tagBDSMReserved Jenny Finds Herself Ch. 03

Reserved Jenny Finds Herself Ch. 03


Fulfilling the Fantasy - Jenny's Perspective

I was still on cloud nine, which is why I had been so acquiescent to fulfill his fantasy. As soon as we got back to the bungalow, he had me face the ocean with my eyes closed. Soon it was pitch dark as my eyes were blindfolded. I could smell him right next to me, but I wanted to touch him for reassurance, but I didn't dare.

"Lift your arms." I complied.

My dress come off and I was now in just my bra and thong. Once he took me outside, I would know immediately which fantasy we were fulfilling. But for now, I had to wait and see.

"On your knees." I bent down on my knees. "Open your mouth." I opened my mouth and felt something touch my lips. I knew his smell and I sensed that he was already hard again. I tried to catch it with my mouth, but he wouldn't sit still.

"Did I say you could move?"

I realized I had brought my hands up in an attempt to grab him and hold him. "No."

"No what?"

"No, sir."

"Remember that. Next time you won't be so fortunate."

I had only the vaguest idea of what the rules were, but I kept playing along. "Yes sir."

"Good girl. Now open up."

I opened my mouth and was rewarded. I didn't remember it being this difficult to get myself around him last night. I greedily sucked on him as he grabbed my head and pushed me onto him. Not very hard, but enough to remind me who was in charge. The idea of giving control of my body to this man who I hardly knew was a little intimidating and exhilarating.

"Stand up."

I stood up and let him guide me to the bed. I felt something wrap around my right wrist and then my left. I wanted to tug, but I didn't dare. Soon he had tied both of my legs so I was in a spread eagle position.

"mmm," the anticipation was tantalizing, but then it became quiet for what seemed to be forever.

"Hello? Mark? What are you going to do to me?"

"Did I say you could talk?"

"No sir."

"Didn't I warn you last time?"

"Yes, sir."

Suddenly, my nipples were hit by sheer cold. Ice. He was using ice on my most sensitive part of my body. I writhed, but couldn't break free. The cold went away and was replaced with a warm wet feeling. His tongue felt so good. I was very wet by now. He kept moving around my body. But just as I was about to orgasm, he would sense it and stop. I was on the edge and getting frustrated.

"You want to come, don't you?"

"Yes, please, sir. Let me come."

"How badly do you want to come?"

My legs were shaking and my clit felt like it had grown threefold. "Really badly, sir."

"Beg again."

"Please, sir, please let me come."

He untied my legs and I felt his hard cock tease my slit. He slowly pushed and then pulled back out. I tried to push myself onto him, but the restraints limited my movement.

Then, without warning, he brought my legs up off the bed and pushed deep inside of me. I had never felt so full in my life. He continued to push, while mixing up the tempo. I felt another wave come over me and started crying out and then laughing.

Then I felt his hands untie my hands. "Turn over."

I realized the fantasy was not over yet. I turned over as he tied my hands to the post again.

"On your knees."

I felt his hand guide my hips up so that my rear was poking in the air as his hands gripped both sides of my hips. Just as I was relaxing, I felt him push inside of me again. As he forced himself deeper inside of me, I felt something in my sphincter. I closed around the object and let out a gasp. It felt. I don't know. It was different. He removed it.

"You can keep doing that if you want. It felt good."

"Did I say you could talk?"

"No, sir."

"For that, you'll have to have a level 3 punishment." I suppose this was the third time I had broken these rules, which I still didn't completely understand.

I felt the sting on my ass. It hurt, but the pain quickly subsided. I felt another one on my left cheek and cried out as that one was unexpected.

He pushed himself back into both holes this time, with his finger moving slowly in and out. I found myself pushing my ass further towards him as he grabbed my hips harder. Then, he pulled out and it was eerily quiet.

I heard a squishy sound and felt something running down between my cheeks. Oh. My. God. He's going to take my ass. I was a virgin twelve hours ago and now I'm going to give him my ass as well. I was about to say something when I remembered I was already on level 3 punishment. I had no idea what level 4 was and didn't want to find out. I could shout Tequila, but I was a woman of my word. He rubbed around my sphincter and slowly pushed two fingers in.

"Do you want this, or do you want to stop?"

Truthfully, I didn't know what I wanted. So far everything had felt good and my senses were on overdrive. I'm not sure where I would have drawn the line, but I didn't think I was quite there, yet.

"It's yours if you want it."

A slap


He kissed my lips and down my back and I felt his hand cup my front as he slowly inserted himself from the back. It hurt, I'm not going to lie. But he was moving circles with his finger on my clit and all I could think about was how good that felt. Slowly, he had pushed himself all the way into me and I found myself enjoying this new feeling.

"You like this, don't you, Jenny."

"Yes sir."

"You want me to come inside of you, don't you?"

I'm not sure I wanted that, but I was okay with it.

"Yes, sir. Please come inside of me."

As he pushed in and out of my ass, I found myself getting worked up again. I wanted to come and I wasn't sure whether I had to ask permission or whether I would be penalized for talking out of turn. Oh these rules seemed so arbitrary.

"Please, sir, may I come?"

"Not until I do."

I bit down on my lower lip, trying hard not to come. He slowed down his finger, but that wasn't helping enough. I was about to come and there wasn't anything I could do. Suddenly, I felt his body shake and he collapsed on top of my back. I let out another scream and collapsed on the bed.


He laughed. I don't think either of us had enough energy for anything else. At least not for a few hours.

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