We go out to eat in a nice restaurant where it is dimly lit. You choose a table in a dark corner and I'm glad, you have no idea what I have in store for you tonight. We sit down and you order a nice dinner, but I'm laughing to myself. I wonder if you will be able to eat much when I give you my surprises. A little giggle escapes, as I hold a finger to squelch the rest that wants to leave my mouth, you look over at me with questioning eyes. I just shake my head.. as if to say, "Nevermind.. you'll find out later."

It's a beautiful table in a quiet corner. There's a tablecloth on the table, a nice long one, just perfect for what I had in mind. We get our salads and when you start eating, I start to rub your leg with my foot. You look up in surprise, but I see the gleam in your eyes. You like it. Every once in a while, I rub your leg, reaching higher up your calf until my foot is on your thigh. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see your cock start to bulge and strain against the seams of your slacks.

You look at me with a smile and then look around the restaurant to see if anyone is paying attention to us. Everyone is too worried about their own lives to pay any attention to us. Main course time now. In more ways than one, but then you don't know that yet.

I lean over and whisper in your ear. "I don't have any panties or bra on, baby". Your head jerks up in surprise and your eyes are open wide. I know the effect I am making on you when you seem to be paying less attention to your food and more attention on what I'm doing. I reach over and slide my hand along your thigh. After a little while, I cup the front of your pants and feel the jerk of your hardening cock. Oh, Do you know how love arousing you? I am getting wet and you haven't even touched me. I see you are having a little trouble swallowing.

Are your thoughts somewhere else rather than on your food, perchance? I begin to unbuckle your belt and unzip your pants, slowly using my index finger, I drag it up and down your already hard cock. You put down a hand as if to stop me and I shake my head. You move your hand back to the table as I finish unzipping your pants. You look at me with a question in your eyes, but I just smile, a sweet innocent smile...One that you know I'm about to do something..."bad".

Then I reach in and take out your hard cock. Oh, I wish I had a camera to get a picture of your face! I can just hear your thoughts now! "Right here in public!?"

I begin to stroke you, softly at first, and then harder. You have completely forgotten your food by now. Your mind is on what my hand is doing. It takes only a few strokes and I can tell you are close to cumming.

I slowly kiss up your jawline and while I let a my tongue flick your earlobe, I whisper, "Don't worry, my love. When you cum, I want you to be in my pussy... not here! Lets go home and finish this, shall we?"

You take out your wallet and literally throw some money on the table in your rush. You close up your pants, take off your jacket, and hold it in front of you as you pull me from my chair, rushing me out the door. You have me almost running out of the restaurant! Quickly, we get in the car and speed away from the restaurant. You are driving a little too fast, but I can't blame you. I sit very close to you, my hand on your thigh, gently caressing, gently gliding my hand up and down your cock...can you just feel my hand now? I notice you are not driving me home, but are driving out of town on a back road.

You look over with a big smile and I know what you want. You soon find a nice place to pull over and park. Opening the door, you pull me out of the car and lean me against it. You begin to kiss me, ravaging my mouth with yours because you are so aroused. Deep, hot, wet kisses. Searing kisses leaving my lips burning and begging for more, then doing that damn kiss of yours, the one that you know drives me nuts. Kissing me... then pulling away when I try and kiss you back.. just leaving me feel the heat of your breath against my lips. *sigh*

You unbutton my dress and take my breasts in your hands. The cold air gushes by, making my nipples stand out even more, as you start to rub, roll, and pinch my nipples with the tips of your fingers. Oh, it's so wild; you are so wild. You are almost out of control with desire. I reach down and undo your pants, pushing them down. You lift my dress and instinctively I open my legs, to make room for you.. Your weight holds me against the car, so I raise my legs and wrap them around your waist, and lean my body back against the hood of the car.

You drive your cock deep inside my wet pussy, slowly.. just to drive me mad, I think! Slowly you start to thrust that hard cock of yours...inch by inch you slide your cock. Within just a few strokes, you make me cum.. But I always cum a few times.. I scream out my release as you loudly moan.. You start to thrust harder, and faster.. trying to cum before anyone catches us out here. I try and work faster with you... So we both can cum at the same time.. so I can feel you shoot your cum into my hot pussy.. at the same time I cum.

Just when I start to whisper to you.. "Baby.. cum with me baby"..

You cum.... right there against the car... in the middle of no where...Just knowing that, I start to cum... loudly I moan, you thrust your tongue into my mouth.. just to muffle my moan??

"Who's that behind you!?!"


Part 2... coming soon!

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