tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRevenge is Sweet Ch. 02

Revenge is Sweet Ch. 02


I never did get around to telling Lucy what the other ground rules were but there seemed no need. For the next two weeks we hardly saw each other and when we did meet normality prevailed, the Saturday night was never mentioned.

As time wore on a gradual change occurred. She went out less and night time visitors became less frequent. It seemed that she had finally got over the novelty of being away from parental control and was now getting down to serious study.

Looking back I now realise what was happening but at the time I was oblivious. As she was staying in more she was releasing her frustrations by masturbation, at first I could only hear her heavy breathing and quiet moans of pleasure but on each subsequent occasion she made more noise. Initially talking to herself, then shouting, usually describing what she was doing with her vibrator, wine bottle, cucumber, whatever she was using to masturbate with and the noises she made when climaxing grew ever louder. On reflection these sessions only occurred when we were alone in the house.

Things finally came to a head one Saturday night. The other two were again away for the weekend. I was getting ready to go out when I heard her screams of pleasure which meant only one thing, Lucy was fucking herself. As I opened my bedroom door I could not fail to see that her door was wide open and there she was, laying on the bed, a large dildo in her cunt and a string of beads up her arse. She grinned at me. This was not teasing but provocation, what should I do?

I went downstairs to get a drink and think. While I was drinking I could hear her moaning with pleasure. Did she want me to go back for sex just to refuse and laugh at me? Or was she challenging me to take her like I had before? All I knew was that my cock was hard and my balls were aching. I went back to my room but left the door open, I could see into her room and watch. She was wearing a top which was pulled up to expose her tits, a skirt pulled up to expose her naked pussy and suspenders and stockings. Her legs were wide apart as she played with her clit and cunt lips. Was this an invitation to fuck her?

Then I understood, she was wearing the same clothes she had worn the previous time. She was challenging me. Still looking at her I slowly undressed, my cock springing to attention as it was released. Now I was ready to take her on. I walked to her room, entered and stood by the bed.

"So you think you're going to take me again. Think on, I'm awake this time, you'll have to fight for it."

I hesitated. The implication was enormous – rape – at best a long humiliating trial, at worst life imprisonment. I turned to leave the room.

"So you haven't got the balls to try."

The sneer in her voice unmistakeable, I faced her again.

"It's not now but later. After I've fucked the arse off you the police arrive. No thanks."

Now she hesitated. Her plan was unravelling.

"No need to call them. Do you really think an old man like you can pin me down. You'll crawl away with your cock hanging between your legs. And if I'm wrong do you think there'd be any point in me calling the police with my reputation. A jury would believe you any day."

Should I believe her? What was her game?

"So if I win I can fuck you, what do you get if I lose?"

"The humiliation you'll suffer, not only today but every day."

"When you lose you'll be the one humiliated, you'll then know I can take you whenever I want. You'll be my fuck toy."

"If you win I don't deserve to be anything else."

Now I understood, this was a power game. The look on her face told me everything I needed to know, it was a look of challenge and excitement.

"You'll fight but I'll win, I know you want my cock in your cunt."

With that I lunged forward to lay on top of her and stick my cock in her cunt. She brought her legs together and raised her knees. Perhaps I had overestimated her desire and underestimated her determination, this was no token resistance.

How was I going to hold her down, stop her hands from grasping my cock and balls, for pain not pleasure I might add, and keep her legs spread apart so that I could fuck that slit of hers. The answer came from an unexpected quarter for, during our grappling, one of her pulled away from a suspender. Grabbing hold of the stocking I yanked, the other suspender held but the stocking ripped. Pulling hard I managed to get it over her foot, all this time she was trying to kick me between the legs. With stocking in hand I managed to lay across her legs to stop them moving and grasped her wrists to stop her arms moving.


She couldn't move but I couldn't relax my grip. Finally I managed to bring her thin wrists together and succeeded in grasping them with one hand. As she felt the stocking the stocking go round her wrists her resistance seemed to lessen.

Was I imagining it or was she beginning the long, slow surrender that would result in her being my fuck slut. Either way it was not going to be an easy victory. Having tied her wrists together I managed to tie them to one leg, one thing about stockings, they do stretch. This still left one leg flailing and trying to kick me where it hurts so there was nothing for it, I grabbed the leg, held it, and yanked the other stocking off. This tied her legs together.

Now she would be mine, or so I thought. With her legs tied together I would have to pull her knees up and take her from behind, every time I tried to reposition her so her feet kicked out. I would have to do something about that but what? Another pair of stockings were draped over the back of her chair, now I knew what to do. I moved the chair close to the bed but how was I going to get her draped over the seat with her legs and arms tied to the chair legs, her wrists and legs were all tied together? Picking her up I placed her on the floor, not easy for she was still struggling, and lay on top of her. Untying her legs from her wrists I eventually managed to get her stomach down on the chair seat, pinning her down with my body. She now realised that resistance was futile but did not co-operate. Her wrists were each tied to a chair leg with the new stockings, her knees similarly tied with the old stockings. It had been quite a struggle for both of us, the smell of sweat, precum and cunt juice was in the air.

I stood up and looked at my conquest. Her black skirt had been ripped but covered her arse, it was stained with precum which had seeped from my cock, so sensual and erotic had the struggle been. I pulled the skirt to her waist to expose her arse and cunt in all their glory. Now the proof that she had also enjoyed the struggle was plain to see, cunt juices were oozing from her cunt lips.

Now it was my turn to call the tune. I stood in front of her. She lifted her head and looked at me.

"OK. You win. Now give me a good hard fucking."

"You're MY fuck slut! You will be fucked when, and if, I want."

I could see from her eyes that she understood.

A brush on her dressing table now came into play as I began her training. I tested the bristles. Perfect, not too soft and not too stiff, just right for a spanking. Her ass cheeks beckoned, they would not be disappointed. The spanking started with slow, light strokes across those white globes. as the speed and intensity increased so the purring began, she was obviously enjoying the sensations. As the brush strokes got harder and fiercer so the purring gradually changed to the unmistakeable sound of sensuously pleasurable pain. At the same her ass cheeks changed from white to pink to red. I stopped when her yelps changed to one of pure pain There was no point in abusing her, I wanted her to know that with me she would only experience supreme pleasure. The pleasure I knew she had enjoyed, two spots of cunt juice had dripped to the floor as proof.

It was now time for the next stage of my plan.

As I went to my room she called out.

"Where are you going? Please fuck me! I need to be fucked."

The pleading in her voice unmistakeable. I looked at her, grinned, and went into my room to get my plaited leather belt.

As I returned she looked up and saw the belt. I could see the fear in her eyes.

"It's not what you think."

Squatting in front of her, my hard cock inches from her upturned face, I started to put the belt around her neck. Again that look of fear crossed her face.

"You're a bitch. Bitches need to be on leads, this will be your collar and lead, now put you head down so that I can do it up."

She obeyed.

As she bent her head down my cock left a trail of precum as it slid along her cheek and into her hair. I buckled the belt and laid the excess along her back.

For the first time I noticed that her tits were hanging over the edge of the chair and not squashed beneath her. Her nipples were erect. I ran a fingernail across and around each before lightly gripping them between finger and thumb. She was purring again. I rolled them between my finger and thumb, gently at first, then my grip increased, the rolling stopped and the squeezing began. Squeeze, relax, squeeze, relax. Each squeeze harder than then before. the reaction and sound was the same as during the spanking. I stopped when she yelped. She now knew that I was in control but she could control the level of pain she received.

Now it was time to fuck.

Kneeling between her legs I saw two more drops of cunt juice on the floor. She was excited! As if to prove it she begged.

"Please, please give me a good hard fucking."

She paused then said.


Now I knew I had won but my revenge was not yet complete. She wanted to be fucked hard, she would be but on my terms.

I bent down and flicked her juicy clit with my tongue. She moaned. I licked her cunt lips from clit to arsehole in one long stroke. The smell and taste were exquisite. The action was repeated but this time my tongue was between her cunt lips, licking up her juices. Finally I slid my tongue into her cunt.

"Please master. I need a good hard fucking."

"You will be fucked my way."

With that I placed my cock head between her cunt lips, rubbed it up and down them before just slipping it in.

"Now, Hard."

"Begging now are we?".

I pushed slowly until my cock head was touching the top of her tube, then slowly pulled out. Three times.

"Harder, Faster."

The pleading in her voice was unmistakeable.

I did not respond but continued slowly several more times. I knew she was getting desperate. I placed my hands on her hips.

"You want it hard and fast?"


With that I lunged and pulled myself into her as fast as I could. I felt my cock hit the top of her tube. All hell broke loose. As I started to withdraw for another lunge her hips heaved and she forced herself back on my cock, while letting out a loud piercing scream. I felt her cunt tighten round my cock trying to hold it in. It was incredible how tight a cunt that opened so wide could grip. Her hips gradually stopped bucking as she relaxed. As I had intended shafting her for some time I was nowhere near cumming, a decision to be made. I withdrew, I would cum later.

"Thank you master."

Her voice a whisper.

What to do next? Her clit was swollen and protruded from its hood. I ran a fingernail over it, she shuddered and purred. I massaged it with my finger, the purring got louder. I gripped it between my fingers and squeezed. She was enjoying this. A finger from my other hand slid into her cunt, massaging the front of her tube. She suddenly purred louder as I massaged one particular spot. I had found a very sensitive spot. The massaging of this spot continued while I gradually squeezed her clit harder and harder. Again the unmistakeable sound of painful pleasure.

I relaxed the intensity of massage and squeeze, her noises reduced. I increased the intensity, they increased. She was under my control. Finally I kept the intensity at the supreme level of enjoyment. She came shortly after, again her hips bucked, her actions only being restrained by the stockings tying her to the chair.


Exhaustion was in her voice.

Now it was my turn. She would learn that she had to give as well as receive. I slid my cock into her cunt and out again, it was covered in cunt juice. Perfect. I placed the tip against her arsehole and gently pushed, there was no resistance as the head of my slippery cock slid past her arsehole muscle. I paused to savour the sensation of my shaft being tightly gripped. Without warning I lunged forward and sank the entire length into her body. I heard a gasp of surprise tinged with pain. I waited for her to beg me to stop or at least be gentle but she said nothing. I slowly withdrew until the head was again just inside, paused, and lunged again. No response. I repeated this several times. Still no response, either she was learning fast or she was enjoying it. With each withdrawal her muscle gripped my shaft less tightly. Now for stage 2. I fully withdrew, her arsehole did not close but stayed open, an invitation not to be refused. I lunged forward again as her arsehole began to close, forcing it open to accept my cock. Each time I withdrew I could see my balls get wetter from her juices as each penetration pressed them against her cunt lips.

I now knew she was enjoying being fucked hard up the arse. With this thought I felt the pressure begin to rise in my cock and knew that I would be cumming soon. I had intended exploding in her arse but as I began the last thrust her arse cheeks, still red from the spanking, caught my attention, I changed my mind. I managed to hold the explosion until my cock had just come out, I watched with pleasure as the first spurt of cum shot up her back and landed on her black skirt. The remaining spurts landed on her bare back to be massaged into those red arse cheeks of hers, the smell of cum filled the air.

Now was the time to untie. As I bent down to untie her legs I noticed two drops of cum had dripped from my cock onto the floor alongside the drops of cunt juice. Not only would she have white stains on her black skirt but stains on the carpet as well.

With her arms untied I picked up the lead.


She obeyed.

"You liked the hard arse fuck?"

"Yes master."

With that I pulled the lead and walked into my room, she obediently followed. Now for her mouth to be fucked hard. Slow sensual oral could wait for another day.

An empty beer bottle was on my table but not for long. As I sat on the edge of my bed I guided her in front of me.

"Legs apart."

She knew what was coming, or so she thought, as she parted her legs. The bottle was placed on the floor between her feet. I saw the look of surprise then understanding. She had thought I was going to shove the bottle up her cunt. Now she knew she would have to do the inserting.


She sat on the bottle, it disappeared.

"My cock and balls are dirty, they need cleaning"

I laid back. She understood and knew what to do. She held the tip of my limp cock and pulled it upright then began to lick my balls. Long slow licks from my arsehole to the root of my cock until all traces of her juice had been licked from my balls. She repeated the exercise on my cock, root to tip, on each side then the underneath. As you can imagine I was quite hard by now. To do the top she pulled my shaft down and licked from the tip to the root. Finally the tip of her tongue delicately licked precum from the eye before moving down the head in ever increasing circles. She certainly knew what a tongue was for. I stood up.

"Open wide and stick your tongue out."

She obeyed. My cock was now on her tongue, my hands on the back of her head. I pulled it forward. She took the full length of my cock as I knew she would.

"Close your lips."

She obeyed. I held her head as I moved my hips back and forth, faster each time. I could her panting and felt her nose meeting my pubic bone with each stroke. Her lips gripped tighter, finally her teeth closed on my shaft, scraping it with each stroke and with each stroke she applied more pressure. The bitch was inflicting pain on me! This was not planned. The pleasure the pain gave was so exquisite that I allowed it to continue. My cock started twitching, my cum would soon be spurting, I stopped moving.

"Open wide, tongue out"

As she did so my cock slid from her mouth and my cum spurted. Most went into her mouth but some landed on her top lip. For the remaining spurts my cock rested on her tongue as they shot into her mouth. Finally my cock slid off her tongue.

"Show me."

She raised her face to show me her mouth full of cum.


She swallowed and grinned, then licked the cum off her top lip and swallowed that.

"You like eating my cum."

"Yes master."

"Then suck my cock dry"

Almost before I had finished speaking she had grasped my limp cock, opened her lips, and began to suck it just like an ice lolly. I had never experienced such suction, soon it was dry.


Reluctantly she let it go.

"Tomorrow I'll buy you a proper collar and lead. Whenever I show it to you will come to me like a bitch in heat. We'll also buy some chokers and scarves for you to wear every day. That way you'll show me and the world that you are owned. Then we'll begin your training to be a perfect fuck slut."

Her eyes lit up, I could see the excitement and expectation on her face. Suddenly a thought hit me.

"You will also have a mission to fulfil"

A puzzled look crossed her face.

"Georgina is naive. Your job is to get her to arrange it so that we can introduce her to the sexual pleasures we enjoy. You'll be my number 1 fuck slut, she'll be number 2 and your number 1 fuck toy."

She licked her lips in anticipation.

With that I picked up the lead and tied it to the bed leg.

"A good dog sleeps by it's master's bed."

She understood, curled up and lay on the floor with her cunt facing me. I could just see the bottom of the beer bottle which was still in her.

By the time I had got under the covers I could her rhythmic breathing, she was asleep.

Tomorrow would be another exciting day for I now knew she was mine.

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