tagNonConsent/ReluctanceReturned To Me

Returned To Me


Jenna Hansen talked to her husband, ecstatic about her new job. "I am going to love this place, everyone is so nice. Oh and you'll never guess who I met there. Do you remember Barclay Zinman?"

Her husband Greg, stroked his chin, thought a moment and said, "The geek from High School?"

"Yes, all these years after we graduated he's the mail room guy, that and loading the delivery trucks. He still looks the same, pimply and greasy, its hysterical. He is a bit taller and a lot bigger though."

"I thought he disappeared into some cult right around the time we graduated. I haven't thought of that guy in years. Talk about your losers! What will your duties be?"

Jenna smiled and replied, "I'll be doing all their computer layouts and their print ads. I don't get a staff and the hours are a bit long but my pay check is out of this world. According to my supervisor once I get the process for layouts streamlined my hours will be more regular. I figure that will take me six month tops!"

"This calls for a celebration! What restaurant do you want to try?"

Greg kissed his gorgeous wife and embraced her. Twelve years out of high school and she still looked like the track star and pole vaulter she was at her prime. Long black hair, slim and sexy with great breasts and long lovely legs.Greg was attractive but not like his wife. Greg told his wife often, and sincerely believed, that he had married out of his league. He had been on the basketball and baseball teams and the two of them had met at a party for jocks. Although Greg never had the size for the NBA and had flamed out in baseball's low minor leagues he had put a good life together. He owned a small business which paid the rent and kept the wolf from the door. Greg and Jenna wanted a house however. With Jenna's new job the could put the money aside for a down payment in a few months. Life was looking very promising indeed.

That night Greg and Jenna made love. They had talked about children but both of them wanted a house before they had any. With Jenna's new job, Greg anticipated that by this time next year his wife would be in the third trimester of her pregnancy. The idea of trying to make a baby had profound appeal.

For Jenna the first weeks of work were exhilarating, exhausting, yet so so satisfying. Her bosses were proud of her work and were amazed at the progress she was making. The only downside was that she was often the last one out of the building. She didn't mind locking up but the parking lot was dim and the old building gave her the creeps at night.

Friday night was like any other, except more work was required. She called Greg and told him she would be late and then bore down at her job. It was nearly nine O'clock when she at last shut her monitor off. She reached for her coat and then someone large grabbed her from behind and forced a chloroform soaked rag over her nose and lips. Jenna's world went dark.

She came to in what felt like a basement. She was blindfolded. Her hands were bound above her head what felt like cuffs. She could not see but they were leather lined cuffs connected to a chain fastened to the ceiling. He feet were bound. She did not see these either of course , they were held to the floor by strong cords. She seemed intact other wise. She began screaming for help.

It seemed to her that she had screamed for hours, at any rate she was hoarse and her throat was raw. Obviously she had not been heard. Presently she heard footsteps. She heard the lights flick on and felt a hand behind her head reaching to untie the blindfold. She started screaming again but only a raspy hiss came out. The blindfold was pulled away and Jenna met the face of Barclay, the mail clerk from work. She was too stunned for a moment to say anything.

Barclay offered a sip from a bottle of water the liquid soothed her throat and Jenna found her voice. "Barclay, you are in serious trouble. The police and my husband are looking for me. Let me go NOW before you end up with even bigger problems."

Barclay brought a chair forward and sat before Jenna staring at her.

"Your husband and the police have already found you. You were a flaming corpse,"

"What are you talking about Barclay?"

Barclay got a serene look on his face and said, "All will be explained. Do you remember what I did after high school?"

"Barclay, I am NOT here to play twenty questions LET ME GO!"

Barclay got a very evil look on his face and yelled "Answer my question!"

Jenna, in fear, thought for a moment and said, "I don't remember but Greg said that you joined some sort of cult."

"Cult is such a vile word. I joined the Cosmic Consciousness Front. It gave me the discipline I needed and showed me the way to achieve my dreams. Just as it is prophesied it has come to pass! In addition to enlightenment I sought something I thought even more unobtainable. YOU! The elders told me to secure a plan to win your love and devotion. That is what I set out to do and here you are. With no one looking for you we will have time to get to know each other. You don't give me the time of day at work. But HERE you cannot ignore me. Here you will fall in love with me and be mine."

Jenna was trying hard to get her head around the words her abductor was speaking.

"You can't have me Barclay. I have NO desire to get to know you and my heart belongs to my husband. People ARE looking for me."

"I assure Jenna they are not. Everything had to happen today. My sainted mother passed early this morning. It was sad but not unexpected she was profoundly useful to me even in death. I stored her in the freezer until I had secured you. As you have no doubt deduced I drugged you earlier tonight.Everything worked out for Friday. The security cameras at work are on the blink, I know this because the security chief told me. People don't notice me so he had no idea I overheard him on the phone. They were trying to settle it quietly without alerting the employees. Our bosses have some dishonest tendencies. With the cameras not working it was no great problem to clock out, return to work and hide somewhere unobtrusive. My mother's death was a sign, the cameras being out was a sign, the final confirmation was you working late. Heaven lined up everything for me, Barclay Zinman. The universe was telling me to make you mine. I spirited you here in one of the delivery trucks. It was gone and back within a half hour I'm sure no one saw anything. I brought my mother back in the truck. I had your car keys from your purse as well as your purse. I did not like defiling my mother's body but I took a hammer and shattered her teeth. Mom had great teeth to the day she died but the dental records would not match. But with them strewn about the cab of the car, who is going to work hard to verify what they already know? Your car was parked at a rail road crossing, my mother in the driver's seat. Your purse next to her and your wedding ring on her finger. I have studied hard and I rigged the car to explode on impact. A charred female body. (Forgive me mother.) your car, your ring. your effects, your route home. The police have this one solved already. As far as they are concerned you are dead!"

Jenna said. "That's not true, That's impossible!" But she took another look at her hands. Her wedding and engagement rings were missing! Only the white tan line from her rings circled her finger.

"I lusted after you in high school. I told the elders that I wanted nothing more than I wanted you. They told me that if I were pure of heart and disciplined that you be returned to me, And so it has come to pass!".

Jenna began to think quickly, "Barclay, whatever you have planned will not work. I DO NOT love you and I NEVER will. If you let me go now I won't report you. I won't tell anyone what you have done."

"Of course you won't tell anyone Honey, you will be with me always here as my concubine. Its time to prepare you for our wedding!"

Barclay turned and opened a drawer on a cabinet. He withdrew a pair of surgical scissors.

"Your current attire is of the world and hides what should be revealed," said Barclay as he approached Jenna and bent to bring himself level with the hem of her skirt. Jenna had been dressed for work this day no different than any other day. She wore a blue skirt that fell to her knee and a satin white blouse with a blue blazer, professional yet tasteful. Beneath that she had on pantyhose and a pink bra and panty set. Her shoes were simple black flats.

Jenna tried to tear away her bonds but she was fastened tightly. Slowly, yet methodically Barclay began cutting away Jenna's skirt.

"Barclay! Please stop!" Jenna screamed but her abductor seemed oblivious as the scissors made steady progress up her left leg. She felt the chill of the metal as it touched her skin. In mere moments her skit was in tatters at her feet. Her long, lean legs exposed. Next he started on her blue blazer. Despite its thickness the scissors cut through it easily. It fell in three pieces to join the destroyed skirt. Jenna broke out in goose bumps as the metal scissors went to work on her blouse and crept up her flesh from her waist to her shoulder. Now she was clad only in her hose and underwear. Barclay removed Jenna's shoes. She was kept upright by her restraints. Starting at the toes he sliced up her pantyhose one leg at a time before they too joined the pile of clothing on the floor. Jenna squirmed but could not move away from the determined blades. In one movement Barclay cut through the front of her bra and cut through each strap.Her lovely breasts were exposed. Now her only protection was her panties. Jenna could see the obvious bulge in Barclay's pants as he snipped away her panties. Jenna's full bush was exposed to the basement lighting. Jenna began crying piteous tears.

Barclay stepped back and contemplated his prize.

"Your sex is veiled. It should be like the rest of you, bared to the world." Barclay was gone from the basement for a moment. When he returned Jenna was filled with even more dread. He was carrying a tray. On the tray was a small bowl of water a hair trimmer and a razor and shaving cream! Jenna shrank back involuntarily when she saw what was on the tray.

"Please don't do that Barclay, Untie me and I'll do what you want."

"I'll untie you after you are properly prepared. You should stop struggling against your bonds. I'd hate to accidentally cut you."

Jenna realized that fighting might result in some serious nicks and gashes resigned herself to her fate. Barclay brought the chair forward. His face was inches from her sex. Barclay took a wash cloth and dipped it in the bowl of water. He moistened her bush and then produced the cordless trimmer. In the basement its buzzing sounded like a hive of angry bees. Tears flowed down Jenna's cheeks as her most intimate parts were exposed. After trimming her to crew cut level Barclay took the shaving cream and squirted it over her pubic area. Her wet the razor and began to gently, and delicately shave away the rest of Jenna's pubic hair. Jenna tried to remain as still as she could until the process was over.

After what seemed like an eternity Barclay took the washcloth and dabbed away the last of the shaving cream. He moved his head back to admire his handiwork.

"So much more beautiful without all of that hair in the way. It looks as though it will taste delicious."

Jenna was beside herself as she saw Barclay's pimply face push up against her body as she felt his tongue start to explore her sex. It was gross in the extreme. For at least an hour Barclay's tongue worked its way all over Jenna's pelvis. While not being revolted and appalled Jenna registered that this was the most ham handed oral sex she had ever experienced. Jenna was sure that he had never done it before. Dimly she thought that Barclay must not have even seen a porn film because his awkward attempt reminded her of the first boy to go down on her. He had been a sheltered pimply faced teenager. Barclay was no teenager but Jenna recalled from high school that Barclay was so nerdy and strange that the other nerds and weirdos steered clear of him and even the lowliest nerds teased him mercilessly.

Eventually Barclay tired and rose to his feet. He produced a key from the cabinet and a knife. He unlocked the cuffs and with the knife cut the lines of cord holding her legs and feet fast. Jenna was too focused on restoring circulation to her arms and legs to even think about running. But just as that thought entered her mind Barclay brandished the knife and pointed it at Jenna's throat.

Barclay had grown large in the dozen years since high school He wasn't fat, nor could he be described as muscular. He was a bulky human who knew how to use his size effectively. Jenna was in very good shape. She thought that if she could get a good start she could out run him The problem would be getting past him. His bulk would be hard to sneak around.

Barclay picked up a revolver with his free hand from the cabinet and pointed both of them at Jenna. Then he put down the knife.

"Don't even THINK of running. You were fast in high school but not even you can out run a bullet. It is time for you to get dressed for our ceremony."

Barclay led her up the stairs to the one and only floor of the ranch house. Jenna noticed as she entered what she assumed was the living room, that all of the windows were sealed of by thick metal bars. The house was nicely furnished. Jenna concluded that Barclay's mother must have been responsible for those purchases. Barclay ordered Jenna to enter a room down the hall.

Jenna's heart fell and panic gripped her as she entered this room. It was obviously Barclay's bedroom. But on the walls were pictures of Jenna! Jenna recognized most of them. They were from the yearbook and from the local paper reporting on her high school track meet activities. Somehow Barclay had obtained the negatives or good copies from the newspaper and had them blown up. One entire wall was festooned with her portraits. A feeling beyond creepy crawled along her spine.

"I have ALWAYS worshipped you Jenna. You were not like the other girls. You were more beautiful than any of them. Once you looked at me and smiled. My soul was united to yours at that moment. Your smile is so beautiful. When you smiled at me I vowed that I would see that smile again. I vowed that your smile, as beautiful as it is, would become even more beautiful when you realized your destiny and made love to me."

Jenna had a very nimble mind and she began to think fast. "Barclay, I'm sure that when I smiled at you it was NOT meant to be taken that way. I am sure that I smiled at a lot of people...."

"No Jenna it was NOTHING like that! Our souls united!Your eyes were blinded by Gregg and I knew that as long as he was around you would not see me. I thought about killing Gregg but you might misconstrue that act of love for one of malice so I thought that I had to get you alone so that I could tell you how I feel and then there would be no misunderstanding. When you started working in the same place I did this outcome was fated. Now open the top drawer of that dresser so that you can prepare yourself for the ceremony."

"Barclay," said Jenna, "Stop this. I DON'T love you and I will NEVER love you. You need help. Let me call someone." "NO! Jenna, you won't be able to talk me out of this. I am not in any need of "help." If I am sick it is only love sickness and that should never be "cured." Now open that drawer!"

Jenna , painfully conscious of her nudity, walked the few steps to the dresser. When she pulled it open the only contents were a white outfit. Jenna recognized it as a sexy bridal nightie, the sort of thing worn by the new bride on her wedding night. Jenna picked the garment up. It consisted of a veil, a white bustier, a white thong, a white garter and white stockings. Completing the effect was a bridal garter to slide over one leg. Jenna became nauseous at the sight. Clearly Barclay had some very definite plans for her.

"I will leave the room for five minutes so that you can prepare yourself. There is no escape from this room. The widow is barred and blacked out. I have removed the phone and disabled the internet. Your focus should therefore be upon dressing yourself and preparing yourself for the ceremony. After the ceremony we will consummate our love. If you choose to not prepare yourself for our nuptials I will be forced to slap you hard until you comply. Obviously neither of us wants that alternative. You have five minuets. The clock starts now."

Barclay left the room and locked the door behind him. Jenna immediately tried the window. It was just as Barclay had said. Jenna dis not notice a phone amongst the general clutter of the room and the computer components were obviously disconnected. Jenna was loathe to don the outfit but she did not want Barclay to get physically abusive to her. In her mind she realized that she might be able to charm her way out of the situation. Barclay was obviously obsessed with her, perhaps she could buy him off with a blow job or a hand job. He was clearly sexually inexperienced, perhaps Jenna could dazzle him. She began to formulate a plan.

In the few minuets she had left Jenna threw on the outfit. To her surprise it fit rather well. She was just adjusting the veil as Barclay re-entered the room. Once her captor had drunk in the image of his dream woman in his dream outfit, a blissful look crossed his face. Jenna recognized that look. She had seen it in lots of boys and men. Every time she had seen that look Jenna emerged the victor.

"I'm ready for the ceremony Barclay, or would you prefer "honey?"

"Honey is nice, master is better." His grin threatened to tear open his lips.

"Well then master what shall we do?"

"I set up the shrine in the living room. Mother would not let me put it there when she was alive but now."

Barclay took Jenna's hand and led her to the living room. Jenna got a good look at the front door. If she could get there first Jenna knew that she could be out the door and off to safety. All she needed was time and opportunity. There were some candles burning in various places in the room. There was an object against the wall covered by a blanket.

"Kneel here." Barclay instructed. He approached the blanket and with one swift movement exposed the shrine.

What ever Jenna had in mind, this certainly was not it. The object was vaguely cross shaped across the expanse of it were very lifelike carvings of men and women fornicating in every position imaginable the upright piece bore a visage that reminded Jenna of the religious medals her Catholic friends wore. Barclay knelt next to Jenna and began reciting something from a book he had in his gun hand. The language was a mystery, Jenna knew that it was not Latin or German or Spanish or any other language she could remember hearing. It fell harsh upon the ear, long uninterrupted strings of consonants. At last he finished.

"Now you repeat after me, Jenna honey."

She repeated "I Jenna Hansen, object of Barclay's desire pledge my life my soul and my flesh to him until the end of my days in this world and in the next as well."

Barclay produced a ring. It was too large for Jenna's finger but he slid it on anyway. Rather than being a traditional ring it was a carved dragon eating its own tail with two small ruby chips for eyes. Barclay recited another passage from his mysterious text and then said. This is where we kiss. After our kisses we consummate our marriage here before the shrine."

Steeling herself Jenna turned her lips upward. She was not prepared for Barclay lunging at her and trapping her in a bear hug. Jenna had deflowered virgins before but none had been as ardent in their intents as Barclay was. The only thing Barclay retained of any note was his virginity. Barclay despised his untouched status and would be rid of it immediately. Before Jenna could react she was under Barclay's full weight. Hungrily his tongue circled her mouth, desperately his hands began brushing aside her brief garments. He had set the gun down but Jenna, even if she saw it, was held in such a way that it would be impossible for her to grab it.

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