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Restaurant Encounters


Friday night as Archie and I went to dinner, I wanted to thoroughly tease the hell out of him since it had been such a long time just us. We had been staying at our girlfriends house in the SF Bay Area for the last week or so taking care of her boyfriend and another friend who had been having surgeries.

Our time there was spent on supporting and taking care of them both as well as being more so the instigators of some rather intense sexual pleasures. Archie had enjoyed himself in the company of such beauties and I was too. I wanted to show him what I can do as far my learning experience from watching a favorite friend of mine, Nancy conducts her naughty self in some very populated public places. Archie was extremely turned on by some of the things she did in our presence and I wanted to show him that I too had learned from her.

We went to a restaurant we know of in Carson City. We chose a table in the back of the restaurant were we would have some privacy for some teasing and naughty talk as well as showing Archie what i could do with a carrot stick or a stalk of celery. I had worn a short miniskirt, garter belt and stockings. I had also included one of my lace up corsets i had bought from the faire in Gilroy, Ca when all of us girls went to the pleasure faire out there. I had Archie cinch me up tightly before we left so that my boobs were pushed upwards and enough cleavage to make Valentino turn over in his grave. When I entered the restaurant at first the maitre'd seemed to have enjoyed the view I gave him as I removed my coat.

As he led us to the table and pulled my chair from the table to seat me, I made sure my skirt rode up my thighs exposing the stocking tops and garter straps as I sat down. I had the stocking tops which came to mid to low thigh, I love seeing the look of men's faces as they catch glimpses of my stockings and garter straps. It's such a turn on for me.

Archie sat down across from me with his back to the rest of the room as I was facing it so I could scan the room and see who i could make squirm. As I sat, instead of keeping my thighs together I parted them with my heels flat on the floor. I told Archie that i would do anything he wanted to see as well as what I had already planned for him. As we sat there, the waiter came over and offered us a bottle of red wine which we accepted. He popped the cork and laid it down next to Archie. He then poured a small amount into his glass as a taste and Archie approved of the taste. As the waiter came over to my side of the table to pour some into my glass as I had pulled my glass to the other side so he would have to move to my side to pour the wine. As he moved over my left shoulder I could feel his gaze on my cleavage.

He said he'd be right back to take our order. As he moved away I told Archie that I was going to tease him when he came back and Archie was all for it. When the waiter came back to take our order Archie asked me if I wanted to go first or let him order for us. I told Archie that I would order for the both of us which sent the waiter to cum back over to my side. As I looked over the menu, I could feel his eyes on my cleavage as Archie was watching him. I adjusted my chair a bit and pulled away from the table. As I did so, my skirt had rode high on my thigh showing off my bare thighs, stocking tops and garter straps. I knew he was looking as I took my time ordering. I finally gave him my order and dropped my hands into my lap and began rubbing my fingertips over my bare thighs, inching up higher with each minute that passed.

The waiter left the table and walked away. I told Archie that I think I got to him cause before he moved away I caught a glimpse of a small tent rising in his trousers. When he returned I had been slowly teasing my lips with my fingers. As he set my salad down he saw my fingers stroking my lips. I looked up at him and smiled. He wasn't quite sure what to do with Archie there but I whispered to him don't worry about him. It seemed to relax him better.

I told Archie I was going to excuse myself and go to the restroom, he said ok and told me to take my time as he knew I was going to see if I could lure the waiter with me. On my way there I stopped our waiter and asked him were the restrooms were. He pointed but I took his hand and told him to show me. I told him this was his only chance if he wanted some. He smiled and ok as his section wasn't that busy. He followed me to the restroom and into the stall we went. I lifted my skirt up and he slipped 2 fingers inside me and began pumping my wet pussy. I reached out and unzipped his trousers and pulled his hard cock from his pants. I pumped him in my hand before running my tongue over his head. I asked him if he was married and he said yes and said for 9 months now. I took him into my mouth and sucked his head before bobbing on his cock... I asked him if he ever had an older woman in the ass before and he said no that he not had any girls ass. I told him it was his lucky day but he had to wear a rubber, he said fine and I slipped one onto his thick cock. Smoothing the edges down, I bent forward and placed my hands on the walls with the toilet below me. He moved behind me and pushed his head against my backdoor. I pushed back on him and i he went.

As I was sucking him I was slipping my juices from my pussy to my ass so it was slippery enough for him to go right in. His cock was thick and oh so hard. He grabbed my hips and began pounding me harder and harder. I felt his cock grow harder with each stroke inside my ass. I was whispering to him to fuck me harder, fuck me like the slut I am... this turned him on more and he really went to town slamming into me. I reached under and teased his balls while rubbing my clit with my thumb. I started to cum and moaned low, keeping the moan in my throat as I felt his cock jump up and he began to cum. I felt the warmth contained in the latex sheath as it spread his heat between my walls. He stopped pumping as I tightened my ass milking everything from his cock.

He pulled out from my ass and whipped off the rubber, dropping into the toilet and flushing. He hurried tog et his clothes straightened out and get back on the floor. He thanked me for his first butt fucking and out the door he went.... I remained in the stall and started fingering and pumping my pussy. I slid 2 fingers into my ass for good measure as another orgasm rushed through me and caused me to kick the door. It was awesome. I finished up and went to the counter. Cleaning myself up and touching up my makeup I returned to Archie who was still working on the appetizers. He asked me if everything worked out ok and I said it did... he said the waiter came over and said that i would be out in a moment anyway. I told Archie I had finger myself one more time before coming back out. He just smiled and told me I was a sexy little slut.

After dinner, I gave the waiter a huge tip and told him he was great and so was dinner. He smiled and thanked me again as we walked out the door. handing the valet our ticket we stood waiting. Archie grabbed my ass and pulled my skirt up exposing my ass to the other guys waiting for patrons. When the car arrived, 3 guys walked me to my side and grasped for the door handle. I said there was no rush as I sat down, I pulled my left leg into the car but let my right linger as I was then parted wide open. I let them get a good long look at my shaven pussy outlined by my garter straps and stockings. I got in and told them to have a great night.

On the way home, Archie got a long slow blowjob as I sucked his cock from the time we got on the freeway til we pulled into our driveway and even there we didn't leave the car just then. I wanted him to fill my mouth with his seed as I sucked him harder so that he would cum and cum he did, he flooded my mouth which caused me to gag abit but I recovered and swallowed his cock and cum together. Once inside the house though, he yanked my skirt down and pushed me over the sofa, he knelt behind me and with one thrust was buried deep inside my tight ass and fucking me like a mad man. He had my boobs in his hands as they just popped out from my corset as he undid some of the laces. He pulled and pinched my hard nipples and unleashed another hot sticky load of cum deep into my bowels... he pounded me hard and I loved every minute of it!!

We showered and went to bed were he was a wild man all over again. He watched me suck his cock and when he started to cum, he would lift his cockhead just above my mouth and let his cum dribble onto my tongue then demand i swallow it all... and I did! It was a great night!! He treated me the exact way I wanted to be treated last night, like a slut who craved more cock than he had... he enjoyed the double penetration he did on me with a dildo.... it got him really excited to feel the shaft of the dildo rubbing against his cock through the thin membrane as he filled my backside once more.... what a night!! Whew!!

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