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Review: No Names, Please


Bedtime Stories, Episode Six (6) No Names, Please.

Starring Kim Dawson (as Belle), Monique Jeanette (as Tania), Jack Ketchmark (as Daniel) and Steve Curtis (as Mark).

A casual relationship threatens to turn serious.

* * * * *

Belle is a woman who helps her clients achieve satisfying sexual relationships and is a blonde with huge D cups and a nice body. In this episode, Tania, a redhead, is the client and she tells Belle that she's been dating Mark for about 3 months now but she can tell that he wants more. Tania doesn't have the time to commit to "more" in a relationship and yearns for someone who is just interested in having a sexual relationship. Belle agrees to help Tania with finding someone.

The scene segues to Belle in her home with her lover, Daniel, a man with thin build and short, dark hair and he's fingering her pussy while squeezing her breast. When she takes off her bra, he buries his face in her cleavage, sucking on her nipples and grabbing her ass. Then he squeezes her breasts together, pinching the nipples as she masturbates until she cums. Daniel lies down on the couch and she straddles him, taking his cock into her pussy and rides him for a long time, then they change positions with Daniel on top, pumping her until they both climax.

Later on, while lying together, Belle tells Daniel that she has someone she'd like him to meet. That night, Tania returns home to find her boyfriend, Mark, in her apartment and the table set for a romantic dinner. Mark has a slim build and short, dark hair. It's their three month anniversary, he explains. Tania is clearly uncomfortable, concerned that he's becoming too serious for her but Mark convinces her that he knows that she wants to take it slow and that the evening is just for fun.

In her bedroom, Mark begins to make out with Tania, rubbing her clothed body and kissing her neck. He quickly undresses her to her panties, exposing her large C cup breasts and tweaks her nipples, then removes the panties and kneels between her legs, sucking her pussy. They move back to the bed and with Mark on his back and Tania's back to him, she straddles his body and rams herself down over and over again on his rod. After a few minutes, she turns around facing him and begins the dance again, then they flip over and Mark pounds her pussy until they both climax.

Cuddling after sex, Mark wants to know why she won't get serious and Tania again states that she doesn't have the time. "What if I want more?" He asks and when she has no answer, he tells her that he's not going to wait around. It's obvious that they have come to a crossroads in their relationship. They want different things and it's not going to change. Mark leaves.

Back in Belle's office, Belle asks Tania if she still wants to go through with finding someone for sex. Tania responds, "Now more than ever!" Belle then tells her that she's found someone and that he will meet Tania at her place this evening. Tania is thrilled.

That night, Tania lights candles just as the doorbell rings and she invites Daniel in. After a tiny bit of small talk, they begin to kiss, then he undresses her, kissing her neck and rubbing her breasts. He goes down on her on the couch, licking her to an orgasm before lying on the couch and having her straddle him and bounce on his cock. Daniel flips her over and begins to pound her until they both cum. Later, when Daniel says that he has to leave, Tania tells him that he doesn't have to but he has to go. They agree to meet again.

A few days later, they meet again, this time, without pretense and we see through several different shots, that they are enjoying having sex together. He goes down on her on the bedroom, he takes her standing up in the living room, he kisses her then comes back for a second kiss when he leaves. On another date, he caresses her breasts from behind, then pounds her missionary style. On yet another date, when he arrives, he tries to tickle her, making her laugh. Of course, it leads to sex and she rides him. When he leaves, he almost goes without his shirt and she tosses it at him. We can see that the purely sexual relationship has become playful as they become more and more comfortable with each other.

Later, Tania receives an unexpected phone call from Mark and he wants to see her tonight. She reluctantly agrees. He says that he's been doing a lot of thinking and that he realizes that they aren't made for a serious relationship and that he's comfortable with a "just sex" relationship. Now, it is Tania who says no. Daniel arrives and she introduces them to each other. Mark realizes that she's moved on and decides to leave, offering Daniel this piece of advice: "Don't get too attached."

Tania apologizes and wants to talk but Daniel reminds her that they were never supposed to share any personal information. Tania says that she doesn't know what she wants any more and she goes back to Belle's office. Tania relates that she thinks she likes Daniel and is not interested in just having sex with Mark. She asks Tania about Daniel but Belle doesn't know anything more than she does. After all, the deal was for straight sex. Now, Tania wants a new deal. She wants to make him dinner, sort of like a first date and proceeds to tell Belle what she has in mind.

Tania makes dinner and lays some ground rules, since Daniel is so fidgety. No sex on the date and if they find that they're not compatible, they can return to their previous arrangement. Daniel agrees and they begin to eat dinner. After dinner, they have a lot of conversation and realize that things are working out fine.

Belle writes in her journal that sometimes what we think we want is not necessarily what we truly need and that this is probably especially true in affairs of the heart.

OPINION: One-half out of four. This is probably the worst cable porn I've seen yet. Sex scene were boring. Tania had fake tits although Belle's were real and lusciously beautiful. The guys were absolute dorks and none of these actors could fake their way off of a casting couch. Don't even bother!

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