tagGroup SexRevitalizing Our Sex Life

Revitalizing Our Sex Life


When I first started dating Linda, she was insatiable fucking and sucking me off at least 4 times a day. Being raised in a strict Catholic environment this was all new and very exciting for me. All I could think of was fucking her or being sucked off, day and night. My life revolved around sex with Linda.

As strange, as this sounds there were problems, as she did not like to kiss or have her pussy eaten which were my two favorite things.

I introduced her to vibrators, which really turned me on especially when she gave me a blowjob while a vibrator was in the pussy or better yet pussy and ass. I would almost instantly cum in her mouth and she would swallow every drop.

One of my favorite turn ons was her vivid recollection of the 60 or so sexual experiences she had from 18 years old to 50 years old, which included everything from one-night stands, to sex with as many as three men at once. She even recounted being raped several times all of which she enjoyed except the time the rapist held a knife to her neck.

Her stories such as her and her friend fucking the male strippers at the Bachelorette the evening before her first wedding or how she would seduce a house quest at her husband's request so he could fuck the guy in the ass while the guy fucked her or how a teen in Hawaii she was fucked by three older guys (twenty something) after smoking pot.

Reading stories about group sex etc every evening became a routine. She would insert a vibrator into her pussy as she read the stories to me while stroking my erection. When she could see I was about to cum, she quickly changed position and sucked me dry swallowing every drop of sperm I had.

As the years moved forward my records ( I actually keep score) of our sexual encounters declined from 566 our first year together then only 300 in year 3 to a low of 116 times the most current year. Even more frustration 95% of those sex acts were blowjobs. She said, "no one ever complained about just getting a blowjob to me ever". I still craved cumming into her hot box.

My analysis of the situation was she was just bored with having sex with me. Most nights she would work on the Doctorate for 8 hours and then realize John needed sex so she would say, "want me to read you a Literotica story?" The days of spontaneous passionate sex were gone.

I spent many evenings jerking off to nude pictures of her or watching Red Tube videos imagining her as the lead star in the video servicing numerous well hung men usually cumulating with one or two people fucking her as several others jerked off into her mouth.

One more point as she read the group sex stories to me she would say I would like to do that maybe!

I had no desire to fuck anyone else but Linda but I guess like most men was turned on by seeing and videoing my wife. I spent the next several months reading ads on Craigslist looking for the right person or couple to fuck Linda. Most of the folks I found seemed sleazy and did not appeal to me at all. Safety and discretion were of the utmost priority for me.

I considered hiring a male escort but soon discarded the idea, as God knows where their dicks had gone.

The option I eventually settled on was to convince Linda to choose the guy or guys herself as she always claimed that she had a sixth sense about people.

After agreeing to the plan, I booked a higher end hotel frequented by businessmen in Kansas City. We purchased some new sexy but not slutty clothing for Linda. Although Linda is in her mid fifties she can easily pass for 40 and has no problem turning heads even those of twenty somethings.

We knew most business people hit the bar/lounge around 5 PM after a hard day's work. Linda position herself at a table near the bar and with a pair of breasts like she had I would not take long to attract horny road warriors. I sat at a booth in the back of the lounge to observe the show. She could not have been there for more than 15 minutes when a handsome man in his early thirties offered her a drink. She accepted and they conversed for around 20 minutes then they joined the small group that was dancing in the lounge. They danced a dozen dances and the distance between them became very intimate. The guy seemed mesmerized by Linda and appeared to have an erection which I am sure Linda could feel as they had bodies pressed to each other. Linda was stroking the back of the guys neck which turned him on even more. No doubt, at this point he just wanted to bury his cock into Linda's wet cunt.

They retired to the table where more drinks were consumed. Linda excused herself to go to the powder room and I followed I pulled her the vacant coatroom and put my hand up her dress and stuck my fingers into her gushing wet cunt. No doubt, she was ready to fuck this guy. My plan was to film them fucking and to later join them in sex. I left for the mini suite to set things up and hide.

After about 15 minutes, Linda and her friend entered the room. He was all over her kissing and foundling her 38 D breasts. I did not take him long to totally strip Linda naked and to start finger fucking her cunt as she stroked his cock. Linda was soon sucking this guy's cock as she stroked his balls. He soon flooded her mouth with hot spunk which she eager swallowed telling him great it tasted. He was soon hard again and gently pushed his 7-inch cock into Linda pumping it slowly into her them more rapidly as Linda screamed fuck me, fuck me faster. Linda was rubbing her clitoris as he fucked and came repeatedly until he shot his load into the deep reaches of her tight wet cunt.

At this point leaving the cameras rolling, I sneaked out into the hallway. I waited about 20 minutes before entering the room again. Sure enough, the guy was fucking Linda again and turned very pale when he saw me. Linda and I both explained it was ok and would he mind if I joined them for a three way. He quickly agreed as I stuck my cock into Linda very cum filled cunt as she blew him again. God it felt great, as I had never fucked a cunt full of another man's sperm. I came within two minutes.

I went of the plan at this point as Linda asked the guy to eat her cum filled pussy. I was so turned I did what I thought I could never do...I started sucking the guys cock. The taste of Linda's juices, my sperm and the sperm of the stranger were just intoxicating. I sucked and stroked at a furious pace until he filled my mouth with more cum which I swallowed without hesitation.

The guy soon left and we spent the next few hours watching the videos I had made. Linda really got into the videos and to this day I often enter our bedroom to find her watching the videos with pumping a long vibrator into her cunt while rubbing her clit.

I planned our next adventure at the Hyatt in Honolulu Hawaii. I had picked the time and place because I knew there would be a doctors convention there an unlike the old days the doctors had to attend the workshops.

We checked into the Hyatt on a Tuesday morning knowing the doctors had the afternoon off to play golf, sit on the beach or better yet gang fuck my wife.

I have a very good personality and within 2 hours had made friends with 5 of the doctors. I explained that my wife Linda wanted to explore her sexuality with multiple partners.

The doctors had brought a nurse from their medical group to the convention. They said she was a true sex addict with a shaved pussy that would swing both ways. I quickly agreed as I had always fantasized about Linda having sex with another woman.

I again set up the cameras and Linda put on a sheer negligee. As scheduled, our guest arrived. We all drank some strong wine and smoked several joints. The nurse made the first move kissing Linda on the mouth and then moving down to eat her pussy. Guess she was better than I was at it as Linda had one orgasm after another and the nurses mouth was soon replace by a doctor's cock in Linda's hot pussy. Everyone seemed to join it a once and it was one hot scene as at one point Linda had a cock in her cunt, one in her ass and two in her mouth while stroking two other cocks.

The orgy continued for almost three hours with all six men (Thanks to Viagra) shot loads of cum into her cunt, ass and mouth. Linda even went down on the nurse sucking my cum from her cunt. As I said earlier, I had no desire to fuck anyone but my wife but the sight of a shaved pussy aroused me so much I had to eat and fuck this sex machine.

Our marriage is now strong again, thanks to the help of strangers. Linda just needed strange cocks to spice up our sex life.

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