tagNovels and NovellasReturn to Dallas Pt. 03

Return to Dallas Pt. 03


(Copyright 2001 by Paul. All rights reserved).

All characters are fictitious. The events? They live in my dreams.

* * * * *


I didn't realise that Gerry would be there as well. I felt the earth spinning as I climbed from the Taxi they had poured me into after lunch and stumbled up the steps to the hotel entrance. I don't think Jenny was going to be pleased.

I tried not to breathe out too many alcohol fumes in the lift but I could tell from the reaction of the other occupants I didn't succeed very well.

Finally there was only me and the attendant and he didn't look too happy. I tried to speak to him but my mouth couldn't find any words. It was a relief for us both when the doors hissed open and I stumbled out into the corridor.

I felt my pockets. A key. I had keys, lots of them. Office keys, house keys, car keys but no Hotel room key.

I leant against the door as I tried to think. Reception. That would mean the lift. Think again. Try the handle. It opened. Somebody hadn't locked it.

I could see Cleo and Tammy standing by the door to mine and Jenny's bedroom. Tammy didn't have any clothes on and she'd grown a prick. Cleo looked shocked. I was shocked. Tammy didn't have a prick yesterday.

I needed the toilet.

Cleo looked at me and said something about how sorry she was then she hurried to her bedroom.

I went to the bathroom and threw up.

I poured myself a drink of water, drank it and threw up again. My insides gurgled and, dropping my trousers and underpants I sat down on the seat.

That was better. I could lean against the wash basin. I closed my eyes. Better open them again. The room wasn't very steady. I pulled on the toilet roll. Why wouldn't it stop spinning around? I had plenty of paper. I tried re-winding the excess but it wouldn't go on straight. Oh shit. That's torn it. Literally. Holding the excess paper with one hand I stood up, pulling up my trousers with my other hand and holding them in place I went to the shower cubical. Looking around to make sure I wasn't being observed I dropped the paper inside and closed the cubical door. There. Nobody would know it was me.

I walked from the bathroom with my head held high and went into our bedroom. Jenny was lying on her back with her knees bent and her legs wide open. Even her fanny was open. She was waiting for me. The sweet.

"Don't worry." I said. "I'll get undressed."

As I sat on the edge of the bed Tammy, then Michelle sat by me, their Dildos sticking out in front of them, and helped me with my clothes. Which was nice. When I was naked I lay down next to Jenny and felt one of her breasts. She was looking at me.

"I don't think so, Paul." She shook her head sadly.

Had I made her unhappy? I rolled over onto my back. Perhaps if I just close my eyes for a moment. I could feel somebody playing with my prick. Not much life in that, I thought of saying. I could hear voices but they were a long way away.


How could she? To Paul. It wasn't possible. Not Jenny. I'd known them all my life. I was in their wedding photos. I'd never suspected. They always seemed so much in love.

And yet. Now I do think about it. There were signs. Carole Wolfenstein, who'd gone to school with Jenny, would talk about her and a woman called Linda. What such close friends they were. How relaxed in each others company Jenny and Michelle had been for two people who had only meet once before, and that had been eighteen months ago.

But to do that to Paul. And now he'd know. What must he think? Would he leave her? I knew he'd be unhappy. Jenny always said that he was far too sensitive. I must go and see if he was all right.

I got up from my bed and stepping into the lounge crossed over to Paul and Jenny's bedroom.

Paul was naked on the bed and Jenny lay by his side with her head on his shoulder feeling his balls with one hand. Tammy and Michelle were standing at the foot of the bed carrying their strap-ons. Jenny looked up at me as I entered.

"How could you?" I stormed.

"Shush." She motioned with a finger to her lips. "You'll wake him."

"But you did what you did."

"I know what I did." Jenny snapped back. "And Paul knows. He's always known."

She smiled down at him and kissed his cheek.

"Yes." She continued. "He's always known."

"What?" I shouldn't have had so much to drink. I couldn't think straight. "What does he know?"

"That I'm a Lesbian who happens to be in love with a man." She looked at Michelle. "I don't think I've ever admitted it to myself before."

I looked down at the strap-ons Michelle and Tammy were holding. Something was making me wet. It must be the drink. Ten days before I'd had my first Lesbian affair for nearly ten years. She'd had a strap-on that she'd used on me.

Michelle stepped closed, so close that I could feel the heat from her body and pressed the Dildo into my hand. It was still wet with woman's lubricant. I could smell it. I could also feel Michelle's hand on my hip. I should shake it off. But I didn't.

Jenny sat up in the bed. I couldn't help but look from her breasts to her 'v' of pubic hairs. There was a worried look upon her face.

"It's OK." Michelle said. "You stay and look after Paul. We'll take Cleo back to her room."

Was I some child to be put back to bed? I felt I should protest. Then not, as Tammy took my other hand and they led me from the bedroom. We stopped by the side of the bar. Next to the pile of Jenny's clothing. I felt like I was in a dream as Tammy unzipped my dress and bra and Michelle caught my breasts as they tumbled free. I looked down at them as her fingers massaged my nipples. How they were growing. Standing out. Needing to be sucked.

I sighed with relief when Michelle lowered her lips to one of my nipples and sucked gently. I could feel my dress lying at my feet and small fingers easing down my panties. I automatically lifted my feet when I felt them reach my ankles. Tammy was kissing my buttocks. Holding them open. Searching between them for my anus. I must have been holding my breath for I exhaled heavily when the tip of her tongue touched it. I breathed even more deeply when Michelle released my nipple and, kneeling before me, spread my pubic hairs and attacked my clit. My legs suddenly went weak and I had to hold on to the back of her head to steady myself.

There was a bar stool by my side and I found myself lifting my foot and resting it on the bar that ran half way down its legs to open up myself for the two tongues that were given me sensations I had hardly ever even dreamed possible. I leaned forward to rest against the bar and give Tammy better access. Looking down I could see the top of Michelle's head tight against my navel as she sucked and licked upon my clit. Somebody had pushed a finger inside my pussy, then another. I cried out as the tip of Tammy's tongue penetrated me driving me to come over Michelle's face. I felt certain I must have pissed myself with the amount of liquid my pussy suddenly produced. But I hadn't.

Michelle and Tammy both stood up and kissed me then each other. I felt their breasts while they felt mine. Then I fingered Michelle as she pushed two fingers into my pussy. Michelle kissed me again, pushing her tongue into my mouth and fencing with mine. Pulling her head back she smiled at me.

"Are you all right?" She asked quietly.

I couldn't find any words so I nodded.

"Come here." She said taking my hand and leading me to the couch. Sitting down she lifted her knees to her nipples and planted the soles of her feet on the edge of the seat. The lips of her pussy opened before me and I could see the moist, pinkness of her insides. I didn't need a written invitation and knelt on the carpet before her slowly kissing the insides of her thighs drawing gasps and moans from her as I neared the outer lips of her pussy. Then I was there and planted a kiss on each one before pulling them apart and licking inside. She meowed like a cat, arching her back and running her fingers through my hair as I pushed my tongue as deep inside her as I could. I could taste her. Not one taste. A dozen, mingling and overlapping. I licked up to her clit and sucked it from its hood.

I sensed rather the heard Tammy moving behind me. Her hands on my buttocks. Spreading them. Opening me. I felt something large and blunt against the lips of my pussy and open my legs wide as she pushed it inside me. I felt every inch as she slowly slid it inside me. I thought it would never end, then she pulled back and pushed it in again. It drove the breath from my body. I started panting as she quickened still licking and sucking on Michelle's clit. Reaching beneath my chin I pushed two fingers inside her pussy listening to her cry out as she came. I kept on licking. Pushing my fingers in and out of her in time to Tammy's thrusting in and out of me. I could feel my own orgasm building, sense Michelle's and a hear change in Tammy's breathing. I don't know who came first and frankly didn't give a fuck. All I could feel was the wave after wave of pleasure that built up and crashed over me.

Tammy was moving behind me, pulling the Dildo from my hole. It hurt for a second then I felt everything shrinking back into place.

I lifted myself from the floor and sat on the couch next to Michelle. We both held hands and watched Tammy as she slowly released the straps on the Dildos harness and placed it on the coffee table next to the smaller one.

She stretched her arms above her head, her breasts lifting in response.

"I could do with a drink." She said.

I slowly stood up and felt one of her breasts.

"There are a couple of bottles of Champagne in the cooler behind the bar." I said holding Tammy's hand and walking with her. "Where are you spending the night, by the way?"

"We thought we might be staying here." Tammy said bending from the waist and taking a bottle of Champagne from the cooler.

The target was too good too miss so I squeezed her ass cheeks and ran a finger between her two cheeks until it touched her anus.

"That's nice." She said, straightening and leaning back against me.

I could almost rest my chin on the top of her head.

"Tammy's one of the few women I know who actually likes it up the ass." Michelle said, sitting on a stool at the bar, resting her breasts on the bar top and watching my finger moving between Tammy's as cheeks. "Do you like it?"

That was not a question I expected another woman to ask me. I'd only ever tried it twice and on each occasion it had hurt too much for me to go through with it.

"I've never really done it." I confessed as Tammy worked the top off the Champagne bottle. "It's always hurt too much."

"They can't have done it right then." Michelle said, taking one of the bubbling glasses of Champagne.

I lifted one to my lips. After the lunchtime wine and Brandy the last thing I really needed was more alcohol but it would be churlish to refuse it now that it had been poured. The first taste was awful. I could almost feel my taste buds cringing and my liver protesting. I steeled myself and took a second sip, still massaging Tammy's anus. That was better.

Michelle topped up our glasses while Tammy turned her face up to mine for a kiss. Placing my glass on the bar top I ran my fingers over her nipples, down, through her pubic mound and in between her legs. She grunted her approval as I found her clit and started to rub it.

"We could show her how it's done." I heard Michelle saying to somebody. I think she was feeling left out.

I didn't want to move. Tammy was so warm. I kissed her shoulder and licked her tattoo.

"Come on Tammy." Michelle said, coming behind the bar and taking Tammy by the hand.

I walked with them, feeling Tammy's breasts to the middle of the room and knelt down with Her. Michelle slipped into Jenny's bedroom and re-appeared carrying a jar of Vaseline. She picked up and strapped on the smaller of the two Dildos and gave it a liberal coating of the jelly. I helped Tammy to bend forward by holding on to one of her breasts then held open her ass cheeks while Michelle knelt behind her and smeared more Vaseline on to her anus. I continued to hold Tammy's ass cheeks wide apart as Michelle moved closer. She placed the tip of the Dildo at Tammy's rear opening and paused.

"Are you OK, Tammy?" She asked, adjusting the angle of the Dildo.

"Hmm." Tammy replied.

"Here it comes." Michelle said and pushed steadily forward.

I could see Tammy's sphincter tighten to prevent the Dildos entry. Michelle pulled back and pushed again. This time the muscle relaxed and her anus opened allowing the white latex to slowly disappear inside her.

Michelle stopped when it was three parts in to allow Tammy to adjust. Then she pulled back, almost taking the whole Dildo out before slowly pushing it back it. Tammy groaned. Then gasped as Michelle quickened her movements.

I watched fascinated. I'd never seen anybody fucked before. I felt so wet I had to rub myself. I noticed Tammy was doing the same, reaching back between her legs. I stopped frigging myself and felt her breasts with one hand and Michelle's ass with the other, exploring her anus with my fingertip.

I could tell Tammy was near coming and lowered my head and licked the crack between her ass cheeks down to where the Dildo was still moving in and out of her. She lifted her head and gasped for breath as her orgasm ripped through her body and would have collapsed forward had Michelle not been holding her hips.

I looked at Michelle as she eased the Dildo out of Tammy's ass hole and turned to me.

"You OK?" She asked. A dozen questions in two words.

I leaned forward as Tammy had done, offering my buttocks to the sky and Michelle.

She moved behind me and I felt her anoint my anus. Tammy moved to kneel by my side and massage my back as Michelle positioned the tip of the Dildo against my anus. Automatically I squeezed my hole tightly closed mindful of the last time I tried to take a man up there. How it had hurt. I'd screamed and he thrust himself back into my other hole with a gasp of disappointment. I felt the Dildo move away and Michelle's finger gently rub my tight hole encouraging it to relax.

"It's all right, Baby." She spoke softly. "No one's going to hurt you. Just relax."

I could feel one of Tammy's hands beneath me massaging my stomach, moving down through my pubic mound a fingertip resting on my clit.

I found myself moving my knees further apart. Feeling my anus opening to the pressure from Michelle's finger. A short stab of pain and her finger was inside me, rubbing the walls of my rectum, moving in and out. That felt good, and so did Tammy's finger. I lifted my head and sucked in a lungfull of air. I felt the Dildo against my anus again. Felt it opening me. This time I willed my anus to relax. It hurt as it slid inside me. A nice hurt. Then she pulled it back and began to thrust it in and out of me. Tammy's finger started moving faster, then faster still as Michelle moved up through the gears. I was coming. I cried out, almost in disbelief. Michelle continued to fuck me and Tammy to rub me. I was coming again.

Michelle stopped moving and pulled the Dildo from me.

I turned and looked at her, at it, stained and glistening.

"Anybody like another drink?" She asked.

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