tagErotic HorrorReturn of The Slender Man Ch. 02

Return of The Slender Man Ch. 02


This story is part of an ongoing series. The chronological order of my stories is now listed in WifeWatchman's biography.

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This story contains graphic scenes, language and actions that might be extremely offensive to some people. These scenes, words and actions are used only for the literary purposes of this story. The author does not condone murder, racial language, violence, rape or violence against women, and any depictions of any of these in this story should not be construed as acceptance of the above.

Special note: There are *NO* sex acts involving anyone under 18 years old in this story, nor in any of my stories.

The Slender Man was created discovered by Victor Surge Knudsen.

Part 9 - Urgency

"Oh nooooooo..." Cindy whispered as she fell back into her chair. Cindy had formed a bond with young Susie, going back to the night at First Baptist Church when Mrs. Veasley had died and Raymond Westboro had blown up the building, then helping Susie through the ordeal of testifying against Sharples about the death of Susie's cousin Scrawny Haskins.

"Sit this one out." I said, seeing that Cindy was rocked by the news. "I'll handle it." I turned and went to Teresa's office and told her. As she called to get a team to the school, I went down to MCD and told Joanne, and gave her instructions to get to the School.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Cindy was talking with Susie's shocked, distraught parents in the gym when Joanne Warner returned from the school at 1:30pm., Friday April 20th.

"We found this on the chalkboard in Susie's classroom." said Joanne. It was a drawing in black crayon. On the left side was a cedar tree, in the middle was a drawing of Slender Man, and on the right, spelled vertically, was the word 'FOLLOWS'. A small '7' was on the upper right-hand corner of the page.

"That's it." I said. "We have eight pages. Let us pray that it is the last one. Put it on the whiteboards. And make sure the pages are in number order."

"They are, sir." said Joanne. "The top row is 1-4, and the four underneath are 5-8."

"Good." I said, looking at a full set of eight pages now. What is your motive, you son of a bitch? I thought to myself. What are you after?

No answer came to me.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Any ideas at all?" asked Chief Moynahan.

It was 2:00pm, and we were in the Chief's Conference Room, the Chief, myself, Captain Croyle and Captain Ross. Also in the room were FBI Special Agent in Charge Jack Muscone and Special Agent in Charge Clark Webster, who was in charge of the FBI's Missing Persons team in the City.

"No sir." I said. "The only connecting link that I see is that we've met most of these kids before through TCPD activities. Rachel Fourier and Alton Taylor were two of the three kids I rescued at Ward Harvester when it blew up... the first time. Marie Pressman was the child that we believe Sharples kidnapped so that he could rescue her and look like a hero. I remember my wife interviewing her after she was found."

I continued: "Susie Haskins was in First Baptist Church the night Westboro trapped everyone in there. She also testified against Sharples, and was helped by Captain Ross in all that." Cindy bowed her head at my words.

I went on: "Zack Ridley was involved in the Tylenol Bottle case earlier this week. That leaves Bettie Paige and Tommy Tomlin. Bettie is Public Health Officer Beth Paige's daughter, and I've met her on some occasions. Tommy Tomlin... he's the only one we Police have absolutely no connection with, at least that I know of."

"The Data people are looking into the Tomlins, to see if there's another connection we just haven't found yet." said Cindy.

"Well, if you ask me," said Jack Muscone, "The Slender Man wants your attention, Don."

"And he definitely has it now." I replied. "I just wish he'd let us know what he wants, besides my attention."

"What about this 'Slender Man' motif?" asked Chief Moynahan. "I wouldn't be believing any of this, except that too many of you have seeeeen this basturrrrd."

"I'm not prone to believing supernatural things, sir." said Teresa. "But this doesn't seem like a motif. This guy is acting like the Internet legend in every way... appearing and disappearing, whisking away children in seemingly impossible ways..."

"Well, Captain," said the Chief, "I've seen many crimes, but none truly committed by ghosts. We're dealing with a man here, a sick, demented man who is kidnapping children. I need not say we need to find this guy and stop him cold."

"I'm more worried about the children, sir." I said. "It's getting to be nearly a full day for Alton Taylor. These kids will need water, and ultimately food."

"If they're still alive." Teresa said.

"Don't say that!" Cindy said sharply. "They're alive!" Teresa peered at Cindy, but said nothing more.

"We'll act on the premise that they are alive, until we find otherwise for sure." said Jack Muscone reassuringly. "So, no calls for ransom?"

"No, not yet." I said. "Nothing but those damned eight pages of drawings. Not even a note saying 'Gimme twenty dollars.'."

"In case you guys don't know," spoke up Teresa, seeing the looks on everyone's faces, "one version of the Slender Man video game played the song 'Gimme Twenty Dollars' instead of spooky sounds when Slender Man was following the game player around in the woods." Everyone nodded, now understanding my very poor joke.

"This guy has to want something." said Clark Webster. "If not money, what?"

"He wants Commander Troy." said Teresa. "I'm not kidding about this. The Internet legend is that he pursues someone relentlessly until he captures or kills them. He's been appearing around the Iron Crowbar for some time now."

"Captnnnn Croyle..." said Chief Moynahan, shaking his head. "I am really less interested in the Slender Man Fan Club in England and their Internet drivel than I am in this very real perp kidnapping very real children..."

"She does have a point, Chief." I said. "Though maybe not for the reasons of Internet legend and Creepypasta. Jack just said it, too. I think it's a very valid hypothesis that this guy wants me, or something to do with me... but what that is, I have no idea."

Just then, the Duty Desk Sergeant knocked on the door. "Sorry to interrupt, everyone," he said, "but there's a Dr. Mickelson from the University in the lobby who wants to talk to Commander Troy. He says it's urgent, and about the Slender Man cases."

Part 10 - Sigma Radiation

"Are you really going to let this guy do this?" asked Chief Moynahan to me.

"Yes sir." I said. "Crazy as it sounds, sir, he might can help us."

"If it were anyone but you," said the Chief, "I'd never go for this. But you have that crow-bar, and I don't want to be your practice fodder for the Boxing Matches."

"Molly always said you were a brilliant policeman, sir." I replied. Moynahan chuckled as he shook his head.

Dr. Mickelson was the Biology Professor we had come to know in the 'Point Hollow' case. He had come and asked permission to check all the items we'd recovered for 'sigma radiation' as he called it. It was supposedly an energy signature left by the Slender Man, the Rake, and other Creepypasta bad guys. Nearest I could tell, it was an energy level close to brain waves.

He had a device that looked like a Geiger counter. He asked everyone except me to leave the MCD room to reduce the energy signatures in the room. Cindy stayed at the door, anyway, as Dr. Mickelson waved the instrument in front of the eight pages.

"I'm getting faint readings." said Dr. Mickelson. "But the signature is there. Especially on this last one." He was referring to the eighth page, the one found with the disc golf discs. And that reminded me...

"Why don't we go check the disc golf discs in my office." I said. Dr. Mickelson followed me to my office. As I put on latex gloves and got the bag out of the safe, Dr. Mickelson did what everyone else does that comes into my office for the first time: he looked around in seeming awe and wonder.

I took the bag of discs and placed it on my desk. Cindy was watching from just outside the doorway, and I was standing back from the desk, near the safe.

"There's a lot of background radiation in this office." said Dr. Mickelson. "A lot of energy. This must be where you do all your thinking. Have you ever felt anything strange about this room?"

"Uh, I've always felt this room was 'home', that there really is something about it." I said truthfully. This office had 'the vibe' for me, which is one reason I refused to move out of it. "Why don't we take the bag to MCD and see if it works better for you."

Going back to MCD, I set the bag down on the desk opposite the whiteboards, near the back hallway door. Dr. Mickelson did his readings.

"Oh yes, definitely something here." said Dr. Mickelson.

"The fluorescence from the glow discs?" Cindy asked.

"No," said Dr. Mickelson, "that's in the UV/visible light range. This is nowhere near that. This detector is a modified and enhanced device based on the EEG that they do for brainwaves. That's why I've asked people to not be near it. Obviously Commander Troy's office is full of residual radiation."

"There's one more thing I'd like you to look at." I said. I went and got my red crowbar and came back. The crowbar still felt warm to the touch.

"Holy cow!" said Dr. Mickelson. The instrument had pegged out. "Let me try something, here." He went to the briefcase he'd brought in, which actually had instruments in foam liners. He got out another Geiger-counter-like device. The device didn't just click, it outright buzzed when it came near the crowbar.

"Commander," said Dr. Mickelson, "the element iron is the least receptive element to radiation. It's where the fusion of the light elements meets the fission of the heavier elements. Iron is what makes stars explode into supernovas when it is formed in the core of the stars; fusion in iron is endothermic, allowing gravity to defeat the energy of the fusion. That causes the star to collapse and blow up.

"The point of that is that this crowbar is made of iron," continued Dr. Mickelson, "but it has an order of magnitude over the normal levels of background radiation coming out of it."

"Is it dangerous?" I asked.

"It's alpha radiation." said Dr. Mickelson. "Held in your hand, it's not dangerous. If you ingested it internally, it would be deadly. My question is... what the heck is causing it? What was this crowbar cast out of?"

"Standard nails and magnetite, from what I understand." I said. "The kids had a fund drive to raise money by selling nails, then the Town High metalworkers melted down the nails with raw iron and cast the crowbars. But it hasn't felt warm to the touch until last night."

"Interesting." said Dr. Mickelson, seeming laconically... but I could tell he was extremely interested in these findings. "Well, thank you for letting me do these tests. I don't know if I've helped you find those poor kids, though."

"Maybe you have." I said. "Would you be willing to work with Supervisor Milton to outfit a drone that can detect strange radiations?"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Drones were already scouring the County. The farm fields to the south and west, Point Hollow and the marshy areas to the north, around Lake Reservoir, and any other place where it was not easy to get human eyeballs to in order to look around. Now another one was added, but Myron was not hopeful.

"Dr. Mickelson's ideas are... interesting." Myron said with perhaps a touch of disdain. "But I think the background radiation is going to be too much. Even with the small onboard computer using an algorithm to filter it out, I'm not sure about this."

"Well, Myron," I said, "some think your father's work is... interesting. Of course you and I know he's just way ahead of his time. So let's give it a shot. To be honest, this might be our only shot to find those kids before... it's too late." Myron nodded and went back to his work.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"So your crowbar is radioactive. Now why am I not very surprised about that?" Cindy said as we sat in my office some minutes later. I waved said crowbar in her general direction.

"It only happened recently." I said. "It felt warm when I grabbed it to go confront Slender Man in the parking lot. Before that... just plain cold iron, to coin a phrase. So... how are the parents holding up?"

"Patricia Ridley began getting more agitated." Cindy said. "She actually saw the Slender Man in her home, just as Bart Tomlin saw the Slender Man grab Tommy... well, so he says, and taking him at his word. So I had her taken to the Hospital to get checked out. They admitted her, saying they wanted to run some tests... but she's sedated now. Bart Tomlin is also sedated; every time he wakes up he starts weirding out, and starts screaming. Dr. Yates says he's very concerned about Bart."

"Anyway," continued Cindy, "the other parents are upset, of course, but they're holding on pretty well. But we need to get something soon... they know as well as we do that another 24 hours without any sign of the kids will be a bad thing..."

Part 11 - Fronting Slender

Susie Haskins woke up. She was in a fairly large room, like a living room or sitting room. It looked old. There were windows to the outside, shuttered. She could not see through the slats and the frosted windows beyond, but letting in a bit of sunlight.

Looking around, she saw the other six kids, all asleep on the floor. There was also a sheet on the floor, with seven bowls of cereal and some milk. The milk was cold. There was also a carafe of water.

"Wake up, everyone!" Susie said. "We've got some food here."

The other kids began waking up. They found all doors to the room sealed, except one, and it led to a working bathroom with no other exit.

"Maybe we shouldn't eat the food." said Tommy Tomlin. "Maybe it's poisoned."

"I'll chance it." said Susie Haskins. "Who knows when we may get to eat again." She began eating one of the bowls of cereal, and soon all the other kids were following suit.

"Where are we?" asked Rachel Fourier. She looked scared; she was scared. Susie tried to put on her calmest face and brightest voice.

"I don't know. I don't hear any traffic." Susie said. "But don't worry. Captain Ross and the Iron Crowbar will come and get us."

"They have to find us first." said Zack Ridley dispiritedly.

"They will." said Susie, refusing to give up hope. She thought of Mrs. Veasley, and Captain Ross, and she knew they would not want her to give up hope. She could not let them down.

Bettie Paige, younger than the others, was beginning to cry. Susie put her arm around the girl. "Don't cry. We'll be okay. We'll get out of here."

"What if we don't?" asked Zack. "What if the hotshot Iron Crowbar can't figure it out, this time?"

"Stop being negative." ordered Susie.

"Yeah." said Alton Taylor. "The Iron Crowbar will find us." He still had vivid memories of that night that the Iron Crowbar, bleeding from a gunshot wound in his side, had led Alton, Rachel, and Katie Gibson out of Ward Harvester and to safety.

Everyone settled down, no one talking. Zack Ridley was in his own world, it seemed.

Susie felt like something was behind her. She turned around. Hovering over her and Bettie was the Slender Man.

All the kids began gasping and screaming and trying to back away from the tall, faceless entity, but there was nowhere to run. Bettie began trembling, and crying. "Let me out of here! I want to go home!" That apparently irritated the Slender Man, who began leaning over as if to grab the little girl.

"Stay away from her!" Susie yelled defiantly, putting herself between Bettie and their antagonist. "Leave her alone!"

The Slender Man stood up, seemingly surprised at Susie's bravery and defiance. She was scared, but was acting in spite of her fear. He turned and walked to a door, opened it, went into the hallway beyond, and closed the door behind him.

Susie got up and tried the door, but it was locked again. When she turned around, she had six pairs of eyes on her. None of what they were enduring was believable, but what Susie had done was even more shocking...

Part 12 - A Worse Evil

Bobby Russell sank his cock balls-deep into the beautiful blonde beneath him, groaning as he felt the warm wetness of her cunt enveloping his throbbing hard shaft. He pressed his chest down onto hers, his muscular pecs crushing her large natural breasts as he nuzzled her neck. He felt her hands massaging his hard asscheeks as he began flexing his hips, pistoning his cock into the depths of her sopping pussy.

Jayne Hallerton groaned as she felt Bobby's big cock invade her, and she began pushing up to meet each of his stabbing thrusts. The hot blonde had worked her already athletic body into peak physical condition, and her magnificent ass was becoming known as one of the hottest in the State. If she didn't fuck a man's balls off, she'd twerk them off with that ass of hers.

The tall woman raised her long, shapely legs and wrapped them tightly around the athletic stud's back, the heels of her feet pressing into his ass. "Fuck me, Bobby. Fuck me!" she whispered into his ear, fueling his red-hot lust for her. He raised his head up and then mashed his mouth onto hers, their tongues twining together in a searing hot kiss as they hungrily mated on Bobby's bed.

They were in his Frat house on the southern edge of the University Campus. On the other bed, watching the hot couple rutting lustily were Betsy and Kenny. Betsy had been in the car with Bobby Russell when he drove drunk and slammed into the Girls Orphanage bus just before Christmas. She was dressed only in her bra and panties, and was fingering her aching, wet cunt as she watched Bobby fuck the incredibly hot Jayne. Kenny was pear-shaped, and he was stroking his barely three inch long cock through his short pants.

Bobby and Jayne had met at a party, seemingly by chance to him, definitely contrived by her. Bobby was used to women giving him attention. He was good looking, his looks coming from his attractive mother, black haired, and had the tall, slender-ish body of a man poised to do great things. Even so, when Jayne began chatting him up, he was an eager listener. This woman could be a beauty queen or a porn star, so fine was she. Her honey-blonde hair was natural, as were her breasts and ass...

As Bobby fucked Jayne relentlessly, pounding his meat into her eagerly receptive womanhood, he enjoyed the way she fucked him back, the taste of her kisses that burned into his soul, the feel of her legs against him that fired his male lust into action. The bed squeaked as he nailed the blonde beauty into it.

Jayne felt her own orgasm building up. The intense pleasure of Bobby plunging into her again and again and again made her body burn with lusty pleasure and her soul burn with a fire she'd rarely felt for any man. Neither would admit it, but their feelings for each other were not just the desires of their bodies for raw, physical sex...

Betsy looked over at Kenny, sitting next to her on the other bed. She very craftily looked at his small cock, then reached over and began massaging it through his shorts. Kenny groaned and opened his pants, and Betsy reached in and began stroking his stubby shaft.

Jayne felt her orgasm build, and she didn't try to fight it. She concentrated on the pleasure of being filled by Bobby's invading cock, and the ecstasy finally exploded in her deepest loins.

"Uhhh! Oh Bobby! UNNH!" she cried out as she came. Bobby felt her cunt clutch at his cock like a vise, seemingly trying to crush it or expel it. Bobby pushed in harder and harder, feeling his nut rising. He heard a groan from the other bed.

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