tagCelebrities & Fan FictionReunion Surprise Ch. 03

Reunion Surprise Ch. 03


Sitting on my feet with my legs tucked under me, I am intently watching him as he regains his composure. Feeling rather pleased with myself I must admit.

"That was so bloody amazing! I have to say that I was a bit shocked and nervous as well but, bloody hell girl, I am at a loss for words and anyone who knows me, knows that this is rare occurrence.", he says and then continues between raspy breaths. "What else could you possibly have up your sleeves?"

"Why are you frightened of me now?" I ask him with a wink and a twinkle in my eyes.

"Are you ready for round 2? Ding...Ding..." he says as he sensuously licks his lips and shows me the side of him that I have always been inspired by.

The fire of desire is clouding his eyes as he raises up on one elbow. He is fondling my nipples, first one then the other rolling them between his fingers like he is fashioning a cigarette. Playfully tugging at them he turns in such a way that his head is in my lap his gaze is piercing and I want him more than ever before.

He turns onto his belly and slides his hands between my thighs I am more than ready to accept what ever he is ready to give to me. Reaching in he pushes two of his long masculine fingers into my pussy. The sigh escapes my lips and he smiles his pearly whites glimmering in the glow of the fire.

In a swift move he is also on his knees with his left arm around my neck kissing me and laying me down on the furs. There isn't a square inch of me that hasn't been licked or bitten.

I am audibly moaning and wetter than I have ever been in my life as he is still manipulating my innards with gifted hands. When he makes his way to my clitoris he stops to admire my jewel. A purple ring with a shining fire opal.

"So, you are an October baby? He exclaims! I should have known that you would have been a Scorpio child! Your fiery, green eyes were a dead give away."

He continues the nibbling and biting as he clenches the opal between his teeth and has a little game of tug of war, all the while cleverly continuing the rhythmic strokes in my vagina.

Using his whole tongue he is lapping up the juices that have overflowed beyond control. My fingers are locked in his hair pulling his magical lips and tongue closer. He teases me with such skill, licking and sucking till I am begging him for release.

"Please, please, please!" is all I can whisper.

He is truly enjoying the response that is getting from teasing me.

"What is it that you want dear?" he asks.

"I want you inside of me." I breathlessly respond.

"All in due time....." he states with a devilish grin.

Ever so slowly he takes me over the top, and before I have the chance to catch my breath he takes me by both hands and raises me to my feet.

He leads me to the sliding glass doors and back out onto the balcony. It is rather cold out and the tiny little drops of perspiration that are covering us both from the heat of the fire, not to mention our combined body heat is creating goose flesh all over me.

"After our night in New York I have been having this vivid day dream of bending you over the railing and fucking your brains out. What do you think of that?", it comes out as more of a growl than speech.

I find this totally exciting.

Naked to the world, I step up on to the lower part of the railing to make myself just a bit taller and my love box just that much more accessible. Dave throws a plush towel over the rail and grabbing me fiercely by my hip bones with his hands, he enters me and I catch my breath.

Slowly and purposefully he slides his enormous cock in and out of my pussy, at first I am able match his rhythm. He is still playing with me as he swirls his hips round, his powerful thigh muscles sending waves of pleasure though my body.

I am trying to keep in check the moans of pleasure but very quickly loose the battle as they spray out into the mountains and I soon find out that it is a very acoustic area as the sound of emotions are echoing back to us.

He is thrusting with such sheer power and his testes are banging into my clit and unbelievable climactic rushes take over. I am just slightly aware that I am starting to lean over the rail in a death defying manner.

As he leans over my back, my feet are coming unglued from the lower rails and my pelvis is the only part of me that is touching the towel on the railing. This is really quite acrobatic and the forceful blows are bruising my pubic bone, but for now I am immune to the pain.

I am intrigued by the fact that I feel so weightless and suddenly visualize myself as an angel who just received her wings.

Through clenched teeth, I can't hold in the shrieks of abandon. Together, through the trees the sounds of our passionate love resound over the lake, bouncing off of the mountains to land safely back to our ears.

He reigns me back in and leans in to my neck and buries his face in my hair. The world is as it should be. It is just starting to snow and the flakes are gently falling from the heavens and lightly landing on David exquisite back.

My thighs are still shaking and he is happy in knowing that I am a satisfied woman. Down, is playing in my head and I am content to be here today and tomorrow and as long as he would like me to stay.

The hot tub beckons to us once again and I think to myself how beautiful it is to be here at the cabin, on the balcony, in the hot tub with the snow falling ever harder. It is a wonderful day dream, please don't pinch me because if indeed this is a dream, I don't want to wake up.

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