tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRevenge is so Sweet

Revenge is so Sweet


Hello there…let me start off by telling you my name. . My name is Louis Smith. I'm twenty-five, pretty tall, dark brown hair, tan and very athletic. I work out whenever I get a chance in the day, usually in the morning before work or in the evening. I work the typical nine to five job at an office in downtown Miami. I'm single, have a small little place on the beach. Work hasn't been too bad, difficult at times but I always managed. It wasn't until the past week things started to get a little rough. It's all because of my bitch of a boss. Her name is Jackie. She's right around the age of forty, she's not very tall which is why I think she's such a bitch to the world. She is very attractive though. She's got mid length curly brown hair, brown eyes, her stomach has aged a little bit, her tits aren't that great but she makes up for it with her ass. It's like two big globes stuck together with nice big juicy thighs on the side. Lately she's been hassling me about getting the report done for some buyers coming in. I was doing fine, I think she was just nervous about this one in particular. I told her I would have done by the end of the week. Come Thursday I stayed way later into the night to finish the report, finalizing it, adding some special touches of my own. I came home. I was too tired to work out. I just hopped in a hot shower, I jacked off, and then I went to bed.

I woke up that morning and got ready as usual. I walked into work with a big smile on my face, I was proud of my work. I walk into the room where the meeting would take place.

"Did you finish that report Louis?!?!?" she snapped at me right away.

"Wo, wo , wo calm down, easy. Of course I did, I stayed really late last night."

"Well you better have, one more fuck up out of you Louis and you're through here!"

This made me a little uneasy but I had nothing to worry about…or so I thought. The meeting began as everyone was seated and ready. I log on to my laptop to bring it up, but it kept saying file not found. I began to panic, I tried to make an excuse but Jackie just buried here head in her hands.

The meeting ended shortly after that, they ended up not buying our product.

"That's it Louis, that's the last fucking time you fuck this company over! Pack your things and leave by the end of the day!"

I didn't even bother to argue, I was sick of her anyways so I was kind of happy she had fired me. When I got home I had a nice long workout to get my mind off of it, but as I was showering I couldn't help but to wonder how my file was just gone. After awhile it just dawned on me that it had to of been Jackie. She must have erased my report, just to use it as an excuse to fire me. I went to sleep that night, I couldn't stop dreaming. The whole night I either was dreaming of fucking Jackie or getting back at her some way. When I woke up that morning I knew I had to get back at her some how some way…

I had all kind of ideas, but one struck me the biggest. I knew she had an older sister who lived close by me. I had met her once before, she's probably hotter then Jackie. Her name is Diane. She's much taller then her younger sister, her tits are way bigger; hell I didn't think it was possible but her ass is bigger and juicier than Jackie's ass. She's very conservative, nothing like Jackie. She's the typical housewife with mom apparel. The kind of goody two shoe who's never said a foul word in her life. I know she's married to some wealthy guy. She has a son whose 18 and two daughters, one whose 19 and the other is 21. I had the greatest plan of all time; it was so going to work!

The next day I got up way early. I drove down a couple miles to their house. I parked close. I watched her husband leave for work, then about an hour later her son and daughter left for high school. I knew there was still another daughter left. I waited maybe another hour and she too left for a college class I'm guessing at the local community college. I waited for a bit, and then it hit me like a foul ball in the head. I recognized her husband. He uses to bully me back in high school. I really couldn't wait to get back at this family. I made a few phone calls on my cell. I hired two guys to kidnap the husband after work. I told them I'd give them everything I own for it and they happily accepted.

Now this leaves the wife. I knocked on the door. She answered.

"Hello how may I help you?" with the cutest smile.

"Hi I'm a friend of your husbands, it's probably been since high school, and anyway I leave a couple miles down and realized he lives here. Is here, can I talk to him?"

"Oh I'm sorry, he's work right now. You can try again later this evening if you'd like."

"That sounds perfect, but could I use your bathroom really quick?"

"Oh of course darling."

I followed the luscious ass in front of me to the bathroom.

"Here it is, would you like some…" she trailed off

"Take a walk with me into the living room Mrs. Morgan." As I pointed my old unloaded gun.

"W-w-w-w-w-w-what's the meaning of this?" she stuttered.

"Well Diane have seat and I'll tell you all about it."

We sat down as I kept the gun pointed at her.

"Basically its like this…I'm no old friend of your husbands, actually I did know him in high school but he was a real bastard to me. But this has to do with your bitch of sister. She fired me two days ago because of something I didn't do. You could say this is a little pay back.

"Well why don't you take it up with her I just don't…" she trailed again.

I grabbed her by her hair and stuck the gun in her face.

"Now you listen here Diane, listen carefully…I've arranged to have your husband kidnapped after school. Don't worry he will be fine, he'll be taken to a secluded place where he will be fed and taken care of and what not. I'm going to be staying here for a long while. When your kids come home you will tell them I'm old friend of your husbands who's staying here for a bit till I get back on my feet.

"But what will I tell them about Greg?" with a concerned look.

"Don't worry, that's easy…you will tell them he's gone away on an unexpected business trip and won't be back for a few weeks. Now I don't want you trying any funny business, otherwise things won't look good for your husband. I want complete cooperation out of you; you will do whatever I tell you to do. Is that understood?"

"Y-y-yes…" she mumbled.


"YES!" she spoke up.

"Good, gooood…you will notice a lot of changes around here Diane, in time you will grow to love them. But now would you be so kindly to lift up your dress."

"Excuse me?"

"I SAID…lift up your dress please."

She lifted her dress above her waste. I pulled down the front of her granny panties to expose her cunt, or what I could see of it.

"Damn, from the looks of things I'd say you've never shaved your pussy before Diane."

"No I haven't, I'd never do that to my vagina."


"Yes." She replied

"Good then Diane, we are making real progress. Now then, I have a question, have you ever sucked your husband's cock Diane?"

"My what? No I've never sucked my husbands…penis."

"Oh now come Diane, you have so much to learn. You will refer to penis as a cock from now on. And since you've never done that I'm going to give you some lessons."

I stood up undid my jeans pushed them down to my ankles along with my boxers. I sat back down and grabbed her hand; I wrapped it around my cock.

"Mmmm, yes that's it just play with it, up and down."

I helped her a little bit to get into the motion.

"Now Diane, start sucking."

"I-I-I-I can't!" she screamed.

"OH I THINK YOU WILL! For your family's sake…NOW SUCK MY COCK!"

She bent down, widened her mouth, she hesitated right before it was in. So I helped her by shoving her mouth on to my cock.

"GRRHGHGFFG…UMP, UMP…" she gagged and slobbered.

"Oh not use to that are we, you soon will be!"

I had my hands on the sides of her face to show her how its done, she would suck my head but I soon got her to go further and believe it or not she started to get the hang of it.

"OH YES…your doing very well Diane. I want you to say I love sucking your cock."

She rose up and exited my cock.

"I love sucking your c-c-cock…" she trailed


I forced her mouth back on to my cock,


"I LFFDOOOVE SSSFFJFJKING FDJNF YOUEER CODFFCK" She could barely get out with my fat cock in her mouth.

After awhile she didn't need my help she was doing great, however I needed to cum with all of this excitement.

"Diane I think its time for your first mouthful of cum! Say ahhh!" I forced my hands on her head and pumped her mouth for all I was worth.

She gagged and struggled, she couldn't keep up, and tears ran down her cheeks.


I came and came. I never let her raise up. The only cum escaping her mouth was drooling out of her mouth. I raised her head up off my cock. Tears were down her cheeks; her mouth wide open filled with my cum.

"SWALLOW!" I said as I closed her mouth shut.

She gagged and choked a few times but she swallowed it all.

"Mmmm wasn't that good Diane?"

She shook her head slowly.

"I don't understand, tell me you love my cum."

"I love cum." She said slowly.

"SCREAM IT!" I shouted.

"I LOVE YOUR CUM!" She yelled so loud I think she surprised herself.

"Ah yes wonderful!"

I patted her head and ordered to clean my cock off. She did with out me asking her twice.

"Well that sure was fun Diane, now lets take a trip up to your bedroom."

I pointed the gun to her as she walked us to her room.

"Go in the bathroom."

I found her razor and some shaving cream.

"Don't leave this room till that cunt of yours is completely shaved."

She took the razor and cream from me and I left and shut the door. I heard the shower start running as she did what she was told. Meanwhile I used this time to snoop around her room. I looked in her doers first. Mostly big long nightgowns, granny panties and white bras. I got up and went to my car, I grabbed a small bag I had and a trash bag. Entered the room, I then stuffed all of her underwear into the trash bag. I sealed it off as I heard the shower turn off. In a few minutes she came out with a towel wrapped around her.

"Diane, honestly cut the shit and lose the towel."

She dropped the towel. I approached her; I felt her smooth shaven pussy as my left hand grabbed a handful tit. I bent down and took her nipple into my mouth.

"Ohhhh…" she moaned.

"Mmmm not bad Diane…lets investigate this pretty little pussy of yours."

I laid her down on the bed and spread her legs. I rubbed her pussy a few times.

"Now Diane spread your pussy lips."

She did so.

"Oh my, my, my, Diane are you tight. We will loosen this up for you in good time though. I bet that fuck Greg never ate your pussy Diane."

I bent down and went to town. She loved it; she didn't know how to react. Infact she came in no time. My face was covered, as she lay panting and moaning.

"You taste fantastic, did you like me eating your pussy Diane?"

"Mmmm hmmm."

"No answer with a…I liked you eating my pussy."

"I loved you eating my pussy!"

"Well, well, well I only said liked but you my dear said you loved me eating your pussy. Boy oh boy will I be eating you up!"

I got up into my bag and pulled out a pink dildo.

"Do you know what this is?"

"One of those fake pen…I mean cocks." She corrected herself.

"Yes your already learning. Its time we start loosening up that cunt. Spread your lips again."

She had them wide as possible. I leaned down and spit in her cunt twice then stuck the dildo to her mouth. She opened and sucked the head of it, and then I pulled back.

"Here she comes my sweet!"

"Ohhhuhh oh, oh, yessss…" she squealed.

I penetrated the wet cunt, took some time to get a pace, but I fucked her best as I could.

"You seem to enjoy this Diane, do you like me fucking your wet pussy with this dildo?"

She shook her head yes.

"Tell me to fuck your wet pussy then…go on say it!"

"F-f-f-fuck my wet pussy."

"Now Diane I will have to stop with that kind of feedback. Do you want me to stop?"

She shook her head no.

"Then tell me!"


"Muuuuuch better Diane, I think its time you cum again all over this rubber cock. Tell me you want to cum on it."

"Ohhuhh oh, oh, I WANT TO CUM ALL OVER THIS RUBBER COCK!" she yelled.

I didn't disappoint her; I fucked her till she came all over it.

"OHHHH MY…OH MY, OH MY! YES, YES, YESSSSSSS!" she shouted. " OH YES!" she added again as she laid back and recovered.

"Marvelous my dear, hear have a taste of your pussy."

I pulled the cock out and stuck to her mouth. She hesitated because of the smell but opened and sucked it till I pulled it out.

"Do you like the taste of your own cum Diane?"


"Good, you better get use to it! Now follow me."

I took her into the bathroom.

"Shower up Diane, then we will talk."

She stepped into the shower and turned the water on.

"Oh and Diane…here, take this rubber cock and set it on the shelf by your shampoo. You might get horny when you're in the shower one of these days." I smiled.

She took it and placed it down.

This time when she came out she had no towel wrapped around her. I was lying on her bed watching TV. When I looked over.

"So now what? Can I get dressed? She asked.

"Ohhh go ahead."

She went to her doers. When she opened the first one she realized it was empty. She checked the rest and they all were.

"Where is my underwear at?" she asked.

"In that trash bag, from now on you will not be wearing any bras or that granny panty shit. At least till I find you some more suitable underwear."

She went to her closet in disgust. She came back out in a tannish long mom dress with black and red designs. She then put some of those hot little sandal high heel shoes that moms wear. She then put a head thingy in her hair, puffing the back of hair up and the front just straight pulled back.

"Alright Diane, not. We must do some shopping for you but that will do for now. Go and start dinner, the kids will be home soon."

About an hour later. I turned the TV. Off and went down to check on Diane. I stopped as I saw her stirring something in a pan while she was talking on the phone.

"Shhhh…Shelly settle down, I must tell you something." She whispered.

I knocked on the wall which caused her to jump. She looked at me and I shook my head no.

"What….mom, what is it…tell me I don't have time for this?"

"Um…um, um…nothing sweetie, just that…your father has left on business and a friend of his is staying with us for awhile."

"Oh…is that all? Well mom I'll be home soon."

"Okay sweetie, talk to then."

I came up to Diane slowly shaking my head.

"That just won't be tolerated Diane, you were doing so well too. I think you need a little punishment to remind you not to try and pull any stunts. Now turn around."

She did so slowly, hesitating. She was nervous to what I was going to do. I walked up and placed her hands on the counter. I grinded into her ass for a few seconds, then reached around her and opened a doer. I pulled out a wooden spoon.

"Ha, this will be perfect."

I pushed her back forcing her forward to lie across the counter. I hiked up her dress past her waste.

"Now then, every time I swat your ass you will respond with…Spank my ass, I've been bad, please teach me a lesson. Understood?"

"Yes." She shook her head.

WACK! Went the first swat.

"OWE!" she leaned forward grabbed the counter.

"That wasn't the right answer Diane."


"Uhhh ahh…spank my ass, I've been bad please teach me a lesson."


"Uhhh…spank my ass, I've been bad, please teach me a lesson."


"Spank my ass, I've been bad, please teach me aaaaaa….lessssson."










I then stopped, gave each cheek a little rub. I grabbed her hair and turned her head to me. Tears running down her face as she started to cry.

"Let that be a warning to you Diane. Now wipe those tears, can't have you crying when the kids get back."

She grabbed a paper towel and did so as she pulled her dress back down over her bright red rump.


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No, just no!

I stopped reading when an innocent was being used and held responsible for the actions of others (the guilty parties-her husband and sister). He’s no hero and I don’t feel sorry for him at all. Hemore...

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