tagFetishRevolutionary Love: A Milky Fuck

Revolutionary Love: A Milky Fuck


***It is 1917 in the heat of the Russian Revolution. Natasha, bored and horny in a tedious party meeting, fantasizes about sexually dominating her comrades. Borya takes over the fantasy of his brazen lover, turning it into his own. This is part two of a fantasy that starts with the story "The Milk Orgy." ***

Borya carefully guided Natasha up her apartment steps and unlocked her front door. He turned on the hallway lamp as Natasha walked carefully ahead of him into the living room. Weary and irritable, she headed for the couch and slowly sat down. Her breasts were still under the effects of the elixir and enormous, the nipples extending into pink teats which were still sore from the many eager men who had been sucking and tugging on them. She thought with embarrassment about what their driver was thinking, seeing her wearing Borya's overcoat with her giant breasts barely contained. It had all been so humiliating, despite her body responding against her will. She was glad to be home.

"Finally I am off my feet. Every step was getting more and more difficult," she said, leaning back on the couch. She glanced down at herself, cloaked in Borya's coat and scarves and let out a sigh.

"They are getting heavier again. I can feel them filling and swelling."

Borya set down the box of food he had stopped the car to purchase. He came over to Natasha and stood in front of her. She looked so small and tired there, looking up at him with a look of resignation.

"Let me look," he said gently.

Kneeling there in front of her and parting the coat, Borya for the first first time could take a good long look at her beautiful and incredibly swollen breasts. The effect was powerful, hypnotizing, how they hung there, so very heavy, so very full, with those big teats ready to be sucked, so big they filled up a man's entire mouth. Borya had to keep himself from opening his lips and sucking one in right then and there. It would not be long until he would have his chance. Drained of her milk once by the men, her body was going to produce more until the effects of the elixir had worn off, which meant more milking was going to be necessary to ease her discomfort. For now, Natasha needed to be put in the proper mood. What happened next needed to be all about her. There would be plenty of time for him to play later.

He took his hands and gently cupped the bottom of each breast, feeling their heft, caressing, squeezing. His hands roamed along the huge rounded sides where he continued his exam, massaging them with his hands, testing their weight and readiness.

"They are getting quite engorged," he said in agreement. "They are filling with milk. "We'll let you enlarge a bit more," he said with a certain delight.

He had to take his hands off of her otherwise he would never stop as he had preparations to attend to. He distracted himself by unlacing her shoes for her and removing each one.

"I want you to just relax here on the couch and let me take care of you," he instructed.

He went over to her fireplace and threw on some logs to start a fire. He then went into the kitchen and lit the samovar. He was looking forward to this. Whistling, he took a couple of cups out of the cupboard and set them out. He opened the box he had brought and set several of her favorite pastries including vatrushka and cottage cheese pancakes on a plate. While waiting for the water to boil, he went around and lit her candles, just as she did every night when she came home. He glanced over at Natasha, who had leaned her head back onto the couch and had closed her eyes. The coat was still parted and her milk-full breasts hung fully exposed as they continued to expand.

"Wake up darling,"

Natasha opened her eyes and saw Borya in front of her with a cup of tea and plate of desserts.

"I'm sorry, I must have dozed off."

She reached for a cup and was about to bring it up to her lips when she stopped and eyed it cautiously, then looked up at him.

"What?" he asked.

She peered into the cup again.

"I just wanted to be sure it was not pink," she said with a suspicious look.

Borya burst out laughing.

"Even if I gave you another dose of it, you could not get any bigger."

He sat down next to her and they both ate and had their tea. The warm drink and fire was welcome on that cold December night. He admired her patience, sitting there eating her sweets calmly, quietly accepting her role in his fantasy as she was about to embark on a feeding session like none other. But he did not want it to be the same as what happened in the meeting room. At work, Borya was always the alpha. Giving orders, instructing people, granting permission. He had strapped her tight, mounted her and had given her body to others to enjoy.

But they were no longer at work. He was in Natasha's nest. Here it was warm, comfortable and intimate. Here, Borya could surrender. He could indulge in his private fantasies with complete trust. And tonight, he wanted her to be Mother, with the biggest, softest, most milk filled breasts in the world. He wanted nothing more than to lie on his back and have one of those teats playing at his lips, as she scolded him for being a naughty boy who needed to settle down and suck. He would draw that big teat into his mouth and do as he was told as she played with his cock, deciding if he deserved an orgasm for all he had put her thru.

The thought of it made Borya draw in his breath. He was starting to get aroused, imagining the scenario. He needed Natasha to take control. The challenge would be to get her to the point where she embraced her new size and could harness the Mother inside of her, the one who excited, nurtured and fortified the little boy inside of him.

Borya set down his tea and leaned over to Natasha' neck, and began to softly his kiss her. He nuzzled his nose up behind her ear where her hair flowed from, drawing in her sweet scent. He could hear Natasha sigh as he interrupted her next bite into her pastry. Softly he murmured into her ear.

"Your little boy needs Mother."

She knew what that meant. He placed more gentle kisses on her neck, coaxing her, letting her know he wanted to feed. Tingles began to race down her breasts and into her teats. The sensation was much more intense and pleasurable than normal. With her breasts so big and swollen with milk they were extra responsive to touch. His soft, gentle kisses and murmurs were much appreciated over the pushing and rutting of several men. Borya slid his hand under a weighty breast, then running the palm of his hand along the side, up around the top and back under again, circling around and around until he came to her teat. She moaned softly as he carefully took it in his fingertips and ever so gently tugged on it, watching it stretch slightly. He gauged her reaction as she closed her eyes and allowed him to stimulate her. This was a great sign. With a growing erection and a hunger that was also increasing, he was delighted that she was relaxing and responding positively.

"Look at how lucky I am, to have such a beautiful Mother, with such magnificent breasts, the most beautiful in the entire world. None are so big and so incredibly full of warm, creamy milk,' he said gently, moving her into her role.

He continued to give her kisses and caresses, listening to her sigh and moan contentedly. She was warm there by the fire, filled from her delicious dessert and tingling from his kisses. Her breasts were the biggest, that was true, and even in her submissive state, she had a room full of men under her spell, vying to have the honor of suckling from her.

"The men were fighting one another to nurse," she said, considering the situation that had happened.

"Of course they were," Borya said. "It is in a man's blood to seek nice, full breasts. You have no idea how powerful they are," he said, placing kisses along her neck. "They make a man absolutely helpless with desire."

Borya got up, unable to sit still any longer. He came around in front of Natasha and knelt down again. Taking each breast, he felt around the sides, pressing and kneading, evaluating. She waited as he examined her, until he had come to a conclusion.

"They are fully engorged, darling. Ready to be milked. Wait here while I draw you a bath, and we will start to prepare you."

He got up and went into her bathroom and began to fill the tub with warm water. Natasha remained relaxed on the couch, looking down at her huge, milk filled breasts. She had sometimes imagined what it was like to actually lactate, to fulfill that final fantasy where she could offer Borya the nourishment he craved during their feeding sessions, where he would suckle contentedly, both of them sighing with pleasure. Now, tonight, she really could be Mother, and completely control him. She started to formulate an idea.

"Your bath is ready," he called. She got up slowly, and he came into the living room and helped her into the bathroom. He instructed her to step into the warm water and place her hands on the wall, her breasts hanging down, her big, luscious udders waiting to be cleansed and worked. His cock leaped looking at them as he picked up a bar of her French soap. He knelt down and positioned himself so he could reach under her and watch them hang as he gently began to soap them up, watching them swing with the weight of her milk.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm..beautiful," he moaned, relishing the sight.

The soft, slick soap felt wonderful as he watched them bob and sway, filled with delicious, creamy nourishment that was going to be all his to enjoy.

Natasha relaxed as he washed her, letting him stroke gently over her big soft breasts, removing any trace of other men. He tenderly soaped up her teats, knowing they were still sensitive but unable to resist his exploration and tactile enjoyment of her body. He set the soap down and with both hands began to massage and work in gentle downwards strokes, demonstrating to her what he would be doing to her. So far she was receptive to him, moaning quietly, her eyes closed, hands up against the tiles. He then turned her so that her rear end was positioned in front of him. He parted her buttocks, searching with his tongue for the entrance to her pussy. He started to lap and lick, cleaning and sucking in his own cream which was still inside of her, readying her for more of it. She sighed and moved her hips as he continued to swirl his tongue around, flicking and teasing her clitoris as he reached forward to tug on her teats with a steady firm rhythm. Her moans of pleasure were starting to make him crazy with desire. He needed her in the bed so he could get her on her back with her legs open for the proper orgasm she needed for milk release. He took a towel and breathlessly began to dry her off, then urged her to join him in the bedroom.

"Let's get into bed quickly, darling...I cannot wait any longer.."

He herded her down the hall, unbuttoning his trousers as he went and releasing his pressing erection. As he quickly undid his tie, unbuttoned his waistcoat and shirt he noticed she was standing in front of him, watching. As was typical of him, he spelled out a command and expected her to follow.

"Get onto the bed. Lay on your back for me so I can give you a good release."

He stripped down in front of her and saw she was still just standing there.

"I said get-"

"You will NOT be barking orders at Mother," she said defiantly.

Borya immediately reacted, going silent as she walked past him and out of the room. He grumbled with frustration, his pace suddenly broken. She made him stand there and wait while she retrieved a cup of tea and had something in her hand.

"Get up on the bed on all fours," she said. You've been a VERY bad boy and need to be disciplined for it."

He wanted badly to get to his incredible feeding but her stern tone of voice made him realize he was going to have to obey her to get to his reward, and it was to be on her clock, not his.

"You've treated Mother rather poorly tonight, humiliated her and allowed other men to feed from her. Is this how you show her appreciation and care?" she asked.

"Mother was being bad, teasing and seducing other boys." he replied, defending himself, climbing onto the bed on hands and knees.

"I wanted to teach her a lesson."

He could see her moving around behind him and became suspicious and concerned. No matter how much pleasure he got from being with her there was always that momentary resistance she loved to break down, and he needed her to break down.

"What are you doing back there?" he questioned, then gasped as he felt warm oil drizzle down over his anus. It continued down over the back of his balls as she stood over him with her bottle of scented lubricant, letting it pour down and wet him completely, preparing him for penetration. She had done this before, he assured himself, with her finger, and it had felt wonderful. But he was mistaken if he thought this evening would be a repeat of anything they had ever done in the past.

Gently she began to ease into him, making him groan.

"We''ll go really slow and fill the naughty boy until he's all nice and plugged up."

He heard the word "plug" and suddenly realized what she was doing. She was going to stuff that anal plug right up his bum, the same way he had done to her.

"Absolutely not!" he roared, appalled at the idea. She gave the plug a good push, making him shout with outrage.

"It is one thing for a woman to be penetrated..but a man!!!!" he protested.

"Why not?" Natasha said, starting to stroke his balls. "All of us have an asshole. Of course, some of us ARE an asshole...." she laughed wickedly. She pushed the plug slowly in further, moving her warm lubricated hand to his shaft, which she began to caress, making him shout with both outrage and pleasure, until the pleasure out measured the indignation, and his cock began to throb and make his muscles squeeze around the plug. He pressed his face into the pillows and yowled as the plug reached it's widest point, with her helping him past it with smooth, silky strokes of her hand on his cock, thrilling him with her touch and the act of utter submission. Once the plug had slipped in and his ass had swallowed it entirely, she wiggled the tip of the handle, stimulating him on the inside as she milked his cock, making him moan loudly and unconsciously spreading his legs apart wider. It was all so outrageous and exciting.

"Now there's a good, obedient little boy," she said, seeing his compliance. Now here...take the rest of your tea."

Not even fully aware he obeyed her command and took the teacup she handed him and swallowed down what was in it. She had a certain smile on her face that he suddenly noticed once he had finished.

"What are you smiling at?" he asked, again suspicious.

"You're going to make Mother very happy tonight. She will have much milk to give her little boy."

This comment again softened and calmed him. He watched quietly as she came around in front of him, her huge breasts hanging there, just out of reach. She took her bottle and turned it upside down, allowing oil to leak out and drip down her breasts. He followed each trail as it ran down the soft roundness of her breasts, then watched, fascinated, as she smoothed her hands all over them, coating them completely with oil. The shine of the oil, highlighting her milk filled curves made his hunger grow even stronger.

"Mmmmmmmmm yes, oh, so good..." he said longingly. He automatically reached for his penis and started to stroke, watching her as she kneaded and squeezed her breasts, then she began pulling on and stroking her big teats in front of him, making him crazy.

"You're so cruel!" he said longingly. Get over here and let me do that!"

She didn't respond, but instead lifted a breast up close to her mouth and began to suck on one of her teats, slowly up and down the length of it looking him in the eyes. He let out a cry of excitement and was just about ready to join her on the other one when he noticed something happening with his cock. His hand was still on it, and it was fully erect at that point, but he swear it was getting bigger and heavier. He looked down and could tell it was swelling, growing, bigger and bigger.

He looked at her with complete disbelief.

"What's going on?" she asked, feigning ignorance.

"What did you put in that tea?" he demanded.

"It just so happens that same company makes a powder for men as well," she said rather innocently.

That was all he had to hear. Awkwardly, he slid off the bed, the plug still in place, and he stood there examining himself. He looked at her in shock as his balls began to enlarge and fill with his own milk, very heavy now between his legs. Natasha was fascinated, and crawled over to him for a better look.

"My goodness, look at how you are growing for me!" she said.

"Come here...walk towards the bed."

With his cock still growing and filling, he took a couple steps forward so that the big, sensitive head of his cock was right in front of her mouth.

"I don't know if I'll be able to suck this nice, big thing down..but it will be so much fun to try..."

She opened her mouth wide and wrapped it around the head and drew it into her mouth. The sight and sensation was fantastic, and he suddenly lost his fear and cried out in pleasure at his new size and how incredibly sensitive it was. Just a few sucks on the head nestled deep inside of her widely stretched mouth was about to make him cum. He quickly withdrew, immediately trying to hold off.

"My God, I'm about to climax already," he said in disbelief. He reached down and felt his balls which were hanging heavy, very loaded with a feeling of urgency in them. They needed desperately to be emptied in a way he had never felt before.

"Natasha, I want to make you orgasm more than anything, but I think I really have to go first...this feeling is too intense."

He forgot all about being tricked or being subject to having his ass filled with the plug, he was too filled with lust to care. And Natasha was very anxious to play with and please his huge cock, so he submitted to the situation as she spoke to him.

"This is not your fantasy anymore," she said. "This is OUR fantasy. We are equal now, both an exaggeration of ourselves, ready to satisfy one another as never before. "

She urged him back to the edge of the bed, where she was on all fours, her giant breasts hanging under her.

"Come here and let me release you. You look like a stocky little bull, with those nice big balls hanging, full of seed."

He groaned at the thought, and moved forward back into her mouth, watching again as it stretched over his big sensitive head. Wrapping her hair around his hand, he watched as he pushed his enormous shaft deep into her mouth, listening to her gurgles and moans as she relaxed and let it deep inside to the back of her throat.

The throbs in his cock were intense, sending strong pleasure shocks and tingles down his legs and up thru his nipples. He began to thrust, pistoning his cock with steady thrusts in and out of her tight mouth, his huge sack swinging about. He looked down at her taking it in for him, her hair in his grip as he steadily fucked her mouth. She looked up at him and when they made eye contact his legs started to tremble.

"Oh, I'm going to cum!!" he shouted, unable to take it any more. There was a fantastic feeling in his balls as they prepared to fire off, and then the powerful contractions started as his huge load started squirting out.

He roared loudly, his eyes shut tight as he began to pump burst after burst of warm, thick cream deep into her mouth. He cried and shook, his very hands trembling as he held her hair tightly. She swallowed and swallowed as he watched her work to take it all into her belly for him, and still his balls pumped out more for her to take, his pleasure going on and on as he grunted and cried, a surrendered slave to his pumping cock. His cream started to burst out of her mouth, landing in thick globs on her breasts, dripping everywhere.

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