tagFetishThe Apartment Complex Ch. 1

The Apartment Complex Ch. 1

bySperman Alexie©

It had been a bizarre six months. It all started when my roommate Todd and I were approached by a fellow student of mine in my community college Psych class. She was a beautiful, brown-haired busty bombshell. What followed was hours of wild, unbelievable consensual sex, sucking, fucking, bondage, lesbian sex, and anal rape. It had been a wild night, and a roomful of orgasms.

In the months that followed, Candace (the aforementioned classmate) had moved into Todd's and my place, (sharing a bed with me,) and we had moved forward in our relationship. The Bellkers, (our landlords) expected regular sexual contact with the three of us, in exchange for free rent, utilities and cable. It wasn't bad, really. Mrs. Bellker was pretty hot, although she was considerably older than Todd and me. I still had Candace, who, it turned out, was something of a nymphomaniac. I hadn't had sex since my divorce two years prior. In the six months since meeting Candace, between "paying" the Bellkers and satisfying my new roommate, I had more than made up for lost time.

Life was good. I was losing weight, my grades were good, I was getting frequent sex, and I hadn't been butt-fucked by Mr. Bellker, like poor Todd had that first night. Occasionally I got to make love with Mrs. Bellker, but only after sucking her huge, lactating breasts for hours on end, and by then, I was a limp love puppet. Something about those milky love glands made me succumb to Mrs. B's every whim. Granted, the side-effect of cumming inside her hot, silky twat was being forced to lick my cum back out once we were done, but even that was tolerable because her tart pussy juices tasted so good. The fact is, Mrs. B could have told me to rob a bank while I was under the hypnotic influence of her breast milk and pussy juice, and I would have marched right into the nearest bank, butt-naked, dripping cum from my limp dick and demanded money. It was that good.

But, six months after it started, everything changed...

The first thing that happened was the notice from the Bellkers that they had sold the apartment complex and were retiring to Florida. The complex had been purchased by a huge rental company that owned every unit for miles around. The Bellkers had been the lone holdouts, but eventually they caved in. This was sad news because it meant I wouldn't get to suck Mrs. B's luscious tits anymore, but it was nice to know my risk of being butt-fucked had diminished greatly.

Then, knowing that the last month of free rent was upon us, Todd got a job in another city. In addition to our losing our free housing ticket, I was losing my best friend, and roommate of two and a half years. Todd had been by me since my divorce, offering moral support, occasionally paying for the tear-laden bears, always being supportive. Now I was losing him, too. I was a college student, delivering pizzas part time and had an impending $750 per month rent starting next month. Well, it would be $375 with Candace paying her half.

Or so I thought...

Candace entered the darkened bedroom wearing nothing at all. I saw her silhouette in the moonlight, and was immediately erect. She crawled into bed, and positioned herself with her tender lips against the head of my straining cock. Her long hair cascaded over my belly and legs as I felt her mouth open to take in my stiff member.

Her tongue snaked up to the head of my cock, gently opening my urethra, creating a pleasant, yet painful "hurt-so-good" sensation. Then her warm, soft tongue disappeared and she jammed the entire length of my cock into her mouth, sucking fiercely. Her slender fingers reached up and began to gently pinch my nipples, filling me with intense, almost mind-blowing sensations of ecstasy. She continued to suck, bouncing her head up and down, simulating sex as she took my member deeply into her maw.

Her soft, warm tits bounced on my legs, keeping me warm, but making me wish I could get more. Her left hand snaked down from my right nipple and slid its way between my legs. Feeling her soft warm hand travel across my electrified flesh was another mind-blowing experience. And suddenly, her forefinger was poking at my ass. She inserted her finger into her mouth, never missing a beat on my blowjob, and then, with her finger thus lubricated, she began to ply her way into my back door.

If I hadn't been so wrapped up in the best blowjob of my life, I likely would have stopped. But I didn't, and suddenly, I realized her finger had penetrated my asshole. Suddenly I had experienced my second "hurts-so-good" feeling of the night. With her mouth swallowing my entire cock, and her right hand stimulating my nipple, and her tits tantalizing my legs, and her left forefinger fucking my ass my brain overloaded ...

And I erupted in a huge, almost volcanic column of sperm and semen. Poor Candace couldn't stop the flow and had to detach as I spasmed again and again. The body-shaking, earth-quaking orgasm caused my entire body to contort in agony and ecstasy. More and more burning-hot globs of cum launched into the air, plastering Candace on the face, in her hair, down her chest, in her nose, eyelashes and even her right ear.

And I kept on going. The body-wracking spasms forced her finger deeper into my ass, setting off a chain reaction that resulted in even more cum erupting from my rock-solid member. I came and came and came. Candace, over the momentary shock of such a violent orgasm, reattached herself to my still-hard penis and finished taking the load in her mouth, swallowing the remaining cum, sucking hard on my cock, nibbling the shaft. She pulled her finger from my ass in a second and finished off my now spent sex organ like it was a bag of cheez-whiz, finally squeezed of its last drop of processed "cheez-food."

I passed out, completely satisfied that maybe life wasn't as bad as it seemed.

I woke up to find a note in bed with me. All Candace's stuff was gone, and so was a good portion of my favorite CDs. The note was the standard kind of note one would get when somebody decides that they had to do some "soul searching." Granted, our situation was unusual from the start, but that didn't change the fact we had something special.

And she decided to search her soul with my entire U2 and Aerosmith collections. Bitch.

That night, I came home from work and found Mrs. Bellker sitting on my bed. She looked nice in a rumpled, pullover sweater. The gossamer knit sweater accentuated her ample breasts, but the texture of the material concealed her nipples...unless you knew where to find them. After six months of this...I knew.

Mrs. B's curly red hair looked very nice tonight, but her eyes looked sad and distant.

I knew what was happening. She grabbed me by my shirt and pulled me close.

"Bryan...this has to be our last night," she whispered in a husky voice. "Make it count."

She pulled off her sweater in a fluid motion, revealing her luscious, tantalizing and hypnotic natural breasts. Within seconds she had her jeans off as well as mine. She pushed me on my back on the bed and then mounted my cock in a rapid, no-nonsense single motion. Her hot cunt surrounded my dick with a fiery sensation of passion, lust and love. I groaned, despite the pleasant feeling. My cock ached for her pussy, and my tongue ached for her nipples.

Her breasts hung over my face, as she slowly lowered them to my mouth. I immediately began sucking like a child who hadn't eaten in months. Her hot, sweet milk immediately flooded my mouth, as she rhythmically began to grind her soft, silky pussy on my straining cock.

As I continued to swallow gulps of her sweet goodness, I felt my consciousness and will begin to slip yet again. I lost track of time, wrapped up in the throes of ecstasy again. I felt her pace begin to pick up as she humped my member, flooding my pubic region with hot, sticky pussy juice. I heard her breathing get rougher as a low, deep moan began to build in her throat. She broke my suction and placed her other breast into my mouth, providing me with a fresh supply of her hedonistic fluid. The low moan began to build in intensity and I knew she was about to cum. She threw her head back wildly, bucking out of control on my cock, treating me as though I was a bull, and she the rodeo star. To her credit, she lasted much longer than eight seconds.

As did I. But as our symphony of sexual energy built to a crescendo, so did our passion, heat and motion. My cock exploded uncontrollably for the second time in 24 hours, filling Mrs. B's pussy with what seemed like quarts of sticky, gooey cum and energy. My semen spilled from her aching pussy onto my pubes and stomach. Mrs. Bellker's moan had built to a full-fledged piercing wail of ecstasy as she began to spasm, just as I had. Even her tit began to squirt milk down my throat in rhythm with her orgasm and my own. It was a bizarre feeling, like I was cumming in my own mouth.

And then it was over. Mrs. Bellker rolled off of me, a sweaty heap of overactive synaptic twitches. I shuddered and fired a final, futile glop of cum into the air. It seemed to defy gravity for a second, before reaching its apogee and landing with a splash in my belly button.

I waited for the fateful consumption of come that always accompanied sex with Mrs. But slowly she reached between her legs and came back with what looked like a handful of semen. She held her hand to her lips...her lips trembled.

"Bryan, honey, this time...this time it's on me..." she said, licking the gooey mass on her hand. She broke out in tears and cradled me in her arms. She finished slurping up my cooling fluid.

"God, honey, if I had known you tasted this good, I would have never shared you with yourself," she said with a smile. At that point, the overpowering hypnotic effect of Mrs. B's breast milk, combined with the most passionate, energy-filled sex I had ever encountered, finally overcame my consciousness and ability to reason...

I passed out.

To Be Continued...

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