tagFetishReplaying the Old Magic Ch. 02

Replaying the Old Magic Ch. 02


The next few days and evenings were a whirl of feminine preparation for Josie. A new pair of shiny black shoes with 5-inch stiletto heels and new fully-fashioned stockings with beautiful seams. Trimming her pubic hair; waxing her legs and underarms at the salon; doing her hair differently; practice in applying new make-up; lacquering her finger and toe nails in a bright red. She had jitters in her stomach and felt like a teenager going on her first date; although she could not remember feeling this way ever before.

Josie's store-search for classic and firm foundation-wear failed completely. No store in Melbourne, or even in Victoria State, seemed to sell that kind of firm-control underwear any more. She delved further into her undies-drawers, searching for a particular set of corsetry but couldn't find it. Then she remembered: 15 years before, she'd put her latest purchases into a suitcase which was now on top of the wardrobe in her spare room. After a tricky moment standing on a kitchen stool, she got down the suitcase and found what she wanted. A black high-waist zip-side girdle with many bones and five suspenders for each stocking. And a matching black longline bra, also boned down the front and sides, with panelled and underwired cups. And a pair of shiny black nylon-Lycra panties that would press firmly between her legs, holding the bottom edge of the girdle and reaching up into her waist, exaggerated as it was by her corsetry. She'd bought these clothes in a final attempt to interest Peter, the week before he left, and he had mocked her.

"More armour to protect yourself from me and turn me off? Is that it?" He'd missed the point totally and that demonstrated to perfection the failure of their marriage.

Now she thought she'd found a man who would understand and appreciate her efforts. Or had he found her? She didn't care and was prepared mentally, emotionally and physically for anything this man wanted. This man had made her feel like a woman again after just one evening of kissing and cuddling.

Josie felt just one twinge of worry: despite her age, she was inexperienced in matters sexual. The 6-month fling ten years earlier had shown her a few new things but, really and truly, she was a beginner at "this sex business" as she described it to herself.

"I must be weird," she thought, "getting myself ready for anything this man wants to do with me, dressing to excite myself more than ever before; but thinking and feeling and worrying like a virgin. What am I doing?"

She had no answer for herself, but she knew that she was going to go through with this assignation. Whatever it led to or required her to do.

"Other women know more than me and they're OK; so here goes before it's too late for me."

It was arranged that David would arrive at her apartment and Josie would cook a supper for them at 7.30pm. She left work an hour early and spent the extra time dressing for the evening. The corsetry was new and firm; and she struggled again to get it into place and fastened. She remembered again the trick of getting her stockings attached to so many suspenders, and with straight seams. The tighter panties pressed onto her pubic area and she was aware of warmth and moisture between her legs: in anticipation, of course. Hooking up the long bra, at the back, was another skill she had to re-learn quickly. She did, but it took a long time and she longed for a man to help her dress like that.

When she was fully enclosed in her clothing, she paraded herself in front of the long mirror on her wardrobe. She looked at her contained and shaped figure and ran her hands over her curves; from her shoulders all the way to her thighs and stocking tops. Starting at her breasts, she appreciated herself and moved down over her ribs and her now-flattened abdomen. She lingered with her fingers tracing down the bones over the front of the girdle and at the sides, and those at the back. She had always liked bones in her underwear, and had toyed with the idea many times of dressing in a hard-laced boned corset; to reduce her waist to Victorian proportions. She felt sure that she could wear such a corset and would enjoy the control and the shaping. But had never had the opportunity -- nor the corset, for that matter.

Her hands moved round the sides, to feel her hip-bones and the smooth transition from front to back. The super smoothness of the girdle panel over her bottom and the feeling down to her thighs excited her. She felt especially at her stocking tops and the tautness of the ten suspenders.

She was becoming excited and realised that her old fetish was as strong as ever.

"Why haven't I pleased myself with these things, after all these years?" she actually asked herself out loud ,while looking at her image in the mirror. Twisting this way and that, to appreciate again her figure and the black tightness of the underwear.

She became aware of the moisture between her legs. She resisted the temptation to feel and press on her vaginal area; not wishing to disturb the knickers, or cause a wet patch to show.

"Let him do that," she giggled silently to herself, "I hope he likes these clothes. I want him to get to me like this -- and enjoy me. I wonder if he likes tight-laced corsets?"

Still dressed only in her underwear, she put on an apron and spent an hour making a light supper for them both. Fresh cold fish salad, new potatoes, green leaves. All covered and placed in the cooler at the bottom of the fridge. For dessert, she planned simple vanilla ice-cream with a shot of Maraschino over it; a culinary trick she'd learned on a visit to UK many years before.

"Nice and easy for me, being all trussed up like this," she giggled to herself, "and not so much to put him to sleep."

As the clock moved towards 7.15pm, she struggled with her panties and emptied her bladder.

"Just to be sure," she thought and then her bowel opened as well and she gratefully dropped a good-sized turd also. "Probably a good idea as well," she continued her thought. She spent a few minutes cleaning up and perfuming herself.

After donning a new shorter dress with a broad belt, she stood into her high heels and practiced walking around the apartment. That part wasn't easy but she persevered and felt more confident to meet David at her front door without toppling over! She surveyed herself once more in her long mirror and decided she had done all she could. More care and thought than she could recall from 10 years earlier, she felt utterly confined and contained in her underwear; shapely and smooth and ultra-feminine.

David arrived punctually, which seemed to be his habit, and they kissed passionately on her doorstep. He held her waist and squeezed as he pressed his lips onto hers and played just briefly with his tongue between them. This time, his squeeze did not cause any further compression of her girdle and bra. She was packed in already pretty-much as far as her body would take; and he noticed it.

"You look and feel wonderful," he said.

"Specially for you," she replied with the coy sideways look she'd practiced beforehand. But thinking to herself, "....and for me, too...."

She took his jacket; dark blue linen; and hung it over a hook on her hall-stand. Holding hands, they walked slowly though into her living-diner and sat on her sofa, looking into each other's eyes.

Josie was aware of the restriction in her movement and her sitting, from her firm underwear and the high heels. She needed to sit on the edge of the sofa, not lounge back as she would have done a week earlier.

David spoke first, "I'm not hungry yet, except to be with you and for us to discover each other. Can we eat later?"

She knew what that meant. Sex first; food after.

"Oh yes, it's cold anyway. It can wait."

David leaned across and took her waist in his hands again, shifted his position to be closer, and kissed her. First on her lips and then allowing his mouth to wander over her cheek, throat and down onto her shoulders. She strained her head back and he kissed over the front of her throat and onto her chest; above her blouse and the little piece of bra that showed.

"Please let me please you," he spoke into her cleavage as his kiss brushed by.

"Yes, do what you want," she replied, rather to her own surprise.

He stood up and helped her to her own stilettoed feet; and she moved them both towards her bedroom.

Slowly and deliberately, David unbuttoned her blouse and lifted it off her shoulders, dropping onto a chair. He fondled her breasts through the firm bra and moved his hands down over her contained ribs and into her waist. Then he reached round and unzipped her skirt, before kneeling down in front of her and helping her to step out of it.

Now she was dressed only in ferocious underwear and her shoes. He stood up and led her to the bed, where he laid her down with her head on a comfortable pillow. Quickly he took off all his clothing and sat on the edge of the bed with his hands on her abdomen. She looked across at his groin and was pleased to see him erect and glistening, ready for her penetration.

He leaned across her and kissed the flesh showing over her stocking tops, and gradually moved himself up her figure, nuzzling his face into her underwear, until he was kissing and sucking on her skin at the top of her bra and around her throat.

"How romantic and gentle he is," thought Josie to herself, and stroked her hands through his hair as she lay back to allow his tenderness to overcome her.

In fact, after that quiet romantic start, the evening and the night became wild and daunting for Josie. But she didn't only let it happen to her: she wanted and encouraged David in all he did.

First, with no warning, David pulled himself over her and sat astride her legs. He took hold of her knickers and gripped them firmly in both fists.

Josie thought, "How can he get them off me sitting over my legs like that?" She didn't ponder this long.

With no warning, he tore her panties off her. Not pull them down her legs and take them off; but he took hold of the pants between her legs with both hands. Then with a great breath and grunt, "Ugggh" he ripped them to shreds and pulled them off her body. In doing so, he lifted her off the bed and she flopped back wondering for a moment what he had done. He held the wreckage of her panties in the air for a second and smiled, before flinging them to one side. And still she had on her shoes.

Then she felt the coolness on her labia and his hand playing on her. She was wet and he leant forward onto her as she spread her legs to allow him into her. She was ready and she wanted him inside now. Now. At that very moment. She reached down and guided his ready erection into her tunnel; and he thrust slowly but deliberately into her, to full length. Josie arched her back as far as she could inside her underwear. She remembered that feeling of fullness and stretch from all those years ago.

"Oh, yes; mmm; yes," she murmured as he shagged back and forth in her. She could feel him stiffening even further and wondered if he would come inside her so soon.

But no; he slowed his thrusting and gently pulled out of her. Then he kept moving downwards, until his head was on a level with her belly; and further until the edge of her girdle was pressing into his forehead. He opened his mouth wide and took her entire vulva region into his mouth. Filling his mouth with her labia and pubic mound. Sucking and playing with his tongue.

With her legs parted and spread over his shoulders, Josie arched her back again and couldn't suppress another moan, "Aaah, oh yes."

He concentrated on her clitoris, and started a rhythmic stroking with his tongue until her juices started running again, even more freely. Josie could feel every single movement of his tongue; and the pressure of his face against the insides of her thighs as her girdle tried to force her legs together. Also, she could feel the pull of her girdle across his forehead and reached down, trying to lift it away from him.

But she couldn't concentrate on anything except her orgasm which was building; first in her belly, then spreading over her entire body. This was going to be one of those orgasms she remembered; her legs were quivering, her insides tingling, her breathing sharp and short, and her back muscles tensing. She was arching her back again without making any effort; it just happened as the orgasm mounted to its shattering climax. Suddenly she was there, in the middle of a long orgasm that she'd awaited for a decade. She couldn't possibly keep quiet.

"Ooooh, mmmm, aarrrh," she breathed out finally in a great exhalation. And placed her hand on David's head to stop his ministrations. She didn't need to do that, because he was a man of some experience and knew she'd arrived at her high point.

Now she was super-sensitive, as he eased himself away from her labia. He moved up the bed and lay partly next to her and partly on her as he cradled her head on his right shoulder. He began feeling and smoothing her body, starting with her left breast in one of his strong hands and then wandering over her girdled body. He felt at her bra seams, its bones and the shaping of the cups. Then straying downwards until she could feel him pressing and squeezing gently over the top edge of the girdle, down the bones, to the suspenders and to the bottom edge; to her stocking tops and as far as her could reach down her thighs over her smooth stockinged legs. And still she had on her shoes.

His feeling and touching of her body and its coverings went on for many minutes, as Josie recovered from the overwhelming orgasm. Eventually, she took in deep breath and turned her face towards his. He leant over and they kissed again. His hand held her face momentarily, before gliding downward over her throat, her bra-contained breasts, her torso tight in its high boned girdle, and finishing between her legs. He pressed his middle finger inside her, exactly as she had wanted of him at their first meeting.

He spoke, "Tell me again I can do what I want. Please."

With only a moment hesitation, she replied, "You can do what you want."

"Come now. Kneel up for me," he said softly.

They manoeuvred so that Josie was kneeling with her head on the pillow and David knelt across her legs which were parted a little. He took her girdled waist in his hands and guided his erection between her cheeks. It needed that guidance because her buttocks ere pressed together by the firm and stretched bottom edge of her girdle. Holding her controlled and contained waist firmly, squeezing even more firmly on her figure, he pulled her towards his erection and he slipped up the alleyway of her cheeks and into her vagina. And still she had on her shoes.

And then he went wild in her. Pulling and tugging her towards him; then thrusting her away from him; so that her body was doing the shagging, not his hips. Josie's eyes were wide open and her lips as well; gasping for breath and feeling her body dragged back and forth. Her organs were flopping around inside her torso; and her breasts under her chin. Even her corsetry and the long bra could not control the earthquake of movement that David was forcing on her body. She had never experienced such vigour and violence before; with the pounding of her cervix deep inside her tunnel and the severe hold he maintained on her waist.

She thought, "My god, what is he doing to me? How can is take this?" But through her anxiety and discomfort came another collection of thoughts and sensations. "This is new. It's amazing. He's using me for his pleasure; whether I want it or not. I'm letting him do it. I want him to do it. I'm ENJOYING it," she admitted to herself.

And her orgasm began growing again; this time focussed on her thighs and buttocks, and in her waist; each of these regions were the centre of his actions and they responded for her.

Without proper warning, she exploded into another shattering orgasm with cries and grunts; with her mouth gaping and eyes staring out of her face.

"Aaaargh. Ooooh. Aaaargh. Eeee-ee-ee," she was close to screaming and her arms gave way. She would have slumped forward onto the bed, except that David held her close to him and prevented her pelvic region from leaving him. And still she had on her shoes.

Her face hit the bed, with her hips still pointing at the ceiling. The girdle and bra pressed even more ferociously onto her waist as she was bent and folded in this position. He continued his pounding and tugging for a minute longer, before slowing and letting her slide of him, to lie down on her belly. Still, he hadn't reached his own ejaculation. Josie knew then that he had more in his mind; more of his pleasure to be taken from her body.

David relaxed alongside of her and resumed his stroking and feeling at her corseted body; this time over her back, buttocks and the backs of her thighs. She just let it happen, knowing that he would do what he wanted, anyway. And wondering to herself what he would ask for next.

"Don't go away," he whispered in her ear and moved off the bed. He returned within a few seconds from the direction of his jacket and she could tell he held things in his right hand. Whatever they were, he worked something in his left hand for a moment, and then he pushed it under the pillow on his side of the bed.

Reaching down with his left hand, he reached under the girdle and pressed his fingers against her bottom. Right against her anal sphincter. She could tell he's spread something like a liquid on her and this sort of thing was new to Josie.

"What you doing?" she asked.

"Doing what I want, like you said," he replied.

Reaching under his pillow again he brought out a little black rubber butt plug; about the size of two of his fingers; a pointed pear-shaped with a narrow neck next to the flange. He pressed it into his mouth to moisten it and gave it to Josie.

"Push this in your bottom," he instructed, looking her straight in the eyes.

"What? Why?" she queried, "I've never done this."

"I want it now. I think you'll like it and you CAN do it," his gaze was steady as ever, into her eyes.

Josie rolled onto her back and reached down between her legs, and into the space made by her taut girdle. Slowly, and with a little hesitation, she pressed the pointed end into her anus and found that it slipped in quite easily at first. There came a point when it stretched her a little more than her usual faeces, and she winced. She stopped pushing.

"It's too big," she complained.

David reached down and moved her hand off the plug; taking it into his own grasp. With no hesitation, he re-commenced pushing it into her. With a little force, and with Josie arching her back, he instructed her some more.

"Take a deep breath and push against it."

She did so and suddenly the plug popped in, with its flared base snuggling up against her butt-hole.

Josie gave a little squeak as it passed into her entrails, but then realised that the sensation inside was very pleasant.

David spread her legs and entered her again with his erection. He could feel the plug in her rectum and she could feel the extra movement and friction through the membrane. It felt good and she mewed again, shrugging her hips in time with his shagging. And still she had on her shoes.

She felt another orgasm rising in her; this time starting in her intestines and her groin. But before she could reach her climax, David pulled out of her and she felt a moment's disappointment.

"Oh, why?" she asked him.

"You'll see. I'm going to undress you a little," he whispered again, "you'll help me."

He moved himself to her stocking tops and the suspenders holding them; and began to unclip them. Josie rolled over to allow him to get to back as well as front, and soon they were loose.

David slowly rolled her stockings down and laid them on the carpet at the side of the bed.

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