Revenge is Best Served Hot Ch. 01


She was still debating the subject when she arrived back at her room, Jackie already waiting in a labcoat. "You know, dressing up like this every time doesn't help your case for not being a hallucination."

Jackie smiled mischievously. "Are you saying you want me undressed? It can be arranged."

Sonya reddened. "No, no that's alright. That would be too distracting... Ehm, not that I would look or anything. Oh forget it, this is insane. I'm insane for even believing you were a demon for just a minute. It's time to face the truth, I acted like an airhead and now I can't face that so my mind is fleeing into this delusion. Never knew I was this imaginative but you learn something every day."

Further recriminations were stopped by Jackie. "You are wrong, but I don't think we have the time for me to convince you of that so I will just have to show you."

She vanished with those words, leaving Sonya wondering what she meant by that. "Oh yeah, disappearing into thin air really showed me you're a demon. That's something a halluc-Hey, what the hell?" she exclaimed as her body moved to her desk on its own. She couldn't even stop it, it just took a seat and opened her laptop.

Jackie's voice spoke inside her mind, 'sorry about this, but we have a deal and you need my help for this.' She opened a window and her hands began to type. She vaguely recognized it as computer code.

"You've got to be kidding me," Sonya whispered as her hands kept typing.


"Kimberly, do you have company?" Cameron Simms asked after opening the door a crack. The room was quiet indicating her roommate wasn't in. With a sigh of relief she went inside.

Her parents had instilled some very strict ideas on her when it came to sex which made it difficult to live with such a promiscuous roommate. It wasn't until after the second time she caught Kimberly, or Kim as she kept on insisting, with company that she had learnt her lesson.

It would have been easier for Cameron if Kimberly wasn't such a likable person as well. It made it hard to pigeonhole her as an immoral woman when she was so nice. 'But maybe I shouldn't be so hasty on casting the first stone. After all, I am actually dating a boy now, I'm even kissing him! On the mouth.'

She blushed furiously as she recalled how forward she had been on last night's date. She had actually initiated that kiss. But it wasn't too wrong, Eric was a decent man who respected her. He would wait until they got married, she was sure of it.

Shaking off her vague fantasy of their wedding night Cameron booted up the computer she shared with Kimberly. She first checked her email. 'Junk, junk, mail from student-administration, more junk.' She reached the last entry in her inbox and paused there, unsure if it was junk.

'Survey for my Project,' she read. 'The sender is from this university, S.Bergmann.' She opened the mail and noticed it had an attachment, an exe file.

Apparently one of her fellow students had to do a number of surveys and was asking for five minutes of her time. Questions could get a little personal but she could guarantee anonymity because the program included with the email sent them in automatically. The goal was to test some kind of relaxation technique to see how it affected survey answers on embarrassing subjects.

She wasn't a complete technophile so she used her virusscanner first, before clicking it. She was curious to see what it entailed and she was reasonably sure she could trust a fellow student. It came back clean so she installed the program and started it up.

The screen turned ocean-blue and some text appeared on screen telling her that the program would respond to her answers by removing unnecessary questions from its cue. 'Very thoughtful,' she mused as she continued on. The first question came on screen with '(Y/N)' underneath it. Simple enough.

The first put her at ease right away, it was obvious a very generic test. 'Are you a boy or a girl?' A no-brainer.

She read the next question, or better said statement. 'I have a boyfriend. Well, yes I do.' So she pressed Y.

'I have a girlfriend.' She blinked. 'Obviously its got some kinks. No, I don't.'

Fourth question. 'I've had sex.' She quickly pressed N for that one. Luckily the program worked this time so it didn't ask her about her non-existant encounters. Didn't mean it wasn't equally embarrassing.

'I enjoy masturbating.' She was having second thoughts about sending it in, even if the only one to see her answers was another woman. 'And shouldn't you be asking me if I did that first? Anyway, the answer is NO.'

'I have wet dreams regularly.' This too received a swift negative response.

The text that followed wasn't another question. 'Thank you, this concludes the first part of the survey. Now follows a brief animated interlude to relax you and then the questions are asked again. Please use the first answer that comes to you.'

The background stayed the same color but from the edges words began to flow over the screen. But flow was the wrong word, the strings of letters were more like snakes bending and twisting themselves into one another to form intricate designs.

There was so much going on that Cameron couldn't keep track of it all. The letters moved too fast for her to tell if they even formed real words. 'This is supposed to be relaxing? How do I-Oh, hey.' As she pondered that question she had been briefly distracted. Just for a moment the animation had made sense. 'So it's like those 3D-puzzles. Don't try so hard, just sit back and take the whole picture in.'

Cameron leaned back and took a deep breath. She just looked at the screen, not focussing on any single string of letters and a pattern emerged. 'It's actually quite artistic.' Her eyes drooped for a moment. 'Very pretty...just needed to relax...and let it wash over me...' She slumped in her chair. 'Relax...and absorb its contents...' She sighed.

'Watch...and enjoy the arousal...' She frowned a little, there was something odd about... 'Relax... and accept...' She was relaxed in her arousal. Her eyes grew half-lidded, but she could still see the screen.

'Relax... Trust Sonya...' She already did. 'Feels good to trust Sonya...' Yes, it did. She had trusted Sonya and now she felt so very good, so very relaxed. 'Relax... You will always answer the Program truthfully...' She remembered, that was the point. 'Relax... This Program provides the answers...' That would be nice, no hard thinking required, just relaxing. 'Relax... Rely on this Program...' I will rely on the Program for my thinking.


The words snaked off the screen leaving it blank. Cameron blinked slowly, then again a little faster. Another two blinks swiftly followed as her eyes focussed back onto the world. 'Whoa, that really worked. I feel good, real good.' In fact, she felt something even more than good. She blushed a bit once she recognized it but it also felt different from before. She was waiting for something else, another emotion that was supposed to accompany it. But all she felt was aroused and relaxed.

The first question appeared on the screen so she shrugged it off. 'Can't be too important anyway,' she accepted. 'I have a boyfriend,' she read. 'That hasn't changed in the last five minutes.' So she pressed Y.

'I want a girlfriend.' She blinked. 'That wasn't the question the first time. Doesn't matter, the answer is still no.'

Third question. 'I'm aroused.' She pressed Y. She accepted her arousal after all. It still sounded off somehow but Cameron just relaxed and it went away. She shivered as the action caused her arousal to grow.

But it seemed the program wasn't working properly because that definitely was the first time she saw that question. 'I will masturbate.' She hesitated on that one, she knew she wasn't supposed to. 'So why am I hesitating?' She pressed N.

'I will have wet dreams regularly.' Cameron shook her head, like she could control her dreams. She was going to say no when she found her finger on the Y-key. 'No, I wanted to press no. No way to take it back. Guess I'll just have to start having sex dreams... Wait, that doesn't make sense. I just won't let it send in the results, that's a far better solution.'

On the screen the program thanked her for her time before those same letter-strings began to appear. 'Don't think it's supposed to do that. I should just shut the program off.' The words began their dance and Cameron hesitated. 'A minute more wouldn't hurt. Just looking at it a little longer, relaxing a little more... Lean back and relax... Let the Program provide me with the answers... So I can relax...'

Her mind leaned back, her body however didn't. She took no notice of that or how her hands flew over the keyboard. Nor did she notice how she opened her email in the background to mail the results back. All of her attention was focussed on more important matters.


"I made a deal with a demon, I am so going to hell now," Sonya moaned between her fingers for the umpteenth time. She was sitting on the side of the bed, her head buried in her hands. She had drifted there once Jackie had given her back control of her body.

The... demon herself wasn't there. She'd left to go to the library. It would have been funny if it wasn't her life and her soul on the line here. "My existence is not proof of an after-life," came Jackie's voice from behind. "Sorry to burst your bubble."

Turning around she saw the demon had dressed somewhat normal this time. A halter-top and cut-off jeans looking damningly appetizing to Sonya. "And you're already corrupting me, I wasn't looking at women before!"

"Okay, that is true." She ignored Sonya's 'Aha!' and forged on. "I have broad tastes and since we bonded, you got that perk now too."

"Yes, about that. Can't we just call this all off? I mean, I wasn't in my right mind when I made the deal." She frowned. "Come to think of it, what are you getting out of this deal anyway?"

"I would think it obvious. I'm a pleasure demon. I eat pleasure, in this case yours. And if you can't see how you and Cameron getting your rocks off together might produce pleasure... Should I explain this with a diagram, cards perhaps?"

"I get the picture," Sonya assured.

"Are you sure? I could get very explicit for you, lewd pictures and sound effects even." She sounded disturbingly eager.

"Don't bother, I'm still not doing it."

Jackie took a seat besides her. "Why not? If not for yourself, then do it for Cameron. She's under the same spell you were. Don't you want to save her from what you went through?"

Sonya flinched; that hit a little too close. She tried to deflect the subject. "Isn't an angel supposed to appeal to my better nature?"

"That depends. Is it working?"

She looked away. "I'm just not comfortable with the whole hypnosis thing, can't we just explain the situation to her?"

"Would you have listened if someone had warned you just four days ago?" Jackie waited until Sonya shook her head before continuing. "So we have to counter fire with fire. Difference is, we'll show her a good time and we won't crush her heart and spirit like a bug afterwards. So don't let misguided morality stop you from doing something that isn't just right, it is going to be fun too!"

"I don't think you're supposed to enjoy doing the right thing," Sonya grumbled. "In fact, I'm sure it says so in big letters somewhere."

Jackie shrugged. "Let's do a test then, shall we. Right now, Cameron is looking at our program with dreamy eyes. Maybe her mouth is a little open as she makes these cute half-sounds. One of her hands has drifted down and unbuttoned her blouse just enough so it can slip in and roam over her heated flesh. She is trying so hard to pleasure herself but she can't quite get it right. Want to give her a hand?" Jackie purred in Sonya's ear.

She gulped then her eyes screwed shut. "Straight.To.Hell," she bit off before jumping up and going over to her laptop to check if Cameron had responded yet.

"If I have anything to do with it, it will be Cloud Nine all the way," Jackie shot back.


"Hmmm." Cameron couldn't bit back the moan as she kissed Eric. He had walked her back to her dorm after the movie. Arriving there she had been so bold as to initiate the kiss. She hadn't been this forward before but it felt good, real good. Her hands were roaming over his body; she couldn't stop herself, she didn't want to.

The odd thing was how calm she was. The more aroused she was getting the more relaxed she got, dampening the feverish thrill that had plagued her on her earlier dates with Eric. It was a good thing, because she knew exactly when she wanted to stop, which was now. Right after things began to resemble that confusing dream of last night a little too much. The one that had ended with her naked on top of Eric doing things she was sure a good Catholic girl wasn't supposed to fantasize about.

Pulling back she smiled at him, not taking offense when Eric tried to follow. "I had a great time Eric but I got to get up early tomorrow. Sweet dreams, my Prince." This time she gave him a peck on the cheek.

Eric blinked. "Yeah, uhm, good night. You sure..." something in her eyes must have told him she was because he returned the kiss and with a wave he left. Feeling like she was walking on air she went inside. It wasn't until after she noticed Kimberly wasn't there that she realized she had forgotten to check if her roommate had company.

'Maybe I am getting a little too accepting.' Taking a calming breath she decided to check her email for a message from her roommate. She always gave her a heads up if she planned to spend the night elsewhere. There was a mail from her but the one that caught her immediate attention was the one above it from S.Bergmann.

A smile blossomed when she opened it and noticed the attachment. She had enjoyed taking that survey and had been disappointed to find it had deleted itself after she had filled it out.

'If you took the survey you probably

noticed a number of glitches and mistakes. These were so severe that the results I got were, unfortunately, useless. Could you help me out one more time by retaking this improved version? Thank you in advance, Sonya Bergmann.'

She didn't have to think about that one and with a couple of mouse-clicks she had the new program installed and activated. The screen turned a familiar color of ocean-blue before the first statement appeared.

'I've kissed a boy,' she read. 'Yep, just now in fact.' The next statement raised her eyebrows. 'I've kissed a girl.' That one received a swift no as did the next question on whether or not she'd had sex.

She was already anticipating the next question. 'You've had erotic dreams about boys.' "I do now," she grumbled halfheartedly. It wasn't the program's fault, she answered with yes. She didn't make that mistake with the next question. 'You've had erotic dreams about girls.'

'You pleasure yourself regularly.' That brought a blush back. Truth was, she had tried it once. But her mother had been very clear on how wrong it was and that had kept going through her mind, stopping her excitement in its tracks. So after a couple of minutes fumbling around she had given up. Latching onto the word 'regularly' she pressed the N key.

The question was replaced by a familiar statement. 'Thank you, this concludes the first part of the survey. Now follows a brief animated interlude to relax you and then the questions are asked again. Please use the first answer that comes to you.' Cameron couldn't help but wet her lips in anticipation as the screen turned blank, like her own thoughts.

When she saw the first strings of letters slithering onto the screen she sat back and took a calming breath, her right hand still on the keyboard. 'Just get comfortable and relax, like the last time. Relax and... stop... thinking. Watch... learn... relax... accept... arousal...'

"Hmmm," escaped her lips as she felt her hardening nubs scrape against her bra. 'Relax... The Program provides your answers...' Yes it did, so thoughtful. 'Relax... Your answers are your truth...' She could not lie to the Program. 'Relax... You trust your answers...' Who could she trust if not herself?

'Relax... You enjoy the Program...' Cameron mewled in agreement. 'Relax... You need to use it every day...' Could she? 'Relax... Use it in private...' Of course, if she shared it there would be less time for her to use it.

'Relax... You trust Sonya...' Cameron nodded, her hand reflexively tapped the Y key. She could trust Sonya if not herself. 'Relax... You like Sonya...' This wonderful program could only be made by a wonderful person. Her finger tapped the key again. 'Relax... Sonya is a girl...' Yes. 'Relax... You like girls.' Ye-Uhh. The logic seemed suspect somehow. Yet the Program provided her answers, her answers were true. She liked girls. A shiver of pleasure went trough her.

'Relax... Your mind will know these answers...' How could she not? They were so obvious. 'Relax... You do not need the memory of these answers...' She already knew them, she did not need to remember them. Cameron blinked. 'Relax... Do you remember the answers?'

She frowned a little. What answers was the Program talking about? It sounded vaguely familiar, her hand tapped the Y key. 'Relax... You don't remember the answers...' She didn't remember the answers. 'Relax... Do you remember the answers?' Of course not, the Program just told her she didn't. She pressed no.

'Relax... You learn quickly... Relax...'

Cameron blinked as she noticed the first question on the screen, the cursor blinking demanding her attention. 'Woah, I must have been really out of it. But I feel good, even better than the last time.' She reddened when she noticed a dampness in her crotch. That hadn't happened before but she knew what it was.

'Maybe I am enjoying this too much? If I get this aroused...' Her thoughts stopped for a moment as the last word sparked something. Her eyes grew a little unfocused. 'I accept my arousal, I am relaxed in my enjoyment.' Cameron blinked again. 'That was a silly thought, I am not enjoying it too much. Everything is fine.'

She refocused her attention on the screen and placed her hand back on the keyboard. Only now did she notice that the question wasn't the first one of the first part of the survey. And it was worded differently.

'I want to kiss a girl.' Her finger was already stabbing the Y key. 'Stupid hairtrigger finger. Now I want to kiss girls! I mean, I told the program I wanted to kiss girls. I just like them, I do not want to not kiss them...' She shook her head furiously to get rid of those errant thoughts.

The next question almost tricked her too. 'You've never had sex.' Cameron's finger was already on the N key when she reread the sentence. This time she caught her mistake on time.

'You've had erotic dreams about boys.' That one she managed to answer without further drama. 'You will have erotic dreams about girls.' Again her finger pressed Y. Keeping her calm she tried to see the positive side of things. 'Obviously the program still has some kinks. Which means a third try! I can still get it right then. And another relaxation session.'

Her good spirits fortified she answered the question. 'You will pleasure yourself regularly.' Or she meant to. Instead she looked at the blinking Y left of the cursor and then at the traitorous digit still hovering innocently above the keyboard. 'Now I want to kiss girls, have wet dreams about them and masturbate regularly.' She ignored the feeling that summation stirred.

'Just because I answered truthfully doesn't mean the answers are true! The program is glitching, I meant to answer differently. I'll get it right next time.' She noticed the word-strings were appearing again on the screen, sucking all her attention into the screen. With a sigh of relief she let go of her irritation so she could relax.

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