tagFetishRevealed in Dance Class Ch. 04

Revealed in Dance Class Ch. 04


The boys graciously let the women use the shower first, cooling our heels in the shade of the deck beers in hand. After some chitchat Nick asked in a somewhat tentative voice, "Hey guys do you think you could fix me up with something sexy to wear tonight? It looks like so much fun and I'd like to shock my sister, because she always thinks she's one step ahead."

"Why not?" I replied, "I am sure we can dig something up." With that we heard the screen door slam around the corner, indicating that the women were finished and we could finally wash off all that sweat, sand and lotion.

We took fresh towels off a stack and then each luxuriated under the cool water of the open shower. After Nick took his turn, James and I each peeled off our panties and standing naked, soaked them with water and a small dollop of shower gel. These we sought to hang on the line next to the shower, but the only six clothespins were already clamping the ladies' swimsuits. I decided to hang my nudes with the same pins that held the straps of Francesca's maillot, so it was suspended in the cleavage, and James hung his dark blues stretched between the top and bottom of Eliza's yellow bottom. Our "suits" looked pathetic, immaterial and plenty sexy next to the conventional swimwear. Just as we were completing our panty – hanging labors, Eliza appeared from around the corner, three beers in her hand, saying "guys, I knew you'd like some cold ones and..." and stopped short at the sight we presented. We turned our half-hard cocks without shame toward her and thanked her. She withdrew gracefully without comment, only a smile, and the three of us laughed softly.

"Hey, Dave, let's step it up a notch," James suggested after a moment.

"How many notches are left?" I wondered aloud, thinking back on last night's pantied mutual, our beach parade of penises, the glorious sight of Eliza and Francesca rubbing butter deep into their boobs that afternoon, and the Chippendale's show we just gave. "Just what do you have in mind?"

"Let's shave our legs," he said, opening his kit and pulling out a disposable, "but let's be quick about it so it's a surprise to the others."

I had to think about it for a moment – although Heather, being more than a little kinky herself, presented no problem, my roofing buddies might. What excuse could I possibly come up with to explain newly shaved legs? The hell with it, I'd go with long pants the rest of the summer to conform to James' really great idea.

As I sat naked in a wooden chair, he ran some shaving cream up and down each of my legs and swiftly shaved me from my crotch to my ankles. My cock stood pretty much straight up and waved around throughout this exercise, but he had, for safety's sake, to gently take it in hand and keep it to one side or the other when he mowed my crotch. This was a first for me, a man's touch on my cock. I in turn shaved Nick, taking note of his impressive manhood. I didn't have to touch it, as it pointed straight up, level with his navel as he sat in the chair. Then he shaved James. For good measure each of us shaved any chest and stomach hair our young bodies had managed to accumulate, so we all looked fairly angelic, except for the 6 and 7 inch hardons we sported.

Quickly we headed back to the guest room James and I shared. I hadn't forgotten my promise to Nick, although that would leave James and I without clean undies. "Nick, why don't you try these?" I asked, handing him the tight blue camisole and the size 5 bright white highwaisted panties that featured a fine lace waistband about an inch wide.

"Hey these look great, I'll wait to put'em on though, I don't think my mom and sister know I am joining in", he replied folding them tightly, and then started to head off to the bedroom he was sharing with his sister. "And Nick, can you send over your sister for a second? I have to ask her something," I asked.

"Sure, no problem," he answered as he walked away.

James and I donned shorts and t-shirts for a moment and waited for our dance colleague. Soon enough she knocked at the door and we asked her in. She looked great, refreshed and casual in a light green robe that reached mid-thigh. "Eliza," I asked, "we'd like to conform to your ma's instructions but we're out of clean things. Do you have any ideas? Oh, and also do you have a scent? I forgot my cologne."

"Sure, I'll be back in a moment," she replied with a glint in her eyes. She came back with a bag, emptying out a small trove of colorful lingerie and panties. However, she picked up two garments, and pressing them into my hand, said, "You two only get to paw through this bagful if one of you agrees to wear these tonight. And here's some No. 19 – I don't need to tell you it's precious to me." Whatever, it all sounds good – no, make that great – I thought. "OK, I gotta go help Mom with dinner now. And also, please don't get too crazy with my stuff because we don't have a washing machine here and I don't want to run out," she added.

Upon her retreat we inspected the gifts she had handed me. The top was a sort of pale pink sleeveless translucent cover for the upper body, almost like a short vest, that concealed nothing without the aid of bra, with which I figured it was supposed to be paired. It had a ribbon tie for the front that fastened at nipple level, and was hemmed about three inches above my navel with a feathery boa. The size 5 bottom was also pale pink, and consisted of a delicate two inch lace waistband joined to panels front and back that formed triangles that reached the waistband about halfway between navel and hipbone. The lace formed a kind of belt that left most of the abdomen exposed, yet the piece seemed so much classier than a thong. This garment appeared to serve no practical purpose other than giving men hardons. "Holy shit", I muttered and James remarked under his breath, "I don't think I have EVER seen such sexy panties." We flipped for them, and I must say I was glad to have won.

We put aside my pleasure for a very short moment and looked to see what James could do. He settled on a pale yellow hipster with a narrower lace waistband and ruffles in the back. As it became clear when he pulled them up his newly smooth legs, it was shaped high enough to contain a hard cock – a key requirement these days. He decided to top that with a lacy pale green babydoll that reached midthigh, and looked sensational.

I quickly stripped off my shirt and shorts and began to pull Eliza's ensemble together over my trembling frame. I first put on the top, marveling at the way the boa kissed my sensitive abdomenal nerves as it swished back and forth. Then I stepped into and pulled up the panties, and couldn't believe how right they fit and felt. The waistband gently gripped me just at the top of my hipbones, leaving most of my pelvis naked. The belt it formed topped out about an two inches under my navel, giving my penis plenty of room to stand straight up underneath. As in front, half my glutes were exposed due to the steep angle at which the panels rose to join the waistband. Because that summer I had been working hard, eating inadequately and had no fat, when I sat down on the bed, shallow depressions formed with each breath between the hard cord of my stomach muscles and the hipbones on either side. The waistband in turn lost and regained contact with my abs, the lace tickling my skin anew. I stood and stared at myself in the tall mirror hanging on the door, and carefully adjusted the waistband to ensure I would make the right impression. Actually, I think I was just moving it around so that the front panel would caress my rockhard penis, which through the sheer pink I could see was pointed straight up toward my navel. In any case, after quite a bit of manipulation I got it just right, with a lacy belt fitting over my almost naked hipbones, fronted by a very pleasing if not alarming bulge. Lastly I gave my navel a spray of Eliza's eau de toilette, and again my stomach twitched with its soft liquid caress. I really didn't know how I was going to make it through the evening without making a total mess of things, but I guess that was the point.

"Dinner's ready, guys," we heard Eliza call out. According to a plan we'd cooked up earlier we wanted to enter the dining area one by one. First I opened the guestroom door, the air hissing in my ears as my heart pounded away. I pranced into the dining room, the feathery boa hem of my pink top tickling my ribs, to Francesca's open-mouthed stare and Eliza's crooked grin and asked if my dress was appropriate for the occasion. "Given that I will be taking some photos this evening you're dressed just right, and I love the fact you shaved your legs," Francesca replied. I too was glad that I had, as I looked down I saw my legs looking longer and more graceful than ever before, the view obscured only my cock's insistent erection contained only by the barest of thread. She then rose from her chair, walked over and gave me a gentle hug. Her white sundress was opaque, but there was no way I could miss the feel of her generous boobs and shapely midsection. She also ran her hands softly over my waistband, hipbones and glutes. As she pressed her tits against me she softly whispered, "Keep in mind that good things come to those who wait", whatever that meant.

From about ten feet away she then took the first of many pics, with me posed with my left foot on a dining room chair and my left thumb hooked through the waistband. How slutty I felt.

Next it was James' turn. He looked breathtaking in the babydoll, and as he walked in front of the lowering sun we saw his lovely erection outlined clearly underneath it in the yellow highcut. He too got a nice hug for his effort, this from Eliza. Lastly, Nick entered the room, surprising both his mother and sister with his feminine choices and for the time I felt perhaps not entirely sure of their control over events. He looked magnificent, with the bright white of the panties containing his hardon and vying with the sheer blue camisole and the erect nipples underlying it for our attention. Like me, there was a pleasing gap between the hem of his top and the lacy waistband of the panties. I wondered if he too felt involuntary twitches in that free zone. Finally Eliza purred, "Nick, you look really hot."

We sat down for a quick Mediterranean dinner – Greek salad and some falafel, washed down with a white wine. As we reminisced over the day we had enjoyed, all of us gazed at the others, long and lingering with no trace of self-consciousness. The sexual heat in that room was explosive. We all took a break to brush our teeth and returned for dessert, a bowl of fruit.

Francesca then turned to us and asked, "Now, James and Dave, I'd like to take some photos of you in poses – some with Eliza, some by yourselves, maybe with Nick if he cares to join – that recall what you were doing this spring in dance. I'll put these in a special album that no one but my family would ever see. What do you think?" We readily assented, both due to the trust we had in her and in curiosity as to what she had in mind.

In the living room we cleared some of the furniture to the side, and placed a 9' x 6' black mat in the middle. We then quickly got to work, recreating a number of positions that reflected our dance experience that spring. These ranged from the static, such as lying down on the mat in a stretch, to the dynamic, as when two partners relied on each other to make the edifice their bodies created to remain standing. In one pose, James and I leaned into one another, in contact from our chests upward, our faces looking in opposite directions. She then had us walk our feet by inches toward each other so that soon our stomachs and then our pelvises met, our cocks straight up next to each other. James couldn't resist moving his laterally over mine, which caused me to shudder in delight. Francesca then instructed us to relax and melt into one another for over a minute, during which she took a couple more arty shots. She had me lift my legs and place them around James' waist, my balls pressing against his navel while his penis threatened my crack.

When Eliza joined, she removed her green robe to reveal a light blue thong and teddy combo that showed her assets, particularly her quarter sized nipples, which swayed back and forth gently with her every move. In one great pic, James lay prone and she straddled his stomach looking into his face, her ass poked by his hardon. In another, I stood and held her by the waist, with her right leg between mine laying horizontally, her left entwined about my right, our pelvises meeting in the middle. She ran her hands over my pink top, enjoying making little circles around my nipples.

As the wine flowed and evening marched into night things got even more heated. Our poses became more frankly sexual in nature, and were often accompanied with a bit of inescapable grinding as a result of our lust.

"Francesca, don't you think you should recreate that great picture of Eliza and Nick?" I gently teased, pointing to the one on the wall in which they embraced and stared at the camera. "Sure, why not?" she replied and Eliza took Nick in hand and had him sit on the floor in his bright white panties and blue camisole. She sat on his right thigh, with her left leg curling around his butt and her right sticking out straight toward the camera, toes pointed. Her thong smashed right up against her brother's right hipbone, and his cock was sticking straight up toward the lace waistband of his panties. He held around her back with his right arm, and her left boob was in contact with his right jaw as he leaned his face in gently to make continuous contact from hip to head. She too angled her head toward the camera with a slightly hungry look. It was a striking image Francesca captured, and he then carefully placed his left hand on her right breast. After a moment she slowly ran her right hand from his left nipple down over his pantied cock and gently moved it back and forth a few times. His breathing became ragged, and he shuddered but somehow avoided cumming. The air seemed to crackle with tension, but I noted that Francesca simply snapped away with no apparent regard for the taboos that seemed almost certain to break that night.

Next James and Nick paired up for series of photos. I was confident this would end well, as James, based on my experience receiving an amazing back- and panty-rub last night, could be a formidable temptress, particularly when dressed. I took a spot slightly behind Francesca, as I wanted to see what she shot but didn't want to distract her. Nevermind, I gently massaged her shoulders and back as she proceeded, and she didn't seem to care. Francesca instructed James to make the same arch he'd shown earlier on the beach, and Nick to place his feet near James' hands and create an arch of his own, lying down on top of and facing James. His arms lay on top of James' shaven legs and his hands reached his knees. Nick's pantied cock pressed against James' abdomen and he turned his head toward the camera, leaning his cheeks on James' thighs while James' package basically teased Nick's neck. Eliza soon reached in and, taking Nick's hands in her own, hooked her thumbs into the waistband of James' panties and drew them down his legs while Nick's hands trailed, tracing the same lines.

I could tell James was tiring of supporting both their weights and so did Nick, so with Eliza's help they gently eased James to the floor. Nick's knees lay next to James' ears with his abdomen poised above, and Nick supported himself with his hands placed flat onto the mat next to James' glutes. James' hardon, freed of its confines and barely covered by the pale green babydoll, jutted toward his navel below Nick's face.

The sexual tension created by this pose caused me to tenderly caress Francesca's left breast from behind, and she pointed her ass straight back at my pantied cock in return. It was an unbelievable feeling, with my cock sliding slowly up and down her crack. Next I watched Eliza silently creep up to Nick, kneel and whisper, "you know you want to" as she placed her hand on her brother's neck and lightly pushed his head toward James' waiting cock. She deftly lifted the hem of the babydoll out of the way so that Nick had a clear shot at James' pulsing hardon. He lowered his mouth on it, taking it in ever so slowly and then lifting himself back up after a languorous suck. He repeated this same motion several times, and James writhed with pleasure beneath. A couple of times he lifted his pelvis off the mat, keeping his cock deep in Nick's mouth. James was busy too, running one hand into the back of Nick's panties along his crack and savoring with the other the feel of his panty-encased hardon. Just like Eliza, he moved Nick's cock from left to right in the panties, taking time also occasionally to lightly caress Nick's midsection just below the hem of the camisole. Meanwhile Francesca kept snapping away, with me now gently strumming her breasts. She continued to thrust her ass into my pink panties and the hardon they barely concealed, and I was getting increasingly turned on.

Then James took Nick's engorged cock out of the side of the panties and guided it toward his mouth, which he lifted to meet it. The two of them slowly rolled into a side by side position, freeing Nick to run his "uphill" hand along James' babydoll. Meanwhile James took a good four inches of his partner into his mouth and kept up a similar rhythm, using his own free hand to explore the lacy waistband and smooth white panels of Nick's underwear.

My dick was straining against the elastic nylon of my panties at this sight, which I knew couldn't last. Sure enough I noted that both were experiencing involuntary contractions of their abdomens – the end must be near. Yet each neither hurried nor slowed down, just languidly kept burying the other's cock in his mouth and just as slowly releasing it. Soon though Nick bucked and unleashed a huge load of cum into James' mouth, which filled up and leaked down his cheek. With that, his abdomen heaving, he too blasted Nick's face with several shots of his butter, some of which Nick caught in his mouth but most of which landed on his face, his camisole and James' babydoll. The two of them uncoiled and met on the mat face to face, sharing a cum-filled kiss that Francesca caught on film. While the daughter stood off to the side, drinking in the sight, her mother never lost her composure, just slowed down with the pictures, while also letting me softly thrust my pelvis against her ass.

"I think we all need a drink now," Francesca announced, and added," but I don't think we're finished just yet though."

To be cont'd

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