Retail Therapy


It began, as many of these stories do, with a pair of panties. I love lingerie as much as the next girl, but never overly indulge, as money was a little tight. My new husband Alexander and I had finally settled into our post-college lives and were reasonably well off, but had a plan to pay off college and house debts that left us on a budget. Alexander loved the items I did have- a babydoll here, some satin bras and fully lacy underwear. One pair in particular always got his attention: a pair of fully lacy boyshorts, white as snow and fully covering my ass and shaved vagina. He loved those panties, and even requested me to leave them on one night during sex. We're a pretty experimental couple, so I agreed. However, what came out of his fascination was something I couldn't control.

It was late on a Thursday night when I came home from work. It was a pretty typical day to barely see one another, and our sex life was pretty much limited to the weekends. Alexander was in the process of making his own business and was still working out his apprenticeship, while I worked full time at a photography studio downtown. I came in the door quietly, hoping I wouldn't wake him, and snuck upstairs. What was in front of me I never will forget. Alex stood in front of the mirror wearing only my white lace panties, stroking his cock through the fabric. I hid so that he couldn't see me but I could see him. His feet were firmly planted and his mouth was an 'o' of bliss as he stroked his shaft. My brain went in a million directions, going from Tim Curry in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" to my mild teenage porn phase as I watched my husband. And wonder of all wonders, I felt that familiar urge as I watched. For the firs time since I'd been married, my fingers unzipped my dress pants and worked themselves into my panties. As he tugged at his long shaft, my fingers went to my clit. It was incredibly erotic to see a full grown man in something so feminine. I was amazed at how wet I was without any foreplay. The sight made my blood pump, and my breath quickened as I saw his ass cheeks tighten under the sheer lace as he unloaded into the panties. I was stunned as my own orgasm washed over me, and I had to brace myself on the wall to keep quiet. I watched my husband take two fingers, scoop them into the wasted panties and take a quick lick. Recovered from my climax, I stepped in front of the mirror.

"What are you doing?"

Alexander whirled around and immediately turned as white as the panties.

"Lily...I thought you weren't going to be home til later...oh my God." he sputtered. Then, to my raising eyebrows, "I'm not gay, I swear." he looked so afraid that I took pity on him. I slid over to him and put my arms around him, feeling the body of the man who was obviously still a stranger to me.

"Babe, there's no reason to apologize. C'mon, let's talk."

He told me that he had been doing this since he was young, and how he would acquire bits and pieces from his sister and his previous girlfriends, all without them realizing it. How he had never told anyone, and most importantly, how much of a turn on it was to him. At the end of his story, I kissed him long and deep before standing him up.

"Baby, I'm not mad. I wish I'd known, but I understand. I...I actually kind of like it."

He stared a me, a grin slowly encompassing his face. "Really?"


" want to explore this"

I kissed him again, this time caressing his ass while he moaned. "Absolutely."


We fell asleep in just our panties that night, my husband and I. I woke early that morning, sliding my hand over his body to rest on his cock. I could barely believe this was happening, but it was turning me on to new levels. I kissed him slowly, sliding down his body to his morning-hardened member and licking it lightly until he awoke. When he woke, I told him to go get a shower and to change, but to get a new pair of panties to wear under his boxers. He grinned and rushed to comply. While he was showering I picked up my cell phone and dialed. Hopefully, her number hadn't changed...

When he returned, looking like his normal self, I took a satin scarf and tied it around his eyes.

"I have a surprise, but you can't peek!"

I led him to the car, watching in satisfaction as his cock hardened. He obviously enjoyed being my hostage. Seeing him all hot and bothered only added to my excitement. This was going to be fun!

Alex tried to play twenty questions with me as we drove, but I refused to answer. We drove for he longest time until finally i stopped the car. Alex was led into a shadowy store as I removed his blindfold, and he blinked in the light. We were in a perfectly normal store, and obviously he was a little disappointed.

"What're we doing here?" he asked. I only smiled.

"Were picking out your new wardrobe, silly. I called in a favor to a friend, have you looked around?"

Alex had just registered the fact that the store was totally empty, and a smile creased his face.

"You're incredible," he said, kissing me.

"Excuse me, I'm the one that cleared the place," a voice said behind us.

"Rose!" I said, hugging the woman. Rose was my friend from college and Had opened a small boutique downtown. She was a little older than Alex and I, but every bit as gorgeous as a model. Rose had big tits on a lean but strong frame, and was frankly a knockout. Alex seemed to notice, but he looked nervous.

"Why is she here?" he whispered.

"Well dear, she's the one that's going to help us out today. She's sworn to secrecy, don't worry!"

With that, we made our way through the store, and slowly my husband and I built a dream wardrobe. We went from cute skirts to the lingerie section as we browsed, the three of us laughing like...well, like little girls! I learned a lot about Alex from this, especially what he liked in a woman and her clothes. I was a little embarrassed myself, seeing my husband get the daring items I had contemplated getting but never had. It excited me more, however, to see him going through the silks and lace of the lingerie section. We finally finishe going through the store, and Rose led us to the dressing rooms.

"Now, Alex...or what should I call you?" she said, giggling seductively. She had been flirting with Alex all day, and crazily enough, I didn't mind it! It felt good to be the woman who a desirable man was in love with, and Rose's attention was a good thing in my eyes. I'd always been attracted to her, just a little.

"Um...just Alex is fine?" he said, confused.

"No silly, a lady isn't called Alex, they have to have a proper name," she said, chiding him.

We wen back and forth for a couple minutes, until I saw Alex's eyes light up at one name.

"I think Alex...I mean, Alice.... Likes our choice!" I told Rose. She agreed with a smile.

"Alright Alice, you go wiggle into something. We'll be right there, we have a surprise for you."

I shot her a questioning look. What surprise? She shooed Alice into the room and closed the door.

"Come with me," she said, leading me into another stall. Although there were two of us, the fitting room was just as small as Alice's, and I felt equal measures of excitement and claustrophobia as I locked myself in with my friend. Inside the room were two sets of the most beautiful lingerie I had ever seen. An actual lace-up yet delicate corset was on top, a purple satin number with lace outlining the boning and the cups. A black satin thong and a strange lace contraption lay on a bench beside it. Rose explained that it was a garter belt, and that it held up stockings. Before my eyes, Rose stripped down and bent to put on the thong. I was amazed by the smoothness of her body and her amazing breasts. I had never fully examined another woman's body until now, but I felt the familiar hot energy between my legs.

"Lace me up?" she asked, smirking. I blushed as I helped her into the corset, barely touching her in my anxiety. She helped me into the thong and garter belt. I had to admit, I felt sexy! She was a lot more hands-on than I had been, and I was shaking by the time she was done. She only smiled and said that we had to wait for Alice. Arm in arm, we walked out to where, Alice- was changing.

"Can I come out now?" he asked.

"Yes, you can!" we said in unison. Alice stepped out of the dressing room, and I don't know which of our jaws dropped the fastest. I know he had never seen me like this, but his change was even more amazing.

His hair was already pretty long, and he had preferred to keep his face and stomach shaved, as well as his legs and armpits well maintained. I know know why, as his body barely reflected a masculine aura now. His chest was concealed by a see-through pink babydoll and his lower half by a pink and black g-string. The flimsy fabric could barely conceal his growing cock, which pulsed against the fabric. He was also wearing black garters and stockings. He was one he'll of a woman, and I became even more wet looking at him. It was an amazing contrast between man and woman in one sexy package. I wanted to run to him and fuck him right there, but Rose tensed her arm. I was guessing she had a plan.

"Well...what do you think?" he said, patting down his clothes self-consciously.

"You look fine. Now sit." Rose said in a commanding voice. Alex dropped the the waiting room chair. "Now, you're going to stay there until we tell you to."

"Alright," Alice said, smiling. He was obviously enjoying this treatment.

"And you cannot touch yourself, no matter what." With that, she leaned over and kissed me full on the mouth. I wasn't suprised, though I wasn't prepared. All the same, I kissed her right back, our tongues tracing each other's mouths. Alice watched with his mouth agape as we melted into the kiss, slowly exploring the other's bodies, putting on a show for him. As we kissed, I saw him physically restrain himself, keeping his hands away from his swelling cock. Rose leaned over so that he enormous tits were in his face.

"Rub your nipples through the fabric. Doesn't it feel good?"

"Oh, yessss..." he said, eyes closing in bliss. Rose slowly undid the lacing to her corset, and in one fluid motion straddled Alice. I could barely believe any of this was happening, but as Rose's hands ran over he body as she grinder into my husband, my hand again slipped into my thong. Slowly I built myself up and Rose ground herself into Alice, making him suck her tits. Finally she stood up and came over to me, with a reminder that Alice could only play with his nipples. He watched in fascination as Rose removed my thong. I cried out in surprise as she slowly licked me from hole to clit, then increasing her rhythem on my clit while her finger found my hole. I had never been through something like this, but rose worked me like a pro. I heard Alice moan from the chair, and I knew he was enjoying the show. The circumstances and the oral I was recieving sent me over the edge, and a delicious orgasm ripped through my body. I grabbed Rose's nipple and began to suck hard, and she moaned loudly. We were interrupted by Alice.

"Please let me touch myself, I'm so hot, oh God," he begged

as Rose moaned. She pulled her nipple out of my mouth and smiled wickedly.

"Oh, we'll do better than that," she said, dropping to her knees and sliding the thong off of my husband before going to undo my corset.

"Leave it!" he said, with passion.

"Ooh, someone has a lingerie fetish," Rose teased. Alice blushed, but said nothing. Rose beckoned me, and I knew what to do. Slowly, taking turns, we began to slide our tongues up the huge shaft of my husband. Rose licked the precum off of his head while I tickled his balls lightly. I had always been a good one for blowjobs, and enjoyed giving them almost as much as most men enjoyed receiving them. I took over he shaft as Rose began to suck his balls. I eased the thick shaft into my mouth, inch by inch until I was almost to Rose. We kissed around his dick for a while, feeling him get harder the entire time. I know it must have been a sight to see, two beautiful women kissing his cock. Finally I couldn't take it and began to deepthroat him, causing him to jerk around like crazy.

"I'm gonna cum!" he cried out, and with I smile I pulled him out of my mouth as the first load blew into my mouth. I used his cock to smear his cum all over Rose's tits while he sighed in bliss. When he was done, I slowly licked ever drop off of Rose, pausing to feed it to her from time to time. Alice was smiling in bliss as we finished up. The only person that hadn't orgasmed was Rose, and I thought it was only fair to reward her. Alice sucked at her nipples while I sucked at her wet pussy until she came as well, covering my face in wetness. We slumped to the ground, all of us in a pile of bodies and cum.


When we could move again, we dressed into our normal clothes. Rose bagged all of 'Alice's' clothes and gave them to us, saying that it was her store and shed do as she pleases with the merchandise. With a thank you (and a kiss all around) we left. Once in the car, Alex turned to me.

"How can I thank you?" he asked, wonder on his face. I reached over and gave his crotch a squeeze. I could feel myself being more confident and sexy from our time with Rose, and I was liking it!"

"Don't worry baby," I reassured him. "You can thank me plenty. This is just the beginning!"

We made love more passionately then ever before that night. As we drifted off to sleep, I kissed his panty covered mound and held my love as we drifted away.

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I'm definitely shopping at the wrong place. Nicely done.

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