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Review: Boss's Orders


Erotic Confessions, Vignette: "Boss's Orders".

Starring Ava Fabian (as Jacqueline Stone).

In "Boss's Orders", a young lawyer enjoys a seductive date.

* * * * *

Jacqueline Stone is a writer and is a beautiful brunette with C cup-sized breasts and dark brown eyes. She begins this episode in an open cream-colored robe and she pauses in her living room to open and read it. The letter is from Billy, an attorney who apologizes for his horrible writing because he was up all night working on a case. He explains that he met a woman who changed his life and might never see her again but that the experience taught him to always expect the unexpected.

Billy says that his boss is quite intimidating and that things weren't going so well at work because of something that started out as a simple favor. Mr. McManus, his boss, stops by at his request and he tells him that he won't be able to have the Duvall research proposal brief done by morning. McManus is not pleased and says that he really thinks that Billy can handle the pressure of such a high-profile case.

He tells Billy that he has a small favor to ask. His niece, Laura, is staying with him for a week and he'd like Billy to take her out with his friends. Billy agrees but when McManus suggests taking her out this evening, Billy cites the Duvall case brief. McManus says that he'll cover for him and Billy tells him to have Laura meet him at the office at 8. Until that time, he'll work on the brief. McManus leaves a happy man.

At 8, a young woman in a nice black dress shows up and introduces herself as Laura. She is pretty and doesn't look like the conservatively-raised girl that McManus described. Billy is speechless at her beauty and fumbles with words, trying to piece together a coherent sentence as he asks what she'd like to do. She asks for a tour of the office while raising the hem of her dress and showing lots of skin, which Billy can't ignore. He agrees and they set out.

She asks questions about how long he's worked with her uncle and they enter McManus's office, where she pours him a tall shot of tequila. She sets the glasses down and starts kissing him. He's startled, telling her that her uncle told him that she was shy and quiet and she says that her uncle doesn't know her. They continue to kiss but Billy is clearly uneasy with the situation, being that they are also in her uncle's office and all, and wants to leave. She pushes him back down on the desk and proceeds to unbuckle his pants.

He takes his shirt off as she goes down on him, then trades places with her, letting her sit on the desk while he pulls her dress up. She is naked underneath and he feasts on her inner thighs and pussy. Soon, they're making a complete mess of her uncle's desk, pushing files off onto the floor as he lays her down and starts fucking her on the blotter. The action moves to the file cabinet and they bang against the metal boxes, then he turns her face down onto the desk and takes her from behind. They end up in missionary position, cumming together. When they finish, they realize that they've trashed the office and hurry out.

The next morning, two assistants and another lawyer are in the uncle's office with McManus, observing and cleaning the mess. Nothing is missing but it seems strange. Billy enters, pretending to not know what happened and quickly sits down on a chair, grabbing Laura's panties and sticking them in his pocket. As he talks to McManus, he realizes that Laura has told her uncle a story about them having dinner and gave him glowing compliments.

McManus is impressed and asks if he would escort Laura to a party this weekend. When Billy hesitates, he says that he knows his niece is shy and boring, but it would be a personal favor to him. Remembering the hot fuck he had with her the night before, he says, "Sure." They send him out to work and Laura comes by to thank him for last night. He is worried that her uncle will find out about them and start to make out when the uncle comes by. He escorts Laura out.

At the party, Billy and Laura meet up with McManus and she brazenly strokes his cock while he talks to her uncle. McManus excuses himself to talk with another lawyer about Billy and Laura and Billy go behind a curtain and start making out. He pushes up her dress and she is again naked. He wastes no time in burying his face in her pussy, then grins as she takes the entire dress off. As the part goes on just a few feet away from them, Billy and Laura enjoy a quick fuck, then return to the gathering, pretending that nothing happened.

Billy finishes the letter explaining that Laura left a few days later, the uncle never found out and that he made junior partner.

OPINION: One out of four. The sex was its usual non-penetration ad naseum but I liked the innocence in Billy's character and Laura's impetuous nature. It was exciting to see them fucking just yards away from people at the party.

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