tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRich Bitch Ch. 2

Rich Bitch Ch. 2


I woke up just after daylight to see that Karen's movements during the night had caused her gown to ride up and saw red skin on her ass. I touched it and it was very hot and she screamed out and jumped, "What the hell happened Babe?" and she cried and said she had fallen and busted her ass at work.

She jumped in the shower and asked me not to come in, that she was too embarrassed about it right now, so I gave her some space and just then, the phone rang and I answered it. "Bob?" the voice said and I knew it was the Sarge, "Yeah, Sarge. What's wrong?" There was a small silence and then he said that Mr. Barnett had called the sheriff and requested to see me first thing this morning at his home, and I said ok and hung up. I got dressed and told Karen that old man Barnett wanted to see me and was she alright. "Yes Bob, just go on and I'll see you later." and I blew her a kiss and left.

I pulled up at Barnett's place and Alfred was waiting for me at the door and showed me to the study, "Mr. Barnett will be with you shortly, Sir," and I thanked him and he left as I looked around thinking that Melissa and I hadn't fucked in here yet. He walked in and shook my hand saying he appreciated me coming over on such short notice, but he needed to speak to me. I was getting uneasy, "It's alright Mr. Barnett," and I settled back into my chair.

He turned my attention to the TV in the bookcase and pulled out a remote control, turning it on and then, a picture came on and Melissa was handcuffed and tied to her bed and I was fucking her and swatting her ass with a flyswatter. I didn't know what I'd say as I fidgeted in my seat and the video progressed to show all the sex we had in her room. I had no idea how to talk my way out of this one as he turned the video off and turned to face me.

"Bob," he said and then paused for awhile, "It seems that you have a knack for controlling my little girl," he said and I just hung my head. "My cock could never satisfy her," he said and I tried to comprehend what he had just said, "But you seem to keep her in check," and I looked up to see him smiling at me. "How much do you make with the Sheriff's Office?" he asked me.

"$28,000 a year Sir," I answered and he looked at me for a few seconds.

"I will give you $38,000 a year to start, same benefits if you come to work for me," I just looked at him.

"What as Sir?" He rubbed his chin.

"Why, as Melissa's playtoy and bodyguard," he responded and my heart sank.

"I'm a married man, Sir. My wife would never go for that," and he directed my attention back to the video as I saw a different picture now. There was Karen, nude, spread across his lap as he spanked her with a ping pong paddle, I was shocked, but it also explained her red ass.

"But, when? How?" I stuttered.

"I took her with me on my trip. I knew that you would be occupied, and I'd been watching her for some time at the mill." I heard her screaming as he spanked her and then heard her screams turn into moans, just as Melissa's had, as she begged him to fuck her and I watched as he did. "She has been offered a position as my personal secretary, at twice her current salary. The two of you would move in here, and would have one night a week together. Melissa and I would share that night together, but the other six nights, you will be with Melissa and Karen will be with me. Or we will all be together."

I was stunned, I didn't know what to say.

"Your wife has agreed already," he said, "She has seen the tape I had made at the old drive in." I felt like someone had just shot me, as I slumped back in the chair, milling everything over in my mind. He was almost old enough to be Karen's father, maybe that's what turned him on. I told him that I would have to think it over and talk to Karen and he said I had 2 days and then these tapes would be made public if I didn't agree to the deal. This would ruin Karen and I in a small town like this and I got up and left, heading for the mill.

I made Karen come home, so we could talk and made her show me her ass. It was still blood red, and I rubbed some aloe on it as she lay across the bed with her panties around her ankles and her skirt over her hips.

"Did you give him your ass?" I asked, and she shot her head around, "Just like Melissa gave you hers," and she began to cry. It felt like you could cut the tension in the room with a knife, "It just happened Karen, it wasn't planned," and she looked at me through her teary eyes.

"I can understand Bob, it just happened with him too. He showed me your video afterwards." we hugged and she kissed me as my hand rested on her aloe covered globe. I moved my slickened fingers to her ass and pushed inside, and she groaned through our kiss and I fucked her harder with my finger. She had gotten turned on to this, it's a shame it hadn't happened a week earlier and we wouldn't be facing this mess, but it had been all my fault, I should have kept my cock in my pants and put Melissa in jail.

Karen worked at my zipper and threw her legs over me and guided my cock to her slippery ass hole and took me inside, as she swallowed my cock with her ass. I worked at her buttons to free her tits as she rode me, and rubbed them as my pole slid in and out of her. She tensed and I felt her orgasm push through her and I soon joined her as I filled her tight little ass. She got off of me and lay beside me and we hugged, "We have no choice Bob. We'll be ruined if this gets out." I thought about it for a long time and agreed with her and she got dressed and we went to see Barnett together.

Mr. Barnett seemed to be expecting us as Alfred showed us to his study and we sat down to discuss the "arrangement." We talked for a bit and Mr. Barnett got up and walked around to the front of his desk and leaned against it facing us. "Karen, come suck my cock," he said blatantly, and I got up and said "NO!!" and he told me that I would have to get used to the situation and this was the best way he knew how, unless of course, I wanted to suck his cock.

Karen got up and knelt between his legs and unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out and looked over at me as she stroked it and then took it in her mouth as she swallowed it inside her mouth and began to bob on it. I was sure pissed off, but knew that I had no choice as I watched him grab her head and fuck her mouth. It was tough watching my wife blow another man right in front of me, but as I watched her, I remembered that mouth on my cock and I began to get hard.

Mr. Barnett noticed me fidgeting in my chair, "You can fuck her as she sucks me, if you want," and I couldn't quite bring myself to join him, "She likes it in her ass, you know," and he laughed as he shoved her head on his cock. I was getting mad now, as he taunted me and then I saw him shake and grab her by the head and jerk her off of him as he came all over her face and as he finished, he turned her face for me to see. There was a knock at the door, and Alfred came in with a message for him, as he stood there, still holding my wife's head and his cock pointing at her face.

"Would you care for a blow job Alfred?" he asked, just like he was asking if he wanted a drink. I could see the fear in Karen's face as Alfred said he would like one and unzipped his pants and strode over to Karen. Mr. Barnett took the message and released Karen's hair as Alfred pushed his cock in Karen's mouth and began to fuck her face as his boss had just done. My beautiful wife had become a cum receptacle7 for this man as I watched her suck Alfred's cock, with Mr. Barnett's cum hanging from her face. Alfred began fucking her harder and he too grabbed her hair and exploded on her face, hitting her in the eye as he did. Mr. Barnett told him that would be all, but to please send Melissa in and he left.

Melissa came in and was not the least bit shocked at the scene before her as she strode over and gave her father a kiss, "Please clean Karen's face off Darling," he said and Melissa began to lick the cum off of Karen's face and I began to get turned on. As she licked the last bits off, she kissed Karen on the mouth and her hands went to Karen's tits as she did and Karen jerked back, "Now Karen, you must service us all Dear," Mr. Barnett said and Melissa continued her attack on Karen. She opened Karen's blouse and took it off and then removed Karen's bra and stroked her bare tits and she took her own shirt off and their tits met and she rubbed hers against Karen's.

Melissa unzipped Karen's skirt and let it fall and then worked her panties down and moved her hand to Karen's pubic mound. It was hard to believe but Karen seemed to be aroused and I was too, as I suddenly saw Karen working at Melissa's shorts and then her panties too and rubbing her pubic mound as well. Melissa lay down on the carpet and pulled Karen's pussy to her mouth as she tongued her, Karen moaned out loud and then she slowly bent and took Melissa's pussy in her mouth and they sixty nining right there in the study and I had the most incredible hard on.

Mr. Barnett stood and walked around his desk to watch and then I saw him take his belt off and slap Karen's bare ass, which was still quite pink from his previous spanking. "AAAHHHH!!!" Karen screamed as it bit into her tender flesh and then she got another and was told to continue eating Melissa's pussy and she did as he spanked her and her pain soon turned to pleasure as he spanked her and she ate Melissa even harder, causing Melissa to cum and thrust her pussy against Karen's face.

Melissa's moans were muffled in Karen's pussy as she ate and came at the same time. Mr. Barnett now shucked his clothes and moved in behind Karen and pushed his cock into my wife's tight ass as she screamed out and her orgasm came. He slammed his cock in all the way and I saw Melissa move her head and lick her dad's balls as he fucked my wife's ass. Karen soon had another orgasm, as he pumped her ass full of cock and then he arched his back and filled her ass with cum.

He pulled his cock out and Melissa took it and cleaned it off as Karen ate her pussy. Melissa came again, with her dad's cock in her mouth and she swallowed as much of his cock as she could, while thrusting her pussy at my wife's mouth. "They play together well," Barnett said as he sat down in the chair next to me, "Melissa's always been wild Bob. That's why after she told me about you, it was an obvious match. Karen was an added bonus."

My cock was straining to get out as I watched these two beautiful women fucking each other's mouths. Barnett told Karen to get up and come sit on his lap and she complied and he kissed her, tasting his daughter's juices and I made Melissa roll over and took Barnett's belt and spanked her, she went wild! I peeled my clothes off and continued my spanking as I watched Melissa's cheeks redden and I looked to see Barnett fucking Karen as she straddled his lap and he was sucking on her tits.

I moved between Melissa's legs and she raised her ass up off the floor and I positioned myself at her ass and shoved my cock in, "SPANK ME BOB!!" she screamed and I returned to her lashing as I filled her ass. The room was filled with screams as we all four came in succession and I looked to see Alfred with a video camera, taping it all. Our future was clear now.

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