It was time. I pushed him off of me and positioned him like a doggy, with his face and chest pressed into the bed and his rear wagging up high. I rolled on a condom and lubed up my fat cock. His ass was gaping and spread just for me. I savored the moment, swiping my cockhead against his hole, pushing in just slightly. Then I pushed it home. Chuck moaned as I bottomed out inside of him, going slow so that he could feel every inch of my massive piece. He was panting, squealing. When I got all the way inside him I reached down to feel his cock - it was completely hard. I didn't intend on paying it much attention.

I started off with a sure and steady hump, pounding the full length of my prong in and out of Chuck's fleshy ass, enjoying the sight of his firm cheeks rippling each time I pounded in. Chuck kept up a steady stream of squeals.

Despite Chuck's considerable musculature I was almost a foot taller and had a good twenty pounds on him, which made it fun as I turned him into a total fuck toy. I pulled him back so that he was sitting up onto my cock, then I raised him by grasping on to his waist, lifting him off my pole before dropping him right back down. I could hear his hard cock slapping against his belly and thighs as I speared him like a rotisserie chicken. Chuck found his footing and began doing most of the work, impaling his ass on my cock again and again. I pinched his tits, rolling his hard nips between my fingers and telling him what a hot slut he was.

"I'm gonna..." was all he got out. He was going crazy on my cock, riding me like a prize-winning pony, fucking himself on me again and again. I looked around his torso just in time to see his hard cock start spurting cum, unbidden, spraying jizz all over the bed as his boner swung around like an out-of-control garden hose.

There's nothing that gets me off more than a slut who loves to get fucked, and this was just too much. I shot my own load into the condom, in Chuck's hole, bruising his tits with my hands and sucking hard on his neck, intent on leaving a mark.

We lay down for a bit. I think we both fell asleep. I woke up to Chuck playing with my cock.

"Can't get enough, can you?"

"No sir." I tossed him on his stomach and fucked him again, this time making him keep his ass raised up so that my hips pounded those fat cheeks down with every thrust. I had him stand up and fucked him that way and it was rough and unforgiving, a revenge fuck if there ever was one. Chuck wasn't moaning so much whimpering and holding on to the wall for dear life as I ravaged his ass. I slapped him good, even whacked him across the back of the head a few times for good measure.

"Thank you sir," he said. I had him repeat after me: "I exist to be used. I'm worthless except as a vessel for men to stick in their cocks."

"Apologize to me again," I said, grabbing him by the hair, my nuts slapping against his ass with each thrust.

"I'm sorry," he said, near crying. "I'm so sorry, sir. I'm sorry." That made me cum the second time.

I made him take a shower in the morning before I fucked him a third and last time. This time was slower and sweeter, almost romantic. I kissed him a lot, with tons of tongue, and he gave it right back to me. I even jacked him off as I fucked, timing it so that we came at exactly the same time.

We didn't talk much as we got dressed, Chuck having to put on the panties he'd worn last night and his button-less shirt. I gave him a kiss and he went off to his room to pack.

The hotel had a continental breakfast and many of my classmates were there, looking rough and hung over. I suppose I looked as bad as any of them, though I may have had the glow of the freshly laid. Chuck came in a few minutes after me and after getting his bagel and fruit, he sat next to me, ignoring the douchebag contingent who were sitting just a few tables away. He had a bit of that glow himself.

"Come to New York," I said. "Bring your wife. She can watch."

"Okay," Chuck said, smiling at me. Some balance had been achieved between us, and it felt good. I got up to leave. He stood and put out his hand. I ignored it and kissed him full on the lips. The douchebags looked at us with dropped jaws. You could've heard a pin drop. It almost made the hell that was high school seem worth it.

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