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Rhonda's Two Little Secrets


Why is it that all the hot chicks like the 'bad boy' looking guys? I dealt with it in high school; college and even now that I've hit twenty-five.

I'm not a six foot two hunk with a chiseled body sporting a twelve pack, not even close or the guy with the two-day-old beard, with the flowing locks who rides a custom chopper. Me? Well I'm more like the five foot ten, medium built average Joe with the cropped hair; not a geek, but far from the bad boy type. Instead of a chopper, I drive a two-year-old Kia but it's paid for. This summer I purchase my first home; a three-bedroom place that needs a hell of a lot of work, but at least I own something instead of just paying rent. So I guess I've got a few things going for me.

I had two girlfriends in the last six months and dumped them both for the same reason. I call it the wet tongue/crotch syndrome. Let me explain how it went. For no better reason let's just say I'd been going out with Candy for almost three months. We got along great and I really enjoyed being with her. We hadn't gone all the way, because, like an idiot I was moving slow because I thought she was special. Saturday, after dinner we went to a nice dance club with one other couple, Matt and Kathy, who were already married. This is how it went down.

"Kathy do you see that guy over there? Oh my God is he hot," Candy said to my married friends wife.

"Candy, if I wasn't already married I'd give a months pay to strap that one on and go for a long test ride."

"I know what you're talking about. Come on, let's go get a drink so we can get a closer look at him, ok?"

The two of them go over to the bar, tongues hanging out, and they now see he's with two other hot guys. The next thing I know they've got their drinks in hand and they're just standing next to the dance floor talking to them while her husband and I sit at our table in awe looking at what's transpiring. When Candy starts dancing with one of them I lose it. If it wasn't for Matt, I would have gone over there and made a total ass out of myself.

"Tell Candy she can ride her new friend home for all I care because I'm out of here."

"Easy Steve, she's just flirting that's all."

"Matt, you may not give a shit about what Kathy's doing, but having your girlfriend flirt with another guy while she's with you is not what I'm into. Just tell her I said she can blow him, fuck him or live with him; I don't give a shit." I grabbed my coat and walked out as Matt screamed at me to cool down.

I was halfway home when my cell rang; it was Candy.

"Steve, why did you leave me here?"

"I figure you'd want to be alone with your new fuck buddy so I called it a night.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Candy, do me one quick favor will you?" I asked. "Reach down and feel your panties; are they wet? Now think what it would be like if I hit on a beautiful woman right in front of you and then took her on the dance floor and dry humped her in front of God and everyone else? Would you like that?"

She was saying that it was all just a little innocent fun and I was blowing it out of proportion.

"Tell your next boyfriend that," and I hung up.

She pestered me for a couple of weeks and even Kathy said I was blowing this way out of proportion, so said the other wet tongue girl.

"Kathy, I don't share my girlfriends and I'm sure as hell not a wimp. If that's what she wants she can go find one and leave me the fuck alone. And she finally did.

The next girl was named Diane. Same club but this time she asked me. Her ex-boyfriend came over to our table and asked her, not me, if she would like to dance.

"Steve, do you mind if I dance with Gary?"

"Diane, you're with me not him."

"Steve, it's just one dance, I'll be back in five minutes," Diane said walking onto the dance floor with him.

It wasn't one dance it was two. I paid our bar tab, grabbed my coat and started walking out. I didn't make it all the way out before she caught me.

"Steve, where are you going? "Wait a minute, I'll get my stuff."

"Since you like your ex so much, he can give you a ride home."

"Steve, it was just a dance."

"Diane, when you asked me if it was alright and I said no, what about no didn't you understand? Well, you made your choice, now you're free to dance with him all night." At that I turned and walked out to my car; she never called me and I sure as hell never called her. As I said, you don't disrespect the guy you're with; well not me anyway. After that I kind of shied away from any serious relationships. I still went out but that was about it.

Then I met Rhonda. Lovely, beautiful, good looking, sexy and a dozen other good adjectives couldn't come close to describing how I felt about her. She worked for a temp agency and was doing overflow work for our marketing department. It took me two days to get up enough courage to even talk to her. It's not like she was a goddess or a ten, it was just that something about her drove me up the wall. The way she walked, spoke and smiled made me weak in the knees; I felt like I was a teen-ager having my first real crush.

"Do you mind if I join you for lunch?" I asked two days later.

"Sure, it'll be nice to have a little company for a change," she said moving her food over to make room for me. "My name is Rhonda and I'm working in marketing for now," she said with a big smile.

"I'm Steve, and I'm the assistant distribution manager for the warehouse, " I said extending my hand.

"Nice to meet you. Have you worked here long?"

"Just two and a half years. This was my first job out of college."

"I had one year but had to drop out," is all she said about it.

So it went that day and every day there after. It got to the point where she would talk and I would just listen and look at her. My boss started teasing me that I was in 'puppy love.' When I asked him what that meant, he would just say I looked like a little puppy with my tongue hanging out as I followed right behind her.

"Ask her out, it's obvious that she likes you, why I don't have a fucking clue," he said laughing out loud before telling me to get my head out of the clouds and to get back to work.

"Rhonda, you want to go out to a movie or grab dinner this weekend?"

"Steve, I can't Friday, but Saturday would work."

"Then it's a date." I said now proud of myself; I was the man.

She gave me her address, phone number and we set the time. I thought dinner would be a better idea, this way we could talk without everyone listening in, like in the lunchroom.

I was about ten minutes early so I sat in my car and listened to the radio; I didn't want to look too anxious. I knocked on her door and she was right there.

"Shall we go," she said not even inviting me in. I didn't care, because I had her all to myself tonight.

She said her dinner was excellent but I just picked at mine as I watched her every move. We talked until they threw us out and then I suggested coffee and dessert at Baker's Square and that's where we ended up. Rhonda took one bite of her pie, pushed it away and said she was stuffed.

"Take it home and have it for breakfast and if you want you can take mine too; I haven't even touched it." I didn't want this night to end but by eleven she said it was getting late. I guess that was my cue to take her home; I took the long way around.

"Steve, I had a wonderful time," she said outside her door.

"Is it ok if I kiss you?" I said and then thought, what a dork thing to say. "Why didn't I just take her in my arms and lay a big one on her," I thought immediately there after.

Well, she didn't say no so I just took one and then another and finally gave her a big hug.

"We've got to do this again and soon," my brain screamed at me. "If you're not busy, maybe we can do this again during the week?"

"I'm usually pretty busy during the week, but if you'd like, I'm free next Saturday," I made a date right then and there. I told her this time she could pick the restaurant. I took two more kisses before taking me and my hard-on home for a little manual relief. I was smitten, I was in love, hell, and I was in lust with her.

We went out every weekend for the better part of two months. When she said this was her last week at our company I was crushed.

"Maybe something else will come along here," I said trying to be optimistic.

"I've all ready got another job lined up. It's on the other side of town and if every thing goes right, it'll turn into a full time position; and that's what I really need."

After another month of dating I told her I really cared about her and hoped she felt the same way about me. I'd gotten to second base and I really wanted to slide into home but I didn't want Rhonda to think I was just out to use her.

"Steve, I need to tell you something," is how she phrased it. "And, I don't know exactly how to tell you," she said wringing her hands. "You see, I like you too but I'm afraid what I've got to say may effect the way you feel about me," Rhonda said holding my hands now.

"Just say it. You're not dying are you?"

She laughed. "Nothing quiet that bad."

"Well, just spit it out, I won't bite."

She took a long breath. "I have baggage."

"You have baggage? That's it? Rhonda sweetheart, we've all got baggage."

"Not like this Steve. You see, it's not just me, there's two of us."

All right, I'm not the greatest at rhymes and riddles so I told her to spell it out.

"Steve, I've got a five year old little girl; her name is Sara."

I guess she took the surprised look on face in a negative way and when I stammered a bit Rhonda said she understood.

"I know I should have been up front with you and I know what you're thinking, I've seen it many times before. But it's ok, you're a nice guy and I've had a lot of fun with you."

"Rhonda, what are you talking about?"

"Steve, I saw that look in your eyes when I told you about Sara. Guys don't want to get involved with a woman who has a kid, but it's ok, don't worry about it."

"Rhonda, I was surprised, but I'm still wondering why you waited so long to tell me?"

"Steve, I like you and didn't want to scare you away. I meant to tell you a million times but I kept chickening out," she said now looking down at the floor trying to avoid my eyes.

"Well, when can I meet her?"

"Steve, you don't have to fake being interested, it's ok, really, I understand."

"Rhonda, read my lips, I'm not going to stop seeing you because you've got a kid. Now, like I said, when can I meet this so called hidden child?"

I got the best kiss ever and had to pull her off me before she cracked my ribs.

"You really want to meet her? This is good, no, this is great," she said attacking me again. "You don't know how many guys have dumped me just for that reason."

"I guess I'm not like every other guy you went out with and since you brought it up, just how many guys have you gone out with?" I said trying to make a joke but she didn't hear it she was so excited.

Rhonda invited me over for dinner Friday night so I could meet her in a more casual surroundings. I picked up a stuffed teddy bear on my way home on Thursday night; I figured it would be a good icebreaker. So, Friday night I knocked on her door, nervous and scared both at the same time.

"Come on in, Steve," Rhonda said as I could see two little legs and a head of blonde hair hiding behind her.

"Rhonda, I found this in my car," I said holding up the teddy bear. "You know any little girls who would like to take it off my hands?"

Now, I saw two blue eyes connected to the blonde hair as Sara poked her head around Rhonda looking to see what I was holding.

"You must be Sara," I said watching her hold on to her mother. "Do you think you could find someone to love this bear for me? He's awful lonely." She looked at me; glance up at her mother before reaching out for the bear. She kissed it and gave it a big hug as her lips formed a smile. "Looks like the bear has a new home."

"Steve, you didn't have to do that."

"Are you kidding? What better way to a mother's heart than through her daughter's eyes." She gave me a big kiss.

By the end of dinner she was talking to me like we'd been friends forever. After dinner we even watched her favorite movie, 'The Little Mermaid' before it was her bedtime. She gave me a hug and Rhonda took her down the hall to her bedroom.

"Make yourself at home, I'll be back shortly," she said as I looked around her apartment.

It was a small two bedroom with just a kitchen and basically a combination dining and living room. There were pictures of the two of them but no one else. I wonder who and where the father was. I was staring at a picture of the two of them when Rhonda snuck up behind me, wrapped her arms around my waist and kissed me on the neck.

"She wouldn't let me take the bear away. She says the bear was lonely and needed to sleep with her."

"Girls all love soft cuddly things," I said pulling around to my front. "Even big girls."

We kissed and did a million other things on the couch. Rhonda had firm breasts with nice long nipples that became even longer when sucked on. I thought about the prospect of sliding into home but the thought of doing it on a hard couch wasn't that appealing. I wanted our first time to be memorable and in a bed. So I just settled for a little finger action.

I had dinner at her place at least twice a week and Saturday I invited them both over for a BBQ. Hot dogs and hamburgers were the staples of our meal including potato salad and baked beans; it was something like a picnic indoors. I gave them the full tour and told Rhonda that it would nice once it was finished. She smiled, I smiled and Sara asked why I didn't have a pool.

She told me about getting pregnant at eighteen by her then boyfriend.

"As soon as I told him, he booked and I never saw him again. I decided to keep the baby, against my parents' wishes, and they made life kind of hell for me. About a year after Sara was born, I'd had enough and moved in with a girlfriend of mine. Money was tight and I did what I had to do to put food on the table; it wasn't easy but we survived. My parents and I had a falling out about that time and I haven't talked to them since."

"Boy, that must have been one hell of a blow-up."

"Steve, they're born again Christians and unless I lived by their rules, I was dead to them. I had to do what was best for Sara and me. I still send them birthday cards and pictures of Sara but I don't even try to phone anymore; it's their loss not mine anymore." I could tell she was upset but let it drop.

On the other hand, my parents and older brother John love the two of them. The only thing my mom asked me is if I knew what I was doing.

"Steve, it's not like going out with just the girl; they're a package. You can't separate one from the other."

"I know, and I love them both." Talk about a ready-made family.

Our first time together was magical, quiet but magical just the same. Sara was asleep when Rhonda pulled me into her bedroom. She put her finger to her lips and said we'd have to be quiet. I undressed and slipped into her bed while she hit the bathroom. She came out totally naked and I made a pup tent five seconds later.

This was the first time I'd seen her totally naked and she was beautiful. She didn't have thirty-six double D breasts or a big round booty but what she did have was to my liking. She slipped into bed and for the next twenty minutes we made love like it was our last night on earth. We kissed till my lips hurt before tasting every square inch of her body. I heard her moan even though she tried to muffle it by putting a pillow over her face.

When I ate her freshly trimmed pussy and licked her clit she bit her pillow. When I slipped in one then two fingers she covered her mouth and when I climbed between her legs and gave her everything I had I thought she'd explode. Through the muffled moans and the pussy contractions I could tell when she climaxed but it took me two more minutes to let loose.

When I pealed back the pillow she still had her eyes closed, so I covered her lips with mine. Time stopped when she whispered to me that she loved me. All I know was after that I spent the night trying to please her in any way I could. I didn't want to leave but she didn't want Sara to wake up and walk into her room with me there.

"Don't worry, there will be other nights, well I at least home so," she said escorting me out. We almost did it again at the front door as I started getting her hot again with a little finger play. When she said if I didn't stop we'd end up back upstairs we both started to laugh. I kissed her one more time and was out the door.

Three weeks later I asked my mom to keep Sara for Friday and Saturday night. I told her I needed a little alone time with Rhonda. She winked at me and told me not to try and wear it out by Sunday. When I said 'mother' she just smiled and said she was young once too. This was one conversation I didn't want to be having with my mother.

That was by far the best weekend I ever had in my entire life. Besides taking her out to dinner Friday night we wore very little the rest of the weekend. When she gave me my first blowjob Friday night, she asked how I liked it.

"What do you mean how do I like it?"

"Do you want me to suck hard or soft?"

"Why don't you surprise me?" I told her because I never had a blowjob I didn't like.

She teased the shit out of me. I don't have the greatest staying power when it came to blowjobs but she was bound and determined not to let me shoot off until she was good and ready. I guess this was payback for me teasing her last time.

With one hand caressing the boys, she started off sucking me softly with her warm lips before deep throating me with a lot of tongue. I was almost ready to shoot off when she squeezed my dick hard, which stopped it in its tracks. She did that twice more before I begged her to finish me off. This time she didn't stop and I felt the rumbling start all the down to my toes.

"I'm getting close," I said warning her I was about to cum. The only thing she did was to look up at me and increase her pace. I shot at least three spurts down her throat, as she never skipped a beat. She kept massaging my balls until I was totally and I do mean totally drained. "Stop, please stop," I cried out as I literally pulled her off my overly sensitive dick and into my arms. She was still smiling as she kissed me. Afterwards I thought I should have been grossed out kissing her after what she'd just done, but I never even thought about it. The only thing I thought about was that I loved this woman sharing my bed with me right now.

We did everything that weekend that two people could do, or want to do. She absolutely loved oral but wasn't too crazy about anal. She said she'd done it twice and it wasn't high on her list. We christened most rooms even the ones still under construction. Eating her while she was on the ladder at mouth level was something neither one of us had ever tried and we almost got hurt when she climaxed and slipped off the ladder onto my chest. That would have been a good story to tell an emergency room doctor.

Mom asked if we'd had a good time when we stopped over to pick up Sara. I blushed a little while Ronda told my mom that I had taken care of everything the needed to be taken care of. They both broke up while I turned even redder; I guess you can say I was the shy one of the three.

I felt like we were already a family when I picked out the ring. I showed my parents and they told me it was about time Rhonda made an honest man out of me.

I thought of a hundred ways to give her the ring but all of them sounded dorky. I was finally going to just drop down on one knee and give it to her when I had a better idea.

I showed up at her place for dinner on Friday with another bear. Sara answered the door and I could hear Rhonda yell that she was in the kitchen. So, there stood Sara with her hands on her hips.

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