them, touching them with the sort of gentle insistence that my boyfriend had before we'd made love.

My landlord swallowed as I rubbed a thumb over one ripening nipple, feeling the heat of it through the thin cotton of my blouse. Watching him watching me I slid my hand down to cup my breast and lift it upwards for his inspection.

With a start I realized what I was doing. I dropped my hand, and bolted.

'Must dash.' I said, squeezing past him to rush up the stairs. As I wriggled past him, my belly and breasts brushing against his, I heard him groan with undisguised pleasure, like a man enjoying a fine meal.

'See you.' He called out, watching me climb the stairs. I was trying, and failing, to resist rolling the cheeks of my ass as I did so.

'See you.'

Back in my room I made some tea, threw it away, and opened a beer.

Shit, what had come over me? That guy was fat, bald, old enough to be my father. And yet every time I saw him I started acting like a bitch in heat.

'God, I'm a slut.' I told the empty room, wrapping my sweaty thighs around the beer bottle and grinding myself to orgasm against it's hard surface.


The next day my heart was racing as I turned he last corner before my apartment. Would he be there again? I'd thought about it this morning, and purposefully worn a thick sweater and jacket. It hadn't been until my second lecture that I realized that, unaccountably, beneath my thigh length skirt I was panty-less.

'What a thing to forget.' I told myself, with a sudden rush of excitement 'What if he looks up my skirt when I climb the stairs?'

I thought about that for a while until, sitting there in the front row of the lecture hall, I was overcome with a sudden, terrible lust. I felt the smoothly shaven folds of my sex plumpening beneath the gentle caress of the airs cool fingers, felt myself beginning to flush with barely contained excitement.

The professor droned on, oblivious, for what seemed an age. Finally he finished and, despite the fact that I still had two more lectures to go, I rushed home.

'I hope he's not there.' I lied to myself, the thick liquid of my own juices slicking my thighs as I trotted home.' He might look up my skirt. It's so short. He might see how wet I am, and think it's because of him.'

I opened the door, fumbling with my key. The landlord was nowhere in sight.

'O good.' I told myself, in an agony of frustration. I waited for a moment and then slowly climbed the stairs. Still no sign of him.

'That was lucky.'

I let myself into my apartment, stripped off, and headed for the shower. With a ~blink~ the bulb went out.

'Perfect' I grumbled, and turned on the tap. Water hissed out of the chipped chrome head and I stood and waited for it to turn from orange to gray, rubbing the goose bumps that patterned my naked skin.

As I did so I looked around the dim little room, trying not to think about what a slut I'd become. Perhaps there was something wrong with me. Perhaps it was stress. God, back there in the lecture hall I'd been so close to reaching down, pulling up my skirt and . . .

That's when I noticed it.

It didn't seem much. In fact, it really didn't seem anything. Just one more chipped tile, the corner long gone to leave a puckered hole in the plaster. But from behind this one, so faintly that I wouldn't have seen it I it hadn't been caught by the steam, came light.

For a moment I stared at it stupidly. I considered going over to examine the hole, but some instinct stopped me. Instead I turned my back on it and stepped into the shower. I didn't feel the sting of hot spray against my skin, though, I was too busy thinking.

'My God.' I told myself, pretending to be outraged' It's a peephole! '

I quickly glanced over my shoulder at the little crack of light. Could I see something moving beyond it? I wondered, and lent slightly forward, thrusting out my ass as I did so. Hot water began streaming between my cheeks as I opened my legs.

'The dirty pervert. I could report him.'

Squirting a thick jet of gel onto my loofer I opened my legs wider and bent my head even farther down. Now my ass was striking so far out that the water hit me in the small of the back before surging into my cleft. I thrust the loofer between my legs and started to rub myself clean.

'He might even be watching now.'

Pressing the sponge harder into myself I scrubbed it back and forth, first scouring my pussy with the deliciously rasping material, then sliding it between my splayed buttocks to tickle my exposed anus.

'God, he probably is watching! '

I began to rub myself faster, pressing my face forward against the cold tiles of the shower wall and reaching down with my other hand to slip the tip of one finger into myself.

'It's disgusting.' I whimpered and began to imagine the landlord stroking his big, greasy cock as he watched me, stroking it up and down, up and down, panting with excitement as I humiliated myself in front of him, acting as if I was nothing more than his little slut . . .

I felt something nudge against my chin and glanced down to find an old plastic hook, stained yellow with age. I wrapped my lips around it and sucked it into hungrily my mouth.

'mmmmmmmmmmm' the small animal noise tore from me as I suckled on the plastic, almost able to taste the thick, greasy musk of my perverted landlords cock.

I slipped two more fingers into myself and started to masturbate frantically. ignoring the splashing of water that was being spattered across the floor I dropped the loofer and popped one finger into the exquisitely tight ring of my anus. With a final arch of my hips I lifted my ass even higher to show the watcher what I was doing, an act of abject submission

And then I came. Biting down on my plastic suck piece to stifle my screams I clutched at the shower curtain as my body began to shake. My legs weakened and I slumped forward, my orgasm racking my glistening body as I thrashed about beneath the splattering spray of the shower.

When it had passed I turned guiltily back to the peep hole, but it was closed. The light had been shut out by what I found to be a piece of carefully replaced wood.

With a little shudder I picked up a towel and started to dry myself. I was already trying to ignore the satisfy glow which bathed my little world. I knew that it wouldn't last, and when it faded . . . well, then what?


The next day I woke up late. Even half asleep I knew what to wear. Knee high black leather boots. A short woolen tube of a skirt, tight enough to display every curve and ripple of my butt. And a tight cotton top, peaked and colored by the dark olives of my nipples.

For a moment, as I was about to leave the flat, I stopped and glanced over towards the box that still held my bras and panties. In the town where I had grown up the idea of leaving the house dressed like this, without even any underwear would have been unthinkable. Back there the feeling of sexual vulnerability would have been terrible. Yet somehow, here and now, it was terribly wonderful.

With a shrug I clattered down the stairs and away to my lectures, already wondering if I would find my landlord waiting for me when I got back. Of course, when I showered . . .

Hurriedly I pushed the thought away. I had to concentrate today. In fact I had to concentrate from now on. The first round of exams were in three weeks. I couldn't keep skipping lectures.

As the day wore on I struggled to keep my mind on what the profs were saying, tried not to think about what would happen to me when I got home. Maybe I would meet him in the stair well. If not I was sure he'd want to watch me in the shower again.

'Dirty old man.' I commented to myself at the thought, grinding my thighs together and wriggling in my lecture hall seat.

Classes over I all but ran home, sure that every man I passed could smell the ripening musk of my pussy. I fought against fantasies of being followed, cornered, stripped and held down by passers by as they fucked me in every orifice. I fought against the urge to ask them to do it.

'I must be going nuts.' I giggled, not at all disturbed by the idea. Then I was home, my keys jingling as I opened the door.

And there he was.

'Hi' Said my landlord. He stood in the center of the hall, blocking it completely, confidant and relaxed in a threadbare terry towel robe. It looked as if it might once have been blue.

'Hi.' I replied, my voice tightening. I closed the door behind me and leaned back against it, making no move to pass him. His eyes crawled over me, slipping from my straining nipples to my smooth white thighs to the triangular hint of my sex. I slid a little way down the door, opened my legs.

'Good day at school?' He asked without lifting his gaze from my crotch.

'Yes.' I breathed and reached down to take the hem of my skirt between thumb and fore finger.

'You are a dirty little slut, aren't you?' He smiled, approvingly.

'Yes.' Slowly I began to peel the wool upwards, wriggling my hips as I did so that it wouldn't bunch at the back. As the material slid up to my tummy I felt a cool draft caress the my sex.. My legs splayed even wider and I arched my back, lifting the smooth, slippery lips of my pussy up for his inspection.

'Very nice.' He murmured, toying with the stringy belt of his threadbare robe. Beneath it I could see the tent of his erection, and my mouth began to water 'Now turn around.'

It took me a heart beat to obey, pulling my skirt up over my belly as I pirouetted around. I rested my hands against the door, head down and ankles wide apart as I offered my ass to him.

I looked back over my shoulder as he approached me, letting his robe fall open. Beneath it he was completely naked. His cock was as I had imagined, short and thick. It jutted upwards in a powerful erection that pressed against the distended bulge of his hairy belly.

I whimpered with excitement and opened myself wider for him, pressing myself back until I could feel the heat of his body upon my flushed buttocks, could smell the musk of his sweat overpowering me.

'Please.' I whispered, squirming with barely contained excitement.

'Please what?'

'Please fuck me.'

'Well now.' He said, gripping my hips with hot, podgy hands.' That's an idea.'

I thrust my ass back into him, felt the iron rod of his cock pressing between my buttocks. For one delicious moment it rubbed along the groove between them, stroking my anus. I whined hungrily and rolled my hips.

'Thing is though.' He continued, absentmindedly sliding himself between my thighs so that the head of his erection nuzzled neatly into the folds off my dripping cunt ' I wanted to talk about the rent first.'

'The rent?' I asked, rocking back and forth, desperate to have him inside of me.

'Yes. I'm going to ask you for œ200 a month after all.'

'Fine.' I whined, reaching back to grasp him. My fingertips brushed against the dark bulge of his scrotum, then grasped the greasy cock that was so nearly inside of me.


'Yes.' I sobbed' Now pleeeeease fuck me!' He did it quickly and inconsiderately. Thrusting himself deep into me with no warning, he pulled my hips this way and that for his own pleasure. Pumping into me, grunting with animal pleasure, he might as well have been fucking a plastic doll.

It was fantastic. Orgasm after orgasm rippled through me as I clung to the door handle for support, drooling as I sucked it into my mouth. Once, overcome with sexual delirium, I bucked my hips. My landlord responded with a hard, stinging slap to my ass.

'Hold still, slut.' He barked, and I squealed my compliance as, with a great explosion of hat, he came inside of me, pumping me full of his seed. When he'd finished he pulled out of me and stood back, leaving me to slide to the floor.

'Come here.' He commanded, and I crawled forwards on my hands and knees, my eyes level with his shriveling cock ' Now suck me clean.'

I hastened to comply, wrapping my lips around his shaft and suckling upon it like a little girl with a dummy. It tasted of unwashed sweat and fresh cum. I moaned with pleasure at the taste, slobbering like a dog as I ran my tongue beneath his foreskin, licking him clean there before sucking the sweaty droop of his scrotum into my mouth.

'That'll do. Now follow me' My landlord said at length. He turned and plodded back to his own apartment. I followed eagerly as he led me into his room.

'Wait here.' He told me, disappearing into a side room. Too dazed to pull down my skirt, I stood there and looked around. The room was dusty, the windows covered with brown paper, and almost empty.


The only exception lay in the middle of the floor, and consisted in a pile of cheap toys. I went over for a closer look and found them to be a magnifying glass which, for some reason, had been tied to a naked plastic Barbie doll. A lock of hair, the same color as my own, had been taped between her legs.

Around these two objects, painted with some dark brown substance upon the floor boards, was a perfect circle. It smelled both metallic and rotten, like dried bal. . .

'Come away from there.' My landlord snapped.

'OK.' I jumped back guiltily, the feeling replaced with a sudden burst of pleasure as his eyes dropped to my bare pussy.

' Here.' He said, holding out a small steel plug to me.' It was the last girl's. Now you'll wear it.'

'Where?' I asked, turning it over in search of a clip.

'In your ass.' He said, nonchalantly, the words sending a tingle of excitement through me.

'Now go to your room. I want to sleep.'


That night, lying used and exhausted in my bed, the steel of the butt plug warm inside of my stretched anus, I thought of what I'd seen in my landlords flat.

Then I thought of the tales of witchcraft I'd read when I was younger.

Then I smiled and turned over to sleep, eager for the adventures that tomorrow would bring.

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