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Bliss. Amazon.

Starring Jessica Greco (as Romy), James Gallanders (as Frank) and Nathalie Toriel (as Teammate).

Romy is an ace hockey goalie with a chip on her shoulder. Will she trust Frank, the rink manager, to accept and love her tomboy nature?

The scene opens on a goalie, Romy, skating into the goalie's circle and preparing to guard the goal. She makes a bunch of good saves but her focus is eroded by Frank, who is sitting in the stands and watching the players take shots on her. After a particularly fantastic save, the players all come by to congratulate her and she accepts their accolades, turning and lifting her face plate to drink some water. She catches Frank's admiring eyes and looks away, gathering her equipment to head to the locker room.

A few of the other female teammates come by to offer her congratulations, but her Teammate gives her a hard time about Frank. Romy doesn't think that Frank is interested in her. She thinks he likes the 'Barbie' type of girl. As they come out of the locker room, Romy sees him on his cell phone and decides to pay him a visit. She finds him reading schematics for a piece of machinery and dumping her gear in the hallway, she joins him in the mechanical room.

Frank is surprised to see her and when she asks why he's performing maintenance, he tells her that his man has called in sick. The valve that he's trying to open won't budge and he asks for her help. He congratulates her on the save and together, they open the valve. Romy invites him for a drink with the team and he promises to come up after he's filed the daily report. She grabs her gear and heads to the bar that's conveniently located upstairs.

At the team table, the girls share pitchers of beer, anticipating the upcoming match and Teammate unveils a special protective outfit that she's made for her favorite goalie. It's a bra with square tinfoil containers attached. Just as Romy downs a shot in its honor, Frank comes up the stairs and says that it's great. Embarrassed, Romy takes Frank off to play pool. When he asks if she really wants to play, he says that he'll even let her break.

She turns out to be pretty damned good and when she misses a shot, Frank is elated to get a shot. His arm is bumped and she lets him have a second shot. He misses that one also and she tells him that he's raising his shoulder up too high. A simple lesson turns into a kiss and soon, they're on the pool table, frantically kissing. Frank is the only one that seems to realize that they're in public and he pulls up, breaking the kiss and offers Romy a beer. She accepts, saying that she'll go get it but he says that he'll go.

At the bar, Frank sees an old friend, a blonde 'Barbie' type named Marie, and Romy watches them, while Teammate sidles up behind her, offering to beat him up. Romy nods negatively and leaves.

The next day, Romy tries to get into the team's (Amazons) dressing room and it's locked. She knocks on the nearby office door and no one is present. Frustrated, she walks into the men's locker room and encounters a naked Frank emerging from the shower with only a small towel to cover his private parts. When he tries to talk to her, she is cold, telling him that she wants to get on the ice early to work out with her ankle brace. When he tries to stall, feigning that he's forgotten his keys, she walks over to where they're hanging, picks them up and lets the door slam behind her as she leaves.

He joins her on the ice and asks if the brace is working. She complains that she has to change the lacing and he starts unlacing her skates, despite her protests. He asks about what happened last night and she pretends that she doesn't know what he's talking about. She tells him that he looked pretty busy at the bar and he understands what happened. He explains that Marie used to be the receptionist at the rink and she was just coming by to thank him for the reference that got her into college.

When Romy starts to skate away, Frank grabs her by the waist and tickles her, making her beg before they start kissing. She flips him around, body-slamming him against the boards and kissing him harder until he tells her that she doesn't have to one-up him all the time. His criticism offends her and she leaves.

Romy talks to Teammate while working out on a punching bag, telling her that Frank seemed to be okay with her until he started to say things about her competitive nature and she doesn't know what to do now. Romy wants a good guy but she doesn't want to have to put on pantyhose for him.

At the start of the next game, the Amazons take the ice and Romy sees Frank, heading up a set of stairs. She asks him if he's going to watch the game and he says that he's busy. After the game, Romy and Teammate talk about Frank and Romy turns down her offer of a drink. The lights are turned off and Frank comes into the dressing room, surprised to find Romy still there. They lost the game and Romy is frustrated at everything. She apologizes to Frank, explaining to him that this is how she is and that most guys don't like it. Frank says that he does; he likes the cursing and the joking about and tells her that the one-up line was made because he was insecure.

He tells her that the reason he didn't watch the game was because he didn't want to see her walk out of the rink without him. She grabs him and they kiss, his hands traveling over her body. Romy breaks away and tells him that she wants to see him naked first. They start undressing. She removes her goalie pants and he takes his shirt off.

When she goes to remove her gartered socks, he kneels to assist her, running his hands over her soft skin. She pulls him up by his pants and shoves him into a chair, undoing his pants and kissing his neck. As the camera pans away, she yells goal, letting the audience know that she got her man.

OPINION: One out of four. I'd give it a higher rating if there was more sex involved but this was broadcast on Oxygen and barely any skin was shown. I loved the female hockey player, especially that she was a goalie, and that the man was put in the submissive position, though he was not emasculated. Still a good story worth viewing if you can stomach a 'non-erotic' type of story.

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