tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRich Bitch Ch. 1

Rich Bitch Ch. 1


I had always wanted to be a cop, ever since I was a kid. I played cops and robbers with my buddies and I always played the cop, catching the bad guys. My fantasy never left me and when I turned 21, I applied to the Sheriff's Office, here in Martin County and got a letter confirming my interview process. It was tough, but I got through it all and began my studies at the academy.

I graduated from the academy with honors and began my career as a police officer. I met Karen at one of the local hangouts and we got along great and a year later, we were man and wife. Karen was incredibly sexy and we had a great sex life. We experimented with different facets of sex, Karen always the encourager. She even caught me one night as I got home from work and suggested that I "arrest" her, a dream come true. I grabbed her and spun her around and told her to put her hands against the wall and step back one step and spread her legs, which she immediately did. I could feel my cock straining to get out as my hands roamed her body, searching for "weapons."

She was wearing a print dress, that rested above her knees, but in her current position, was raised half way up her thighs. I put one hand on her hands, holding them together as I "searched" her with my other hand. I moved down her arm and then, let my hand slip around to cup her firm tit, and I heard a moan escape her lips as my hand lingered there, stroking the nipple through her clothes. I came across her back and to the other armpit and then repeated my movement to her other firm tit and did the same thing, she was moaning even louder now.

I moved my hand down over her sides and stopped as I squeezed one of her firm ass globes and she got weak in the knees. I told her not to move, and released her hands as my hands continued their search, moving down the outsides of her legs and then up the insides, under her dress. My hands circled her panty covered ass globes as I softly squeezed each one and then moved around front to find her panties were really wet, as I outlined the lips of her pussy with my finger.

Her breath was becoming very ragged now, as I stroked her wet pussy lips and I removed my hands and she sighed. I told her to stand up straight and she did as my fingers worked at the zipper on the back of her dress and I pulled it off her shoulders and it fell to the floor, revealing the bra and panties that remained. I unhooked her bra and removed it and rubbed her firm tits as she moaned again, but then her eyes flew open wide when I suddenly grabbed her hands, forcing them behind her back and putting my handcuffs on them. "Bob!! What are you doing!!"

I spun her around to face me, "You have the right to remain silent, use it bitch!" and her eyes stared at me in disbelief. I moved my hand to her panty covered crotch and rubbed her slit and I felt her relax a bit, then I pulled her panties down over her hips and pushed them to her ankles. I bent over and lifted her leg, taking the panties off it and then, as I did the other leg, I could smell her musky odor and buried my head in her snatch , breathing in it's odor and flicking my tongue at it.

Her breathing again began to get heavy and I pushed her towards the sofa and over the end of it face first and her ass was up in the air and I pushed her legs apart and flicked at her exposed pussy with my tongue, causing her to scream in passion as I did. This was really getting me hot and my cock felt like it would explode as I tongued her wet slit and teased her clit. She was moaning loudly now as she struggled to get her hands free and her tits rubbed the rough sofa cushion.

I dropped my gun belt and then my pants and shorts as my cock relished it's freedom, and I pushed it towards her waiting pussy on the arm of the sofa. She kicked her legs as my cock head touched her wet pussy, begging for me to give it to her. I looked down at my lovely wife, hands cuffed behind her back, naked pussy beckoning me and I pulled back. I reached down as she screamed for me to fuck her and got my nightstick and stroked it like a huge cock and lowered it to her pussy. I pushed the end of it to her pussy lips and she screamed out as she begged me to quit teasing her. I could see how wet she was, and twirled my stick around to lubricate it and then eased it into her, starting slow in and out strokes, "What the fuck is that? It's not your cock!!!" she screamed.

"Just take your punishment ma'am," I said coolly as I fucked her with my night stick.

"Bob!! It hurts!!" she screamed as I inserted more, moving it in and out as I watched her pussy trying to cope with it. Karen began to cry now, and I pulled the night stick out and kissed her battered pussy, which calmed her down and then pushed my cock to her pussy and slowly drove it in. She recognized that it was my cock this time and tried desperately to fuck me back. Her position didn't allow her much freedom and I raised up and buried myself in her as she screamed out, "OH YES!!! FUCK MEE!!" and I rammed her mercilessly as I felt my balls tingle and then I yelled out as I shot my load into her and collapsed across her with my cock still buried in her.

I rose and flipped her over, so that she was in the same position, but now facing me. "Take these off Bob, they hurt," she said as I shook my head no and lowered my face to her firm tits and began sucking on them. I felt her breathing grow heavy again as I assaulted her gorgeous mounds of flesh and I felt my cock stirring as it rubbed her inner thighs. She was moaning loud as I moved up a little and my now hard cock was jerking across her pubic hair, tickling itself and making it even harder. She thrust her hips up and captured my cock with the lips of her pussy as I slowly let it sink inside and she was moaning even louder and her tits were jumping up to meet my mouth with each ragged breath.

I stopped and stood up and grabbed her legs and thrust them up on my shoulders and fucked her hard as she screamed and begged for more. It was so hot, I couldn't hold back and felt my cock unload itself in her sweet box. It had been the most erotic sex I ever had, but as I uncuffed Karen, she said she wouldn't do that ever again because she couldn't trust me. That was three years ago, and to me, our sex life could only go downhill from there. We still had an active sex life, but nothing ever compared to that, at least to me, a cop.

It was another Friday night and I had staked out the local hangout, waiting to get a DWI arrest. I saw a car pull out of the parking lot, and head east on highway 11. I pulled out and followed it, and soon it began to weave slightly. It turned onto the old mill road and I followed and it ran off on the shoulder and then jerked back on the road and I hit my lights and it stopped. I walked up to the driver's window, "Been drinking tonight?" I said and was shocked to see Melissa Barnett turn to face me.

Everyone knew who she was, her daddy owned the biggest employer in the county, Barnett Mills. "No Officer, I am ok," she said through half shut eyes.

"Please step out of the car Ma'am," I said as I opened her door. Melissa was cute, long blonde hair, 34 chest and a nice shape, she had a mini skirt on and as she turned to get out, her legs opened wide and my flashlight caught her crotch and their blue panties covering it and I felt my cock jump. She grabbed my arm to pull herself up and as she pulled , she suddenly fell into me and her hard tits brushed my arm and my cock let out another jerk. I pulled her up to her feet.

"How much have you had to drink tonight, Ma'am?"

She looked into my eyes and smiled, "I haven't been drinking tonight," and collapsed against me as I caught her under her armpits to try to hold her up and dropped my flashlight. As I held her there, I could feel her tits against my arms and my cock was screaming to get out. I moved her to the trunk of her car and lay her across it, with her legs hanging off the side of the trunk.

I reached down and retrieved my flashlight and ran it over her body, as my cock was talking to me. I lightly slapped her face a couple of times and she moaned but never stirred, "Ma'am?" I said loudly and she still didn't move, "Ma'am!!" I yelled and still nothing, she was out. I watched her perky tits rise and fall as she breathed and reached out and cupped one, it felt good, even though she had a bra and a top on. I slowly unbuttoned her top and threw it to either side, revealing these mounds of pleasure still encased in their blue bra. I ran my flashlight over them and saw she had a front clasp on her bra and fumbled to get it open. I pulled the cups off her tits and her nipples hardened as the cool night air hit them and I bent over and sucked one in my mouth. I shoved my flashlight in my back pocket and cupped the other tit as I sucked this one and small moans escaped her lips as I did.

My cock was pressing against the trunk as I manipulated her beautiful tits and it was getting even harder. I worked on her tits and then worried that someone would catch me and stopped and went and turned off my lights and then the car and returned to my unconscious beauty laying on her trunk. I got my flashlight back out and moved to the side of the car now as, I slowly pushed her mini skirt up her thighs to reveal those blue panties again and I could see that her pussy was outlined by her moistness that had seeped out. I slowly flipped her over onto her stomach and she let out a little yelp as her nipples contacted the cool metal of the trunk.

I pulled on her waist until I had her hips even with the edge of the trunk and her legs hung over the side. I stroked her ass cheeks, enjoying their softness and then she stirred a little and it freaked me out. I slowly reached behind me and got my cuffs and pulled her arms behind her and cuffed her and then went back to that sweet ass.

I removed my gunbelt and sat it on the hood of my car and then unbuckled my pants and pushed them and my shorts down and my cock delighted at the cool air, and I eased between her legs. I drew the crotch of her panties to one side and my cock made contact with her wet pussy and she jumped, but settled back down as I slowly pushed myself inside of her. Her pussy felt so good around my cock as I began to pump her, driving harder with each thrust and she began to moan louder as I fucked her tight pussy. I soon exploded in a huge orgasm as I pumped and filled her tight little twat and she moaned loud. I left my cock in her, savoring her youthful twat as I surveyed my rich bitch prize. I could feel our juices oozing around my cock and the feeling made me hard again, as I slowly pumped her teen twat.

I gazed down and saw her puckered anus, Karen and I had discussed anal sex many times, but she flat out refused. Here is my chance, I thought as my thoughts made my cock grow even harder. I pulled it out, all slick with our juices and rubbed it over her anus, watching it twitch as I teased it. I lowered my cock and scooped some juices with the head and brought them to her anus and rubbed them in. I pushed my rock hard cock against the entrance and as I did she jumped and instinctively tried to pull away.

I grabbed her cuffed wrists and as I did, accidentally speared her anus and she screamed as I did, she was so fucking tight and I pushed to get the rest of my cock inside. She kept screaming as I buried myself and then stopped when I had it all inside, and lay back down. I held it there for a few seconds, amazed at how good it felt and how tight it was, and then began to pull it out and push it back in. She moaned the whole time I fucked her ass, getting loud at times, it was probably good that she was drunk, it seemed to relax her and she felt like she liked it as I plowed into her tight rectum. The feeling was too much and I yelled out as I filled her tight little ass with my cum and slowly withdrew.

I fixed the crotch of her panties, although they were soaked with our juices and pulled her skirt back down and slowly turned her back over. Her tits were raw from scraping across the trunk and I tried to push them back into their cups as I fastened her bra and buttoned her blouse. I pulled her to a sitting position on the trunk and lowered her feet to the ground as I brushed back her pretty blonde hair and kissed her.

She halfway kissed me back and I played with her tongue and then moved her over to my car and got my handcuff key and leaned her against me as I worked behind her back to uncuff her. Her tits sure felt good leaning into me and after the cuffs were off, I cupped them and rubbed each one. I picked her up and carried her to my patrol car and opened the back door, sitting her on the seat. As I sat her down, her legs opened slightly and noticed cum had run down her thigh and I smiled and folded her legs inside and closed the door. I put my gunbelt back on and got back in my cruiser and headed to her home. I pulled up out front and went up and knocked on the door, her father answered it and was shocked to see a police officer, "Is something wrong?" he asked.

"It's your daughter, sir. I found her passed out in her car and knowing you wouldn't want any bad publicity, brought her here. He thanked me and had a servant help him carry her to the house and I laughed inside as he saw the cum on her thigh. He thanked me and I left, returning to headquarters to finish my shift. Karen and I had great sex that night when I got home and I could still feel the rich bitch's tight ass wrapped around my cock as I fucked Karen.

The next day when I went on duty, I saw Melissa's car zoom past me and turned on my lights and pulled her over. I walked up to her window and saw her tanned legs protruding from her tight shorts and I remembered those sweet tits as they came into view, braless this time in her tight top.

"In a hurry Ma'am?" I asked her and she turned and smiled up at me.

"Yes Officer, I'm sorry. Was I speeding?" and I stared at those sweet tits, remembering how they felt and tasted, I didn't have her on radar, so I couldn't ticket her.

"You just need to slow it down Ma'am," I said and she smiled as she read my name badge.

"Oh, you're the one who took me home last night. Thank you," and I saw her tits swell as she took a breath, and could feel my cock stirring.

"No problem Ma'am, glad to help out," I said as I stared down at those legs. She stared at me and I saw her legs slowly open as she did, remembering how I had them open last night as I speared her tight holes.

"Maybe you can help me get home again sometime," she said and I saw the smile on her lips.

"Anytime Ma'am," I smiled back and told her she was free to go. I watched her look at me in her mirror as she drove away and felt like she knew what I had done.

As I pulled into the post office, Mr. Barnett flagged me down and walked up to my door, "Officer, just wanted to thank you again for your discretion last night," and offered his hand to me and I shook it.

"No problem Mr. Barnett, glad to be of service."

He looked at me a minute, "Melissa has a knack for trouble," he confided, "She has one DWI already and one more and she'll lose her license." I nodded my head in agreement, "And, it seems she likes sex a bit much too, judging from her condition as Alfred and I put her to bed last night. I'd appreciate it if you kept an eye on her." He patted me on the shoulder, thanked me again and left. 'That was close" I thought to myself, don't need this to get out. I went through my patrol route and settled in near Bruffey's, the local hangout, and watched for a drunk driver again.

Just after nine, I saw Melissa's car pull out and there was another car that followed her and I fell in behind them. Melissa was weaving again and the other car wasn't doing much better as they turned onto the old mill road again and I lost sight of them. I saw two cars over at the old abandoned mill and cut off my headlights to get closer and then got out and proceeded on foot.

Two guys had Melissa stretched out on the hood of her car and were struggling with her to get her clothes off as she fought back. I eased up, to be sure that this wasn't consensual and I saw one of them slap her, I pulled my gun and closed in, "FREEZE!!" I yelled. Everyone stopped and I shone my flashlight on them, although the old street light at the mill gave ample light.

I could see that Melissa's shirt was off but still stuck on her arms and her shorts were on her calves. "Nobody move, Police," I said and moved in closer.

The two men were scared shitless as they stared at my drawn pistol, "What's going on here?' I asked, not letting them know that I had been watching.

"Little bitch teased us Officer. We was just giving her what she asked for," and he looked at Melissa, "Tell him."

"They were going to rape me, I'm so glad you showed up," she said as they looked at her in disbelief.

"Looks like you boys are going to jail," I said as their eyes grew wide.

"But it was her idea, honest," they pleaded and then Melissa said, "Let them go, just tell them to get the hell out of here."

I looked at her, seeing those beautiful naked tits in the light of the streetlight and her shorts around her calves and my cock stirred again, but she wasn't passed out tonight.

"Get in your car and get the hell out of here," I told them and they jumped in their car and sped off as I walked over to Melissa. She made no attempt to cover herself as I looked at her gorgeous tits jutting so proudly from her chest.

"Are you alright Ma'am," I asked as I got next to her, "Call me Melissa, Officer," she said and smiled as she slid down off the hood of her car. She pulled her shirt over her head and back down onto her body as it clung to her protrusions of flesh and she stooped and pulled her shorts up over her tanned thighs and hooked them.

"I want to thank you again, Officer," as she strode to face me.

"Call me Bob, " I nervously said as she got close to me. She reached down and stroked the bulge in my pants, "You just cost me my fun for tonight, Bob. Guess you'll have to be it," and she grabbed my cock and felt it's length.

"I'm sorry Ma'am, but I'm a married man," I said, not even thinking about stopping her touch. "I'm not interested in marrying you Bob, just fucking you," and she planted a kiss on my lips, sliding her tongue into my mouth. My mind raced, 'how could I not be found out?' Her tongue probed my mouth, as her hand worked my cock and I slowly moved my hand to her tit, rubbing it.

She backed away from my lips, "I've always wanted to be raped by a crazed cop," she said, "And you're elected." My mind went back to Karen's "arrest" and fucking this prize, just last night. My fingers pinched her nipple and I stopped, pulled her hand from my cock and spun her around and pushed her hands to the hood of the car and kicked her legs apart.

She moaned as I roughly frisked her, taking extra time on her tight tits and damp crotch. I stood up and told her to remove her top and she pulled it over her head and off and laid it on the hood of her car as I grabbed her hands and pulled them behind her back and cuffed her. "what are you going to do to me Officer?" she asked innocently, and I grabbed her shorts and unbuttoned them and slid them down her legs. I bent over to take them off her legs, just like I had done Karen's panties, and I could smell her sexy pussy and pushed my head to it as I ran my nose up and down her panties over her slit and she moaned out loud.

I grasped the waistband of her panties and jerked them down, remembering that sweet bush from last night, and buried my face in it. Her musky smell was sweet to my nostrils as I breathed it in and my hands grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her twat into my face. She began to spread her legs as my tongue searched for her opening and I licked it's length, and rested on her clit. She leaned back against her car and lifted her legs one at a time and placed them on my shoulders as her pussy was opened to my mouth and I drove my tongue inside.

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