tagIncest/TabooReplacing Mommy

Replacing Mommy


Summary: Daughter attempts to seduce and lose virginity to father.

Note 1: This is a Halloween 2015 Contest story so please vote.

Note 2: Thanks to Robert, goamz86, and Wayne for editing this story.


I said, "Daddy, you're not skipping out on hosting the Halloween party."

Even though I was eighteen, I had resumed calling my father 'Daddy' after my mother passed away of cancer in June... a week after I graduated high school.

It had been a long six months from learning she had terminal cancer two days after Christmas, to watching the failed experimental treatments that made her a facsimile of her former self, to her death.

My daddy, once the most outgoing and fun loving man I knew, became withdrawn and depressed.

Although I was devastated too, I tried to be strong for him.

My nana stayed with us for all of July and I decided to go to a local college, at least for the first year, instead of one of the few others I had been accepted to.

I hated living in California as I wasn't blonde, big fake tittied, or anorexic.

I went to a private school where I didn't fit in, nor did I want to. Although I too came from a well off family, I wanted to be successful on my own and worked hard academically to get scholarships to over a dozen schools.

I should also note, although I'm not blonde, I'm not ugly.

I'm cute in the girl next door sort of way, with hazel eyes, brown hair and large D cup breasts (just like my mother... who said it was both a curse and a blessing). I play tennis to stay in shape and swim daily. I did hide my look, I suppose, by wearing nerdy glasses, always wearing my hair in a ponytail or pigtails, and wearing very conservative attire.

I was the only girl in the entire school who wore pantyhose to school... not even any of the teachers did. But not only did I like the feel of sheer nylon, it was something my mom had also always worn, being a model for eighties pantyhose commercials. She always told me that pantyhose is ladylike, fashionable and sexy. Of course, she grew up in Paris, where it wasn't 90 every day.

That said, I believed she was right and I wanted to be just like my mom.

August was full of different family members coming to visit and help out, so it wasn't until early September that the house finally held just the two of us.

And it was eerily quiet.

My dad was still grieving, as was I, but in trying to keep things going I tried to do as much of what Mom used to do as I could.

Although we were well off, we were not rich. We didn't have a cook or maid or chauffeur, like many of my classmates.

We lived comfortably. My mom had still done the rare modelling job, but generally she stayed at home while Dad worked. He was the CEO of a medium sized computer company.

So, I made the meals, did the laundry and cleaned the house, all while going to college.

September came and went and it was October 1st when Daddy said, "I don't think I can host the annual Halloween party."

I said, "Daddy, you are not skipping out on hosting the Halloween party!"

"Oh honey, it's just too much work without your mom," he said, in his usual, since Mom died, bland tone.

Halloween, as strange as it sounds, was both my parents' favourite holiday, and had through default become mine too.

Dad decorated the front yard, Mom decorated the house, they always chose elaborate couple costumes or, the past two years, family costumes (last year the Addams Family, the year before I was Pebbles and my parents Fred and Wilma) and Halloween always accumulated into a massive costume party.

"We can do it, Daddy," I said, determined to not let him bail out, deciding to use the guilt card, "We will do it in honour of Mom."

"Oh honey," he sighed, but then looked up and said, "You're right."

"I usually am," I joked, with a big smile on my face.

"Yes, yes you are," he laughed, something I hadn't heard from him much of late.

"So what do I need to do?" I asked.

"First, you decorate the inside of the house, and I'll do the outside," he said, standing up, looking for the first time since Mom died, as if he had a purpose for something. He added, "We will make this the biggest Halloween yet."

"Yes," I agreed, standing up too, excited to keep this enthusiasm going. "Let's go shopping."

"Now you sound like your mother," he said, with a big smile across his face.

I gave him a big hug and ordered, like mom would have, "Then get a move on."

"Eerie," he said, looking at me.

"What" I asked.

"Not only do you look exactly like your mom, but you sound just like her," he said.

"She was, no, is, my role model," I replied.

"Well, she is a perfect one," he said, tears beginning to fill his eyes.

"I love you, Daddy," I said, hugging him too.

"I love you too, Miranda," he replied, pulling me in for a big father-daughter hug.

As he did, I couldn't help but feel his surprisingly hard penis against me.

I was surprised. I was intrigued. I was aroused.

Surprised because my Dad had a hard on.

Intrigued about the reason he was hard. Did I make him hard? If so, how? Seemed unlikely it was me, I mean I am his daughter, yet that was the first thing that popped into my head.

Aroused because my dad was the most attractive man I knew. Every guy I met I compared to him, and none came close. My dad was good looking, compassionate, built like an Adonis, and apparently had a pretty big penis if that brief moment could be a testament.

Now, for the record, just because I didn't fit in with the sluts of California, didn't mean I was a virgin.

Okay, technically it did. Since I had never had sex.

But, I had become quite good at giving oral sex. After giving my first blow job to my boyfriend at the time (who will remain nameless because he is a fucking loser) and being told I sucked at it (pun not intended), I went online and researched it, just like I would a school project.

I only did things to the best of my ability, and thus was determined to master oral sex.

I then, out of spite, which was indeed kind of slutty, offered his best friend head at a party. Guy loyalty is not the same as girl loyalty and he eagerly let me go to town on his small dick.

Having practiced on bananas and cucumbers, I had mastered my gag reflex from my first time and easily deep throated all five inches.

I created extra saliva, I cupped his balls and in under two minutes swallowed his entire load while never slowing down.

He groaned as he shot his load and a wash of pride coursed through me at getting him off. He told me I had given him the best blow job ever and I told him to make sure my loser, who will remain nameless, ex knew about it.

Anyways, as usually happens in high school, I was quickly labelled a slut as word got around that I had blown my ex's best friend.

For a very smart girl, I really hadn't thought my plan through.

That said, it also made me suddenly visible. Both for guys thinking I was a sure thing, and for girls who saw me finally as more than just a brain.

I rejected many offers, avoided most parties and focused on studying.

Yet, as strange as it may sound, I craved cock.

I had really enjoyed the power of sucking cock. Knowing I was giving a guy pleasure, that I controlled when he got off.

So, on prom night, I went with a soccer player who was not overly popular, but more popular than me.

He picked me up in a limo and I decided then and there to suck him off.

Was that slutty? Yep.

Did it turn me on? Yep.

Like the last cock I had blown, he came in a couple of minutes. I swallowed it all and sitting back up smiled, "That was a delicious appetizer."

He stammered, "T-t-that was amazing."

"I'm hoping you can reload for more later," I smiled, feeling sexy and wanted.

He nodded, "Trust me, I'm a machine gun of cum."

I roared with laughter, "Well, tonight, I'm target practice."

And I was.

I sucked him off at the prom in the debate club room.

I sucked him off again in the limo.

I swallowed all three loads and if I didn't already love sucking cock, I became addicted.

He tried to push for sex, but I was wanting to keep my virginity intact for someone special.

Anyways, I found sucking cock oddly therapeutic and it became my relaxation for coping with Mom's death.

Fucked up? Yes.

True? Yes.

Anyways... Way off topic.

I decorated the house; Dad did his usual thing outside.

For the first time since Mom's death, Dad looked alive and not like the zombie he had become.

After sending a Facebook invite for the party, as well as emails, I asked Dad, "What are you planning to wear as a costume?"

"I don't know," he said, "your mom always chose the costumes."

"Well, then I'll be Mom," I said.

"What?" He asked.

"Whatever Mom does for Halloween, I'll do," I declared.

He laughed.

"What?" I asked.

"Oh nothing," he said, shaking his head.

"No, what?" I asked again.

"Trust me, it's nothing," he replied, suddenly looking uncomfortable.

"You can tell me anything," I said. "What did Mom do that was so special?"

He sighed. "I guess you're an adult now."

"I'm a big girl now," I joked.

He paused, clearly not sure how to say it, before finally saying, "For your mom, Halloween was the night her wild side came out."

"Okay," I said, acting confused, although I was pretty sure I knew what he was talking about.

"So when you said you would do whatever Mom would do," he began before I interrupted.

"And I will," I said, "I'll do everything Mom would do." Now I didn't use a tone to sound sexy, I continued playing dumb, but I was trying to use psychology to get a certain idea in his head... fucking his daughter. An idea that had just popped into my own head at that moment.

He laughed, "Do you know what you just offered?"

"To be Mom for a night," I shrugged, as I slyly glanced down to his trousers. I was disappointed to not see a hard cock poking out.

He shook his head, "This is crazy."

"What is?" I asked, really wanting him to say it.

"Fine," he said, glancing down to my stocking-clad feet. "Our Halloween parties always ended in our greatest sex."

"Oh," I said, acting shocked.

After a moment of silence, I broke out laughing, "So I offered to have sex with you."

He just nodded, his eyes again staring at my nylon-clad feet and my red painted toenails.

"No wonder you're all flustered," I said, as I pulled him into a hug, allowing my firm breasts to push into him and really trying to find out if his dick was hard.

It was.

I reassured him, even as I pondered keeping to my word that night, "Okay, I'll do almost everything Mom does."

He laughed, his cock involuntarily flinching against my leg, which made him break the hug, "Good plan."

I looked at him, beet red, and was confident he was thinking the same thing I was... 'if she wasn't my daughter'. I also caught him a couple more times taking glimpses of my legs and feet. I wondered if Mom had always worn nylons for him.

Later, I used my hair brush to fuck myself as I imagined Daddy taking my cherry.

After I came, I pondered, was I really willing to lose my virginity to my Dad? He fit my criteria: someone I loved, someone who was a great person, someone with a big dick.

I fell asleep with so many questions stirring in my head.

But no answers.

The next day, after classes, I headed to a costume store. I wasn't sure I was going to fuck my Dad, but I was definitely going to look as hot as I could.

There were so many options:

Princess and a knight: he could kill the dragon and then win his prize: his innocent princess's virginity.

Sandy and Danny from Grease. I loved this idea, even imagining saying the line, "What you thinking, stud?" But I wanted to wear nylons and showcase my legs as it was pretty apparent he got turned on by them.

Red riding Hood and the Wolf: the outfit for me was perfect. It showcased my voluptuous breasts and long legs. Yet, his costume had his entire body covered, including his face. On the one hand, that would make seducing him easy, as I could pretend it wasn't my Dad... but I wanted it to be my Dad. Shit, even though I wasn't sure I would be able to seduce my Dad, or if I really even wanted to, my naughty side was already in approval.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse: this one was super cute and when I was five I was Minnie and Dad was Mickey. Yet, while it would be fun and bring back memories, it would be a constant reminder I was his daughter.

Luigi and Princess Peach: We'd played tons of Mario Brothers together and although again cute, and the Princess Peach outfit was shockingly slutty, it would be another reminder that I was his daughter.

Batman and Catwoman: I liked this one too. Although nylons wouldn't work, the skin tight outfit would leave very little to the imagination.

I was about to choose it when I saw the perfect choice.

Elvira, Mistress of the Night.

It was perfect.

It would showcase my large breasts and my legs and was sexy as hell.

Then Daddy could be Dracula.

I bought both, then went to a lingerie store for a strapless bra and the silkiest pantyhose possible.

Feeling sexy and decadent, I then went into an adult store, for the first time, directly across the street, deciding I needed a real sex toy for the bedroom. My hairbrush wasn't long enough for me anymore.

I wasn't ready for what I walked in to.

Toys everywhere.

Although many I couldn't fathom being used for a body.

An older woman asked, a big smile on her face, "First time here, my dear?"

"What gave me away?" I joked.

"The shocked deer in the headlights look," she replied friendlily.

"Well, I figured I needed something better than my fingers," I said, somehow instantly comfortable talking to this friendly woman.

"For your vagina?" She asked.

"Yes," I nodded, not able to fathom anything going in my ass.

"Follow me," she said.

I did, and was soon staring at a whole long aisle with toys on both sides.

"Wow," I said, in awe of everything.

She smiled, "I highly recommend one of these."

"A butterfly?" I asked, looking at the box.

"Yes," she nodded, "it's an amazing addition to just a typical vibrator, as it stimulates inside your vagina and on your clitoris."

"Oh," I said, wondering how such a thing would feel.

"It is a bit more expensive than a typical vibrator but it does so much more," she continued. "And it has different speeds and vibrations for variety."

"I'll take it," I said.

"Can I ask you one more question?" she asked.

"Sure," I shrugged.

"This is great for lying back and pleasuring yourself, but if you want to feel like you are actually having sex, I would highly recommend one of these," she said, handing me a long, black dildo.

I asked, curious, "How does this possibly recreate sex?"

"You stick it onto a wall and bounce back on it," she said.

"Oh my," I replied, immediately intrigued by the concept, my pussy dampening into my panties.

"There are dozens of lengths, girths, colours and textures," she continued, pointing me to a whole section.

"Wow, I've never seen so many penises," I said.

"I have another costumer," she said, "take a look and pick one that you think best suits you."

"Okay," I nodded, already perusing the plethora of dicks.

And choosing wasn't easy. It was like being at a Ben and Jerry's and trying to choose only one flavour of ice cream.

I was suddenly a cock connoisseur and wanted to try them all. Unfortunately, with a hundred bucks to spend, I was limited.

After fifteen minutes spent pondering length, width and colour, I chose one.

It was 10 inches long. I couldn't fathom it all fitting, but considering it would be stuck to a wall I figured I would be losing a couple of inches at least.

It was thick. I wasn't sure my virgin pussy could take much more.

It was black. Black just looked authentic, especially with the realistic veins.

I purchased it, and some lube at the recommendation of the saleswoman, which she pointed out was also anal lube just in case and went straight home and directly to my room... my pussy on fire.

I opened the box, giddy like I usually was on Christmas morning.

Although, unlike Christmas morning, my pussy was begging for attention.

I stared at the long, thick cock, in awe of just how realistic it looked.

Maybe it was the slut me, or the curious me, but I moved the dildo to my mouth and began sucking it.

I closed my eyes and imagined it was Dad's cock I was sucking.

Ever since I felt his hard cock against me, the idea of sucking and fucking Dad... the idea of completely replacing Mom... the idea of losing my virginity to the man I loved more than life itself... well, although taboo and considered wrong by today's society and the legal system, I couldn't stop thinking about it... and neither could my pussy, which seemed to be constantly demanding attention (way more than it ever had before).

Which is why I bought this big dildo.

Deciding I had to try it now, I suctioned it to the wall, got undressed until only in thigh highs (I loved playing with my breasts while I masturbated usually, I figured it would be the same with this toy).

I got on my knees, a position I enjoyed, and moved back onto the dildo.

I realized it was too high for my pussy, and frustrated because I really wanted it in me, turned around and lowered it.

I again repositioned myself in front of the dildo and attempted to fuck myself. And although I was slightly wet, my pussy, although begging for it, wasn't allowing entry. I reached back and rubbed the mushroom top up and down my pussy lips to stimulate wetness.

Yet, three attempts later, my pussy was still empty.

It was then I remembered the lube.

"Fuck!" I cursed to myself, as I got up and grabbed the still sealed lube.

Of course, being in a hurry, I struggled to break the seal, an ironic metaphor for what was becoming a frustrating experience.

Once open, I generously coated the toy, as well as my pussy, and returned to the dildo.

For a third time I got on my knees and backed up towards it. Again, I felt initial resistance as my tiny pussy seemed to be rejecting the width of the dildo.

"Fuck," I cursed, frustrated, as I rubbed the dildo up and down my wet pussy lips.

Finally, after more physical coaxing, the dildo began to slide in me.

I screamed, as it widened me, way more than ever before, "Holy shit!"

As I remained on my knees, the dildo in me only a little bit, my bedroom door opened as Dad asked, in a panic, "Are you okay?"

We both went completely pale for different reasons. I quickly stood up and stammered, as I covered myself. "S-s-sorry."

"Me too," he said, quickly exiting the room.

I was mortified. Dad had just walked in on me trying to fuck myself. I quickly got dressed, the insatiable hunger completely gone as I tried to figure out how I would ever face him again.

As I lay on my bed mortified, Dad knocked, "It's okay honey, we can talk when you are ready."

Talk? I wanted to go back in a Delorean, my dad's favourite movie being Back to the Future, and make this not happen. I joked as much, "I'm just trying to get my hands on some plutonium to go back in time, Dad."

He laughed, "For what, the Ford Focus?"

I laughed back as I sat on the edge of my bed. "It's almost as big a piece of crap as a Delorean."

He added, "Plus you can take me with you and we can go and see Mom so she can have this conversation with you."

"Come in, Daddy," I offered.

He did and walked over and sat beside me at the edge of the bed. He surprised me by putting his hand on my nylon-clad knee and asked, "Did Mom have the whole birds and bees conversation with you before she...?"

He couldn't finish the sentence so I answered quickly, "Yes, she did, Daddy. When I was sixteen."

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