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Review: The Seduction of Veronica


The Best Sex Ever, Episode Seventeen (17) The Seduction of Veronica.

Starring Angela Davies (as Veronica), Brad Bartram (as Jack Mayes) and Chris Evans II (as Ben).

A sexy middle-aged woman who prefers the great sex of younger men finally meets a man her age who happens to be her intellectual and sexual equal.

* * * * *

Angela Davies stars as a radio talk show host, Veronica, and her role serves as the recurring base theme throughout the series. Her character introduces each segment by posing a question to her audience. In The Seduction of Veronica, she asks the audience if you knew exactly what you wanted, then realized that you were completely wrong? It happens to her all the time, she explains.

The first caller is Jessica and Veronica asks her to explain to the audience what her biggest mistake was. The caller responds that thinking that she knew what was best for her was her biggest mistake. After Veronica states that she wonders if any woman truly knows what's best for her, Jessica asks her if Veronica knows what's best for herself. Veronica says, "I do now, but not so long ago, I was definitely barking up the wrong tree." What follows is Veronica's story.

The story segues from the radio studio to a bedroom and we can see that someone has recently gotten undressed. Lacy panties and other items of clothing litter the floor. Veronica says that when she turned thirty-something, she thought she knew exactly what she wanted: adoring younger men because they are uncomplicated, energetic and gorgeous. She further explains that she feels sexy and powerful and the younger man is in his prime as she is. Men her age just didn't do it for her, she continues.

Veronica is a blonde with B size breasts and she's in bed with her boyfriend, Ben, a dark-haired man with short hair and a medium build. His shirt is off and she has on only a pair of leopard print panties, which he quickly takes off. He kisses his way down her body, spending a good amount of time at her pussy, then takes his pants off, turns her around and takes her from the back. In less than a minute, they're both cumming and they lay down together.

Veronica says that you may wonder what she has in common with younger men and what they talk about but she says you don't look for intellectual stimulation from someone who models jockey shorts.

Veronica finds herself at the Mayes Gallery for the opening and it seems that no one is around. When she starts to look at the erotic photos, Jack walks up behind her and frightens her. After a few brief words about the prices, Jack informs her that she is 23 hours early, that the opening is the next evening. They have a bit of conversation and Jack offers to open a bottle of champagne and some caviar. They enjoy more conversation with the food and drinks but Veronica has to leave and there is a tiny bit of flirtation as she leaves.

She arrives home to Ben, who says that he is leaving for Milan the next day and will be gone for a month. When he asks where she's been, she says that she's been to a movie, Fellini's La Dolce Vita, something she had a debate with Jack about. It's obvious that Ben is not interested in 'an old film with subtitles'. Veronica starts making out with Ben and when she pulls back from the third kiss, she is surprised to see Jack sitting there. She gives him a passionate kiss, then removes his shirt and Ben appears again.

Ben doesn't understand why she stares at him so strangely but kisses her, explaining that he knows what she wants. After a short segue, Ben and Veronica are now naked on the couch and after much kissing, she pushes him back on the couch and impales herself on his cock. She rides him to an orgasm and the scene is ended.

The next day, she goes back to the gallery, intent on buying the photo she loved the day before. Unfortunately, it's been sold. Jack wants to make it up to her and tells her that the Film Association is having an Antonioni retrospective and invites her to see one of the films with him. She agrees, but only if he'll see another Antonioni film that she likes with her. It's a date.

Later, the return to the gallery, having a friendly debate over the Antonioni films and Veronica discovers that his table has been set for two. Jack smiles and says, "Welcome to Chez Jack." He pours wine and when the phone rings, he tells her that it's his business line and it's after hours, so he's not going to answer it. However, it is a call he must take and she listens as he speaks French to Henri. She is realizing that Jack Mayes is a very interesting man and we can see that her idea of men her age is beginning to change.

After a bit more conversation, he offers to take some pictures of her. She arrives the next day and he takes several of her face, then she playfully takes a few of him. The next morning, at home and just out of the shower, she rubs lotion on her naked body, thinking about her encounters with Jack. The phone rings and it's Jack. He invites her to lunch. She agrees and meets him at the gallery, where all of the photos have been packed up to ship to the buyers. Except one, the one she wanted that had been sold.

Jack tells her that it has to be hand-delivered, then presents it to Veronica, saying, "Happy Birthday." He didn't know that it was her birthday, but he guessed since she was a Scorpio. She is clearly thrilled and says that she's had a great time this month and that Ben is coming home for her birthday. Jack is a little put off but says that he has something to show her and begs her to sit down and close her eyes.

He places a matted photo of herself in front of her and she absolutely loves it. He tells her that she's beautiful and she asks if he's trying to seduce her. Jack says that if he's not, he's doing a horrible job. They kiss and he unzips her dress, pausing to worship her breasts as he pushes the dress down. He finishes undressing her, lays her down on the sofa and pays homage to her pussy. Once finished, he takes his own clothes off and she climbs on top of him, sliding him into herself and riding them both to a mutual orgasm.

Back at home, Ben arrives, tired from his long flight. He starts to make out with Veronica but she stops him, letting him know in a few sentences that their relationship is over. As he leaves, the scene changes to Veronica and Jack in bed, him fucking her from behind as she explains that sex was only part of the bargain and she was looking for the intellectual part also. They climax together, yet again.

Back in the studio, Veronica tells the caller that she's learned that you can't judge a book by its cover or you might miss the best sex ever.

OPINION: One out of four. I might be tempted to give this a one-and-a-half because the plot was nice. However, it's the same vanilla sex. I should not have been surprised by that. Ben was an absolute idiot, sounding like the dumbest guy I've ever heard and Jack seemed intelligent. Would be nice if they would flesh out the characters more. But who am I kidding?

Once again, buy real porn!

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