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Review: The Rules of Hooking Up 01



An MTV2 Sex 2k Episode

The program begins with a disclaimer that reads: The following program explores diverse sexual lifestyles. It documents the lengths to which people will go to express themselves ... and to connect with others.

Darryl, a theater usher, talks about how women size men up and that they are looking for a complete package. Ronaldo, an advertising account executive, explains that a woman might come up and say that she likes your clothing, then ask where you got it from. If you say Target or some store like that, then she might turn up her nose and walk away. But if you say it's Prada or Hugo Boss, she'll stay. A factoid pops up: Rule: Go the extra mile and check your style.

And that's apparently not all that women are looking at. Layla, a bartender, says that she likes tanning and likes to see that man likes it also. Jessica, a college student, says that she likes the way a man smells. Bree, a fashion student, echoes Jessica's comment, adding that there's something sexy about a man who knows his fragrances and that he's not wearing some cheap shit. She also says that she knows a man by his cologne and by his shoes. Darryl chimes in about the shoes. He says he's seen girls diss dudes that have beat up, worn out shoes.

Another factoid: Rule: Little things mean a lot for some reason. A voiceover states that there's one rule about hooking up that will never change and that's that women want the man to make the first move. Renna, a cosmetology student, explains that if the guy is really good-looking, then she won't go up to him. Jessica says that she and her friends will give men looks and act flirty but that they expect the guy to come over to them. Alex, a lifeguard, says that girls want to meet guys and guys want to meet girls, so you just have to find a way to break the ice.

The voiceover says to forget about lame pickup lines; that you should make a woman laugh. Renna agrees, saying that she needs to hear something funny. Alex also says that if you make a woman laugh, it gives you something to talk about later. Factoid: Rule: Go for laughs but don't be a cheeseball. The voiceover also says that once you make her laugh, make yourself scarce and play hard to get. You don't want to come across as being desperate or easy. Jamie, a college student, says she wants to be approached but she doesn't want the guy to stick around all night and that it's good to make them jealous because then a girl thinks, "Ooo! Competition!"

Dina, a waitress says that it makes her curious and wonders why the guy doesn't want her. Factoid: Be interesting – but not too interesting. And most important is to keep your hands to yourself. Women and men do not want to be prodded like meat that you're contemplating taking home. Women want you to dig into your wallet and buy them drinks. Some women admit to leading men on just to get a drink or two.

According to two guys, Wednesday is bed night and they always try to kiss the woman to find out how interested she is. They also seem to think that the best way to get a girl is to get her drunk and take her home. The girls that they choose on this night think differently. One says that the other is too drunk and that they're going to go home. The guys say okay but they're obviously not happy!

A voiceover states, "Ladies, if you're the kind of man who wants a man for what he has than what he is, be prepared to attract a lot of liars and to turn off a lot of good men." Jermaine, a club manager from Orlando, says that if a woman asks what kind of car you drive, it's bad. If she asks where you work, it's bad. Those are instant signs that she's only looking for money. Factoid: Rule: Men are more than what they make or wear or drive. Really. Some guys deal with this kind of woman by lying to her.

Tim, a publishing project manager from New York, says that gay guys are horny and they'll say anything to get into your pants. Another factoid: Rule: Don't leave home without your lie detector.

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