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Return of Reno



When Ash's (Ashley) partner of three years had chased after his brother, destroying Carl's marriage, Ash he thought good riddance and god what a predatory bitch. He reminded himself she'd been on the loose when he scored with her that first memorable night and therefore he wasn't guilty of wooing her off some other luckless dude.

But he was shocked to find how their so-called friends virtually dumped him when word got around that Sharon had left him and his pals told him he was still fine as a buddy but it was 'the wife who preferred not to have him around any longer.

Ash asked why was he on the outer with their wives and was told that there must be something wrong with him, according to their wives and possibly he'd beaten up Sharon, or refused her request to get married or, and quote, 'something serious like that'.

Of course Ash said that was all bullshit and his pals said they'd tell their wives but no invitations to resume visitations arrived. Even Mrs Hope at the store where he got his milk, bread and newspaper each morning had asked him aggressively what had he done with Sharon.

Ash was now thoroughly sick of her name. She'd broken up their relationship and wrecked his relationship with his brother. To hell with Sharon!

Three days later he left his hometown of Auckland, New Zealand, on a flight to Australia. When going in to the travel agency to book for a two-week vacation he'd complained thought the price was too high and was told that was because he wanted to leave immediately instead of booking well in advance and taking advantage of 'specials'. However the consultant Mrs Glass arranged private accommodation to him at a rate well below what hotels and motels charged.

Ash arrived in Sydney International Airport knowing he was to look for a sign that said 'Dan and Rene McQuirt'.

He pushed his trolley looking for such a sign and only saw one vaguely familiar and went back along the line and read it properly, 'Ashley Watson.'

He said he was Ashley Watson and the thin, redheaded parrot-faced woman wearing green and yellow said oh hi, she was Rene McQuirt.

"We were expecting a female."

Ash looked around for the other components of 'we' but no one was with her.

"I'm afraid I can't change my sex at such short notice."

"Oooh that's all right then," she said. "The others couldn't come to greet you because there's a beach carnival on at our beach, an annual event."

"Oh," said Ash, aware his value was less than a beach carnival.

"What do you do?" he asked Rene as they walked to her vehicle.

"I'm a retired cabaret singer-dancer."

Ash eyed her thin body.

"Oh I see you are on to me. I had my silicone boob enhancements removed."

"Oh," said Ash, thinking this rather odd Australian woman was beginning to appeal to him.

"What do you do Nash?"

"Actually it's Ash."

"Oh bugger. Shall we try again? What do you do Ash?"

"As little a possible."

"Oooh are you Australia?" she said that they laughed.

"Actually I resigned my job," said the 34-year-old. "My girlfriend dumped me for my brother and all my friends faded away because I was no longer flavor of the month with their womenfolk."

"Well that was bound to happen. Did you beat your girlfriend or make her pay half of the restaurant bill or reject her proposal of marriage?"

"Er nothing like that."

"Oh I pleased to hear that. I have two daughters living at home and wouldn't be comfortable having you living with us if you were a woman-basher."

"But I like women."

"Good for you."

"Rene your application to host overseas visitors stated that you and your husband were very affluent suburban folk with the youngsters long flown the nest."

"Well that what's attracts patronage. If we said two adult kids live at home then no foreigners would come near us because of the fear of family fights and bathrooms either being occupied or left in a mess."

"Oh, very perceptive Rene."

"Well I do have more between my ears than between my shoulders."

Ash didn't have to puzzle over than one.

They boarded a blue Holden V8. Rene started the engine of the veteran vehicle and Ash groaned.

"What is it, dysentery?"

"No Rene. I'm an automotive engineer. This engine of this vehicle is so far out of tune it's a wonder it can progress forward."

"Watch your mouth buster. My Dan is our vehicle maintenance man, shortened to Dan the Man and probably you are familiar with that being American."

"I'm a New Zealander."

"Oh sorry, is there really a difference?"

Yes, thought Ash. Wacky Rene was appealing beyond belief. She was one of those colorful and fearless women who believe everything they said was true.

"Stop the engine Rene."

She obeyed.

"Do you have any tools on this heap, er this vehicle?"

"If you mean in the boot yes, Dan keeps a tin box of them there."

Ash tinkered and then returned to the tools and climbed back in the vehicle, saying he'd need the proper equipment to really tune the vehicle but had improved performance.

"Oh yeah, likely story. Males will never admit they failed a mission," said Rene, accelerating forward to turn into the access feeder lane but had to brake heavily to avoid ramming a $A150,000 Mercedes sedan parked opposite on the far side of the road.

"Struth mate you've given the old girl some toe."

"Rene stop it. I haven't touched you."

"You fool, I'm saying my car now has grunt."

"Oh thanks."

Ash also expected it was no longer blowing out a cloudy pollutant exhaust of an over-rich fuel mix.

"Thar she blows," Rene said fondly, pointed to a house with an orange roof that went down the hill in three distinct levels and stopped just short of a sea wall. The beach was crowded and colorful for the carnival and the more shapely women than almost totally consumed Ash's eyesight. Most were down to a little patch over pussy and showing absolutely no bikini hairline and the bikini tops made a brave effort to cover the nipples. Some tits were really quite enormous and as far as he could seen none were implanted with silicone although he was no authority on breast enhancement.

Rene noticed his focus and said dryly, "That's why Australian women are such great swimmers; they have been bred to gain extra buoyancy over their chests."

He was quite prepared to believe her.

"I'll be living on the sands," he drooled.

But Rene was ahead of him.

"Mate after a couple of days you will have over-dosed on tit and almost bare ass. Suddenly the standout women will be tall, lean women with modest curves who bent it like Mrs Beckham."

He looked blank.

"Victoria Beckham, famous wife of the international soccer star of yesteryear."

He still looked blank and Rene said sorry, she should have said the fat-arse wife of muscle-bound Rugby player who ran after inhaling nitro.

Now Ash had a vague idea of what she was getting at.

Ash and Rene were having a cool beer when two young broads climbed the stairs on to the deck. Ash's dick almost leapt out of his shorts in delight.

"Girls this is out houseguest Mr Watson. Ash on the right is our eldest Victoria and three years behind is Reno who is twenty and studying English Lit at University. Victoria has graduated in finance and runs admin of our family boat business."

"Hi Victoria and Reno. Great tans, great shapes, great your women physically and it sounds like the IQ is up there too."

"There is no need to try to suck up to us," Victoria said. "We know you are a New Zealander and so will be critical and shallow."


"Sorry mom but I was only quoting you."

"Omigod," groaned Rene. "To the rescue Reno."

"Welcome to our home, Mr Watson. You look very athletic yourself and although you are obviously older than me I would point out I'm twenty, old enough to date anyone I please. If you want company in bed just let me know. I have my childhood teddy bear somewhere."

Ash burst out laughing and said he thought he would have landed in a great place.

"Call me Ash girls. I can't recall any woman I've ever met with the quality of character your mom exhibits. She is simply awesome. I struggle to understand her idiom but watching her face as she enjoys her quips and barbs is sufficient to send my mind rollicking."

"You command of language Ash underpins what our tutors say about educated New Zealanders," Reno said. "My mind was left spinning with what you just said about your mind was left rollicking. Until know I never would have used such a phrase. You obviously have the knowledge to express yourself confidently."

"Well observed and articulated Reno and I've not been patronizing. What say you Victoria?"

"Please call me Vicky. With language I'm very Australian and take the easy way out. To acknowledge something without effort we say, 'Is that right?' or more informally 'Is that right mate?' That reply is short, is generally well received, and ending in a question prolongs the conversation."

"God I never knew that," Reno the student in English said and her sister just smiled.

Victoria continued. "You will find Australian idiom is simplified bursts of language Ash and that tends to have us regarded internationally as being rather unsophisticated and if you move around our vast country you may come to understand why: it can become too hot and dry to put too much effort into talking. Conversely as a people we tend to be very adaptable and given the chance can hold our own if we settle in other countries."

Ash brushed away a fly and said, "I find this very interesting."

Victoria smiled, "Oh I dropped my date for tonight is case you wanted to take me out."

Ash said carefully, "Take you out?"

"A date."

"But I'm thirty-four, rather old for you at... at...er...?"

Victoria giggled, "I'm twenty-three. I wasn't proposing to have children by you?"

"What? Oh yes I only regarded it as a one-off occasion."

"At lot can happen in a one-off occasion."

Victoria's mother told her to stop teasing their guest. "Vicky means she'll take you to places for a drink and to talk to people she know, including friends who are quite a bit older that her. It's a way to introduce you to the social scene we have here and then Reno will take you surfing here and at other beaches."

Dan and Ash got along very well and had a couple of memorable nights out with some of Dan's pals when they visited numerous pubs (bars), what the Australians call a pub crawl which involves going from pub to pub in short-stay visits.

At the end of two weeks Ash returned home, satisfied he'd had his best vacation ever.

On the second occasion they dated, Victoria got rather drunk and wanted sex. Ash obliged of course and she was okay but a little lethargic, probably due to excessive dancing and alcohol. He thought unkindly that little sister looked to be the real sex queen, er, fueled with nitro?

On his final night in Sydney Rene slipped into his bed, told him to be quiet and went down on him, giving him his best fellatio ever. Then she said that's all and was gone, with surprising strength spinning out of his grip and ignoring his pleas to allow him to fuck her.

Ash arrived home feeling more confident and more energized.

Three days later he'd answered an advertisement from a company in Queenstown in the South Island. The two principals were in Auckland interviewing suitable applications to work in the vehicle dealership as assistant service manager with specific responsibility for maintaining high standards of work.

Ash won the position and was given time to sell his small house before relocating 1650 road miles to the south that included crossing Cook Strait in an inter-island ferry. Ash settled in well and paid through the nose for a small house. Prices were high because Queenstown was a ski resort and an internationally acclaimed 'adventure playground'.

A couple of months later he was promoted to the position of director of operations with responsibility for sales and servicing. He was promoted over the more senior and experienced sales manager and service manager, but was told by the CEO of the investment company that owned a variety of businesses, those two managers were 'plodders going nowhere'.

Ash was busily dating but had been unable to find anyone suitable to invite to move in with him. Many of the females who passed through his arms were short-term visitors although some did stay with him for a few nights.

Then, out of the blue he suddenly had a houseguest. Since his return from Australia, Ash and Rene had exchanged emails every two to three weeks and she always ended with the line, "the others send their regards" but they never wrote.

In late November Ash answered a door knock. Grinning at him, dressed in blue and with a large hiker's backpack was Reno, named after the place in America where her mom worked in a show for three weeks, an occasion Rene regarded as the highlight of her career in cabaret.

"Hiya cobber."

"Greetings Reno. Um may I kiss?"

"Please do but remember you're not my father."

Ash kissed her on the lips, itching to pull her close and kiss her passionately because she was so pretty and adorable, but stopped short of that.

"Call that a kiss, this is a kiss," Reno said and slammed against him and gave him a part-open mouth and wet kiss that continued until they were near breathless.

"Wow. The Kiwi (New Zealand) climate suits you."

She smiled and suggested he ask her in.

"How did you find me? I don't recall giving your mom my street address," he said, leading her inside.

"I asked a guy in a tow truck."

"A balding guy with a red beard?"

"Yes, really friendly until I asked how many kids did he have."

"Yeah that will be Kerry Smith. I go hunting with him."

"What you shoot rabbits up in these sensational-looking hills."

"We go after deer."

Reno looked dismayed. "Oh no not beautiful, trusting deer."

"You're thinking of Bambi. The deer we go after are tough bastards. We stalk them and suddenly they just disappear. We chase them around a bend and they've gone. Often we come home empty-handed. Here let me undress you... um let me take your backpack and jacket. Where are you staying?"

"Here I hope."

"Um I live here by myself."

"Well that answers my prayer. I worried you might have a woman living here."

"I've had some women stay here."

"Good that means you won't be rusty."

Ash swallowed. "Are you thinking of sleeping with me?"

"Shall we say intending?"

Ash now looked nervous. "But you're only twenty?"

"Bullshit. I'm much older. I turned twenty-one six weeks ago and don't worry, mom won't kill or even maim you. She really likes you although in romantic context I think her mind was fixed on you and Vicky. Did you shaft Vicky?"

"That's not something I ought to discuss."

"Come on, loosen up."

"Well we did get together one night."

"I bet she wasn't any good. She says she doesn't like sex much, that she feels too uncomfortable when insertion takes place."

"And you are good at sex?"

"Yes I adore it. Want to try me out now?"

Ash diverted and asked had she contacted her mom to say she'd arrived safely.

"Yes a few hours ago when I arrived in Christchurch."

"Um but this is Queenstown."

"I know but my phone knows where I am and if mom wishes to speak to me she only has to call. Ash you want me to call her and ask if it's all right if I sleep with you?"

Ash shuffled.

"I thought so. Well the answer is no. Mom doesn't decide who I fuck."

"We were only talking about sleeping."

"Christ Ash stop playing games. You and I will be fucking tonight so get used to the idea."

"You're only twenty... or have we discussed that?"

"Please get it right; I'm twenty-one. Look this is what girls do when they are released from university end of year. I don't return until the last week in February."

"Wow what will you do during such a long break?"

Reno eyed him steadily and leered, "What do you think?"

Ash was taking deeper breaths. "Um let's go out for a drink and then dinner."

"Okay but I want to wash my hands and face and change. Please take me to the bedroom and settle me in."

"Settle you in?"

Reno grinned. "Give me a couple of drawers and some wardrobe space and tell me which side of the bed you prefer to operate from."

"Operate from?"

"Throw a leg over," Reno said, really enjoying this encounter.

* * *

They walked noisily to the house from the detached garage, Ash with an arm around Reno and cupping a breast, she not having to place it there. The wines had relaxed him wonderfully.

As he unlocked the front door she hiccupped and said, "Let's get inside and let me get your dick out."

"Oh I'll do that for you," Ash said expansively.

She giggled.

"God your tits are larger than what I remembered."

She tossed aside the bra and said, "Well just a little bit. I'm now into bigger bras. Both Vicky and mom are jealous, particularly mom. Did you fuck mom?"

"No of course not."

"If you pressed her I'm sure she would have done it with you. She really likes you."

"Yeah well I really like her too but that doesn't mean we should have sex. Besides she's married and you dad and I are pals, and a guy doesn't do that to a pal."

"Oh yes, the old-fashion code but I liked hearing you say that. Dad's had quite a bit of trouble with mom's irreverent behavior over the years. Aren't you going to undress?"

"I was waiting to make sure you don't have a penis."

Reno fell over she was laughing so much. Wiping her eyes after Ash helped her back on to her feet, Reno said, "God you are funny, er foul and funny."

She unbuckled Arch's pants and they dropped.

"Can I touch it?"

"Oh yeah."

With that encouragement she pulled his briefs down as she dropped on to her knees and licked it up one side and down the other and then sucked the head like an ice cream, looking up at him.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah."

Further encouraged Reno sucked in more cock and began revolving her hand around it like a seasoned veteran. Ash thought perhaps there were cock veterans at the age of twenty these days, er twenty-one.

He worried about forcing into her tight little hole and hurting here and that almost made him ejaculate and so he concentrated on pushing her blonde hair away from her very pale blue eyes and thought what a cute nose she had. It certainly looked cute against the slickness of his erection buried in her mouth.

Oh shit his balls felt on the boil. Frantically he thought of some clown tipping a drum of oil over the almost spotless workshop floor just as the CEO began his weekly inspection wearing white shoes.

Ah crisis over. "Oh yeah, oh yeah."

Reno looked up and looked at him happily. Christ she did enjoy sex.

She pulled him from her mouth and said, "Glad you are liking this. A great cock. I can't wait to get it up my ass."

Ash was shocked.

Reno had just got it back into her mouth when it blew, sending streams of cum into her mouth and making her choke.

"God you could have warned me," she spluttered.

Ash mumbled it was one of the hazards of having sex. He was devastated to learn that Reno had probably lost her anal innocence. Oh life was so heartless on young women these days.

He lifted Reno to the bed, she using that opportunity to wipe her mouth and chin on his shirt.

Ash removed his fouled shirt and went down on Reno, pushing her legs wide and snaking it his tongue.

"Oh Jesus," she cried, filling his mouth with warm liquid.

Ash spat most of it out and grumbled she might have warned him and she giggled and said that was one of the hazards of having sex.

He grinned and set back into taking a ride of exquisite sensations. Although women around his age praised his ability at cunnilingus, Ash thought sadly Reno probably could say she'd had a dozen of first-year university guys, callow 19-year olds, who were better.

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