tagCelebritiesReunion Ch. 2

Reunion Ch. 2


Guen entered the old hotel. In a swirl, her cape was over a chair. She neared the fireplace. With a wave of her hand, a fire roared to life. She stared into the flames.

"Did you have fun slumming, sweet?" She jumped and turned towards the voice. A shadow disconnected from the others. "You didn't even bother to wash his stench from you. I smelled you when you pulled up."

"Where are the others?" Angel emerged from the darkness.

"Asleep. Does my grandchild know that you came here?"

She shrugged. "He might have figured it out. We really didn't talk." A small smile played across her lips.

He snorted. "Has he fucked Buffy yet?"

"As I said, we didn't talk much." She turned back to stare at the fire.

"Did he like your new look and attitude?" He moved her hair aside to nuzzle her neck. He stopped when he saw the bite mark there. "You have been a naughty girl." He traced the mark with his finger. "I wonder what else he gave you." He inched up her skirt.

She grabbed his wrist and turned to face him. "What has gotten into you tonight?" He backed her into a wall.

"It's not what's gotten into me." He slid a finger deep inside her. "It's what's out of me."

Her eyes widened. She caught traced of the accent. "Angelus!"

"Missed me, sweet?" He removed his finger and brushed it over her lips. "Open," he ordered. She opened her mouth and his finger slipped in. The taste of her and Spike exploded on her tongue. She closed her eyes and moaned. He smirked. They stilled when a door slammed shut. Wesley passed through the lobby without noticing them.

Angelus turned his attention back to the vampire in front of him. He removed his finger and caressed the mark again. "Impudent pup. He always wanted what was mine; Dru, Buffy, you."

Guen laughed. She removed his hand from her throat. "You forget, Angelus. I am not one of your children. The Master made me, not you." She made to walk away, but his stopped her by placing a hand on her chest. He pushed her back into the wall.

"You forget, Guenevere, who it was you followed. Not William the Bloody, me, Angelus. Who did you spend the past five years in Hell for?" He leaned in closer, his breath tickling her cheek. "Who was the first vampire did you come to when you got out? And who's soul did you just remove?" He massaged a breast, slowly squeezing. "Who, Guen?"

"You." She gasped when he squeezed again. He released her to sit in a chair.

"You really have changed, sweet. You're not the innocent little undead Slayer anymore."

"I haven't been the Slayer in centuries. As for changing, I just lost a few inhibitions." She strolled over to stand between his knees. She straddled his hips.

"What type of inhibitions?" he asked. He slid his hands under her skirt. She reached between them to unzip his pants and freed his dick. She stroked him slowly. He got harder. She positioned herself over him and slid down gradually. He pulled her down until he was buried deep. Her sweater slipped off of one shoulder, exposing her scar. Footsteps descended the stairs. They looked up to see Wesley heading for the kitchen, his nose buried in a book. Angelus smiled up at her. He raised her up until just the tip of his dick was inside her. He quickly brought her back down. She moaned, her head falling forward.

"I don't think you've lost anything, pet. The Guen I first met wouldn't ride me with someone not far away."

"Spike and Dru were in the next room," she reminded him.

"You didn't ride me and they weren't going to walk in. Ride." He removed his hands from her hips. She raised her head enough to look into his eyes. He clearly didn't expect her to do it. A grin spread across her lips. She rocked her hips forward. The smile faded from his face.

She leaned down, her lips brushing his ear. "I told you that I wasn't the same good girl you knew before." She rocked back. "The one who gets branded. I'll do the branding now." She rose up on her knees till he was nearly all the way out then eased back down. She unbuttoned his shirt and lightly raked her nails down his chest, hitting his nipples. He hissed out a breath. When he put his hands on her hips again, she seized them and placed them behind his head. His eyes widened in shock when he couldn't get free from grasp. She smiled. "You forget who's older, Angelus." She tightened her pussy muscles when he shifted. His moan alerted Wesley to their presence.

"There you are. Guen." The Watcher nodded to her. Angelus muttered a curse under his breath. Guen smiled, rocking her hips leisurely so Wesley wouldn't notice. The vampire shot her a look of retribution. "I was researching why there hasn't been any demonic activity lately."

"It's a holiday."

"Pardon?" Wesley looked up from his book. "It's a holiday. All the demons gather for a family reunion, of sorts."

"Really?" He sat on the arm of a nearby chair. "Sounds interesting."

"I can tell you more about it tomorrow."

"Of course." He noticed the position they were in. He looked at them over his glasses. "Am I interrupting anything?"

Angelus opened his mouth to retort, but Guen beat him to it. "We're just reliving the past."

"Oh. All right. I will see the two of you in the morning. Night."

They watched as he headed back up the stairs. They turned to look at each other. Guen's movements increased. Angelus let his head fall back and closed his eyes. She stopped. An eye cracked open. She smiled innocently then started to roll her hips, as if dancing on top of him. He groaned, trying to free his hands. She applied pressure to his wrists, digging her nails into the soft flesh. He surged upwards in response. She threw her head back, biting her bottom lip to keep from screaming. He pulled her forward and captured her mouth. He moaned, shoving into her before cumming.

Lightning flashes across the sky as thunder rolled. Angelus lowered his arms and wrapped them around her waist. Guen stirred, nestling her head in his neck. He caressed her ass and nibbled on her bare shoulder, tracing the scar with his tongue. It was for him that she had entered the gates of Hell, his place she had taken. Granted, he did like the streak of wildness she now had, but her body should be his to mar. He stroked a bit of raised skin on her hip. He had branded her with the letter A not long after they had split from Spike and Dru. He wanted her to remember whom she belonged to.

"Have I worn you out, sweet?"

She smiled against his neck. "Not even close. I'm just basking." With a sigh, she removed herself from his lap. She giggled. "Still at attention, I see."

"Always around you, sweet." He stood and zipped up his pants.

Guen turned and walked towards the stairs. Angelus caught up with her and swung her around. The slap resounded through the hotel. Her eyes widened. "Angelus, I'm sorry. It was a reaction to being grabbed."

He looked up. His face had changed. She took a step back. "Run."

She spun about and took off up the stairs. She soon heard his footfalls behind her. She may have been older, but he was still faster. She headed in the direction of his room. He caught up with her on the sixth floor. He tackled her to the floor. He sat up on his knees, straddling her hips. He rolled her over and pinned her hands above her head.

"That was a mistake, sweet." He stood and jerked her up. She was shoved into the wall, his body pressing on hers. He inhaled deeply. "I really miss the chase; the smell of fear mixed with excitement, the blood pounding through the veins. It makes everything taste so much sweeter." He ravished her mouth. He hurriedly unzipped his pants. Raising her up, he impaled her onto his dick, her legs wrapping around his waist. His mouth muffled her cry. He thrust into repeatedly.

She tore her mouth from his. "Cadal far sibh lauigh abair seo oran talaidh dhe meinne sibh toil cadal gus madainn delt cruinnich agus grain las bhur suil," she whispered, the sleep spell weaving its way to the others. He drove deeper. She cried out. His teeth sank into her shoulder. She bit her lip, whimpering. She ripped his shirt off. Her nails dug into his shoulders, breaking the skin. She screamed when she came. His nails punctured the soft tissue of her ass, holding her closer to him. She moaned, another orgasm following the first. He growled as he exploded in her.

"That's how a hunt should end, with mind-numbing fuck." He looked down into her face. He stroked her cheek. "I really liked that shirt, sweet. Now it's nothing but rags." He ripped her skirt off her then her sweater. He carried her to his room. They were wearing nothing but a pair of leather pants and leather knee-high boots. He slammed the door behind them. He threw her onto the bed where she fell like a rag doll.

Angelus watched her as he stripped from his pants, her half-lidded eyes watching him. He ran his hands up her leather-clad calves to her thighs. He leaned down and traced his brand with his tongue. He turned her over and licked the scar up her back, pulling her up onto her knees. He scrapped his teeth across the sensitive spot on her neck as he slid into her. She moaned as he reached around and grabbed her breasts. He pinched her nipples, rolling them between his thumb and forefinger, tugging slightly. She trembled as she climaxed again and again, whimpering against the satin sheets. She arched her back as he raked his nails down it, leaving welts in his wake. He shuddered, spilling inside her.

Guen snuck out of bed and head to the shower. She let the steaming water pound at her battered body. She closed her eyes, enjoying the scalding sensations. The curtain was torn back. Angelus stood there in all of his naked glory. He grinned wolfishly at her.

"Tired, sweet?" He entered the stall, blocking the water.

"Just sticky. Move." She halfheartedly pushed him.

"Make me." He crossed his arms over his chest. She lifted an eyebrow up and fell to her knees. She skimmed her hands up his legs, bypassing his groin and cupping his ass. "If all you're going to do is tease, forget it."

She flicked her tongue on the underside of the head before tugging him forward until she buried her nose in his pubic hair. She scrapped her teeth along his length as he pulled out. She wrapped her tongue around him and sucked. She began to move back and forth, sucking on the way out. A fist tangled through her hair. One of her hands gently massaged his balls as the other tightened at the base of his cock. He groaned and put his free hand on the wall to support himself. She tilted her head, changing the angle of her mouth and teeth. A breath hissed in sharply. He pulled her hair until he popped out of her mouth.

With his hand still woven in her hair, Angelus tugged until she was stand up. He extricated his hand and grabbed the soap. He ran the bar over her shoulders, down her chest and across her stomach. He combed through her curls, lightly brushing her clit. He sunk two fingers into her. She moaned, opening her legs wider. He slid in and out, his palm rubbing across her clit. She grabbed his shoulders to keep from falling. Her breaths came out in gasps. She moved her hips in sync with his hand. She cried out when he remove it.

Guen felt herself being picked up and thrown over a shoulder. She pushed her hair out of her face to see the shower curtain hanging wide, letting water out all over the floor. She was set on her feet. Sitting on the bed, she scooted back until she was lying down. Angelus crawled after her. He settled his weight on top of her. She wrapped her legs around his waist. He slowly pushed into her. He rocked his hips. She lifted one leg higher, sending him deeper. She caught his lips for a kiss, her tongue mimicking his movements. She trembled as a climax washed over her. He drove forward faster and harder. She moaned against his mouth. He hooked his arms under her knees, opening her wider. He buried his head in her shoulder and inhaled the scent of jasmine and cloves. She cried out when he plunged himself deep inside her as he came.

Angel sat up in bed, holding onto his pounding head. Feeling a presence next to him, he glanced down to see Guen roll over onto her back. The sheet had fallen to reveal her breasts. He slid over beside her. He was careful to touch nothing but her arm. He shook her gently.

"Guen, wake up." She stretched, raising her arms over her head. She opened her eyes and smiled at him. She reached up and caressed one side of his face.

"Morning." She glanced at the windows. Seeing no sunlight streaming through, she chuckled. "Or should I say evening."

He touched the marks marring her skin. "What happened last night?"

"What didn't happen is the appropriate question. A little of this and a whole lot of that." She stood, revealing more bite marks on various parts of her body. The letter A on her hip looked red and angry.

"Oh God," he said as he buried his head in the pillow. Events from the previous night flashed through his mind. The bed dipped under her weight.

"God had nothing to do with it. You know, Angel," she started as she shrugged into one of his shirts. He looked up at her. "You really need to get laid more often." She strolled over to the door and opened it. "If you're worried about the whole no soul thing, turning back into Angelus permanently, I have ways around it."

He stared at the closed door. As he rolled over, a pain shot through his hip. He threw back the covers. On his hip was the letter G burnt in to his skin. He smiled. He couldn't wait for the next time.

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